Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday's Slot - Madeline Moore

My first novel, Wild Card, was published by Black Lace in June of 2006. The letter I received from my mahvelous editor Adam Nevill announcing, 'You are now a Black Lace author,' is one I shall keep forever.

Wild Card began as a feature film script. It was a dark, twisted, psychosexual thriller, hotly debated in some circles whether it was porn or art. It was a tale of revenge, and in a sense it still is - but now it's a lusty romp.

The story takes place over the course of three days and is mostly set in one hotel room. The severe constraints of time and space were a challenge. The goal, which I hope I have achieved, was to create a boiling pot of sexual tension and release. My editor said the final result was 'a blizzard of sex.'

I wanted to write a realistic novel, and what is more realistic than a dirty weekend? We've all had them. I also wanted to delve into the nature of obsession. Victoria Ashe, the main female character, has been obsessed with Ray Torrington since their relationship ended, a full decade ago. She was young, then, too young to understand that he was everything she wanted. Now she wants him back, or out of her head for good.

The problem is not that Ray doesn't love her, because he does. The problem is he loves all women. He also wants to house the homeless of the world. So, he's a do-gooder horndog. He's got the looks, and the equipment, to make the ladies sigh.

The following excerpt is from the beginning of the book, before Penny, a world champion poker player and also an ex-lover of Ray's, and Bai Long (Lonnie), Ray's comrade in the fight against homelessness and a sexy little commie with a penchant for public sex, join in the fun.

'You can't hide from me,' he whispered. His middle finger pressed against the silk of her panties, relaxed with the other four, then pressed again, rhythmically, as if it were a pulse that exerted pressure with each beat of his heart. He licked and kissed the nape of her neck. 'Don't be embarrassed. Come out.'

'I don't want you to know how much I want you,' she murmured. Her cheek was hot against his cool skin. Still, she did as she was told.

'Why? Does it make you feel weak?' He hooked his finger under the crotch of her panties and stroked her slippery slit.

'Yes,' said Victoria. It was awful, awful to want him this bad. It was as if the clarity of her academically trained mind had abandoned her head to take up residence in her erogenous zones. Her thinking was muddled but her need was sharp and clear.

He pulled her against him and held her with his strong left arm, kissing and releasing her mouth at his whim but never changing the rhythm of his thrusting finger.

'Killin' me,' she murmured. Her knees buckled. It was lovely to sink down on his hand as he pushed up. Lovely to be supported by his arm so that she didn't even need to be concerned with standing.

'Beautiful wet baby,' he murmured reassuringly. 'Take your dress off.'

Ahhh, there's nothing better than finger fucking to start things off, is there? But eventually we always want more. And more is what Ray gets, more Victoria, then more Victoria and Penny, and finally, of course, more Victoria, Penny and Lonnie.

Before this excerpt, I should clarify: Ray isn't the only man in the book. Penny, on her journey to join Victoria and Ray in Victoria's hotel room, has a few adventures of her own.
One, with a gorgeous movie star fresh from rehab, and another with an African Chief who is in town, like Lonnie and Ray, for a world conference on homelessness.

But home, for these four hot blooded characters, is, at least for one weekend, where the hard is. The climax of the book has all four main characters sharing Victoria's bed:

Lonnie pushed herself up off Ray's chest with her right leg. She positioned her little body above his hard-on. 'I don't know…'

'Come on baby, take it,' encouraged Victoria.

'Show me how you fuck my cock, Bai Long,' said Ray.

'Help,' said Lonnie, looking at Penny.

Penny knelt up beside Ray and lapped at the head of his cock. Lonnie lowered herself until she could feel it bulge between her lips. Penny continued licking the shaft as it started to sink inside Lonnie, then shifted her attention to Lonnie's clit as it slowly slid down the length of him.

'Beautiful,' moaned Ray.

'It is, Darling, it's beautiful,' said Victoria.

Lonnie lowered herself another inch, and then another. With Penny lubricating both Ray and Lonnie, the big cock entered her more easily than she could have imagined. Slowly she let her weight shift from her foot to her knee and finally she was straddling Ray.

'Oh my God! I'm, so stuffed, I don't think I can move!'

'Of course you can. Ride him, Lonnie.' Victoria's voice oozed encouragement.

'Ride him cowgirl!' Penny's voice joined Victoria's.

Lonnie raised herself as much as she could and felt Ray tense beneath her. When she plunged downward he jerked his pelvis up and the impact was bone-rattling. She shrieked as he filled her to her very centre. Penny stayed where she was, indiscriminately licking Lonnie's flesh and Ray's.

Warning signals were ringing at every one of Lonnie's pulse points. She pulled herself up, almost off him, then dropped down again, taking him to the very hilt of her. Her clit hummed as it slid along his rigid shaft.

'Goddam it, Ray,' Lonnie hissed through clenched teeth. She started riding him as hard and as fast as she could.

Want more? Oh I hope so. Because, although I wanted this book to help other women who've been obsessed (and that's all of us here at Lust Bites and, I'll bet, quite a few of the women reading this post) realize that they are not alone, even more than that, I wanted Wild Card to help you, the reader, come, hot and hard, slow and teasing, more than once, any way you like it.

Buy Wild Card here in the UK, here in the US, and here in Canada.

Wild Card will be reviewed in October by Wish me luck! And please watch for my new book Amanda's Young Men, written by Madeline Moore and to-be-published by Black Lace in the coming year.


Ally said...

Ah Madeline,

Great post.
Memories, oh what beautiful memories. Mmm George Clooney as Ray, now how hot is that. I am surprized though that you failed to mention that your book won an award for the best oral sex scene. Did it not? That limo ride truly was wonderful.

Your book Wild Card was the 1st book I bought and read of the Lust Bite babes. Yes ok, perhaps I was a wee bit influenced by the fact that you are a fellow Canadian, but I soon got over that.

I really loved the book, it was an awesome read and I had a hard time putting it down, even to just go and ... well you know, ahem, how could you not.

Janine Ashbless said...

What I really really like about Wild Card is the way you get inside Ray's head. He's complex. He's difficult for the reader to deal with. He's portrayed sympathetically, yet without sentiment. I can totally understand why Victoria is obsessed.

Portia Da Costa said...

Woweee, that's stunning stuff, Madeline! I like the sound of Ray, and I like him even more with the image of George Clooney in my mind! :)

Thanks for posting!

Madelynne Ellis said...

Ray certainly sounds like an interesting character, Madeline. I like the idea of exploring obsession. I probably ought to read more LB authored stuff, but my TBR pile is alarmingly wobbly at the moment already.

Congrats on the new book too. Any hints as to what it's about?

Olivia Knight said...

Obession... yup. Apart from the ubiquitous Torchwood obsession we all share (apart from Kristina, but I'll be popping round to yours with a stack of DVDs any day now, honey, so you can join in our wistful sighs), it's a horribly familiar sensation. The main character in my current work-in-progress is in a similar position, though possibly without the blizzard of sex. The difficulty with writing an obsession is convincing the reader it's their obsession, too. The obsessed tend to bang on about the same subject ad nauseum, taking any glancing reference as a springboard ("Yes, speaking of purple, he had this fabulous purple t-shirt...") while the audience smacks their heads gently on the pub table groaning "Won't she ever shut up..."
Er - or maybe that's just me.

Jeremy Edwards said...

My copy of Wild Card (thank you, Random Number Generator!) is currently in the TBR pile, melting the books above and below it. After seeing today's excerpts, I may just have to do some dusting and "accidentally" move WC to the top of the pile.

Favorite sentence du jour:

It was as if the clarity of her academically trained mind had abandoned her head to take up residence in her erogenous zones.

Janine Ashbless said...

I have two brains: like a dinosaur, one is at the top of my spine and the other is at the bottom.

Days when Lower Brain takes charge are pretty wearing.


Anonymous said...

Forgot m'damned password, egad!

This 'anonymous' is Felix.

I found that finger-pulse description so powerful that it sank deeply into my subconscious and emerged as my own words, in the novel I was then working on.
Thank goodness, Madeline proofs everything I write, so I was saved from accidental plagiarism!

Lovely work, my pet!

Felix (Who has been working on a historical.)

Olivia Knight said...

Ah, it's the Bloody Baron ;-)

I know what you mean. I frequently quote myself, which is great for my conversation but has to be weeded out of subsequent stories. And once someone's planted a metaphor in your mind, it's hard to escape. (Now there's a mixed metaphor, unless the plant in question is bindweed.)

The secret to Janine's success in historicals is finally revealed... She's a dinosaur and has watched the world happen from scratch. (Or are you a dragon? That would explain the obsession with knights.)

Madeline Moore said...

Good morning. Yes, Ally, the novel did in fact win 'Best Oral Sex Scene' in Scarlet Magazine's first ever sex writing awards. Thank you for mentioning it, and for being first off the post this morning. And for your kind words about my book.

Janine, I'm glad you understand Victoria's obsession. It's key to the novel's 'success' that the female reader be attracted to him, as the female characters in the book are. Writing Ray's chapters (The novel is third person limited) was a real challenge but I was very pleased with the way they turned out. The first of his chapters, where he's having a shower and a moment to himself to think about who he'd just had sex with and what a beauty she is, while hurrying to clean up so he can scurry off to the next conquest, was a toughie, but I thought it rang true.

Thanks Portia! Clooney wasn't actually the physical image I had in mind for Ray, although Ray is gorgeous so Clooney will certainly do. But his personality suits the character. He's said he makes a great first date, but not a really terrific boyfriend. That's Ray. And really, if you were a man, a man like Ray Torrington or George Clooney, wouldn't you be tempted to dip your wick hither and yon? I picked this particular picture of George because the shadow of the mic on his tee shirt suggests the same physical attribute I granted my fictional male. Hoho. Why not?
That way none of the men I was ever obsessed with can claim the character is based on him. I need only point out the size of Ray's mic. (And btw, I'm in love with Felix, not obsessed with him, so he doesn't count.)

I know what you mean Madelynne. I'm trying to read one novel by each of the LBs but time and money makes it a slow process. I've had to make do with short stories, except for, so far, Portia, Alician and Mathilde, whose work I have read in novel form. It's been a pleasure, though, to read at least a little something by most of our members, and we are a talented bunch! I enjoyed your story in 'Sex in Public'...very much.

Very true Olivia. I dealt with that problem by having Victoria be only one of the characters who has her/his say in the book. So while she suffers through her constant obsession we get to cut away from her to the other two women, Penny, who's looking for a good time and finds it, as I mentioned, with a couple of yummies before she even gets around to Ray, and Bai Long, who only wants him if she can have him in a public place. One of the most challenging chapters, for some reason, was one that takes place in a club, where Bai Long is dancing the night away and teasing various people while the other characters, who are older than her (she's a precious 21 years of age) catch some zzzzzzzs. I made sure Ray got sleep and food in between his trysts. hohoho. Like I said, I tried to make the book realistic.

Hey Jeremy! I'm glad you liked that line. I like what it expresses but I wasn't sure of the way I expressed it. So the fact that you've plucked it out of the excerpts as one of the keepers really pleases me.

And anonymous/Felix. Yes, when choosing my excerpts I did consider that the description you liked so much you stole would probably be a good one to include in today's post. It is a good thing that I proof your work because the book you were writing was intended for the same publisher as mine. We really can't have that. I was truly shocked to see my words basically repeated in your work! One of the perils of living with another writer that I hadn't considered, but I guess that means you're a great quote TS Eliot 'Good writers imitate, great writers steal.' But not from me!

Madeline Moore said...

Oops, sorry, I mean Alison, not Alician... still on my first coffee here. You'd think I'd know how to spell the name of a writer I've read fairly extensively, actually, and published a review about on Amazon. But you'd be wrong, I can't really spell anything until I've emptied the coffee pot. Which I'll go do now.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Re. quoting oneself: I'm one of those writers who keep little databases of sentences/paragraphs/jokes they've come up with that they intend to use "somewhere." I try to be careful about removing a bit from my database once I've actually used it in a piece; but it's complicated, because sometimes the stuff will go in and then come out again as I revise. I'm sure one of these days I'll accidentally use the same bit in Thing A that I've already used in Thing B—and if one piece is under my pseudo and one under my real, it will look like one of me is a plagiarist!

Janine Ashbless said...

Quoting yourself ... Ak. Keep doing it. Try to stop. I guess that - particularly with sex - there are some images and similies that just work for you and in the heat of the encounter it's hard not to go back to them.

Must stop now and go join my D&D group. *Lower Brain OFF.*

Madeline Moore said...

Say Jeremy, maybe then you could sue yourself for plagarism.

I forgot to answer Madelynne's question about the new book, 'Amanda's Young Men'. It's really new, so new I don't actually have the contract (gulp) just a verbal (email) agreement with Adam. But to me, Adam's word is as good as gold.

This is my 'cougar' novel. It's about an older woman who, after the death of her husband (in a hotelroom, of a heart attack) decides to lose herself in a sea of young men, while trying to find out who he was screwing and what's going on at his company.

Since this is BL, the older woman is a full 35 years old! I tried to make her 40 but...I hit a wall at 35. And of course her young men must be of legal age, so the age difference isn't quite as jaw-dropping as I might've liked but, that's okay, you get the idea.

I'm having great fun writing it because it has a big plot, with unlimited time and space. Such a relief after the 'three days in a hotel room' constrictions of 'Wild Card.' It's coming along swimmingly, which is good because my deadline is the end of Jan.

As you can see, my synopsis is not yet brilliant, but by the time the book comes out, there'll be a hot, sexy, clever little synopsis to accompany the story.Oh. Speaking of which, maybe I should supply the synopsis for 'Wild Card'. I'll go find...

Anonymous said...

Hey Madeline

What do you mean by you 'hit a wall' at 35? Would there have been a problem with 40.

Just interested. I seem to always make my female protags the same age as me and I'm 35 in a month!

Kate Pearce said...

George Clooney...Ray...multiple sexual partners
Now I have to read this book!
What a great excerpt!

One of the things that I think is hard to do in erotic fiction is keep the conflict/tension high because these days, basically if we don't like what someone does to us sexually we can just walk away, right? (mainly) so using the constraints of a dirty weekend keeps everyone constrained and conflicted beautifully.

Not sure if I'm making much sense this morning...

Deanna Ashford said...


Looking forward to reading this, it sounds fascinating. Must have been difficult to keep your eye on the clock in order to keep the timeline accurate, especially when you are working with such a short time period. Don't think I'd manage that especially with a cast of characters.

George not exactly Ray! He is so nice looking, I swear he improves with age like fine wine.

The picture I usually have in my mind of each character when I write is usually a muddled conglomerate of a number of different people.

What was that about spelling? I can't spell, my mind thinks I can, but my fingers certainly can't. Hence all the typos that turn up in my posts.

The book really sounds great.

Madeline Moore said...

Mathilde, I mean our editor didn't want her to be 40.

Thanks Kate, and Deanna.

Here's the official synopsis of the book, and if you want more excerpts, go to my blog, where the 'best oral sex scene' is posted...

Victoria stretched out on her side. She shook her blonde hair out, kicked off her high heels and struck a courtesan's pose for her lover. This was going to be so much fun, worth all the time and effort she had put into making it happen. 'Come get me, Ray.'

When Victoria Ashe lures an ex-lover to her London hotel room, their passion is reignited with startling intensity. She's out to prove to Ray that intimacy can be just as exciting as the thrill of the chase. Ray Torrington might actually agree if it weren't for Kinky Bai Lon, a Hong Kong bombshell who doles herself out one delicate morsel at a time, always in public. And Penny, a champion poker player known as 'The Fire of London', also has her sights on the saucy jackpot. The scene is set for a high stakes game of sexual exploration. When the wild card keeps changing it's difficult for even the most accomplished player to know who's bluffing and who is telling the truth. But in this lusty tournament of champions, the winner takes all.

Madeline Moore said...

Bai Lon, Bai Long - told you I have trouble spelling names, even those of my own characters...sigh.

Jeremy Edwards said...

The protags in my WIP are early thirties. But there's a supporting character, a woman in her fifties, who gives the main characters lots of support, if you know what I mean, and who is possibly the very sexiest person in the book (not counting the author, of course).

Oh my god, look at this spam word:
igggihdg. It looks like an eel or something. Shoo!

Anonymous said...

It's Felix Anonymous, again.

Here's an ethical question that's been bothering me. I'd welcome your collective input.

When I accidentally plagiarized Madeline's words, no question, my subconscious was guilty as hell. But, how about the words she utters when 'in the throes,' as it were? She's a writer, so does that make her involuntary blurts copyright to her, or is it OK for me to put the same words into the mouths of my characters, whether deliberately or not?

Madeline Moore said...

Hmmm, I think that would be a little bit like Donald Trump trying to copyright 'You're fired,' or Paris Hilton laying claim to, 'That's hot.'

Thanks for today, everyone. I'll be around on the weekend to see if there are more 'Wild Card' posts, but I'm grateful and happy with today's participation.

Alison Tyler said...

Sliding in late at the end of the day to enjoy this excerpt with a glass of chilled wine... both going down quite smoothly. Ta Madeline!


jothemama said...

Love George Clooney as a do-gooding horndog!

kristina lloyd said...

Sex, obsession and the claustrophobia of a narrative taking place in such a small space sounds like my kind of thing. I love obsession.

Sorry I'm so late, Madeline. I got stuck in the hotel lift. Elevator. Whatever we call it.