Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Flash and Win!

By Mathilde Madden

Tomorrow is Valentines Day and you know who we love? You, our wonderful readers. Oh yes we do, we love every single one of you. Without you, this blog would be rather like us just sitting in a room talking to people who don't exist. And, you know, we kind of have this whole day job where that happens...

(Although, I would like to point out, that Alfie the werewolf definitely does exist.)

So we love you, right. And we're expressing our love the best way we know how, 'cause we are living in a material world and so why don't you let us shower you with gifts...

And how about this for a shower to remember?

Damn, sorry, clicked the wrong button. Unforgivable, I know... I'll have him out of your way just as soon as I find the right... uh, here we go. So if you could just scroll down a little...


Come on, you can scroll quicker than that.

No, your computer is not 'frozen'. Don't you start with Windows Vista this, Windows Vista that. Scroll down!

Thank you. Now. I meant this shower here

Pretty impressive huh? Here's how it breaks down:

Divine Torment
by Janine Ashbless
Suite Seventeen by Portia da Costa
Barbarian Prize by Deanna Ashford
Wild Card by Madeline Moore
The Silver Collar by Mathilde Madden
The Silver Crown by Mathilde Madden
The Silver Cage by Mathilde Madden
Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? by Kate Pearce
Possession by Mathilde Madden, Madelynne Ellis and Anne Tourney
Standish by Erastes (not pictured)
Lying in Mid Air by Anne Tourney (not pictured)
Quickies (Black Lace mini short story collections), bookmarks and anything else I find lying around

Possession, The Silver Werewolves Trilogy and Gothic Blue plus extras

Possession, The Silver Collar and Gothic Blue plus extras
Now, size queens, if you like the idea of something that big being pushed through your letter box, here’s the deal. We love you and all, but we want to be sure you love us back. We want some sugar from you in return

We will be awarding these three fabulous prizes to the three best pieces of flash fiction left in the comments.

So tell us a story in sexy story in 100 words or less. If you’re not a writer – or just not in the mood to write (although we really encourage everyone to have a go – we’ll be kind) feel free to also comment and tell us what you think of the posted stories.
First time commenters welcome - delurking encouraged.
Lusties in disguise tolerated - flash, but, no, you can't win
Ex-lusties, yes, you are eligible: flash us.
And to get you in the mood, here some flashes of inspiration the last time we indulged our love of short-shorts

And good luck!

Mat x

The gorgeous multi-coloured heart image is shamelessly stolen from last year's Valentine's comp (lines now closed) - because I love it. It's Toxic Schizophrenia by Tim Noble and Sue Webster. And the heart right up top is Hanging Heart by Jeff Koons


Caffey said...

LOL, that was priceless with the shower scene (and phase)! Loved it!

I'm very bad at writing, thats why I leave it all up to you all and read it :) I'm looking forward to reading what some come up with.

Love you all too! Thanks for all YOU do!!

Janine Ashbless said...

Right, I'm going in the shower. I generally come up with my story ideas in the bathroom. Back soon I hope - 100 words - how hard can that be? Ahem.

Erastes said...

This doesn't count, obviously but hopefully will poke others into doing some, I love drabbles!


On mornings like this, outside, the air is as crisp as the crunch of snow underfoot, and chilled robins fluff on frozen sills.

On mornings like this, inside, the white-weight of snow on the windows illuminates the room with a dim-lit silence and cushioned beneath the warmth of the night it is easier to curl in his embrace and his slow measure breath of lemon. His heart calls your name as fingers, cramped with sleep, uncurl and run whorls around your nipples, then lower… Then you wake, for until those eyes smile for you, there is no morning worth having.

Janine Ashbless said...

Damn, this is hard!

Here's one at 132 words, which is too long but I don't qualify for the prize anyway so Bah...

I approach my manager’s door, heart thumping.

I’d had the office camera because at Housing we have to keep a record of the state tenants leave a home in. At home overnight, I'd let my boyfriend snap a few private shots, downloaded everything and handed the camera back to John at work. Forgetting to wipe the chip.

The pictures are of me face-down on the bed. Hands tied behind my back. Thighs spread to reveal my juicy pussy. Bum-cheeks flaring red, puffy from the slaps of the paddle. SPANKING SLUT drawn in lipstick across my shoulders.

I knock and enter. John is sat behind his desk. He gestures at the camera. ‘You know what this is about?’

I nod.

‘Misuse of council property. It’s a disciplinary offence.’


‘So. Over my knee.’

Erastes said...

Oh Janine, I love it!


mina murray said...

ooh, snow and discipline...

Now I'd like to flash someone:

Body Shots

Ritual candles cast a strobing glow on the black granite bench.

You smell like sex and danger.

We wrestle in the half-light, a mass of angry limbs. Taste of tequila and lime on your tongue. I rub salt into your wounds. You stiffen inside me: pain sharpens your desire.

Your hands tangle in my hair. Go on, I urge, pull tight.

You bite my throat, exposed to you, proffered.

There'll be a mark tomorrow, and I wish, all of a sudden, for a fine-tipped pen to scrawl on you, indelibly, the words for what you do to me.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, such great stuff already. I need to think of something of my own...

Leatherdykeuk said...

Damp Dishabille

My fingers leave a trail of not-quite-dry down your back as you emerge from the shower. You turn, surprise etching creases into baby-soft ebony skin and your tongue flicks to wet trepidation lips. Your breath catches and I press my index finger against them, stifling the question in your eyes. The smile invites me closer and my breath stirs the tiny hairs on your wrist as I rub my cheek against your palm. Your other hand closes around the back of my neck and we kiss in open-mouthed wells of longing. You look into my eyes and I have won.

Anonymous said...

First time visitor here, please excuse....

Homecoming (100 words)

Last night I fingered myself deep, conjuring your scent and the ghost of your weight on my skin. Last night I rolled my nipples rough between thumb and forefinger, remembering your callused hands. Last night's orgasm was neatly orchestrated, swept into a towel and gone.

Tonight your mouth tastes like peaches, and I can smell the sun in your hair. You open me and fill me, bite already aching nipples, take me over the sofa and against the wall. We break the bed again and paint our bodies with come and spit, and you fall asleep still inside me, home.

Nikki Magennis said...

St Valentine’s Bones

Nobody knows who he was. Bishop, priest, hermit, martyr. Relics exist in Vienna, in Dublin, in Roquelaire. Glass boxes with bone splinters.
And there’s one here in Glasgow. Not in Blessed John Dun’s dusty old kirk, no, but right here, in this very room. As you move over me, kissing my forehead, my cunt, my right breast and then my left, I can feel it pierce me.
The wine flows from the well between my legs, and as you drink a prayer escapes my mouth, addressed to no one, just some faceless saint lost somewhere on the way to heaven.

Nikki Magennis said...

Ooh, I love flash. Such gorgeous work here already - stunning little stories. Can we do more than one? Can we?

Anonymous said...

I know I've made this joke before, but, you know, on Lust Bites, we never turn down a double entry.

Nikki Magennis said...

On choosing the perfect Valentine’s gift

He gave her a bunch of carnations from the petrol station. Her eyes glowed traffic-light red.
She bent him over the carefully set dining table, yanked down his jeans and whipped him until the petals scattered like confetti. With her thumb plugged into his asshole and his hard-on curling up in the shape of a question mark, she leaned close and whispered to him:
‘Next time, lover-boy, get roses.’
His words were muffled by the heavy linen napkin she’d stuffed in his mouth.
‘Yes,’ she said, reaching for his swinging balls, ‘Long-stemmed. With thorns.’

Janine Ashbless said...

Awesome stuff! You guys are so good!

Erastes, thank-you.

white-weight Ooh yeah.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Just the Three of Us

Tomorrow we’ll share that bond that only you and I have. Some think my art barbaric but as the sun sinks below the mountains I’ll put on some soft music, light some candles and unpack my scalpels. My love is in scarification. Love etched in flesh and blood and then we’ll fuck until the sweat stings and we can’t remember who was the model and who the artist but for the fresh laughing dragon on your back. Then you’ll stand in front of the mirror with my scent still clinging to your skin and flex your muscles. And we’ll dance.

Peggy said...

My husband is so lazy. He’s up for sex but I’ve got to do all the work, starting with a blow-job, sucking his cock until it’s good and hard. He just lies there, stroking my hair and crooning “Oh, honey,” as I take his meat deep into my throat. Then I get to make proper use of that thick cock, but I’ve got to go on top, because he won’t make the effort.

I bought him a Valentine present, mail-order. A strap-on: eight inches of shiny black PVC, with a vibrating plug that fits inside me.

Just lie back, darling.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Big and Little

There’s frost on the grass but that doesn’t stop you from pushing me over and jumping on top of me, knocking the wind from my lungs. You’ve got a huge weight advantage – sixty pounds or more – and you grasp my wrists, spreading my arms wide. You forgot my legs, asshole. One foot curls around yours as the other snakes up and over your head. It’s a simple matter to flip you from there. I dump you on your fat ass and put you into an arm lock while my other hand fumbles with your zipper. Who’s the daddy now, fuckface?

Madeline Moore said...

Gasp. Mat, what have you done? You've unleashed a monster! Gimme some time, here, folks...I want to play too! G R E A T stuff so far!

Nikki Magennis said...


There will be no silver service meal-for-two with waiters in dicky bows, buttery lobster, gold candles and your eyes melting with sweet and tender love.
Not for us. Fish and chips in bed, wiping our fingers in the sheets, licking grease off each other’s chins.
No champagne in crystal flutes.
Beer straight out the bottle, frothing and spilling, dripping over my breasts, puddling in my belly button, where you sip at it, laughing.
No death by chocolate dessert half eaten because I just couldn’t have any more thank you.
Instead - your face buried between my legs, greedy as sin.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Valentine

I’m in love with you. Your wings could carry me to heights of ecstasy, I’m sure of it. If you’d take me I would trust you we would fly.
But you won’t. Your hard dark heart pines for another.
You are the colour of, the colour of gold, but you’re not precious metal or any kind of metal at all, you’re made of wood but to me you are entirely beautiful.
I want you, you prick.
I want to rip your wings off
And bury you inside me up to your gilt hilt.
Yeah, that’s it, fly away home, big baby, big dick.
Fly away home to your welcome Mat.

Janine Ashbless said...

your welcome Mat

I need a lie down after that one!

Erastes said...

Just for fun!

Johnnie’s hair is darkness, raven, craven of obedience, tumbling round his head like wanton shepherds, and I have had far far too much to drink.

Johnnie’s fingers are nimble and they play with lucky buttons, and the fingers and the buttons cannot seem to get in sync.

Johnnie’s breath is breathy, mouth pink tinged with supple laughter, and gentle raining kisses blister skin with the scent of summer wine.

Johnnie’s tongue is pleasing, pleasing cock, and arse and teasing as he rolls his skin along me, laughing, satin hard on satin, his lips in tender smiling and our bodies intertwine.

Anonymous said...


The stones twinkle in the candlelight. I smile. I am silent.

When he nods, I bow my head and let him secure it around my neck. At first it is cool but it warms quickly.

The buckle bites. I stroke the heavy silver links that trail from the rhinestone collar to his hand. He tugs hard. I settle in his lap at his silent command.

His fingers slide under my dress. Find me wet. Sink into my willing cunt.

I sigh. Bite my lip.

When I come, the shiny metal links jingle.

Some girls like gold.

I prefer silver.

Stacia said...

His hands moved to her shoulders, sliding the silk of her nightgown down her arms and baring her breasts to him. He lowered his head, flicking his tongue over her earlobe, nipping at her neck, pressing a kiss into her shoulder. She threw her head back, moaning at the feeling of his chest hair teasing her nipples erect. His mouth settled on hers and she welcomed the taste of his tongue, wanting everything that he offered and more. “You will soon belong to me,” he said, speaking as though he were a part of her. “I will never let you go until I have what I need.” "Take me, I'm yours," came her reply.

ilona said...

Love the shower scene (and yes my computer 'froze') but I love the flash bits even more. You are all such talented writers. As an addicted reader I appreciated it - Thank You.

Leatherdykeuk said...


There’s a fake fur blanket on the bed and your face is pressed into it, panting as your cheek scrapes along the acrylic. You can’t do anything about it because your arms are bound almost painfully behind your back in a leather bag I bought for the purpose. I can see you drooling through the bit gag I fastened between your teeth. I enter you again, stretching your arse to take as much of me as you can manage and your moan is drawn out and pitched like an animal as you approach orgasm. I pause. Wait for me, asshole.

Kate Pearce said...

Just off to think of something! Help! these are all so good!

Kate Pearce said...

here goes nothing!

As your tongue drove into my mouth you slammed me against the wall, shutting the door behind you, shutting out the light, shutting me in. The scent of cleaning fluids filled my nostrils followed by the scent of you, ready to fuck and dangerous. Your hands tear at my pants, your fingers shoved deep inside me. So wet, so ready, so eager to be fucked, to be taken, that I walk my feet up your thighs and wrap my legs around you. One unsubtle thrust of your hips and you’re in me, all the way to the hilt and, God, I’m coming.

okay 102 but close and I can't win anything anyway...

angell said...

His hand grasps my hair; yanks my head back.

“Please.” I whisper.

His teeth sink into my neck. My thighs get soaked. “Please.”

His other hand reaches under my skirt, finding me wet. I bite my lip. He sinks his fingers into me violently.

“Please” I moan.

His tongue licks my lobe, trailing down to my collar bone, his fingers continuing their invasion.


His thumb finds my clit, repeatedly pushing that button. I’m so close to coming.

“Please.” I whimper.

His tongue replaces his thumb. My pulse throbs. My body falls. I shatter.

“Thank you.” He whispers.

t'Sade said...

Bound in the bed with my cunt so indelicately shoved high in the air, knees parted with anticipation. I can feel my juices dripping hotly. The bindings on my ankles turn me on as much as the blindfold over my eyes.

I feel you standing on the mattress, springs squeaking with every movements. I clutched the icy cold railing as your hands hold me, knowing your cock is just inches away. Pussy clenching, I hold my breath and wait for that first thrust.


Damn you.


Damn you! Damn-


One stroke, hard and long.

I came.

Fuck me!

littlelamblst said...

Well, I don't write but have tried to give it a go, hope this is ok.

I missed you and came back early from girls night out. Light spilled from our bedroom door left ajar. Restless sounds of skin against sheets and deep strangled groan greeted me. A worried peek took in no clothing in a trail on the floor, no disarray. Just my bedside drawer standing open and you on the bed engrossed while your hand lifted and fell…repeatedly. Our carpet made my footsteps silent as my eyes strained to see the cover…The Si…the book jerked away. Your eyes lifted, face flushed with arousal and having been caught red handed. “Want some help?”, I ask.

txilar said...

We were forbidden roses,

so I made petals of your lips, licking their softness, teasing your tongue into my mouth—

a bud, a trembling flower your body became,

and I tasted you, memorising you, tasting you as bees might, suckling from you a sweeter honey, my fingers brushing against precious petals, bruising you in a blush of roses, leaving my mark for others to know,

how forbidden you are—

and one last time I trick the flower your body has become, easing inside you, feeling you curl around me, furling petals like a vine.

We are forbidden roses,

forbidden lovers.

Jeremy Edwards said...

It's like a clumsy form of synesthesia: your presence floods me with an emotion; or a consciousness; or an appetite. I can't tell them apart anymore, and maybe it doesn't matter. What difference does it make whether I'm hungering for your scent, or yearning for your reassurance, or conceiving of a way that I could make sense to you? What is significant is that the workday has just begun, and already I'm jerking off in the bathroom because you overwhelm me as flesh. Or as laughter. Or as an idea, to cream for.

Nina Pierce said...

Oh, I love flashing... er... writing flash! Mine's 100 without the title.

*Valentine Passions*

As many times as he’d made love to Meghan, she still made Peter’s mouth dry with want. Now here she was—trusting him to fulfill both their fantasies. Strapped naked to their bed, her flawless skin looked luminescent against the deep blue of the comforter.

He ran his fingers under the ropes coiled around her thighs following the leads up to her tiny waist, making sure the tension was tight enough to restrict movement, but not uncomfortable.

Already her sex was swollen and moist. He licked her belly, eliciting a low moan of want. Happy Valentine’s Day to him!

jothemama said...

A chocolate heart. Why would you buy your girlfriend a solid chocolate heart of you were cheating on her. So she could sit home on Valentines day and eat it all, while crying. And then feel sickened, by all the salt and chocolate.

No. There had to be a better way. Claire put it in a pan, nad lit the ring. She poked at it occasionally as it bled its chocoalte blood in a pool in the pan. She added some cinnamon. Even a little vanilla. Tentatively, she dipped in a spoon, raised it to her lips, watching as a drip fell on her chest, dribbled silkily towards her breast.

A better idea. T
he phone rang three times.
'Lloyd? Your best friend gave me this solid chocolate heart before he went out to fuck Lucy. I've spiced it, and melted it, and it's dripping over my nipples now. Lloyd, do you think you can get here before it hardens?'

kristina lloyd said...


I don’t eat meat. I’m vegetarian. So I don’t know much about the butcher. Esme says his hands are full of scars. Val says he’s bad to the bone. Elaine claims that Marie swears blind that his dick is as thick as her wrist. And according to Fiona, who heard it from Diana, he’ll grab your hair, shove his cock in your mouth, and say ‘Suck it, bitch!’ or something crude like that.

I don’t listen to gossip. And yet I stare at the mirror, rehearsing the words: ‘One ten inch chop, please.’

I hope he doesn’t see my nerves.

PS - Fab comp! Am muchly enjoying it.

jothemama said...

Oops. I didn't count. Oh well. Rules are overrated. :)

Knitting_Queen said...

He leaned against the cool tile, hot water sluicing down his front, curling through his hair, pooling in the hand cupping his balls. Sharp teeth tugging on his nipples pulled whimpers from him; he writhed under the strong, steady pull on his aching cock. When he reached forward, the slick body pressed to his stepped away; finally he just surrendered into the overwhelming sensations, feeling them build and grow until he arched backward, his head hitting the wall, his hips jerking helplessly, the scream of his orgasm sounding in the small room, filling it with echoes of love and arousal.

Nina Pierce said...

Okay, since you said we can do two... here's another. 100 w/o title.

* Double Duty *

Never had she felt this way. Never had her body been so responsive. She stood on the edge of the precipice, her body begging to fall into the abyss of ecstasy. She arched back and Ren’s wonderful cock filled her ass. She couldn’t stifle the moan of pleasure that erupted from her lips. She tipped her hips away from him and Damon’s cock filled her pussy. What pleasure—what incredible sense of being filled.

“Sweet silk.” Ren purred as he pressed the wall of his chest against her back.

“Ariel you’re so damn tight,” Damon’s words were husky with need.

jothemama said...

Oh Kristina, I love it. But think what would be under his fingernails! Surely the greengrocer would have something substantial for you instead

kristina lloyd said...

Ha ha, Jothemama! The possibilities are endless!

Savanna Kougar said...

Okay, this is it. The entry. Oh, so much fun, and so little time.

Black lace slips over my bath-cooled skin. I sit at my vanity, examining my ruby red nails, feeling lace scrape deliciously over my nipples. Impatient, I flip back my long strawberry-colored hair, and cross my bare thighs. Lace slides, a sensual tickle between the bottom of my butt cheeks and the top of my thighs.
I rise as I hear his steps, strong yet stealthy, on the stairs winding up to my room. Black lace strokes my body like a lover’s caress. My sex drips as he opens the door, uninvited and forbidden. My neck throbs, wanting him.
“Dinner, darling?”

Rachel said...

Don told me he loved me only once, but once was enough, especially the way he said it. I was almost gone, off on the rocket ride of my climax, feeling the slow build as he entered me again and again. I’d almost forgotten where we were, even who we were. “There, yes, please,” I whispered, until I couldn’t whisper anymore. I felt tears--of pleasure, pain, excitement--brimming, and blinked them back. Then there was nothing slow about Don. He slammed his cock inside me, brutally. “I love you,” he moaned, as he filled me. Sometimes, once is more than enough.

Rachel Kramer Bussel
rachelkb at

Smut Girl said...

Oh, fun. Happy V Day ;)

Seven Minutes in Heaven
100 words

“Seven minutes to the bus.”

I barely get the words out and my skirt is down. You tear my panties. Useless lacy rags now. Your fingers, warm and brutal pry me wide. Your cock barges in. Thick and hard, you fill me. I bite my tongue. Heaven.

You fuck with sharp, brutal thrusts. And when you pull my hair, I come, swallowing my cry the way you like.

I hear the air brakes and you are gone. Out the back door. Into the alley.

I tug up my skirt. Here come happy, shiny faces. “Hey, Ma! When‘s dad getting home?”

Tumperkin said...

Can't resist a contest - 98 words

'Happy Lupercalia, Charlie.'


'Lupercalia. The Wolf Festival. Pre-cursor of Valentine's Day.'

Anna produced a small whip from behind her back with a flourish. Charlie stared at it; grew hard.

'What's that?'

'It's for you. You're going to be a brother of the wolf tonight.'

'And what am I supposed to do with it?'

She rolled her eyes. 'Whip me, of course. It's a sacred ritual.'

'Oh. I just whip you?'

'Then we fuck.'

Charlie brightened. 'Wow. I mean, ok. Is that part of the sacred ritual too?

'Nah. But we should do it anyway. It's Valentine's Day'.


Kissa Starling said...

So close, but yet so far. Satisfaction has, once again, eluded me. I lament over hours of flirting, chatting, and preparing for each encounter. I think ahead to those sacrificial hours of finding someone new. Where to start… Clubs? Groups? A members only place? The time has come. Face to face pleasure is something to think about.

(ding) Oh, baby. You’re wearing what? You’re hot! I feel your lips. God you make me wet. Touch me. I’ve waited all day for this. Of course I love you. We’re so good together. I’m touching myself, let me turn the webcam on…

Anonymous said...

Please keep in mind this is not my usual genre.


Oh, the feel of the falls across my back.

I can smell the leather of the flogger you made just for me.

Do you see how wet you make me?

I want to move, but I know better.

Almost there. I’m not sure where there is, but I’m almost there.

I’m starting to float away to...

That damn paddle!

It stings and hurts

I want to grab the paddle and make it stop.

I want to go back to where I was, floating away.

I want...

The paddle turns me into a puddle of come and labored breathing.

danetteb said...

Huh?....I'm still lost on the shower scene.

"Step in the shower."

"Bend over slowly and turn the water on hot."

"Grab the bottle with the orchid on it and the washcloth."

"You know where the soap goes,don't look at me!"

"Now start washing from your neck down."

"Umm...that's it slowly aroung the nipples,..lower...lower...STOP!"

"Don't touch your pussy!"..."I'll do that."

He steps behind the sub before him.Grabs the washcloth and rubs her belly with it in slow circles.His body hardening against her body.His hand moving slower and slower as he nears her core.


Anonymous said...

His fingers sunk deep into her hair, curling into a fist and dragging her forward until her breasts were practically flattened against his chest. Vaguely he felt her smaller hands clutch at his shoulders, struggling to keep her balance even as he strove to strip it away.

Pivoting on one foot, he crowded her back against the wall until her senses were consumed by his overwhelming presence. Tightening the fist in her hair, he trailed the very tips of the fingers of his free hand beneath the loose hem of her camisole.

"Don't worry, darling... I've only just begun."

Anonymous said...

Fingers brush her panting lips, rough and blunt, and tasting faintly of salt and skin. She licks them—her lips, his fingers—and meets his eyes. There’s laughter in those eyes, a wicked tilt, and something else, something darker and hotter. Something that glitters like green glass.

She tilts her head, letting him feel teeth.

“Girl,” he husks and trails off.

Her fingers curl through his belt loops, pulling him against her, hip to hip, belly to belly, distinct heat pressed to her skin. She smirks a challenge to him, daring the darkness in him to come out and play.

Janine Ashbless said...

Holy cow. I am in awe.

Craig Sorensen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Craig Sorensen said...

As I looked back at the prior flash post I'm reminded that it was the first time I de-lurked and joined the fray at LB.

So this is an anniversary of sorts!

Such lovely flash that's been shared!

Here is my 100 words (including title:)


Your daily emails keep me up to date. I’m grateful.

But time and again I return to powder blue stationary with bright red hearts. The way your letters slant slightly backward. The trail of perfume on a hint of oatmeal soap.

I breathe in your sentences. My ball tighten. I close my eyes and I coil my oafish left hand, angling my fingers like you do to protect me from your sharp silvery nails. The music of your high voice. “Tough day?”

“It’s getting better.” I tease like you until I explode in a hail.

Write more often, Valentine.

Deanna Ashford said...

Well done everyone. I can't enter so I'm sulking!!!

Clare London said...

Such great reading!!!! Thanks, all :). Here's mine...

This isn’t the way it should be. I’m usually the predator. The knee in the small of my back presses me face down into the loamy leaves, and the night air pinches cool fingers over my bare, clenched ass. My pants are a tangled bunch of dirty cloth around one ankle.
I suck in a breath. My buttocks are split open and his cock breaches me. Burning, bruising, barely eased with saliva. I cry out with long-forgotten hunger.
“It’ll hurt.” No apology, just warning.
Through the tears of shock, my grin of reply is a grimace.
“It’d better.”

Anonymous said...

Bend Over.
I'm going to take my time.
Does it humiliate you like this?
Are you embarrassed that your girlfriend is fucking you in the ass?
I don't care how you feel. I'm going to take complete control over you.
This isn't that kind of vanilla "control" where I hop on top, moving up and down to please you.
No, this is complete control.
Fucking you hard. Making it hurt.
That's how I like it.
Make you squeak. Make you cringe.
That's how I want it.
I want to control you completely like this.

Samantha said...

You shove me to the ground.
Your ruthless eyes keep me down as chains never could. You kick my legs open, hard; it hurts. I’m not wet and you drive yourself into me, deep as you can get. I scream. Tears roll down my face as you pound away at me. I beg you to stop; you withdraw to force your way into my ass. I scream.
Another man would relent, surrender to soothe me. Not you. There’ll be no remorse for violating me, shaming me. There never is from you. You’re colder. Meaner.

I cry.

You’re so much stronger.

Alexandra said...

"Shh..." you whisper in my ear.
I breathe softly.
So gentle in the way you overpower me, I melt beneath you at the slightest touch.
This isn't intimate. No sighs of love, no moans of lust. Just softness. These rhythmic pulses are so sweet, just like listening to another's heartbeat. Little pleasures. Soft and gentle.
It's always like this. Grazing my breasts, gently coaxing my legs open, and sliding inside. There's no need to force anything, no need to communicate.
"I love you," I murmur, "dearest brother..."

Anonymous said...

Allowed another one...?! *lol*

I was finishing the filing.
Flung over the desk, face down into musky, fragrant leather.
His words frantic, the excitement forbidden yet fundamental.
My frilly knickers gone, his pants of fine fabric dropped to the floor.
Fascinated by our mutual need, breath fluttering, eyes a-flicker with lust, laughter and fear of discovery co-existent.
My fingers clinging to the firm wooden edges, anchoring me for fierce penetration.
His favourite game, my frenzied gasp of permit. Our Friday afternoon sexual fun.
The flimsy paper creased in my palm, the confidential sheets forgotten, still to be filed away.
In the file marked F.

Anonymous said...

“I don’t usually have a problem.”
He nods politely, sitting on the edge of the bed.
“It’s the drink.” I’m gabbling, lying there with a humiliation headache and my legs tense like trunks.
But not my cock, lying limp and soft and disobedient.
“I’ve had a dreadful cold recently.” I want my dick to obey me, not sigh a single bead and snuggle coyly into my thigh.
He smiles in veiled disappointment, bending down for his socks. His ass swells over the low waistband of his jeans.
My cock hiccups and points.
“That’ll do,” I grin, and grab him back.

t'Sade said...

Oh, didn't realize I could do two entries. I felt the bad last time since I came up with four, so I thought it was a one-off. So, in thanks for the latest post reminding me I can do two, heres a bit of gay love:

Garith moaned as he open the bathroom door. He spun around, guided by the powerful man who pressed him against the mirror. For a moment, he wondered why he didn’t stop and also why his cock felt so hot and incredibly hard.

Stammering, he spoke into the mirror. “I-I’m not gay,” but he wasn’t sure if he meant it.

A hand worked down his shorts before grinding the largest cock he had ever felt against his ass.

“Wanna bet?” came the rumbling response. Hardness suddenly filled him and Garith could only press his lips against the glass and gasp.

Anonymous said...

Here's mine!

A Lust Session

He lifted her onto the counter. She raised her head for his kiss, and licked his bottom lip, nibbled it, and then he took over, kissing her hard. He slid his hands up her thighs, her sides, then pulled her dress over her head. She unbuckled his jeans and felt his hardness and shivered. Just as he took her hard nipple into his mouth, he pulled her onto him, sliding deep inside her wetness. Feeling her nails dig into his shoulders, he began to pound hard. Her head fell back as he kissed her neck, and she moaned in ecstasy.

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mina murray said...

Seeing as DPs are allowed...


Today I leave work early. And I don't tell anyone. Not even him. Because I know he's home, and I know what he's doing.

He is startled by my entrance, as I knew he would be, neck flushed crimson, eyes heavy-lidded with desire, cock uncoiled like a snake under his hand.

I can almost hear his heartbeat from across the room, taste the acid sweetness, the delicious agony of embarrassment and lust.

His cock jumps higher as I close the gap between us.

"Finish what you started," I say.

And with a cry he comes over my black boots.

Erastes said...

I am glad that I don't have to judge this - such great entries! When does it close btw?

Olivia Knight said...

It closes on Saturday - we'll make that U.S. time, so the UK lot of until about five in the morning on Sunday! It's amazing what you can come up with when you stagger home from a Saturday night out...

Jeremy Edwards said...

It's amazing what you can come up with when you stagger home from a Saturday night out...

It's 4 in the afternoon here and I'm perfectly sober, but what the heck:

Oops she giggles there's another step well she should know it's her building but mm the steps look pretty inviting right about now maybe I'll just take a 5 minute nap while she goes in to pee she said she had to pee and I'm inclined to believe her three pints and she's never lied but fuck if I wait out here by the time I go in she'll have pulled her panties back up and then I just have to pull them down again not efficient at all so best to tag along and FUCK there was another step.

[100 exactly. Inebriated people do narrate like Faulkner and Woolf, yes?]

Samantha said...
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Samantha said...
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Samantha said...
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Samantha said...

The Dinner Party

He doesn’t know her. But he knows her type. The shy, blushing virgin.

He spares her a lazy glance.

What the heck. Meal’s late anyways. He slips under the table unnoticed.

He spreads her legs. She starts, calms. His probes her with a finger. She’s surprisingly wet. He thrusts his tongue into her swollen pussy. Swallows the sweet juices as they spill from her.

She’s hot and trembling. He smiles, drags his tongue over her g-spot. Few more strokes and. . .

“Dinner is served.”

Damn. He stops. Gets up to eat.

Man can’t survive on drink alone after all.

T. said...

Love the shower. Very inspiring, LOL. And I guess I'm gonna get this in at the last minute here! First time i come to see it, and all these lovely short bits of fun to read. Just wonderful!

100 words exactly, phew.


“…said I was sorry.”

“You didn’t really mean it, sweetie.”

It always surprised me how your ass pouted when I had you over my lap. Creamy pale, with a shy cluster of freckles across the right cheek, it quivered, anticipating. I ran my palm across the smooth curve, tracing the pale brown sun-kisses with my thumb.

Downy hairs tickled the pads of my fingers, changing texture as my hand slipped deeper, exploring the cleft of your ass. You moaned gutturally, playing it off as a nervous cough. Silly thing. You can’t come yet.

“Next time, don’t eat my damn brownie.”

Sweet Samantha said...

These are all so awesome!

I'm pretty sure my favourites are Janine's Spanking Slut, Nikki's St. Valentine's Bones, and Tumperkin's Lupercalia <3

You're all so good!

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone. Comp is now closed. Winners will be announced on Tuesday 19th February 2008

Mat x

Anonymous said...

Sorry, no (how come stupid blogger doesn't let you edit comments?) that should be winners announced on THURSDAY 21ST FEB 2008