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He's Not Just a Pretty Face....

Thoughts on Men in Frocks by Portia Da Costa

FeliciaI’ve always had a fondness for writing about men who dress as women. I fact in Not Just a Pretty Face, the second story I ever had published, way back in 1991, Rosie, the heroine thought she might be a lesbian because she fell in love with her glamorous new ‘female’ boss, Ellis. Of course she pretty soon found out that the beautiful creature she so fancied was a ‘he’ and that she wasn’t gay after all… because she’d subconsciously sensed what was under Ellis’s elegant skirt.


I’m not sure why I like to put drag queens and transvestites in my stories. I can’t think of any deep psychological reason for it, other than I’m fascinated by duality, by people having one or more different personae, and assuming masks and disguises and being someone else. Like Clark Kent turning into Superman, Michael turning into Dorothy in Tootsie… like a quiet living, perfectly ordinary and unremarkable Yorkshirewoman turning into Portia Da Costa when she turns to her 'dark side' and writes hot erotic romance.

Dorothy Michaels

My second fictional drag queen arose when I was in the midst of a ‘thing’ about both the X Files and Twin Peaks… and writing Continuum. As part of her adventures I wanted the heroine, Joanna to become involved with a severe dominatrix, but there needed to be a twist, and that twist came when I saw an episode of Twin Peaks from the second series featuring Denise Bryson, the cross-dressing Government agent. Perfect casting for me… and the television Denise became ‘my’ Madame Denise.

One thing I have to admit is that the transvestites in my books are all impossibly perfect. Flawless. They pass for women without the slightest difficulty. Especially the exquisite Valentina in Suite Seventeen. My heroine, Annie, does recognise that the striking Italian beauty is a man, but at the same time she’s completely blown away by her/him. I have no picture of Valentina, as she’s purely a construct of my imagination, but here’s a photo that might give the slightest hint of her… even though the hair and the clothes are totally wrong! LOL

The other Valentino drags up

My drag queen in Hotbed, Stella Fontayne is a very different personality. She’s more burlesque in character, more arch, but still gorgeous in her own way. She’s also quite capricious and manipulative and more than a little sexually voracious. And unlike Valentina, Stella is prone to fuck when in drag. Here’s a naughty excerpt where ‘she’ and Patti, one of the book’s heroines are having a ‘conversation’ about the imminent arrival of Patti’s sister, Natalie.


‘You’re very quiet?’ Patti felt the stiff pink taffeta scratch her skin again. Just where it was sorest from the efforts of Stella’s hard, but elegant hand. ‘What are you thinking about, little one?’ Patti felt the very tips of a set of long pointed nails slide across her backside, the touch frustratingly light yet like five streaks of acid.

She groaned, no longer quiet, her cunt contracting.

The nails retraced their track, lighter than ever, yet hotter because the nerve-ends had been stirred. Patti bit her lips, felt her head go light, endured the tiny spasm in her swollen, aching clit.


The voice was more revealing than ever now. Patti heard her own name sound deeper, full of real emotion, and felt her body go limp, lose strength, blown away by it. Her cunt wept, the thick slippery liquid sliding out of her like an unfurling flag of lust. She wept other tears too; but not from the pain of her spanking. Confused, she turned her head to dislodge the drops, and saw again the glittering pink of Stella’s costume. There was an electric crackle in the air as it slid to the floor and hit the grubby lino.

She had lovingly tacked and sewn that skirt, then fitting it closely on its wearer. Very closely. Precision tailored, with only a sheer silky basque beneath… It had been fun, that fitting, and her cunt grasped involuntarily, recalling it.

Feeling the long fingernails again, against her jaw this time, Patti knew that Stella was changing even as he touched her. Not his costume this time, but his mindset. Unrestricted by the conventions of gender, he was making the best choice for the moment…

He was a man now, in spite of the exotic, whorish perfume he wore, which as ever threatened to make Patti sneeze. In spite of the red satin knickers which Patti saw flash across edge of her vision, consigned to the floor, with the dress.

‘So, you’re absolutely convinced that your sister will come back to Redwych to visit us?’ persisted the man who still seemed to be ‘Stella’, even now.

‘Yes! She’ll come! I’ve already persuaded her, I told you!’ gasped Patti, fighting the hard, stiffened edge of a corset as it pressed against her bottom. Fighting the urge to churn her hips and rub herself, ‘I- I’d never let you down…’ She paused, and heard, through her own pounding blood, a series of tiny distinctive pops…

‘Stella…’ she whispered, watching ten long, hot pink ovals - Stella’s false fingernails - drop one by one onto the counter beside her.

‘I know you won’t, little one,’ murmured her lover as his fingertips, shorn of their talons, explored her labia and paddled in her juices.

‘Oh God,’ moaned Patti, saliva rattling in her throat as if every gland in her body had was open and pouring out liquid. Her clitoris felt ready to burst from the gathered sensation.

‘No, it’s just me,’ said ‘Stella’, his laughing breath warm in Patti’s ear as his erect cock forged its slow way inside her.


HOTBED - a mad tale of sibling rivalry, political sleaze and a man in a frock - is available from on 30th October and now.

So, who else finds the idea of a hot man in a dress intriguing? And if you do, who's your favourite trannie?

Leave a comment for the chance to win my Transvestite trio as a prize... Continuum/Suite Seventeen/Hotbed!


Portia Da Costa
who has been known to wear men's clothes on occasion.


Guy Pearce in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
John Lone in M. Butterfly
Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie
David Duchovny in Twin Peaks [sorry about the Italian dubbing]
Vincent D'Onofrio in The Velocity of Gary
Eddie Izzard just being Eddie

And finally, here's one for Madelynne - the lovely Mana.



Olivia Knight said...

This was how I first discovered the potential beauty of men femming it up - although this treads the line between androgyny and cross-dressing, as the clothes themselves are more "camp thespian" than directly feminine. I find very convincing drag queens sexy (if the jaw's too strong, they just look like ugly women, and any kind of stubble / rough skin is a no-no) - one has - oh, alright, I have - this thrilling awareness that there's a man underneath that - or rather, a vivid mental image of a cock nestling under the flat fall of the dress. That's what everyone thinks about, isn't it? You look at a drag queen and visualise their cock. (Not, say, their adam's apple) I don't usually look at people and think ohmigod you've got a cock, I'm seeing it in my head RIGHT NOW yes I am yes I am and if it gets hard we'll SEE IT heeheeeheeeheehee. Well, not often, anyway.

Portia Da Costa said...

Now, isn't this weird? Or maybe... aren't I weird? I don't really think about what's going on underneath the glamour.

I'm just bewitched by the beautiful illusion on the surface... :)

Lisabet Sarai said...

You haven't experienced the ultimate in drag queens until you've seen a Thai katoey. The "lady-boys" are often exquisite - helped along by the fact that most Thai men are relatively hairless and often have delicate builds. Often you'd never know the truth unless you look for the tell-tale signs (I always check out the feet; men's feet just don't look right in high heels!)

I find cross-dressing highly erotic because I believe that every individual has male and female elements. Donning the trappings of the opposite gender frees you to experience the other side of your self. It's like Halloween on steroids.

Anonymous said...

One gets such a large variety of men going this route. So many are obviously not feminine and one tends just to feel sorry for them.
Others reaally do seem to be "shemales" as most people would find it hard to actually tell they were men.

Seems though that present day we get many more men dressing passably as women but not so many women dressing as men in a way that would pass casual inspection.
Wonder why that is ?



Sue A. said...

John Lone who played the character, Song Liling in M. Butterfly made the transformation almost perfectly. He turned out prettier than a lot of real women. Is this transformation potential what people are refering to when they say the guy is prettier than the woman in a couple. I can't remember who said it on TV, but someone said Brad was prettier than Angelina. That comment gave me pause. It got me wondering whether you can compare male and female beauty together?

Portia Da Costa said...

Now this is why I always feel intimidated posting here... Everybody thinks about the issues so much more deeply than I do.

I'm more 'ooh, pretty, shiny transvestite! me like!'

And sometimes, I even find myself admiring the bravery of cross dressers who don't achieve a very realistic female image. Just for their spirit and the fact that they're striving for something and have got the guts to present even a failed attempt...

Madelynne Ellis said...

Thanks for the pic, Wendy! I'm divided on the whole cross-dressing thing. I like the OTT aspects of it and the outrageous make-up, but that's about it. The ones who actually pass as women don't interest me, with the exception of the lovely Mana , but in his case again I think it's the image that appeals. There's an otherworldly quality to him.

Olivia Knight said...

Carol - I'm no expert on queer culture, but I'd guess from what I did study that it's because women wearing men's clothes isn't transgressive in any way. It used to be taken very seriously - in many countries a crime, or at least policed by the kind of beatings some men still risk wearing women's clothes. Now no-one even notices if I wear my boyfriend's jeans (apart from me, because I can't breathe) - so I'm not changing identity in any way by accessing "forbidden clothes". It's like dressing up in your own clothes - it just doesn't work.

I did once hold a party where both sexes had to "dress up as" women - the men's drag was the usual (with some startling successes); the women's takes on it were fascinating. Quite a few added mustaches. (I once went to a party in drag myself - it was priests or prostitutes and I was sick of dressing up as a tart for parties, so I went as a priest - bound my breasts and everything. Once I'd added a discreet mustache, I realised I hadn't just dressed up as a man - I'd turned into my brother. Yup, that's what separates us. Facial hair.)

Men in drag tend to go OTT and dress as prom queens, starlets, etc. What would women in drag as men dress up as? Soldiers? Lumberjacks?

Portia Da Costa said...

Those are great pix of Mana on your blog, Madelynne!

And I agree with you about the 'image'... He makes himself into a work of art, and that's what I like about beautiful transvestites, the artistry they employ to 'create' themselves.

When I read about your demon hunters in Broken Angel, is this the image I should have in mind?

Amy S. said...

Wow! Great excerpt!

Alison Tyler said...

I think more people are into the idea of cross-dressing than would let on. In fact, (ahem, shameless plug alert), there is a whole new sexy collection of crossdressing stories edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. The book is awesome. (I'm not just saying that because I'm in it.)

Read more here.

P.S. I'm more 'ooh, pretty, shiny transvestite! me like!'

Haha! I'm like that with most of my turn-ons.

Portia Da Costa said...

That sounds like a fantastic collection, Alison! Sigh, my TBB list grows ever longer...

Glad you enjoyed the excerpt, Amy! :)

Robin Snodgrass said...

I really enjoyed your post and your excerpt. Very hot and sexy!

You hit on some of my favorite movies and shows and actors with Priscilla Queen of the Desert. I enjoy watching Eddie Izzard very much.

One of my favorite guilty pleasure movies, after Priscilla, is TO WONG FOO with Wesley Snipes, Patrick Swayze and John Leguezamo.

Thanks for the entertaining post!

angell said...

I love tranny's.

In my line of work, I see them often. And it's defiantely a turn on when you see a guy (and yes, you're sure it's a guy), who's in a hot dress and a killer pair of heels.

I not only admire those that can pull those outfits off - male or female - but it's sexually exciting to imagine ripping up the skirt to find a cock under the dress, although it's just as nice to find a pretty pussy as well.

(I hope this made some semblance of sense - cuz it's damn early for me to be thinking)

t'Sade said...

A few years back, some friends dragged me to a drag show in downtown Chicago. While most of them were okay, there were two of them that made my heart flutter and I still occasionally think of them when the lights are off.

Portia Da Costa said...

Hi Robin! Yes, I love To Wong Foo as well. One of the films I didn't have space to mention... My second favourite tranny road movie after Priscilla! :)

Found myself watching The Birdcage last night coincidentally. Some stunning drag queens in the review in that movie, although I would have loved to have seen Agador get his turn on the stage!

Julie in Ohio said...

Hi, Portia!!

I have to be honest here, I never saw trannies as anything except a good show until Valentina in "Suite Seventeen". I still don't know how I feel about them as a whole but I do know that Valentina was one sexy chica. =o)

gwen hayes said...

Every year, my town hosts the Esprit Convention...which is a group of crossdressers. I have to say, most of them are not very good at it, lol. They are most assuredly men wearing dresses. What amazes me, is the time they take. For instance, if you run into them in a store, they are dressed TO THE NINES. My hair is thrown in a ponytail, I am wearing jeans, and maybe chapstick. These ladies are DONE UP. I totally wouldn't want to be a woman if I had to do that all the time.

They always have a nice time here, though. They have been coming for about 15 years now, and they say the town treats them well. The shops downtown put cards in the window that say "Welcome Esprit", and they all order bigger shoes.

Portia Da Costa said...

Thanks to everybody for the really great comments and observations coming in on this topic! And all the different perspectives on men in dresses. :)

Julie, I'm glad 'Valentina' worked for you! He/she was a great character to write, but a bit of a gamble, because Suite Seventeen is as much a romantic novel as it is erotica and I wasn't sure how an alpha male romance hero who sometimes wore a dress would be received!

But everybody seems to love him, despite her foibles... ;)

vpdzoo said...

How could anyone not love Valentina? TE ONLY TIME I can recall the idead of a man in a dress was totally HOT!:)

Sacchi Green said...

I live (and co-own two small stores) in an area where the ftm community is far larger than the mtf, and lesbian families are a substantial segment of the population. I sell women's clothes to cross-dressing men fairly often, but my best-sellers are stick-on mustaches, not at all realistic ones, but just for fun.

I can admire a beautifully actualized drag queen, possibly more than most drag kings I see in a theatrical context, but for me there's nothing more fun (well, maybe a few things} than reaching out to an assured, brush-cut butch, loosening the knot of an impeccably-arranged tie, and knowing just what is hidden under a crisply-ironed dress shirt and leather-belted jeans. Yum.

Madelynne Ellis said...

When I read about your demon hunters in Broken Angel, is this the image I should have in mind?

Yep, Wendy, exactly.

And here's a teeny sneak peek...

The man was a curious dichotomy, his appearance so feminine it was difficult not to dwell on exactly what lay beneath his clothing. Delicate silken underwear and handmade lace, he suspected. Yet, for all Jaku’s adopted mannerisms and female attire, there was an obvious strength and physicality to him that made Blaze nervous.

Kate Pearce said...

I like the perfection of a beautiful man in a frock-that kind of peacock thing I suppose. I feel sorry for men today because generally their clothes are so boring. I love me a Georgian rake with the lace and the satin and the high heeled shoes...

I'm also fascinated by the gray areas of sexuality although tranny's don't turn up in my writing because my fascination doesn't extend to a personal sexual interest :)

Apart from Eddie Izzard who is something else!

Jeremy Edwards said...

I'm not a cross-dresser . . . but this one time (as they say), the script of a play I was acting in called for me to finish the show in drag, and I was told by an unfamiliar woman in the hallway, whom I encountered while still in my gown, that she'd (in so many words) like to take me home. Though neither my wife nor I was impressed enough with my appeal in drag to have me trading in my customary socks-and-fedora ensemble, I did file the incident away as a minor achievement—if not for me, then certainly for the dressmaker.

Anne Tourney said...

. . . Patti knew that Stella was changing even as he touched her. Not his costume this time, but his mindset. Unrestricted by the conventions of gender, he was making the best choice for the moment . . .

Transformation of any kind fascinates me. I think these changes are the essence of our erotic nature -- whether it's through a magical, dramatic metamorphosis like Stella's, or simply through the experience of an orgasm with a familiar lover, sex transforms all of us.

I love the depth you give to your transvestite characters; they're never just cardboard "queens," but multidimensional people with fascinating shifts in character as well as appearance.

And I agree whole-heartedly with Olivia, that there's something unbelievably arousing about the thought of a hard cock underneath all that glamorous finery . . . .

Wonderful post, Portia!

Smut Girl said...

Great post! The very first thing that came to mind was the scene in Buffy the Vampire Slayer where the (killer) fraternity brothers dressed Xander as a girl. And how oddly hot I thought it was. And then the tranny in Crank. He was awesome.

There's my oxidized two cents :)

Madeline Moore said...

Madeline drags herself from her sick bed to read Portia's cross-dressing post...

Hi All. Portia you've named the players I'd've named if I were doing such a post. I like the campiness of cross-dressing, the fun of it, much more than any serious 'Do I really look like a girl?' business.

My gay friends used to do it all the time (way back when) but it was strictly for fun, fun, fun.

Here's something odd, though - I've had two women tell me 'If you were a man, I'd be in love with you.'
What the heck does that mean?

At any rate, this was a fun post, Portia, and the comments were lively and interesting. Good day for Lust Bites, I'd say...

Madeline shuffles back to her sick room...

Ally said...

This was a great topic and brought back some awesome memories of a night on the town, doing comedy, watching men in dresses, lesbians drumming Africana, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, friends dancing drunkenly and a frenzy of voyeuristic and exhibitionistic slutty poetry.
I will have to check out those stories Portia, kudos.

Burlesque pix, Men in dresses on parade.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Hey Ally, remember the night Jack Daniels and Jim Beam dressed up as Fuzzy Navel and Peach Margarita?

[Spam word—and possibly also Ally's answer: nenope]

Anonymous said...

Portia, I have to win this...see I have never read a transvestite book! I loved the Rocky Horror Picture show. LOL but seriously I review books and not once has anyone submitted a transvestite or F/F book to me ;)
I hope to get the chance to read your book! Hugs, Crystal

Ally said...

LMAO Jeremy,

Actually I had to be reminded of many things that went on that night. Oh and some how I did get April Showers email address. He kept sending me love notes all night.

But as for Fuzzy Navel and Peach Margaritas...

Lillian Feisty said...

I have the opposite fetish. I love a woman in drag. Spoiler alert: I was in love with the tranny who was in love with Hedwig. Am I the only one?

Portia Da Costa said...

More fab comments... Thank you all so much! :)

Madelynne, I can't wait for Broken Angel! It's going to be fab... And I've even been doing web searchs for pages about loligoths... fascinating phenomenon.

Kate... Wouldn't say it's 'personal sexual interest' of mine... just a fascination with alternate personae and transformation.

Anne, thanks so much! I do strive to make all my characters multi dimensional... I probably don't achieve that goal all the time, but it's not for want of trying.

Aw, Madeline, so sorry you're feeling under the weather... hope you feel better soon!

Portia Da Costa said...

Jeremy... *only* socks and fedora???

Portia Da Costa said...

Some more thoughts on clothing...

Kate mentioned Georgian rakes and their finery, and I agree it's a shame that men can't go mad a bit more and still dress in that peacock sort of way. I think rock stars are the only ones who get away with it now, really. And back in the good old Eighties, I just adored the New Romantic style.

But having said that, I love to see women in men's clothing too. Not so much drag kings who really want to look like men, although that's cool, but just women who look like women yet wear something like, say, a fabulous man's evening suit?

I don't get out to many gala functions... but in the past, when I've attended the Romantic Novelists' Association's luncheons at the Savoy, I've always worn black tailored trousers, a man's jacket and shirt and usually a colourful Versace tie. It's not a gender thing, really, it's because I'm a chubby middle aged woman and if I wear foofy, fluttery feminine clothes, I look even more like a chubby middle aged woman. A dapper, mannish outfit seems to give me at least a semblance of style and individuality.

Eeek, this is turning into 'What Not to Wear!'

Lyn Cash said...

What an interesting topic! The pretty, shiny transvestite had me rolling, though. *grin*

A very good excerpt, too, Portia.

I'm not sure why the men fascinate me more than the women do - it's probably a hetero female thing, even though many friends are gay men. Go figure.

Alison Tyler said...

I have the opposite fetish. I love a woman in drag.

I like this, too. There was an unusual Sex & the City episode on this subject, if I remember right.


Crystal Jordan said...

Men in drag are fine...though I hate to admit many of them are prettier women than I am. Like Patrick Swayze in To Wong Foo...he has better legs than I could ever dream of possessing. :-P

Cynnara Tregarth said...

Thank you for writing about this. For me, I have male friends who cross-dress and I adore their duality. But in my writing, I don't often bring them in because it's a matter of how to do them justice. Now if you could write something about how to bring a good switch to life in books, I will bow at your feet for years. Thanks Portia!

Sabrina Luna said...

Wow, great article --very inspiring! Thx, lady! ;)

S )O(

Barrie Abalard said...

OMG, Portia, I'm amazed at how much we have in common. I adore men in drag--just never wrote about any. Now you've got me thinking, LOL! (And our interests in common is probably why I picked up your books in the first place, but I don't have any of the transvestite ones yet.)

In a past life, I knew quite a few TVs. Some had never dared leave home while dressed. I helped them fix themselves up. Then we'd go out to lunch, shop, etc., like two girlfriends. I really loved it--the men were so happy to have a buddy to help them make the next step from "privacy of the home" to public. Being their buddy just made me feel good--gave me a warm glow inside, because they were all so sweet.

Now, on to an actor in drag, well, David Duchovny's a strong second (loved him in both TP and X-F), but my vote has to go to James Spader who plays Alan Shore on "Boston Legal". The Shore character occasionally dresses up as a woman--he calls it his "Lennon Sisters" outfit. (For those not from the age of dinosaurs like me, the Lennon Sisters sang on "The Lawrence Welk Show" back in the Sixties. If you don't know Lawrence Welk, Google him, LOL.)

Spader looks damn good as a woman, and as a man, I find him soooo hot. So it's James Spader on "Boston Legal" for me!

Great topic!


Barrie Abalard

Portia Da Costa said...

More super comments! Thanks, all you guys, I'm loving your thoughts!

Barrie, I think I should really watch Boston Legal and I don't know why I haven't... the one episode I saw was great [although without any drag] but I never seem to remember to watch it. Must catch it now it's being shown on Virgin1.

Hi Cynnara... I've written characters who are sometimes dominant and sometimes submissive. In fact a lot of them change roles at some stage. Not sure I've written a perfect one though... Not sure I've ever written a perfect anything, but I'll keep on trying. :)

Madeline Moore said...

I love James Spader on 'Boston L:egal' and I really like his Lemmon sisters outfit, although I like his Shirley Schmitt-ho outfit even better.
See, Shirley Schmitt is Candice Bergan's character and Denny Crane has a blow-up doll dressed as Shirley that he calls 'Shirley Schmitt-ho, and after Alan Shore (James Spader) lost a bet with Shirley he wasn't allowed to dress as her for the annual Hallowe'en party so he dressed as Shirley Schmitt-ho.

Okay, seeing as how forming the above in my head and then typing it a) seemed important and
b) caused me to break into a cold sweat

I'd better take my Tylenol cold formula and go back to bed.

(I'm reading my author copy of 'Getting Even: Tales of Revenge and really enjoying it.) ((My short story is 'Hurting Hugh' written by Madeline de Chambrey.))

I've been reading the same story for two days now. 'Cake'. It's a great story but I don't read for long before I start passing's become an obsession of get to the end of the story...I'm rambling....ta.

Barrie Abalard said...

Madeline, I forgot about Alan Shore as "Shirley Schmitt-ho". LOL!!

Alan is such a complex character, especially sexually. I admit I'm a huge fan of Spader and Boston Legal, and I've blathered on about his character's sexuality more than once, if anyone's interested, on my blog.

(Portia, hope you don't mind my posting my blog address.)


tetewa said...

My favorite would have to be Angel from the movie Rent! This is one of my favorite movies and would love to see it as a play if the opportunity happens.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Mmm, Eddie Izzard! Mmm, fops! Mmm, New Romantics!

We've gotten to the point where women can pretty much wear anything; there are no "men's clothes" that are truly off-limits for us (although some choices might be considered quirky or whatever).

I wonder...

...when society will allow men to get to that point, where there's no such thing as "women's clothes for them...?

...and when that happens, how will that affect subcultures such as drag queens, transvestites, etc?

Dakota Rebel said...

I too am more of a "fire bad, tree pretty" person when it comes to things that I like. If I like it, I don't really question why I like it. Same with things I don't like. I am a pretty simple person though. I don't like questions because then someone wants answers and that is too much like work.

Portia Da Costa said...

Good point, Dayle... if *all* clothes were normal for *both* sexes, what would happen to the frisson that comes from kicking against convention?

Portia Da Costa said...

Yeah, Dakota! Way to go!

See it! Love it! Don't ask why... Life's too short. :)

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

And after we stop caring about "men's" and "women's" clothing with regards to who wears them, I hope we can stop caring about what time period clothes come from, and just wear what looks best on us from any time period.

Because I want to make a Cavalier outfit, among other things, and I have nowhere to wear it. (I do pre-17th-C reenactment...)

(And now that I've gone completely off-topic...)

TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

One of my friends is a seamstress who's picked up quite a bit of work costuming drag queens. I love seeing the before and after pictures, seeing some rather unremarkable middle-aged suburban man transformed into a glamorous creature of feminine allure and ambiguous gender presentation. I'm not sure it's sexy to me, but it's fascinating. (Since these particular guys were all gay, I don't suppose they'd care if I think they look sexy, although they care if I thought they looked good.)

Since Dayle has already steered us into historical costuming: I think part of the reason I love historical reenactment and enjoy Regencies and costume dramas is that I love a sharp-dressed man, and if he's sharp and frilly all at once, so much the better. A man who's "all dolled" but otherwise presenting very much as a man makes me melt. Three Musketeers. Regency dandies on horseback.The Scarlet Pimpernel being supremely heroic and supremely foppish. Cavaliers riding to war in brocade and lace. (Of course, they lost--but damn, they looked good!)

Portia Da Costa said...

Oh yeah... one film springs to mind from many... Dangerous Liaisons. John Malkovich is a total, dangerous, manly stud in brocade, lace and a powdered wig. :)

Portia Da Costa said...

Oh, and lest I forget, Madelynne writes some gorgeous bisexual babe magnets in her historicals and they wear the fanciest threads to pull the birds as well as the boys! :)

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Of course, I would be remiss in not mentioning that in one of our latest novels (currently making the editorial rounds), there's an adorable Vin Diesel-esque movie action hero who just happens to be a cross-dresser...!

Portia Da Costa said...

Now that is a book I *must* read! Cross dressers and Vin Diesel. What a yummy combination! :)

Anonymous said...

few posters stated that mens clothes are so boring and fit poorly on most men. 50% of womens jeans are now purchased by men for men. Size 9/10 low rise petite fit me perfect, there is nothing in any mens department equal in fit. Go to any social gathering the women in bright colors able to wear short skirt, tank top,& open toed shoes in the summer heat. The men in drab colors ,long pants,long sleeve shirt, tie, drab colored jacket, socks and shoes, sweating his ass off for the fashion police. Google men in skirts and see all the web sites of men wearing skirts and kilts for the freedom and comfort. Some like to get a little feminine but most just want to be men able to have the same freedom of fashion. Maybe if more women encouraged this type of dress we men might become more fashion concious . I am one who enjoys a polo shirt, short skirt, and sandles here in the heat of Floridas summer. I have had many good comments from women and even men who said they wish they could muster the courage to try it. Some men on these sites gave up the cross dressing and make up when they found others who just wore skirts as men. Many of the sites discourage the trannys and cross dressers from the group. Check them out sometime.

Anonymous said...

few posters stated that mens clothes are so boring and fit poorly on most men. 50% of womens jeans are now purchased by men for men. Size 9/10 low rise petite fit me perfect, there is nothing in any mens department equal in fit. Go to any social gathering the women in bright colors able to wear short skirt, tank top,& open toed shoes in the summer heat. The men in drab colors ,long pants,long sleeve shirt, tie, drab colored jacket, socks and shoes, sweating his ass off for the fashion police. Google men in skirts and see all the web sites of men wearing skirts and kilts for the freedom and comfort. Some like to get a little feminine but most just want to be men able to have the same freedom of fashion. Maybe if more women encouraged this type of dress we men might become more fashion concious . I am one who enjoys a polo shirt, short skirt, and sandles here in the heat of Floridas summer. I have had many good comments from women and even men who said they wish they could muster the courage to try it. Some men on these sites gave up the cross dressing and make up when they found others who just wore skirts as men. Many of the sites discourage the trannys and cross dressers from the group. Check them out sometime.