Thursday, June 28, 2007

Last Man Standing

By Janine Ashbless

Whoa!!! Check out ‘Last Man Standing’!

Six very pretty UK/US chunks ‘o’ muscle – a bodybuilder, a New-Agey fitness guru, a Harvard endurance athlete, a salsa-dancing kickboxer, a lumberjack/BMX champion and a wonderfully posh cricket player – are shipped around the world to meet various tribal peoples and compete with them in their indigenous martial arts.

It’s on BBC3 several times a week (UK) and … somewhere on the Discovery Channel (US) – because it’s EDUCATIONAL! See ripped near-naked men immerse themselves in tribal cultures, endure painful initiation rituals, work out against gloriously photographed tropical scenery and get covered in anthropologically significant dust, blood and sweat…

Ahem. Sorry. Needed some alone-time there.

Cultural appropriation, international bridge-building, sadistic semi-porn or just a chance to watch glorious testosterone-heavy eye-candy? I intend to watch every single episode before I decide.

There’s an introductory video clip HERE:

Oh, and Rajko the fitness guru is also a singer songwriter


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Anonymous said...

Oh, Janine!

I never knew you cared

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