Saturday, June 23, 2007

Flash Winners

by Alison Tyler

When the effervescent Kristina Lloyd came up with the idea of a Midsummer’s Day flasher contest, I thought, "Great. We’ll get our readers to supply the smut for us! And then I’ll go through and pluck a winner from the slew of sexy selections." But, damn. I had no idea how difficult this would actually be. I’m only supposed to choose one? Who was the eejit who made up that rule? Oh, hell, it was me. Well, I definitely didn’t expect to find such bounty. So forget one, I’m picking the following four:

By kenthegradstudent

Profound shyness hid G’s beauty. She was the star grad student yet an idiot about love.
One day in the library our eyes met. After we fucked she asked shyly, “How can I thank you?” “Let go.”
A week later, she asked me to meet her at a hotel. I passed it daily on my way to the university.
When I arrived, she opened the curtains, stripped, and pressed her breasts against the window. I entered her. Fifty feet away, cars raced by on the freeway. Those glancing up saw everything. If only they could have heard G’s screams.

By Erastes

Two blocks from the pub and he can't - won't wait. Sod the bed, sod the rain. Sod it all. Sod him.
They stumble into the alley, and he devours Andrew's mouth, pulling his lover's cock from his pants. Eyes wide, Watch the lust-laid-bare by the flickering helium. Watch the rain drizzle down his face, taste the want, take the need. Amuse Bouche. Appetiser.
Andrew surges, damp, hard--harder into his squeezing fist; there's a groan, then another, rising, rising. Rhythmic. Regular. Ready. Ready. Steady. COME.
His fingers take the bounty, shared between them before the rains steals it away.

Blown Glass
By yahnilei

Mardi Gras. Midnight. Swarms of sweat-soaked bodies lined along the streets. I'm pushed into an alleyway, pushed against a rough, stone wall.
Two masks. He was only hazel eyes and a cleft chin. He lifted my skirt, prodded thighs apart, dug three fingers inside me, filling me up like air into newly blown glass.
"People can see us," I said through a sharp gasp.
He placed a long finger to my lips, and slid his shorts down. Japanese lanterns loomed high over our heads, and he fucked me as drunk gagglers peered into shadow and rocking light.

By Sacchi Green

We were Dharma Bums,
Hanging with Kerouac and Ginsberg,
Jailbait chicks high on the Road and the Word.
Lip service was all we paid to how they were hung,
Swallowed up, instead, in the urgent mysteries
Of each other.

We played their game of Yab Yum, silent, still,
Close, closer, never touching,
Breast not quite to breast, cunt to cunt, nipples seeking nipples,
Hunger pulsing hot and slick between damp thighs;
We pierced each other with blue-hot sparks of longing
Until need broke down the will, the game well-lost,
And bodies clutched at joy with tooth and claw.

Honorable mentions go to:
Craig, for the lovely line “Cleanliness is overrated”
Jude Mason for the memorable statement: “You got me hornier'n a three peckered toad.”
And to Jeremy, for fucking us in the blog comments. Best 115-word shag I've ever had.

Winners, please email your contact information to msalisontyler at yahoo dot com.


You're a thousand minds, within a flash
—Peter Gabriel


Smut Girl said...

Good choices. Congrats to one and all :) I'd say more but I keep getting distracted by Alison's Lust Bite, Tom. Where has Tom been all my life?


Alison Tyler said...

Hey Smut Girl!

Thanks so much! Now, go check out his other pictures on IMDB.


Ally said...

Way to go everyone...What a wonderful wild ride that was.

Ally said...

By the way Alison....I just finished reading,
""Red Hot Erotica""...
"Hades East"... Oh man, that left me breathless as I sat on my outdoor patio reading it while my neighbours walked by, gave me quite the rush. Wow it was hot.
And "Underwater" was a dream!!!

About to start on Madelins.. Wild Card...Oooo Can't wait. Have a great weekend.

Kristina Wright said...

Congrats to the winners! It was a delight to read everyone's contributions.

Kristina Wright

kristina lloyd said...

Gosh, I don't think I've ever been called 'effervescent' before! Is it because I coined the phrase champagne slattern? (Though it took Jeremy to point out the coinage.)

Our contest was completely brilliant. Thanks everyone for joining in - you're a hot sexy bunch - and thanks Alison for doing all the graft while I continued to lounge around 'having ideas', none of which were flash. I'm so glad I didn't have to judge. Because I also liked Colorfulpen's two subs, and the old Chinese couple in DL King's Ripe Tomatoes. And T'sade's spit roast was very neat (umm, it was called Directions not Spit Roast). And I love RKB's hair - ha, and her flash, Starters. And, wow, there's a late entry from Megan Murphy which is *really* working for me, Bourbon Ought To Do It. Deliciously dark, melancholy and bitter. My kind of thing.

Congrats to the winners. We must do this again some time. Can we wait 6 months till the shortest day in December? Who knows, I might have written a flash of my own by then.

And could Tom stop by at my place and peel me some grapes while wearing snug black jersey cotton boxers? I'm sure it would help me with ideas.

t'Sade said...

*pout* Oh well.

But, congratulations to the four winners! They are very hot entries and I absolutely loved reading everyone's!

Madeline Moore said...

Ally! I'm thrilled to hear you're reading my book! Yay! I hope you like it.