Friday, June 22, 2007

Sex with Strangers

By Nikki Magennis

To my mind, sex can be many things. It can be transcendental, angry, healing, tender, frightening, funny, or sad. Sex with someone you love has got to be one of the most wonderful experiences in the world.

But what about sex with someone you don’t give a damn about, beyond liking their cute smile or tightly-packed body (Or, and I do feel a little rueful about this one – their shoes)? What about sex with someone you don’t even know?

Is it reckless, dangerous, sexy, stupid or wild? Perhaps all of the above?

Can we get away with it these days without the usual labels peppering the air? Slut, slag, trollop, whore, easy. Dirty stop-out.

Ah, been there, done that. Made the T shirt.

I remember the walk of shame. Making your way home at dawn in last night’s clothes. Sleepless, bedraggled, sated. Torn tights and smudged eyeliner. So louche. So obviously recently fucked.

Sex with someone you don’t know is such an adventure – everything is possible. No ties, no promises, no safety net. No heartache, no responsibility, no jealousy. Just a brief taste of pleasure, and the comfort of strangers.

I always thought it was so simple and beautiful - two people catching each other's eye, smiling. Letting nature and the madness of summer nights take their course. With no artifice or pretence, just the song of the body and all the rich, foreign smells of a new lover. The sex tasted all the sweeter for being so inevitably brief.

I don’t go out on the hunt anymore. Once you’re happily shackled to one man there’s no need or opportunity. But in stories the writer (and reader) is free to pick up strangers, fuck them and move on to the next one with no hard feelings. Black Lace’s latest Wicked Words anthology: ‘Sex with Strangers’, released today in the US, is full of short, sweet never-to-be-repeated adventures that fuel those dangerous daydreams.

I have two stories in this book - both about women who find that fucking someone they don’t know broadens their horizons. As a little taste, here is the moment the artist in ‘Art of Fucking’ gets down and dirty with her life model.

(I think it’s fitting that they’re both nameless...)


The distance reduced to zero and his mouth was on me, wet lips covering mine in a warm shock. All of a sudden the cold tension of the studio was flooded with sensation - the quiet Northern light was eclipsed by the movement of this man against me, his hot human aliveness crashing into my world, encircling me, gripping me in those naked, marble smooth arms. Everything was dark, but dark in the way of flesh, with a heartbeat and a pulse and the vivid animal sounds filling my ears.

I didn’t pull away, and I didn’t miss the smell of love in the air. Instead, I felt the delicious surprise of an unfamiliar man kissing me, and the want and the need to feel him closer yet.

Michelangelo always said the sculpture was already in the stone, and he just had to work out how to find it. When the model kissed me, it felt like he’d found a new image of me, of what I could be. Like he’d dug out the long-forgotten, reckless girl I used to be from where she was buried deep in the cold hard rock and brought me back to life.

His prick was stiffening, pressing against my leg, while he slid his tongue into my mouth and we tasted each other.

'A mouthful of fun,' Sandy had said.

I'd never been so hungry in my life. I knelt.

The wood planks of the studio floor were hard under my knees as I took hold of the guy's hips and pulled him towards me. I buried my face in his pubic hair, letting it scratch against my mouth. His cock bobbed against my cheek and I nuzzled at it, feeling the smoothness and the heat of what I'd been longing for for months. I'd spent a half hour looking at his body, trying to recreate it on paper, but drawing his beauty was nowhere near close enough to this. Touching him, taking him in my mouth, sucking on him. Tasting the bittersweet honey of his pre-cum as his cock swelled and grew rock hard.

Fuck drawing, I thought. It doesn’t get to the heart of the matter. I realised just how flat a picture can be as his hands tangled in my hair and I pulled at his ass, sticking a fingertip into his hole and feeling the corresponding spasm in his cock. This wasn't static, everything was in motion, stimulating all my senses at once and we were sinking inside each other, intertwining, pushing and pulling at each other. He was tumbling down to kneel in front of me and his hands were burrowing into my clothes, seeking out the pockets of heat, the dark and wet spots that connected straight to my brain.

His fingers ran into my knickers, slid quickly between my thighs and into my pussy. A slight resistance, before he found the groove and the moisture of my pussy and dove into it. Two fingers, three, jammed inside me, opening me up, wriggling in there with a funny little shock before I felt the rhythm of it, the to and fro rocking that made me feel like my body was caught in a tide. Waves ebbing and flowing, he was imitating the beat of sex that would sink into me and pull me under.


Find ‘A Whole New City’ and ‘The Art of Fucking’, as well as stories by Mathilde Madden, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Olivia Knight, Sophie Mouette, Kristina Lloyd and ADR Forte in Sex With Strangers.

...Don't be a stranger! Say hello in the comments and I'll pick someone at random to win a copy of 'Sex with Strangers' signed by moi.

x Nikki


stephanieb said...

Great excerpt!! I love art class!!LOL!!

Alisha Steele said...

Well then, hello, Nikki. :)

Lovely writing, as always.


Angell said...

Holy HAWT batman.

*rushing to the nearest college to sign up for art class*

Damn - now I need a cold shower, or the nearest bar...

Ally said...

Yum. That sure brought me back to when I painted my 1st male nude last year. I blushed while painting him several times and the other artists that I shared space with would laugh when they watched me paint with a sideways smirk on my face. I named him Humna and he stays on my living room wall and winks at me everyday. I love to read amazing stuff like this and stare into his eyes, that follow me. My fantasy come true!!!
He'll never go up for sale he's all
Here's a link if anyone wants to have a peek.

Terri said...

The problem is that the men I tend to be with are strange enough on their own...

Lovely writing, have got to get my hands on some more.

Ally said...

Sorry that link did'nt work. If anyone wants, my myspace name is
Humna is in my Pix. Have a great night all, I'm off for some martini's tonight. Leaving floating on a cloud of thoughts filled with muscle and sweat...And a stranger or two...LMAO

Jeremy Edwards said...

Nikki, thou art fucking talented!

Sue A. said...

I'm not sure which the story makes me wish I could do better, draw or write! Well at least I can read. I'm thankful for that and the fact YOU can definitely write!

danetteb said...

That excerpt was YUM.....I enjoy a good stranger sex read *g*

Nikki Magennis said...

Thanks so much for your kind words, ladies and gents.

- I'm so glad I'm encouraging people to take up artistic pursuits!

Janine Ashbless said...

Beautiful writing Nikki!

H.L. Berry said...

I like art too, but I'm currently in my 'Painting By Numbers' period, which means I don't require a hot model. Mrs Berry brings me cups of tea sometimes, though, and I think she's pretty hot. Maybe I could persuade her to walk around naked.

My spam word is vjrtcrjm, which in the odd letters looks like a cross between victim and virgin. Hmmm.

Deanna Ashford said...

Great Nikki,
You ladies all write wonderful well and I really admire your abilities with modern prose.
I seem stuck in the past most of the time, but then I admit I find that easier to write about than the present.
Looking forward to reading the entire book very soon.

CrystalG said...

Hot excerpt. Loved it.

Stacy S said...

Great excerpt. Nothing quite like sex with a stranger.

Alison Tyler said...

Beautiful, Nikki!

My favorite quote about Raymond Chandlier was that he "wrote like a slumming angel." Your writing gives me a bit of that same feeling. Glittery, dark, and gorgeous.

And the cover is lovely, too. It will look so pretty on everyone's shelf right next to Sex in Public. (They're featured side-by-side on Amazon. Go look!)


Smut Girl said...

Good morning,

very very nice. gave me walk of shame flashbacks. Love the last paragraph the most, though. I love something that gives me a vivid mental image. Especially a dirty, vivid mental image ;)

Madeline Moore said...

Ah the lonely life of the artist...:) Nice stuff, Nikki. I enjoyed your excerpt more than I should, this being a working day and all. You're a terrific erotica writer, by the way...

There is NOTHING like a story about sex with a stranger, or a fantasy about sex with a stranger, and we at Lust Bites know why that is - no ties that bind, no expectations, lots of surprises, some danger or the possibility of danger. In our stories, at least, no chance of contracting some horrible, possibly fatal std.

I was alive AND sexually active in the golden era of sex - post birth control pills, pre-HIV...and what a time it was. While it wasn't as problem-free as some might imagine, there weren't all that many problems...gawd it was fun.

Now I write it rather than live it, being happily shackled, as Nikki put it, to one man.

Deanna, I think most writers write of the past more than of the present, because, with the passage of time, we understand what happened and why. So, you're not alone there.

I just bought Sex In Public and now I'll go right out and buy Sex with Strangers...and commit myself to BEING in the next sex with...
if there is one.

Hot stuff on a hot summer Friday. It doesn't get better than this.

Cherie J said...

Hot excerpt! Good fantasy stuff!

Kate Pearce said...

Beautiful writing as always...

Nikki Magennis said...

Hey all,

Just got in and I'm *so* flattered to hear all your lovely comments! Thank you, you've really made my weekend.

And Alison - Raymond Chandler? Seriously? Will you marry me?

'Slumming angel' is going on a T-shirt right away.

Deanna - I make an awful hash of setting stuff in the past, so I reckon it balances out! I very much admire writers who can 'do' historical.

And Madeline - totally. When I started writing the post I kept wanting to add caveats about how risky and foolish it can be to have sex with a stranger - but then I remembered this is fantasy we're talking about! (Plus I reckon most readers are savvy enough to know the risks inside out.)

Anyway, thanks again guys and gals. X

Alison Tyler said...

Sorry, Nikki. I'm betrothed to Kristina.
Would you settle for a threeway?


Amy S. said...

Great excerpt!

Nikki Magennis said...

Threeway in the mud pit?

I'm there.

Alison Tyler said...

I'm thinking Jell-O.
Would Jell-O work for you?
I'm partial to black cherry, myself. But I know Kristina thinks red doesn't work with her hair. Do you think she'll make us choose lime?


kristina lloyd said...

Excellent! A Jell-o threeway. Black cherry is fine. My toenails are currently painted Black Cherries (by Rimmel) so I'll co-ordinate nicely. Strawberry I'd struggle with. That's the wrong kind of red. Do we get kirsch in this pit?

Gorgeous post, Nikki. Sexy and slutty from start to finish. Makes me think we should invite a stranger into our threeway - purely to stay with the theme. Oooh, maybe he could serve us kirsch - among other things.

May said...

That is Good, Nikki.

ChristyJan said...

uuuuummmmmm nice excerpt. loved it!

Nikki H said...

Great excerpt! Loved it.

tetewa said...

Yeah I'd love to read more, great excerpt!

rachel said...

Hot excerpt. Sex with a stranger is one of my favorite fantasies!

Anonymous said...

Online lover here..... HELLO. isnt that what you asked for / demanded we do??? Where or where can i find "sex with strangers"?

Anonymous said...

online lover here again - oh please oh please pick me for the 3 way