Friday, May 25, 2007

Got a Minute?

I’m going to make this quick. I have a thing for ultra-short sex stories. There is just something so damn hot about flash fucking. I mean, flash fiction. Not only do I like writing short-shorts, I like reading them. This is why I have edited three anthologies on the theme: Down & Dirty, Down & Dirty2, and Got a Minute? And why I am currently editing a fourth. Stories in these books range from 75 words to 1,500. Max.

Doubt the power of a quickie?

Just look at what Lust Biter Shanna Germain can do with under 600 words. The piece is called Squeaky Clean. But I swear, it will make you feel dirty.

There’s something hot about washing sex toys. And it isn’t just the water. There you are, standing at the sink, running your lathered hands up and down the bumpy blue shaft of your favorite vibrator, removing any signs of last night’s play, leaving only memories. Beneath the soap and the water, the toy is almost alive, the way it shimmies and wiggles beneath the flow, a slippery fish headed upstream.

Flash back to last night: his hands, lubed, wrapped around the head, coming slowly down the shaft, preparing it for you. You can’t remember wanting anything more, anything other than the quivering false-cock inside you, your lover’s hands bringing it slowly, softly to the edge of your thigh, against your lips, forcing the tip inside as you arch your hips, moan, ask for it, please, yes, please. But he makes you wait, makes you beg before he’ll slide it in, the rubber slipping deeper and deeper, whirring its quiet circles of pleasure inside you, filling you.

Your hands are rougher with the toy now, stronger as you stroke the rubber, every last inch, making sure you don’t miss a spot. The rubber is firm beneath your fingertips, and you close your eyes while you wash, imagining your hand around your lover’s shaft in the shower, water raining on you both. Your hands soaped and slippery, sliding up and back down to circle the tip until he thrusts his hips against your curled fist.

You turn the vibrator on and it buzzes alive beneath your fingers, nosing in and out of your palm, searching for its flower, a scent of nectar. You set the toy against the inside of your arm—wet and humming—and it makes your hips tingle and ache so that you press them against the edge of the sink.

You remember the mornings when he takes you before he showers. You, standing in front of the mirror, nearly swooning as he nibbles your neck before he bends you over the sink. He is quick and a little rough—the way you like it in the mornings—and your whole body seems to lift when he enters you, as though some invisible force is holding you along. He pinches your nipples until you look up at your reflection and the sight is enough to make you come.

The toy is clean now, but you can’t help soaping it up one last time, just to hear the motor rumble as your palm runs up and down its length. After a few minutes, you reluctantly rinse the toy and turn off the water.

It’s almost five and your lover will be home soon. You have a sudden image of meeting him at the door, toy in hand. No, you imagine draping your body across the couch, feet up along the arm rest, vibrator sliding its way between your thighs.

Or, you imagine him coming home, calling out “I’m in here!” when he opens the door. He will come to the bathroom, find you elbow-deep in hot, soapy water, washing the blue vibrator that you used together last night. He will watch you run your hands along its thick shaft, and imagine it is his own cock, stiffening beneath your fingers. Then, he will join you, pressing himself to your back, sinking his hands deep into the liquid next to yours.

You like this idea best, and you stand, poised at the sink, the vibrator in your hand, waiting for him to enter.

For more short (but not necessarily sweet) stories, please check out Got a Minute?—which also features three stories by Teresa Noelle Roberts, two more by Shanna Germain, one killer one by Dayle, and a delicous piece by Gwen.

Alison (100 words or less) Tyler

P.S. What can you do in 100 words or less? Show us! Post your super-short fiction in the comments. One lucky commenter will win a copy of Got a Minute? (But you don't need to post your porn in order to enter.)
P.P.S. I've posted a 100-word piece of my own, here.


Portia Da Costa said...

Wow, this book sounds fab! It's going right on my TBB pile, Alison... :)

And Shanna... ooh, what a cracking extract. How clever... I would never have thought of that angle. Thank you!

No use me trying to write a 100 word piece... I'm far too long winded and rambling. Sometimes it takes me 100 words for my hero and heroine to say 'hello'! LOL

Can't wait to see what others come up with though...

Nikki H said...

Well I can give my husband a good tongue lashing in less than a hundred words, but I guess that's not what you meant, huh?

I used to write flash fiction for ERWA. Don't know if my stories are still in their archive, but I wrote 'Body Shots' and 'Blind Man's Buff'

Nikki Magennis said...

Portia and Nikki, you make me laugh out loud!

Alison, I loooooove this book. I love tiny short pieces of fiction. I'm going to dash one off for you after I've had a cup of tea.

(And I loved Jeremy Edward's 'Ass Pyjamas' in there. Beautiful wee story.)

(Why do I feel I have to talk fast today?)

kristina lloyd said...

Ass Pyjamas is great - charming, witty and odd.

The whole book is great. I keep 'accidentally' reading it.

I'm only going to write short comments today.

kristina lloyd said...

Nikki H, won't you give us a flash?

Anonymous said...

My sex scenes are quite often very short anyway so this is perfect for me.

This is from The Silver Collar. I'm not sure if it's a story, but it's exactly 100 words so I'm posting it.

God, but Alfie was beautiful now. And back then he'd been bursting with a kind of golden glowing youth. His kisses had been rich with it. Charisma and promise. Virile and slightly twisted.

He'd had a scheme once about fucking at as many Oxford landmarks as possible. He'd bent her over Magdalene Bridge once very late at night. Fucked her, while she looked down at the silent Thames and writhed against his big thick fingers.

Bright young things.

Another time he'd made her come in a tight dark corner of the Pitt Rivers museum, jamming his knuckles in her mouth.

Nikki Magennis said...


I wore my red shoes. Your hair was gloss black and tangled, melting into the night, leaving only a glitter of teeth.

You kissed me at dawn, took me to the house where you slept. A cousin’s, you said. ‘Seventh heaven’, you said.

There were no sheets on the mattress. We fought our clothes, came out naked, fell on the floor. The silver crucifix round your neck hit me in the face as we fucked – fast, urgent, silent. Your skin was gold and slippery.

Afterwards we waltzed through empty streets. The world was asleep, and we were dreaming in colour.

Nikki Magennis said...

...exactly 100, thank you very much! ; )

kristina lloyd said...

Angry Gay Vampires Over a Pool Table

‘You’re jealous,’ murmured Billy. He tugged Simeon’s flies open, pushing down his clothes to bare his pale slender arse, wisps of dark hair fringing his crack. Simeon’s erection bounced free and Billy leaned over him, wrapping his fingers around that big sturdy shaft. He wanked him gently. ‘Jealous,’ mocked Billy, his lips behind Simeon’s ear.

Simeon lay still, breathing hard and saying nothing as Billy’s fist shunted along his cock, and Billy’s crotch dug into his buttocks. After a while, in a tender mannered voice, Simeon whispered, ‘Yes. I’m jealous. What of it?’

kristina lloyd said...

Also 100 words exactly if you include sneakily long title.

Also cheating slightly in excerpting from current WiP.

Thank you!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks for the shout-outs, Nikki M & Kristina L! And--wow--all of you are such brilliant writers. From Shanna's soapy sensuality to Tilly's libidinous landmarks to Nikki's clothes-fighting romantics to Alison's perfect 100-word setup (love the ending but won't quote it, in case any readers haven't clicked that link yet) . . . I woke up only a few minutes ago and already I'm having a great day, just reading.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Oh, brilliant Kristina of the "tender mannered voice," we crossed in the mail just now. I wish I could stay in front of my computer all day today, just reading.

Nikki Magennis said...

ALISON!! Kristina's cheating. Can we disqualify her?

- What do you mean, we're not allowed to play anymore?

kristina lloyd said...

Tilly started it!

Anyway Magennis, my Daddy's bigger than yours.

Nikki Magennis said...

I doubt that. I doubt that veeeeeery much. What you going to do, set your vampires on me?

*Runs quickly away to hide behind the sofa*

kristina lloyd said...

Pah! You're not worth it!

*Also runs away to hide behind sofa cos there's a crucifix in Nikki's story*

Anonymous said...

My daddy's a werewolf

kristina lloyd said...

Tilly wins.

Amy S. said...

Sounds good!

Janine Ashbless said...

Er, Tilly ... I've just acquired a werewolf, this week. He lives in a castle in the Balkans and has taken over my life. I've been getting very little sleep because he seems to wake up late and stay up all night. Is this normal or will he settle down?

Also he keeps muttering about the history of Bosnia which is doing my head in.

Deanna Ashford said...

You girls are so great at this. I'm way too wordy and can't even get my head around a short story, let alone only 100 words.
No wonder you all write such great posts.

Janine Ashbless said...

I'm not up to writing a hundred words right now either, Deanna. Unless it's about the decline of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Goran, shut up. I'll be with you in a minute.

Stacy S said...

Your stories sound great.

Alana said...

Alison, thanks for the post. And the book. I'm looking forward to reading all the flashers within.

Shanna, nice vibrator. :-)

Nx, your flasher wins. Love it.

In the meantime, I'm brain dead, as it's six a.m. here, and I haven't had coffee, and Kiddo is sick, but maybe I could write a flasher later today. :-)

Alison Tyler said...

Mud Fight

”Can't leave for a minute without a fight breaking out!”
The trio looked at her, guilty expressions in place, until she added, “Now strip down and get in the pit.”
The pit.
Filled with mud. Kristina was the first one in, her pale skin coated quickly by the wet, slippery dirt. Nikki was next, covered from tip to toe in seconds as she tackled her red-haired friend. And then Tilly, joining the fray. Mud splashing everywhere.
“If you’re going to fight, girls, you might as well have some fun,” Alison laughed, sliding down on top of her mud-slinging mates.

(100 words/not counting title)
*waving hi to Janine and Wendy*

Bonnie Dee said...

I thunk this up in about three minutes so forgive the corny rhyming, but here goes:

Hard, slick, can’t let go, I need it quick. We grapple in the locker room, up against the wall, on a jolting subway ride or in a shower stall. The boy’s long and bony with sinew wrapped around. Fills me up and pulls me under. I’m happy to drown.

Believe me, my story in Got a Minute is better than that!

Smut Girl said...

Miss Alison, reporting as ordered ;) No idea if this is even worth posting but embarrassment is part of punishment, right?

I only got 50. Hope it's enough for the price of admission. ;)

by Sommer Marsden

I watch your fist. Stroking. Up. Down. Measured time and beat.

Your eyes burn over me. Making me unstable.

Cocked eyebrow. Crooked smile. My signal.

I mimic you. Touch myself. Stroke. Circle.

The air feels dense. You speak the word I've waited for.


Sinking onto you, I echo, "Now."

Alison Tyler said...

Oooh, I love them.
Love them!

Bonnie, yours is so hot. Fast-paced just like real-life quickies. And Smut Girl, you managed to paint such a cool image in 50 words.


Shanna Germain said...

*Wishes she'd woken up earlier because it seems she's missed her chance at mud-fighting, behind the sofa, and writing sexy, sexy stories!

Wow, all this great stuff off the top of everyone's heads. I love it.

Shorts. Let me think about shorts...Oh, wait, short stories. That's it. That seems like work. Think I'll think about writing a short full of shorts...

:) s.

Nikki Magennis said...

I am still in the pit and happy to mud wrestle with you, Shanna.

Love the little bite, Bonnie! And yours, Smutty. Can I call you Smutty? ; )

And Janine - I can't wait to hear about the death of the hungry ostrich at the hands of werewolves.

Nikki H said...

Okay. Here's my flash. 100 words exactly, inclusive of title. (But I came up with it quickly, so be kind!)


I should never have kissed you. I should never have let my lips caress yours. Should never have let our bodies embrace.
You captured me with that kiss and now I am no longer free.
I can't work. I can't concentrate. Not anymore. My thoughts, my desires, are consumed by images of you. The way you look. the way you feel. The way you taste...
My body hungers for yours and this amuses you. You take intense pleasure from witnessing my pain.
No longer.
I'm in control now.
These cuffs?


You'll stay where I can have you.


Alison Tyler said...

You ought to see me, Nikki H, jumping up and down! I love your short-short... It's totally delicious.. and I'm sure Tilly is going to love it, too.

Madeline said...

Jeez it's awful early here, but quickies are BEST in the morning, fast and a little rough...
What a terrific post. I swore I'd think on it before posting but...

I’m So Beautiful

'You're so beautiful.' His voice catches, betraying eagerness. He pumps his cock; I know what he wants. Why does this particular need embarrasses him so? I laugh softly, letting him know its all okay with me.

He kneels by my head. 'So beautiful.' He groans. I know he's close. 'Shut your eyes, baby, it stings,’ He always says this. I close my eyes, waiting for the warm jets to splash my cheeks, my eyelids, my hair. He bathes me in adoration, first with the heat of his gaze and then in liquid shocks of lust.

98, including title. I imagine I'll regret that 'liquid shocks of lust' later, after coffee...but I'm gonna let it stand.

Nikki H said...

Thank you, Alison. You're very kind. Fingers crossed Tilly likes it too.

Anonymous said...

Nikki H, gosh, you know me rather well don't you? Very nice.

And Janine, hmm, werewolves are *very* demanding. And so are werewolf hunters. I don't know which are worse.

I have 9 werewolves and 6 werewolf hunters - can you imagine...?

And if they could just decide which side they're on... Or maybe stop having sex with each other for a bit.

t'Sade said...

Motes of magic danced across her skin as she rolled over and presented her ass to her lover. His hands trailed just the hint of his fingertips along her slicked flesh, tracing curves until she shivered in anticipation. His fingertips dripped colors as her lover nestled himself between her legs, cock dripping with excitement. He leaned forward, sliding his heated length into her. His fingers caressed her, tracing out designs across her back. Arcane colors filled in shapes as he tattooed her skin between the thrusts of their bodies. Her orgasm would fade, but never the images or the memories.

Alison Tyler said...

I'm so impressed!

I love how wildly different these shorts are. Some are poems. Some stories. Some just old-fashioned fucking.

More, more, more!

Anonymous said...

Well, as handcuffs have already been mentioned, I do have another one from The Silver Collar. Nope - I can't think of anything else. It's 97 words so I'll include the book title even though that's not really the title of this bit

The Silver Collar

'Blake, don’t mess around.'

'I'm not messing around.' Blake was standing, fastening his shirt. He reached for his lab coat.

'Blake!' Iris was still on the bed. Still wearing the handcuffs that were tied to the headboard.


'Don't, Blake. Look. Fuck. I'm sorry, okay. Can you take them off me now? You know you ratcheted them too tight.'

'Did I? Well that's a shame.' Blake turned and began to walk towards the door.

'Blake!' Iris shouted. 'You wouldn’t fucking dare! Blake!'

Blake turned in the bedroom doorway. 'Bye, Iris,' he said before he vanished through it.

Alison Tyler said...

I forgot to put a link to my new call for subs...

It's here.

With all of these lovely shorts flying around, I thought I ought to post a little reminder.


Kate Pearce said...

I love flash fiction! It's almost poetry. Not sure if I'll have time to post something-the competition is pretty darn hot!

Kate Pearce said...

Excuse the cheating...this is a bit from one of my books, but as I can't win anything anyway...

“Get back on the bed behind Antonia, and I will satisfy you both.”
Gideon slid his palm between Antonia’s legs and kept going. The underside of his wrist pressed hard against her sex as he slid his fingers deep inside Louise. Antonia closed her eyes as he began to move his hand, listened to Louise’s soft moans and enjoyed the friction he provided. Louise rocked her body into Antonia’s, her mound rubbing against Antonia’s buttocks. Gideon thrust his fingers deeper. He fondled Antonia’s breasts and drew her into a deep kiss as he worked them both."

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, is this your bisexaul regency rake, Kate?

TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

Shanna, that is hawt! And everyone's 100-word bits are just brilliant.

Normally I'd jump right in, since I love writing this sexy but poetic snippets, but you're all far more brilliant than I could manage at this point, since it's about 100 degrees here and we haven't put our A/C in yet.

Check back after sunset US east coast time and maybe I'll come up with something, probably involving extreme heat and the pleasures of icy air conditioning.

Madelynne Ellis said...

Minutes are something I've been decidedly short of today... Anyway, have finally managed to find a few, so here's my 98 word contribution!

(I'm not so good at writing short).

Villain of the Piece

‘My gold, or I take it in kind.’

The whispered caress blew fire across her lips, its threat implicit despite the soft tone. Streaks of metal knit across her breasts. Tight ripples shivered through her limbs. Before her thick tongue could work, his hands clasped her wrists and shackled them either side of her head.

Hard heat pressed to her cunt. He smelled familiar, of honeydew and rosemary, of cut grass and cruelty.

‘I don’t have it.’

‘Excellent! Then up skirts, madam. We set sail.

‘Come, my dear, come.’ Unforgiving ecstasy as he hoisted her aloft the mainstay.

Alison Tyler said...

Oh, wow... each time I check, there are more delicious stories to devour!

You ladies rock!

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone.

This is such a great thread. It would be fab to do this again. Flash fiction or snips from WIPs. It's just so much fun to see all the diversity.

Kate Pearce said... did you guess? it is indeed one of my bisexual Regency Rakes (I have more than one up my sleeve, or do I mean in my closet?)

Janine Ashbless said...

Sorry, another cheaty extract. And it's 108 words. But I did write it today.

Wolves Run

'What are you reading?' he asked. 'Something quite gripping, I assume. It's very late.'

I didn't answer. I was so panicked I couldn't move.

'Hm?' He looked down at the book, eyebrows raised. 'Go on. What is it?'

I pressed my hands flat onto the cover: he'd have to use force to take a look at what lay beneath. I didn't move even when he walked round me, stopping to look down over my shoulder. Quietly he reached forward and laid his left hand over mine. He had long, strong fingers. The movement brought his body into contact with mine, all along my arm and shoulder and back.

'Please,' I whispered.

Terri said...


I'm not good at the short thing. My erotica tends to be of the 2 typed page variety, no more, no less.

But I've got some ideas for this weekend with the boy...

Maybe I'll have something to write about then.

Murray Suid said...

I'm a slow reader so GOT A MINUTE is perfect for me. Plus it'll leave me more time for engaging in...other things, such as--I imagine--those in the book.

A terrific concept, Alison.

sasha said...

Soft music played, the heavy throbbing beat matched the heat that pulsed through my body as I watched him come closer.
He knew he could do anything he wished with me, and I’d love him all the more for it. He knew how it drove me wild to have his fingers skim lightly over my hip, up my rib cage… when he tickled the inside of my thigh.
He leaned forward,his hot breath heating my sex until it melted and my juices were leaking steadily. Shifting again, he laid his hands flat on my hips, placed his chin on my pubic bone, and met my eyes. “All mine,” he said softly.

I went slightly over. 115 words. *grin*

Anonymous said...

I can't believe everyone hasn't spent minutes reading
today's short bits of erotica. These writers
are so good at what they do. So delicious!

ADR Forte said...

Wow! Great posts everyone. I won't even attempt to try posting a short since Corporate America has sucked whatever small amount of creativity I do possess from my brain today (and not in the good way either)
But these are all so super hot I wouldn't dare to try anyway.

I have to say I love "Madrid" best though. Nikki, you are a genius. :)

Sensitive Man said...

Books.. or Lorraine? Study.. or pleasure? Soon the answer was clear. She spread her legs and raised her arms. She looked lovely as bright silk straps tied her limbs to the bedposts. I held the cellphone to her ear and she obediently urged Natalie over. Once Natalie arrived, she disrobed quickly and buried her luscious lips in Lorraine's pierced labia. I sat near Lorraine's hips, pinching her nipples and spanking Natalie, then stroking my hard shaft. As the passion grew, Lorraine approached orgasm, and I filled Natalie thrusting deep until we all came deliriously.

Jolie said...

Hi Alison and all,

I had this down on my calendar to stop by on Friday, but I got so caught up in family stuff that I forgot. If I'm not too late for the contest, I'd love to enter. Otherwise, shame on me! LOL

First let me say that I'm very proud to have stories in both Down and Dirty Volume 2 and in Got A Minute?.

Here is a 100 word piece of mine. I love writing this type of fiction:

Devil's Food
by Jolie du Pre
Copyright 2007
100 Words

Rebecca stood so close that her tits nearly touched my own as she licked the chocolate icing off her fingers.

Cake? she asked. But my attention was on the red dress that hugged her curves like a candy wrapper.

She pulled me onto the dance floor, but we didn't stay. Instead we snuck into a private office. She closed the door and then sat in a chair, facing me.

"Denise, if you want it you had better come and get it."

I rushed over to her, fell to my knees, lifted the dress to her waist and ate my dessert.


Ally said...

Artistic Lil Fuck

From the corner of her eye she see’s him walk to the privy. She’s been hot for him, lost in fantasies. While they paint in the studio, she is faint, heart pounds, ears ring, barely a breath. She stalks him, once he’s in the stall she locks the bolt. He emerges, she is bent, gazing out the window, her skirt up. He slithers his hand under her and tests the entrance. He enters, grabs her shoulder and a hand full of her long hair. Suckling her neck as he fucks her so hard. She’s lost in a sea of moaning.

100 words without the title.
P.S. Nice to meet you all.

Dana said...

i cant wait to get my copy...i'm especially looking forward to reading case of the hornys and pleasing by Jocelyn Bringas, i love all her stuff...i already know it's gonna be hot!

Ligia Tramer said...

This is my first attempt at 100 word erotic material, I hope you guys enjoy it.

Alice listened to him speak and as he got up she moved back in her seat but did not get up as he walked behind her and grabbed her by the throat, pulled her head back and kissed her so hard and so prolonged that she felt it throughout her entire body.
When he let go of her she was begging him to, “Please take me, oh God, I …”
He didn’t let her finish, suddenly her chair was turned to him and he was parting her legs, opening his pants.

Dayaja said...

Oh wow, this is fantastic lol who would have ever thought I'd stumble across something like this at 10 a.m I'd love to be able to join, or comment regularly on this, I don't understand exactly how this works yet, but I'm bound to figure it out if I skip class ;)

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