Monday, March 12, 2007

Lust Bites Interviews Violet Blue…

Writer, editor and erotica diva,Violet Blue was always top of our list of dream guest stars, so imagine our delight when she agreed to drop by and talk to us via the magic of the internet, overseen by our intrepid reporter Alison Tyler.

Lust Bites: Violet, we, at LustBites, are in awe of you. Your moxie. Your charisma. Your full-body flower tattoos. If we could, we'd take you out to drinks, in some dive-y little bar, and ply you with liquor to loosen your tongue. (A Violet Martini, anyone? The splash of Rose Water sounds so enticing!) But that would require mega bucks for airfare (we hail from such exotic locales as Essex and Brighton and Glasgow and L.A.).

Violet Blue: Ahhh, but what a wonderful, decadent, sexy salon we'd all make.

So instead, we've pooled our collective brain power and come up with a variety of questions for you.

Lustbites: What do you look for in a story? What do you hate to see?

Violet Blue: It's funny—I know within the first 5-6 graphs if a story has what I'm looking for or not, and sometimes I can't even explain exactly what it is. A good piece of erotica should let me know why I should care about it right away, and give me at least one character I like, even if she or he is an anti-hero or seriously flawed. I tend to be drawn more to publish character-driven stories because they really anchor erotica well; plot-driven stories are a joy but good ones with sex in them are hard to find, or perhaps more tricky to craft. And it should seem obvious, but I demand erotica with sex in it—I do not like "lite" romance or erotica that dances around the actual sex, and as a reader I hate to be teased. Not to say I don't love a good love story; it just needs to have some tension and some explicit friction if you know what I mean. And one thing I really can't stand is when authors go overboard with genital and sexual euphemisms —it's often so distracting, and even vulgar. Go figure!

LB: What do you think of the romance genre's trend toward erotic romance?

VB: I think it's exciting—I love that romance is getting hotter and more in touch with its readers' desires to see situations that accurately reflect their fantasies, and the honesty of the sex therein.

LB: What are the worst offenders in conventional mass-market porn? Boob jobs? Bad lighting? People keeping their socks on?

VB: Ack—it's funny to read what you just wrote, but so painful to know that after decades these things are all still equal offenders in the world of porn! Sunglasses, socks, icky guys, scary looking girls—why can't pornographers get a clue and show us the kinds of people we really want to see!? It's like we've all been waiting for porn to grow up and out of the Barbie era, but it hasn't. So I guess the worst offense of modern (okay, present-day) porn is that they still think their audience is comprised of stereotypical depictions of porn consumers left over from the 1970s, 80s and even 90s. Their worst mistake is thinking that we're just like them.

LB: Where do women go to find stuff that's hot and not ugly?

VB: Online and in film festivals. Comstock Films, Bleu Productions, directors like Eon McKai, and festivals like Seattle's Hump! and NYC's CineKink. Also, on my blog and on (we feature lots of mainstream porn, but plenty of hotter indy stuff every chance we get).

LB: I'd like to know more about your outlawed mechanical art, please! (Okay, so this is not technically a question. Some of us don't understand what a question is. But it's sweet, in a breathless, gushing way, nonetheless.)

VB: Oh goodness! I'm the kind of girl who loves to get dirty with the boys turning a wrench (better than the boys in most cases), and gets hot under the coveralls for anyone who likes it, too! I've been a grease monkey with outlaw machine arts organization Survival Research Laboratories for the past 11 years. We produce the most dangerous robotic shows on earth, meaning we weld hybrid giant lethally-capable machines and make them remote control so they perform in shows— anthropomorphically with a script, even. I weld, drive a forklift, run crews, do carpentry, work on hydraulics, old diesel and gas engine and run the machines during shows. It's always funny to see mainstream media people stumble and trip over putting this part of me together with the sex writer/editor/educator side. Like a girl can't have more than one talent! I apply a mean set of fake eyelashes, too.

LB: Our culture is so sex-saturated at the moment it sometimes seems like we're approaching the Fall of Rome. Do you think we're in danger of becoming oversexed?

VB: Hardly—we're becoming more sexually mature as a society. I'm of the opinion that there's no such thing as information overload, no matter the topic, especially sex—and the more information we have the better consumers we become. And the safer we become as a culture in many ways, too.

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And don't miss more fun at Lust Bites this week with Shanna Germain here on Wednesday to chat about what it's, like being an erotica writer who also writes things that, well, aren't erotica and on Friday - another special guest star - none other than Mr Madelynne Ellis will be here to tell us about the hellish life of an erotica widower

Tilly aka Mathilde Madden
Who just waved goodbye to her first litter of werewolves.

P.S. We're giving away a free copy of Violet's awesome and amazing Fetish Sex: An Erotic Guide for Couples, so be sure to post a comment. We'll announce the winner at the start of next week!

PPS. Alison Tyler (who isn't really here) has just added a couple more books to the giveaway: Violet's The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus and The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio, both featuring all the jaw-dropping oral advice you'll ever need plus sexy shorts penned by Alison.

Phew, we're getting hotter and hotter today. Good luck!

Kristina X (also not really here.)


Olivia Knight said...

"And one thing I really can't stand is when authors go overboard with genital and sexual euphemisms —it's often so distracting, and even vulgar."
My first introduction to erotica (probably most people's, certainly all my friends) was Jean M Auel's Stone Age sexathon. Talk about throbbing members! His manhood/loins/member - her honeywell/flower/petals - the giving and receiving of "Pleasures" (capital P, mind)... Oh, dear.
But then once in the pub, people were asking about my book so I laughingly gave a spoof version of a sex scene - you know, "He sunk his throbbing member into the warm well of her waiting flower, gliding through her sweet honey" and when I finished laughing I realised no-one else had got the joke and were all looking a bit flushed. So maybe there is a market for these metaphors... But I like to think we cultivate people's tastes to something more sophisticated.

Nikki Magennis said...

Violet, it's an absolute honour to have you here. Thank you so much!

I think a salon is a grand idea. I'll make cucumber sandwiches and we can all discuss porn in a very ladylike manner.

And I'd also like to say thanks for the tip offs. I can't think of a better guide round the pornographic minefield than 'Tiny Nibbles'.

I have one question - Alison, what is 'moxie'?

kristina lloyd said...

Tiny Nibbles and Fleshbot are top notch sites. Every time I visit, I get lost in filth heaven. Violet's recs are so smart, I end up wishing I was American then I could get hold of some of this stuff more easily. Seriously, that good - me wanting to be a Yank! Imagine!

I really, really want to see The Operation as rec'd by Violet - 15 mins of sex shot in infrared in an operating room. It looks amazing - but I think it's tricky for anyone to get hold of, American or otherwise. Violet, I am so happy you exist - you offer loads of stuff that makes me excited about contemporary smut and what's possible.

Moxie? Not the foggiest.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must go practise my jaywalking.

Shanna Germain said...

This was great -- thanks to Violet and Alison for putting it together!

What a fun read...and I need a copy of that book.

Oh, and "moxie" is like "chutzpah." Which maybe doesn't help either. Um...ballsy, having courage and skills and know-how. **roar**

:) s.

kristina lloyd said...


Like that? Do I get my green card now?

Kate Pearce said...

Kristina-it took me 5 years to get my green card and a bit more than a 'roar'

Thank you for your fascinating post, Violet and the insight into your many fab personality traits! My son is doing robtotics at school and loving it.

Nikki Magennis said...

First the bouncing, now the roaring. I love it.


Oh, and Olivia, can I pinch that line? The 'sweet honey' one?

Maria, Lover of All Things Romance said...

Oh me please!

I like Olivia can't stand those OTT euphenisms. If you want to make me feel unsexy talk to me about the rose petal opening to engorge his throbbing member lol

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Miss. Tyler directed all of us from her blog to this interview. It is so nice to read that other people think the “mainstream” porn is fake and stuck in “Barbie” land. And NO we are not oversexed!! LOL We need more erotica that deals with real fantasies and dreams, relationships, pain, bondage—whatever your into as long as its not that fake big hair, big boobs, and other icky things that I know I would never want to share a bed with. So thanks for the good read and a nice new link to go spend some time on!


Anonymous said...

What a fun and interesting read!

I wholeheartedly agree with Eile's earlier comment. I've felt the same way for many years. When I attempted to voice my opinion, most of the time I was told that I had unrealistic expectations and to get over it. - Well, that was 20 years ago and my expectations are still here....waiting to be met.

I will definitely make a point to visit those sites!

Thanks so much!!!


Madeline said...

False eyelashes and outlaw machine arts - I'm all aflutter. What a fascinating interview with a fascinating woman. Thanks Alison and Violet Blue. More, please...

Jeremy Edwards said...

And, believe it or not, the word moxie is derived from the name of a soft drink (and not the other way around, as one might expect).

jaydeevixen said...

yes please! oh, and I agree with your sentiments on porn Violet Blue...all stuck in certain eras and not a truly horny reflection of the wider spectrum of us dirty folk! thanks for the interview all...x

Madelynne Ellis said...

Hi all, coming late to the party as usual. Great interview. I'm particularly enamoured of the thought of Violet welding giant robots. Darn, I reckon that'd be worth seeing.

Mind you, I've get scared enough by some of the things on tinynibbles -- like the centaur sex doll. That was seriously scary!


femmegyrl said...

i LOVE voilet blue with an extra flamey white hot passion, and i love YOU ladies for having her her in this illustrious company! and i heart and want to be alison tyler too (when er um if i grow up!)

Janine Ashbless said...

She does Porn and Welding... Phwoar!

I may have a new girlcrush.

Shon Richards said...

We simply can not have too much Violet Blue.

I liked her assessment of how out of touch present day porn is. I think it's why blogs have become popular, the people writing them are also the target audience.

Teresa said...

Loved reading the blog today.

SarahF said...


I think you guys just get better and better! What a fantastic set of interviews/articles recently. I just love clicking onto the site just to see what is posted up!

Sarah F

May said...

I think I'm in love.

I must go dig up Miss Blue's backlist.

e.e. said...

From the Etymology Dictionary:
1908, popularized by Moxie, trademark name registered 1924 for a bitter non-alcoholic beverage; the word was used as far back as 1876 as the name of a patent medicine advertised to "build up your nerve," and it is perhaps ultimately from a New England Indian word.

* Apparently something us silly Americans came up with.

rayandyoda@yahoo said...

I must say more erotica and less fabricated porn. Erotica so allow the mind to enhance the emotions and heighten the experience verses have two over used porn actors try to make it look inviting.

Raymond said...

I first came by Violet Blue (pun intended) when I read BEST SEX WRITING 2005. I couldn't agree more with her comment that information overload is not a problem. More from Violet. More from Alison. Happiness is more.