Thursday, March 29, 2007

DARK DESIGNS: The Sneak Preview

by Madelynne Ellis

'Shhh! Quick, is anybody looking?'

'No - right then, lets get set up!'

So, it's the last Friday of the month tomorrow, which means it's time for our Monthly Sexy Snippet, when I'm expected to take to the floor with my 'award-winning' (how did that happen), tribute to yaoi manga and Gothic decadence. But, you know, I thought what's wrong with celebrating Thursday too? Maybe we could kick back and get in the mood a bit.

Ahem! Book Blurb

'Silk inclined his head a fraction and let the very corners of his lips curl upward, letting most of his response come from his eyes. Remy swallowed hard. It was like getting a come-on from a panther - aggressively, knicker-wettingly sexual.'

As the designer for an opulent gothic wedding, Remy Davies is under pressure. There's the over-stressed bride, a trinity of vampire-obsessed bridesmaids, a wayward groom, and then there's the best man... Silk looks as if he was drawn by a manga artist; beautiful, exotic, and with a predatory sexuality. She has to have him, in her bed and between the pages of her new catalogue. Remy is about to launch herself into the alternative fashion world, and Silk is going to sell it for her whether he knows it or not. But Silk is nobody's toy, and for all his androgyny, he's determinedly heterosexual. Pity, since Remy's biggest fantasy is to see him making out with her sometime-boyfriend, Japanese biker Takeshi.


Remy rubbed her brow and tried to focus on costumes. Alix was becoming mutinous, partially due to hunger, and partially because she was sick of making her two rivals look good. Takeshi was cavalier play-acting and Silk - well now! Dare she ask him to strip for the camera?

'Quit bloody obsessing, Remy,' Alix barked. 'Sort them out. I've been at this five fucking hours, you've got two minutes before I pack up and go in.'

It took less than thirty seconds to dress Silk. He looked like a manga character anyway. She just added the coachman's coat to the formal three-piece tail-suit he was wearing, and asked him to braid his hair. She wanted him to tease it out as his clothes came off, until it swirled around him, dusting his bare calves. Takeshi took a bit longer, a fact Alix conveniently overlooked, despite a loudly rumbling stomach. They swapped the knee breeches for leather jeans, lost the shirt and added his own leather jacket with the picture of the girl, then a long duster coat. Somehow the contrast between the two men worked, although they began shooting most of the poses separately.

They'd been at it about twenty minutes. Silk was stripped down to shirt and trousers, and Takeshi to just his leathers. Remy had them posed like lovers, with Takeshi's hand upon Silk's shoulder and their heads tilted towards one another. But the tension between them seemed to be running at an all time high. Between shots, Silk seemed to be making it clear he was there under duress. Remy wondered if she was expected to feel obligated to him after this.

'Closer, and look into each other's eyes,' Remy demanded. Despite the pressure, she was enjoying herself immensely. 'It needs more intimacy.'

Takeshi leaned forward and brushed his lips against Silk's.

Well, that was intimate!

Silk's lips parted in surprise. Takeshi snaked an arm around his waist and moulded their bodies together from hip to thigh. Silk retaliated by shoving Takeshi off his feet, followed by a wordless snarl of fury.

Remy's carefully constructed fantasy fell apart, although Alix gleefully continued snapping expressions. 'Yey, fight!' she cheered.

Takeshi snatched up the great sword and forced Silk back against the rim of the fountain. The tip of the metal beast pressed between the open edges of Silk's shirt making cold contact with the skin...

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for the rest of the extract, when I'll also be giving away a signed copy of DARK DESIGNS packaged in honour of Silk's chocolate addiction with a 400g bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk.

If you can't wait that long, you could always zip over to my website, where you can read the naughty and somewhat sordid tale of Remy and Takeshi's first encounter.

Madelynne xxx

PS. I have no idea why the book cover features a man in drag sporting a clown wig, since I have no memory of including such a character.


Alison Tyler said...

You rock, Madelynne. Can't wait for tomorrow's post!

And my new favorite description:


Oh, and covers, covers, covers... My favorite mismatched cover for the theme was the one for The Silver Key, set in Victorian times. Why are there two modern-day strippers kissing in the
photo? Hmmm?

Nikki Magennis said...

Oh Madelynne, you are a tease...

I'm off to cheat and read the next bit right now.

(And by the way, I love that cover. I think her hair is way cool.)

The Provocateur said...

I'm not sure how much room there is for a man around here - ahem - but I have been wanting to open my mouth (maybe because I want to be bitten); and so I'll begin here...

Predatory sexuality. Love that in a character.

And, "drawn by a manga artist" sounds even hotter.

And just seeing the word "Teaser" does something to me below the belt...

Portia Da Costa said...

I shall read your teasers and excerpts... even though I've already read the book... and I *know* it's absolutely red hot and fandabidosy!!!

Now I'm wondering if I should post extra teasers of Gothic Blue shortly? A few extra bits and snippets, scattered into this blog when everybody least expects it?

And prizes... must think of some prizes... or maybe I'll just do chocolate too!

The cover is brill, by the way... striking and sexy... doesn't look like a crossdressing clown to me!

Janine Ashbless said...

Is that THE Provocateur? The one whose website/picture we all went to visit a week or so back?

So Mr P, was that a photo from life?


Janine Ashbless said...

Oh, and talking of bad cover photos, for "Divine Torment" I was afflicted with one just as misleading as that for "The Silver Key". The main female character in the book is a priestess in (a fantasy version of) Ancient India. The cover model is not only clearly contemporary but White to boot.


The said...

My apologies Madelynne, but I want to respond to Janine (because it is completely hot to know that you are watching), by saying:

Yes, all the photos are of me. And all the stories are true.

*You know that you all have an amazing thing going-on here, right? It is wonderful.

Madelynne Ellis said...


I'm so glad you like that descriptive, Alison. Although, I cheated slightly as it isn't actually included on the book jacket, just on the inside.

Nikki & Wendy, thanks for your kind words, and I'm so glad that the cover works for you. Oh, and random teasers from Gothic Blue, great plan.

Mr Provocateur, I feel quite honoured, no need to apologise... And as for biting - well now, roll on tomorrow;-)

kristina lloyd said...

Oh, too cruel, Ms Ellis. You give us a great sword and you take it away.

Is it tomorrow yet?

QB said...

I went to your website to see if there was any word on when we'll find out what Vaughn's been up to.

Curiosity brought me here from your link.

Now I'm heading back to your website because no way in hell I'm waiting until tomorrow to read the rest of that scene!

Alisha Steele said...

I'm cheating, I guess, since I've read the book and already know it's fabulous! But I just wanted to give you some kudos for choosing the fountain was my second favorite scene. :)


Madelynne Ellis said...

Oh,no, the rest of that scene isn't on my website. It's a completely different scene. As for what Vaughan's been up to... Maybe I'll post an update on my blog later.

Alisha, you can't tell me that! If that's your second favourite, what came top? This author needs to know.

Nikki Magennis said...

Oh, hello Mr Provocateur! How lovely to see you. And Alisha, oh boy, it's a proper Friday party!

When can I start pestering everyone to come to the pub?

- by the way, I think 'Random Teasers' would also make a good T shirt. : )

Nikki Magennis said...

Oh, and Madelynne, I *loved* the scene in the park.

Especially - 'eyes like dark rum', and 'caresses like nettle stings'. Wow. Exciting and beautiful and edgy and hot. Need more. Must go shoplifting.