Friday, March 30, 2007

DARK DESIGNS: The movie... I mean the book...the book.

Sorry bit of wishful thinking slipped in there. Happy Friday everyone! In a moment I'll give you the rest of that Dark Designs extract I promised yesterday, but first I'd like to introduce you to my current obsession - Camui Gackt, who while not the inspiration for Takeshi, certainly comes pretty darn close to how I imagine him, but with silver-blue hair & a big dragon tattoo, of course.

And if he doesn't do it for you, maybe the chance to win a nice big bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk will. It even comes bundled with a spanking new, signed copy of Dark Designs to peruse at your leisure (or maybe flog on eBay.) Just drop me a comment either here, or on my blog. I'll announce the winner on Easter Monday.

Enjoy the read!

'You've got to be fucking kidding!' Silk yelled.

'Stop it, stop it.' An icy shiver ran up Remy's spine. She could see Takeshi's tattoo emblazoned like a warning across his back. She wished she knew more about him. He hadn't drawn blood, but he was pressing hard enough to force Silk over the viridescent bowl at his back. Takeshi tossed the sword aside and moved in, pressing two fingers to the impression he'd made in Silk's chest.

Unblinking, they waged a silent mind duel, while Silk fought for balance and Alix bobbed around the fountain's edge, still seeking out the best angles. 'Slowly,' she prompted, when Takeshi slid his palm down Silk's chest towards the half-opened zip of his fly. She leant in for a close-up of Silk's face. His expression was a combination of fury and bruised longing. Raw, but heart-meltingly beautiful. He snatched at Takeshi's hand.

Takeshi dipped his head instead, and poked his tongue rudely into Silk's navel, invoking an anguished cry.

Remy's insides clenched tight. She wanted to be able to see Takeshi's expression as well as Silk's, but she hardly dared move, let alone circle around for a clearer view. Faint 'oh!' noises were escaping her throat. Takeshi's tongue snaked along the golden line of hair across Silk's abdomen, and pressed a kiss to where, if he'd been erect and unconfined by clothing, his cock tip would surely lie.

Was Silk erect? He seemed to have lost all composure, unable or unwilling to escape. She could see him in her mind's eye, long and thick, creamy like the rest of his skin, apart from at the tip, which burned an exuberant plum red. If he'd still been zipped up, she'd have known how Takeshi's intimate kisses were affecting him. The trousers were cut tight across the hips, which meant they showed any bulges.

She saw the flick of Takeshi's tongue. Silk clenched his fists, so that his lacquered talons dug into his flesh.

She knew that sensation during sex. Takeshi had made her feel like that only last night. There were things that were so sensitive, so raw, so earth-shatteringly good, that all you could do was bite yourself, scratch yourself, stuff the pillow in your mouth in order to temper the sensations to a manageable level. Otherwise, orgasm came rushing up way too fast and the moment of explosion felt like crashing through a brick wall at forty.

Silk seemed immobilised by the whole experience, shocked into submission by the turn of events - or maybe at his own sudden arousal?

Alix kept taking pictures, gleefully snapping like a paparazzo on a window ledge.

Takeshi moved down and placed a kiss on Silk's inner thigh. Remy could picture Takeshi's next move, how he'd open the remainder of the zip and release Silk's cock, then slide his magic lips up and down the lily-white stem. It was so damn sexy she was rubbing herself against the fountain's edge. She'd never imagined Silk would turn out to be such a passive little uke. With her, he always seemed so dominant, so in control.

'Enough of this bollocks!' Silk rose abruptly to a sitting position, and his hand closed over the sword hilt. 'Get off me or I'll cut yer fucking nuts off! Got enough yet?' He directed the question at Alix.

'One more.' Alix snapped an extreme close-up of his face. If it came out in focus, it would show his green eyes to perfection, but Remy suspected she'd done it merely to wind him up a bit further.

Takeshi looked over his shoulder and caught her eye. He winked - a signal he'd used before to alert her to coming excitement. But surely the show was already over. Her body tensed in anticipation. Takeshi nuzzled against Silk's thigh, then bit down.

'Fuck! Fuck!' Silk was on his feet. He stumbled away from the fountain, and rubbed at the bite. 'I'm done.' He scooped up the coachman's coat and was out of the Orangery before she recovered enough wits to call after him.

Instead, balance recovered, she turned to Takeshi, who grinned darkly at her. 'Done? We've barely started,' he mouthed.

Madelynne xxx


Olivia Knight said...

MEEP! How can you stop there? How am I supposed to work now? You dreadful tease. I shall be whimpering all day...
(all by way of compliment, of course)

Portia Da Costa said...

Phew! Awesome stuff! Deeply impressive...

Am wondering if I should seek out a boy on boy scene from Gothic Blue, you know. I think there is one and I'm sure it'd go down well here... ;)

Nikki Magennis said...

Har har har...evil genius, Madelynne.

And Wendy - boy on boy, oh boy! Yes please!

Madelynne Ellis said...

Ooh! I think I like being an evil genius!

Yes, please, Wendy... especially if they're pretty :-)

May said...

I want. I really want.

Instead of the book, could you just send me Silk?

Portia Da Costa said...

And I'll take Takeshi!

SarahF said...

I can definitely vouch for your evil geniusity madelyyne :) Howver all will be made right for chocalate :)

Sarah F

Madelynne Ellis said...

I wanted the strap-line for this book to be

Why have cotton, when you can have...

'fraid I can't send you Silk, May. If I had him I'd be keeping him chained up.

Alison Tyler said...

You with Silk, Tilly with hers... All these women with their chained-up boys/wolves.

Lovely post, Madelynne... perfect to send us all to the stores to buy your book for the weekend. And I'm betting it will be an even sweeter read for the winner... chocolate and sex.


Anonymous said...

Madelynne, I love this book. It is actually my favourite of all the ones you have done so far.

I just think it is so very *you*

Kate Pearce said...

Very cruel to dangle Cadbury's chocolate in front of an ex-pat who can't get it or has to pay a fortune for it or buy the vastly inferior Hershey's variety. And cos I'm a lusty I can't enter anyway! WAH (pms anyone?)

Loved the excerpt. Not a pretty boy fan, prefer the cold lean, sneering type, but this was HOT!

Teresa said...

Chocolate and sex is my kind of fantasy!

femmegyrl said...

mmmmm, yummy yummy yummy. i need to read the rest of this right now!!!
sign me up pleeeeeease!

Terri said...


I just love well written stuff like this. I have long maintained that boy-on-boy does nothing for me, but you may just change my mind on this one...

Madeline said...

Done? We've barely started.
Yer killin' me! Yum yum, pictures of adorable blonde asian guy make me want to...I dunno...either write a story with him in it or know...make one up in my head so my hands don't have to be bothered with typing...
nice stuff.