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CHANCE OF A LIFETIME is a short erotic romance novella, published on 1st November 2008 by Spice Briefs. It's BDSM themed and features an impoverished twenty-first century aristocrat who enjoys introducing his lovers to the delights of sensual spanking.

Here's an excerpt in which Rose discovers the joys and risks of sneakily watching the Marquis's secret videotapes...


I discovered this little sitting room a couple days ago, when I was a bit lost and searching for the Blue Salon where I was supposed to be polishing the floor. I stumbled in here and found a room that was homely and pretty lived in, and sort of cozy. And me being irredeemably nosy, when I saw an old VCR and a bunch of tapes, I had to investigate.

Boy oh boy oh boy! What a shock I got.

And now, while the house is empty, I slip another tape into the machine and settle down in a battered old leather armchair to watch it.

It’s a home movie. Filmed, I think, in this very room. And it stars my latest crush, the Marquis himself, and what must have been his girlfriend at the time. Obviously, it was taped many years ago, because His Lordship had short hair then, and now it’s long, down to his shoulders.

Here he is, possibly sitting in this very chair. His knees are set wide apart and his girlfriend is face down across them.

He’s spanking her.

He’s really laying it on with his long, powerful hand, and she’s squirming and creating and patently loving it!

And I’m loving it too, and I don’t really know why. Okay, I knew people played spanking games for sexual kicks, and I’d sort of hinted to various boyfriends that I’d like to try it. But it’s never happened and I’ve never really worried about that.

But now. Now I’ve seen it. I bloody well want it!

I’m so turned on now I can barely see straight. And I certainly can’t stay still in my chair. I’m sweating and my skin feels like it’s already been spanked, all over. And between my legs, I’m drenched, my panties sopping with intense, almost inexplicable arousal. My sex is aching, tight and hungry, as if I want to be fucked right now, but at the same time have my bottom thrashed, just like the woman in the video.

The Marquis really seems to be enjoying her pleasure, even though his cool, handsome face is exquisitely impassive. It’s an old, well worn tape, but I can still see the mask of stern, beautiful composure that he affects… and the wicked dark twinkle in his eyes.

It’s no good, I’ve got to play with myself. I can’t help it and I can’t bear it if I don’t. My sex is so heavy and so tense, I’ve just got to do it.

As the woman on the screen writhes and wriggles and shrieks as His Lordship’s hand comes down, I unzip my jeans and shuffle them down to my knees, dragging my soggy panties with them. There’s something wickedly lewd about sitting here with my clothes half mast like this, and the forbidden exposure only excites me more and makes my need to touch my body ever more urgent.

“Oh God…” I murmur vaguely as I slip my fingers between my legs and find my clit. It’s swollen and ready for my touch like a throbbing button. I flick it lightly and my vagina flutters dangerously. On the screen, the spanked girl tries to touch her own sex, wriggling her hand beneath her belly as she squirms and cries, but the Marquis pauses, mid-spank, and gently remonstrates with her.

“Come, come, Sylvia, you know you mustn’t do that. No pleasure until you’ve been a good girl and taken your punishment.”

His voice is soft, even, but shot through with sweet steel and authority. It pushes me closer to coming just as powerfully as the spanking show does. I suddenly wish I could get to know him better, and make this all real.

“Oh, My Lord…” I whisper this time, closing my eyes and turning on an inner video. This time it’s me across those strong thighs. Me, who’s writhing and moaning, with my bottom flaming.

Oh, the picture is so clear. And it’s the Marquis of today who’s doing the business, not the one in the video.

He’s wearing his usual outfit of black jeans and black shirt, and his beautiful hair his loose on his shoulders like sheets of silk. There’s a sly, slight smile on his pale, chiseled face, and his long, cultured hand comes down with metronomic regularity.

I’m rubbing myself hard now, beating at my clit, but not stroking the very apex of it. I daren’t, I’m so excited and I don’t want to come yet. In my fantasy, he allows me to touch myself while he’s smacking me.

I writhe and wriggle, both fighting the pleasure and savoring its gathering at the same time. I throw my thighs wide, rubbing my bottom against the seat of the creaky old armchair. The sensation of the smooth surface against my skin is even more pervy. I press down harder, squashing my anus against the leather. I imagine him spanking me there, and even though I’ve no idea what it would really feel like, I groan, wanting it more and more and more.

“Oh My Lord… do it… do it…” I burble, eyes tight closed and half out of my mind with desire and longing.

“Actually, my dear, I think you’re ‘doing it’ quite well enough on your own. Do continue.”


It’s like I’m falling, dropping through reality into a parallel universe. I know what’s happened but somehow I can’t stop rubbing myself.

My eyes fly open though, and here he is.

The Marquis.

Somehow he’s walked into the room without me realizing it, moving softly on the rubber soles of his black running shoes.


Uh oh, looks like Rose is in for it now, doesn't it? ;)

CHANCE OF A LIFETIME is available from eHarlequin, Fictionwise, Books on Board and Amazon Kindle.

Chance of a Lifetime by Portia Da Costa
Harlequin Spice Briefs ® 2008 ISBN 9781426824739
© 2008 Portia Da Costa
® and ™ are trademarks of the publisher


Erastes said...

Goodness, Portia, that's so naughty I'm almost blushing!


Madelynne Ellis said...

Nice one, Portia! You always do naughty so well.

Portia Da Costa said...

Thanks, guys! Glad you enjoyed my humble offering. :)

Sabrina Luna said...

Mmmm! Wow! Thx, Portia! ;)

Portia Da Costa said...

Glad you liked it, Sabrina!

Olivia Knight said...

Seconding Erastes's comment... exceptionally naughty! What are Spice Briefs? They do sound wickedly like edible underwear; I almost wish they came in a gift-box with said edible underwear and maybe a few other naughtyisms, but I suspect I'm on the wrong track...

Portia Da Costa said...

Hi Olivia

SB's are short erotic ebooks/stories/novelettes that are published by Harlequin.

Tasty little nibbles of sensuality and lurrve. :)

Madeline Moore said...

Leaving us, I mean her, hot and bothered Portia? Just the Friday pick me up I needed! Congrats on the Harlequin...I predict there will be more.

Kate Pearce said...

Ooh very hot and very naughty!!
Congrats on your Spice Brief!

Kate (who survived a shopping expedition on Black Friday and only bought a crockpot and some playdough)

Lil said...

You do a very good "caught in the act" scene, Portia. Enjoyed reading the excerpt.

Portia Da Costa said...

Thanks, guys!

So glad you all liked this little slice of naughtiness... it was fun to write!