Friday, August 24, 2007

The Case for Wet Men

Kristina Lloyd
I love wet men. I think I’m meant to write something smart here but what’s there to say except 'More! There! Oh, please, yes! Don’t stop! There!'

Let me try a few words lest I be accused of gratuitously uploading hot pics.

Water on muscle is so pretty. Droplets sliding down a hard male body are heavenly. (See Exhibit A from the Wet Files.) Skin dappled with beads of moisture makes me want to lick (Exhibit B). I love shorn heads (Exhibit C) but there’s something very suckable about soaked, shiny hair (Exhibit D).

Water splashing off strength makes me go all weak (Exhibit E). Bodies under water make me go all dreamy (Exhibit F).

NB. I’m afraid you can only work out which exhibit is which by clicking on the photos. And when you do that, the image usually gets a lot bigger. I am so sorry to have to put you through this.

I’m a very good swimmer. I swim front crawl, head in the water, goggles on. You don’t need to know that but it’s a good excuse for me to offer Exhibit G, Becks emerging from the pool, proof of the wonders of swimming.

One of my earliest boyfriends was a competitive diver. I used to watch him jumping from the high board, turning somersaults, triple pikes, and then slicing into the water, clean as a blade. In my imagination, this happened in graceful slow-motion. I have to force myself to remember that diving is fast and twisty, and that the splash, though it's slight, still comes as a violent little shock. There’s probably some innuendo lurking in that sentence but who cares. Exhibit H is our main concern here.

I love how water makes men part their lips because no one can keep their mouth shut when it’s cool, wet and fresh. You need to breathe. You need to taste. Okay, so women part their lips too, but we see this image of availability plenty, thanks. Men gaping is a rare and special treat. They're asking to be kissed, no? (Exhibits G & I.)

We’ve surely all got our No. 1 wets from film and TV: Keanu in Point Break or Colin Firth as Mr Darcy, shirt clinging to his chest. Daniel Craig emerging from the sea, à la Ursula Andress, scores highly on my wetometer. (Yes, that wetometer.) So let’s examine J, K & L, shall we?

There. I think those three soaked specimens all go to prove my lack of point. Here's another lust-addled observation: a drenched man on his hands and knees is delicious - though I'm not sure why. Maybe there's something appealingly primordial about seeing a creature crawl from the sea. Maybe it's because his wet lips, when he gazes up at me, are just where I want them to be. Maybe I don't know and I should look at some pictures a while and see if I can work it out (Exhibits M, N & O).
Nope, I still don't know the answer. But who cares when it feels so good? I also don't know why getting caught in the rain is so freakin' hot. In an early version of Split, my forthcoming novel, chapter two centered around a bondage scene. Over halfway through writing the book, I realised this was wrong and rewrote several chapters, replacing the bondage scene with a kiss in the rain. Boy, it is one helluva sexy kiss. Rain is delicious. (Exhibit P, eyes right.)

There are many other ways for a man score highly on my wetometer: he could just stand there, water gushing past his bare feet; he could frolic in the ocean waves; or he could plain and simple give another bloke head while sprawled on the shower floor, suds swilling around them.

I should probably stop there before I'm tempted to open the Wet X-rated Files. I don't want to be the one who breaks the blog again.

If you're thinking - Wow, things don't get any wetter than this! - think again. Because look! We're giving away waterproof vibes! Lust Bites has teamed up with the very nice people at Love Honey and they're offering a bunch of fab freebies. Top prize is this silver dream machine, a Jessica Rabbit Platinum Vibrator (RRP £39.99; Love Honey price £29.99). This is a serious piece of kit with ears that buzz and pulse in these totally fucking amazing - I mean, at 7 different settings. (Hey, I like to research, OK?) Also, this Jessica is silver and with Mathilde Madden's Silver Werewolf Trilogy launching in October, you know silver's the colour to be seen in ... um, you.

Love Honey are also giving away TEN runner up prizes of these nifty Waterproof G-Spot Tip Vibrators 7.5" (RRP £16.99; Love Honey price £4.99). You need to be in the UK to be eligible for these but the Jessica can go anywhere in the world. If you want to be in the running for a G-spot vibe, please add 'UK' to your comment. All 11 winners will be announced this Tuesday, 28th. As ever, you don't need to say anything smart to be in the draw. All we need is a name to call out.

We've also got a fantastic discount deal with Love Honey. From now until 31st August, get £5 off when you spend £20 or more. Go here and enter the voucher code LUSTBITES or check out our sidebar link. Love Honey are particularly cool in my book because they'll recycle your poor abused rabbit and give you a new one half price. 'Ecogasms' is the word!

Now please - coo over my dripping men, tell me you want it bad, real bad, and beg to be entered in the giveaway. Good luck!


Emerald said...

Oh, Kristina, if I could only express how grateful I am to have gotten such a laugh from this fabulous post (you crack me up! ;)) right now. And I guess there also might have been some drooling over -- I mean admiring -- of your impressive array of wet men here.



Portia Da Costa said...

Thanks for all the piccies... Mmmm... Bond is my favourite of this bunch. I never thought I could love a blond Bond, but Daniel proved me wrong.

Wet shirt Darcy has always been a winner for me too... :)

LoveHoney is a very cool site... there's a Portia interview here

kristina lloyd said...

Oh, Portia. Don't be shy. As an erstwhile Lustie, you're eligible for the draw!

You didn't *need* to do a shameless plug. Hey, we're all friends. It's OK to admit you only want the vibes.

But yes, Love Honey are great, aren't they? And so's Daniel and Darcy and ...

Thanks Emerald!

Ally said...

Oh wow Kristina, you almost said it all.

Antonio Banderas, yes very suckable ... suckable everywhere, suck, suck, suck, lick. Yes, ok, I forgot to breathe, thankyou for reminding me.

This very shiny, (did I mention I go gaga at shiny and sparklies?) Ahem, this shiny bunny lit up my eyes and I nearly had tears of joy roll down my... thighs.

This rabbit for my foo foo looks so much cuter than my florescent pink one. I'll take 7 settings over 4 anytime, actually probly several times a day.

"All we need is a name to call out."

Please call out...
'Oh Ally, Oh Ally, Oh Ally!' So I can climb to a screaching ecogasm.


You forgot one.

Anonymous said...

I likes the Becks. But you knew that.

You know, I've been wondering all summer why people keep complaining about the rain.

kristina lloyd said...

Oh, it's Marcus! Yum. Thanks, Ally.

I have to fly now. Back in a few hours. I hope no one else links to men I forgot. It would be so, so awful. I'd have to examine them really closely to see if they qualify for my Wet Files. Just ... awful.

danetteb said...

Yummy, wet jeans are hot.

I wouldn't be complaining about the rain if I got to see sexy drenched men everytime it rained.*g*

Olivia Knight said...

Meep. The one day blogger lets me back into play, I have to go out... At least you've inspired me to take a bucket with me so I can drench any hot men I see. Beautiful, beautiful beautiful pictures. Dammit I love water. Okay, forget the bucket; I'm off to throw hot men in the canal. Then you get the splash, the frolicking, the crawling out... Mmm...

Madelynne Ellis said...

What a lovely breakfast treat.

Hang on, I can come back later and make it a lunchtime snack, and a midnight feast too.

Wet men, oh yes! They always seem to be going out in the rain in my novels, or going for quick dips in the river, or taking showers.

Maybe I'm just obsessed with watching all those glittering water beads roll do their bodies.

Stacy S said...

This post is a great way to start Friday! The one I have only has 2 settings. Haven't seen one with 7 before.

Deanna Ashford said...


Sorry I'm still in singing mode but I so love this post and all those wonderful pictures.

So many wet men I can't decide which one I like best.

Portia, Daniel proved me wrong too. When I sat there in the movie theatre and saw that body emerge from the sea I swear there were sighs from all the women sitting around me.

Wish they'd show that Davidoff commercial with Josh Holloway a little more often on TV, he's wet and so sexy.

Alison Tyler said...



PS I'd blame the early hour—and not the multitude of wet men—on my inability to form correct sentences. But you know... I'd be lying.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Oh Deanna. But we have You Tube now

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

So much for the myth that women don't go for visuals of men. But do women also enjoy watching men engage in gay sex? Or is it not so much the sex they enjoy watching as the men?

Not really my thing, but hey, I'm here to learn, right? Your captions do help describe the appeal.

And Kristina, do commenters really have to "beg to be entered" or will they be "entered" anyway?

Jeremy Edwards said...

What wonderful, wet wit, Kristina! I'm not wired to take an interest in wet men (though I like the way my body feels in the shower--does that count?); but I'll happily read you on any subject. And I'll happily read every one of the other Lust Biters on any subject. And I bet you all look lovely in the rain, too.

And Ally . . . I need to go pick my ass off the floor now, because you made me laugh it off.

Janine Ashbless said...

Kristina, you've created a visual feast of wet men. Yummy.

I haven't got a version without the damn logo, but here'sPat Rafter Doing a 007. Wet or not, he's one tennis player I'd go to 40-Love with.

Deanna Ashford said...


Thank you,thank you, thank you.

I've just had a fix of Josh and I'm feeling ready for anything now and I mean anything!

Madelynne Ellis said...

"But do women also enjoy watching men engage in gay sex? Or is it not so much the sex they enjoy watching as the men?"

Well, I know I do, you only have to see my yaoi collection for that. And I guess it's a bit of both.

Anonymous said...

Seriously sexy steamy stuff - I love it!

Mad fairy

Goodgirl, UK said...

nice blog ;-)

Madeline Moore said...

Lovely. Just lovely. Men are wonderful. I love men. I love pictures of wet men. I love this post. I love Lust Bites. I love the prize someone, alas not me, will win, the big one I mean, although I love the little ones too, the prizes I mean, oh, you know what I mean.

Smut Girl said...

What do you think our odds are of getting them all packed into one room? A room with a faulty overhead sprinkler system. Made faulty by this handy dandy lighter I'm holding...

angell said...

OH MY.....

I have got to learn not to visit while I'm at work. We dont' have a shower stall here, which is probably a good thing...but we do have sprinklers.

Wonder if I could talk one of the guys in the back into hosing me down - cuz DAMN do I need it after that.

Fabulous column....all the reasons why wet is good.

And wetter is better...hehe.

X's & O's

Bam Bam said...

Ah. Case is closed as far as I'm concerned. Firmly, in favour of wet men getting a plastering over every available visible space we can find, in favour of men being made wet and enjoyed with abandon wherever and whenever possible. Thanks Kristina, the points were beautifully made.
I love vibrators, and i need a new one. Ideally I'd like to win the stunning platinum rabbit, but would happily settle on - sorry, settle for - one of those other little beauties.
So i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

PS. My favoutes were Ewan and his sex face in the rain, and the boys in the shower. Mr Gauss, I for one would enjoy watching the men AND the sex, the sex and the having men sex sex AND a rabbit! oh please!!
Please let it be me.

Shanna Germain said...

Oh, yes. I knew I lived in Portland, Ore. (rain capital of the U.S.) for a reason. Yummy, yummy.

Breakfast of champions, as they say.

Thanks for serving it up for us Kristina. And in bed, none the less :)


Bam Bam said...


kiki said...

oooh - so delightfully deliciously wet (damp just wasn't going to work there). this was most excellent fun!
and serioiusly, the new rabbit is so so pretty. pretty pretty pretty


oh - and karl - yes, visuals are good. watching sex - good. i think women are just as visual and aural as men. or, perhaps that's just my scorpio talking...

Shanna Germain said...

That's funny, kiki -- my aries sounds a lot like your scorpio!

I do wonder if we're a skewed segment of the female population, being erotica writers and all. But then you'd think we'd be skewed more toward words and less toward pictures, right?

Whatever...I'll take the words and pictures together anytime. All the time...

:) s.

Jeremy Edwards said...

That's funny, kiki -- my aries sounds a lot like your scorpio!

Oh, Shanna, is that your aries? I'm so glad you're here to claim it. All morning it's been ramming--er, I mean butting--er . . . up against various Lust Biters . . . from behind. And then it scampers out of sight behind the bar, and I'm the one who gets the dirty looks (and the occasional friendly one).

kristina lloyd said...

Thanks everyone! Glad you like my wets. And Karl, consider yourself entered.

Here's some more You Tube heaven. It's very aural. Seriously sexy naked man stands in the pouring rain, making Kristina go all tingly.

Kate Pearce said...

Oh good,Mr Kate Pearce has gone to work and isn't lingering suspiciously behind my shoulder while I try to ogle lovely wet men.
Lovely, Wet, Men...
I've said it before, I love this blog.

My favorites? David Beckham, of course and Colin Firth

May said...

Thank you, Kristina, for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

i never realized just how much i love hot wet men!!! and i soooooo want the vibes! *giggles, blushes* have pity on a born again virgin please!!!

kristina lloyd - you are awesome by the way! funny and smart and a teriffic writer. i bet in real life YOU say the things other people only think!

Ally said...

Ooo, Just spent a half hour on you tube watching wet men. I Liked the song "Oh,,.When I think about you I touch myself, Oh,,,"

Yes visuals please, love to watch gay men, just as erotic as watching women. I just rented a movie the other day "Boy Culture" was a great flick.

So, Jeremy,
Thankyou, but please stay on the floor, you can help me pick up my jaw that dropped to the floor, after you said the way you liked the way it feels when your body is wet.

I'll be hopping in and out all day trying to attract that shiny bunny to my shiny cunny.

By the way, I have 7 settings too, just take me off my mood stablizers for a few days.


Alison Tyler said...

I have 7 settings too, just take me off my mood stablizers for a few days.

KL, do I hear a quote of the month?


jothemama said...

Ah, thanks for the wet men - I think my fav has to be Keanu. DEFinitely.

Anonymous said...

Wow that would definatly put the spark back in my life!! Once you become a mom you need all the help you can get! Hot HOt pics!!

Anonymous said...

Oops I forgot to say I want it bad, real bad! I also would like to be entered in the naughtiest contest I have ever entered!

t'Sade said...

*whimper* I wanna.

kristina lloyd said...

Crystal, you're entered! Everyone is apart from the Lusties - though I know we'd all like to be. Damn, we're so hard on ourselves.

And, yup, AT. I'd say Ally's defo in the running for a monthly with that.

Oh look! Here's Daniel Craig doing a Darcy. How did he get here?

Portia Da Costa said...

oh that's cool a DanielDarcy... best of both!

Georgia said...

Wet men make for wet women! What else would a wet woman need than a Platinum Rabbit and some lovely pictures?

Pick me?


kristina lloyd said...

And here's Johnny Depp. Wet.


Just Craig said...

Shanna said: I do wonder if we're a skewed segment of the female population, being erotica writers and all.

Perhaps you are skewed, but in a most fetching way. The wet men may not be my cup-o-tea, but the feeding frenzy it invokes is rather appealing.

Anonymous said...

mmm, thank you.
It is raining here today. Yes, I am happy about it!

Lisa said...

Oh My Gawd

After a long, excruciating Friday, I could not have asked for a more uplifting post on my favorite blog...

Thank you thank you thank you thank you. It will be sweet dreams for me tonight.

ann said...

oh my word... all that dripping
eye candy; they're not the only
ones who are wet wet wet

it's bedtime for me; thank you
for the dream fodder... I thought
Colin Firth was hot hot hot, but
I couldn't believe how many you
found for me to drool over...

one of my ab fab favs is a very
wet Vincent D'Onofrio frolicking
in the surf with Greta Scaachi in
Salt on our Skin... pure wonderlust

miss trixie said...

The thought of men in the shower has been my arousal trigger from the beginning, before I was even old enough to articulate why. And once I got older, the thought of men in the shower *together*...oh, my. So, as a woman who loves watching wet men get wetter together, I have a question of my own. I've seen about 20 gay porn videos, but have found little to no man-on-man shower action in any of them. (One softcore movie had a shower handjob that wasn't even completed; a few hardcore flicks had some brief shower groping that moved elsewhere for the real action.) In this golden age of waterproof lube, I can't imagine why no one would show men getting it on in a shower stall. I asked the owner of a gay porn store about it once, and he agreed that those scenes are surprisingly scarce. He didn't know why, though. Sigh.

In the meantime, I will console myself with the picture of the delectable Ewan (his shower scene in The Pillow Book is all too brief, but quite lovely) and the lure of a beautiful waterproof bunny vibe. Thanks so much for a wonderful post with equally compelling comments...

Triste said...

OHEMGEE!!!!!!!.....*jumps for joy*....wet men...I see wet and and and the ocean...*sighs* Oh, thank you Kristina. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will now proceed to stare at them for the rest of the weekend. All the while hoping to win one of those fabulous prizes. *Floats off to fantasyland with wet men*

Anonymous said...

Kristina!!!! I love the Johnny Pic..he's such a beautiful piece of man!

rachelr said...

Here in the southeast US we've been enduring a drought for months. Now you've given me another reason to pray for rain. Forget the water restrictions and parched crops, let's get us some wet men! That would be a happy ending to a long dry spell (pun intended!).

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

I read somewhere that when men are not around, women feel they are backstage. I get that feeling here. We few men readers are getting to see a side of women they don't usually parade in company. It' kinda fun.

Jenna Leigh said...

Who says procrastination don't pay? Jeez. I need a cold shower now.

Alison Tyler said...

I don't know, Karl.
I think this is how we usually are.

kiki said...

karl - speaking for myself only, of course, i can say that i'm pretty much always like this. i tend to tone it down several notches when i'm with my gramma and what not, but with friends and most family, this is indeed how i am. not just backstage.
not so sure which books you're reading.


Alison Tyler said...

Of course, backsage can be sexy as hell. I mean, if we were backstage, say, at an Aerosmith concent (I heard Joe Perry took off his shirt at a recent gig in San Francisco), or backstage with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (I just have to imagine that would be a pretty hedonistic place to be).

Ah, but I digress...


P.S. Hi Kiki!

tetewa said...

Enjoyed all the wet pics today!

Savannah Chase said...

Woohoo nice and wet hunks....It just don't get better than that....They are all so yummy looking......The rain is good for one showed us all....

Gwen Masters said...

Men, men, men!

I'm so loving this post. And after looking at all those hard bodies, I need a vibe to take off the edge.

Look, there's Keanu! -sigh-

Amy S. said...

Love that pic of Keanu! Please enter me in the contest!

Alison Tyler said...

I hope my code works.
I am drunk.

I was randomly googling and wound up here.


Alison Tyler said...

P.S. Anthony Kiedis and Alan Cumming?
They are mine!

Smut Girl said...

Very nice. I must eye was immediately drawn to someone who is apparently named "kaka". I was intrigued. Who is named kaka!? So I clicked on him. Putting the name aside, I would like to claim kaka as mine.

Thank you.
All typos brought to you by a lovely Cabernet... ;)

Ally said...

Love that link Alison. I got it from somewhere awhile back. I think it was on the 200 men blog. I tracked something down. Anyways I've made myself a very yummy screensaver file using those pix. Yum. So fun to watch.

kiki said...

sommer -- when i first saw the bit about the name kaka, i was thinking, oh fucking hell! i've mistyped my name.

SOOOOOO glad it wasn't that.


*relieved beam*

kristina lloyd said...

Here's a pretty little pic for Miss Trixie. Tragically, my Wet Files are also rather short on shower-soaked man love. I have some nice bath-time pics but they're a bit rude for photobucket.

Provocateuse is a lovely site, AT. I *cough* occasionally visit.

Anyway folks - roll up! Roll up! The big, buzzy, battery-powered giveaway runs until ... well, until I have lunch on Tuesday, to be honest. I'll pick winners and post between mouthfuls. And don't forget to add UK to your comment if you want to get your G-spot tickled. Either people are so dazzled by my wets it slips their mind, or the Brits don't like sex. Oh, great nation of mine, please give it to me good! Tell me you love it! Tell me I'm wrong!

Also, it's been pointed out to me that people aren't paying *quite* enough attention to Exhibit B, man by the pool. Click on the image. Squint.

kristina lloyd said...

Also, here's another fab place for man-flesh and all the chat about where it's at. And look! Right now, Lust Bites is where it's at!

I'm so proud!

Because - as the nice lady says - we deserve some eye candy, too!

Hear! Hear!

Jeremy Edwards said...

And don't forget to add UK to your comment if you want to get your G-spot tickled.

There you go again, trying to drum up more tourism.

I have to admit, though, I like those "I Come From Britain's G-Spot" bumper stickers you see on all the autos from Grafenbergshire.

Alison Tyler said...

Jeremy, what are you doing backstage? I thought it was women only. Now, I have to go put my clothes back on.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Now, I have to go put my clothes back on.


Does that mean I have to put my clothes on, too?

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Jeremy, the trick to enjoying the backstage scenery is to keep a low profile.

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

On second thought, I guess that wouldn't work if you wanted to be "entered" in the contest.

kristina lloyd said...

Alison, quick! There's a funny man spying on us! Hurry up and get dressed. We need to get out of here - I think he might be deranged. He called us 'scenery'.

What shall we do? Shall we run? Or shall we stay very still and confuse him by pretending to be painted, cardboard trees?

kristina lloyd said...

OK, OK! I'm running!

Uh! I'm wearing Jeremy's clothes. How did that happen?

What's Jeremy wearing? Anyone seen my knickers?

Wait for me!

Jeremy Edwards said...

What's Jeremy wearing?

Sorry, I still haven't gotten dressed. I've been busy keeping a
low profile

Smut Girl said...

When were we told to take our clothes off? Damn. I miss all the fun...

Alison Tyler said...

How can I run, Kristina?
I'm a painted tree.
At least, I was in a previous life.

Sommer, I've got your clothes right here. They're hanging from my branches.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Alison, I thought you were a shoe tree in a previous life.

Smut Girl said...

*Sommer, I've got your clothes right here. They're hanging from my branches. *

Whew! I was worried. One moment I'm clothed, the next I'm naked, someone is running amok in Jeremy's clothes, and there are painted trees everywhere.

((Your eating onions, You're spotting dimes..I don't know what's going on with you...))

By the way, you look hot in my cut up tee.

Just Craig said...

Sheesh. My timing is awful lately. I keep coming in after the nude people and semi-clothed reincarnated trees and voyeurs skip the stage.

Hate it when that happens.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog! PLease count me in!

Chris in Sunderland, UK

Ally said...

Now why didn't I come back earlier today? My mood button #3 would have shot up to #7.

Wow Kristina, that link to Man Candy,,, 'Why do I not own a credit card? Why, why, why? By the way you look cute dressed in Jeremy's hat.

Jeremy, thankyou, I'm so glad I asked you to stay on the floor, very nice that your still taking your moustache out for test drives.

Look! Alison has a woody.

Hehe, so does Craig but now that he's missed the show he hasn't anywhere to plant it. But then I am a late nighter. :o)~

Anonymous said...

Hey, please count men in for a free vibe. Err.. it's a present for someone. honest.

Marshall Banana

ChristyJan said...

I heard from Wendy/Portia that you are giving away vib's. Please count me in. One can never have too many shoes, good books, chocolate or vibs.

Melissa Heywood said...

Wet men are sexy But there is one man you missed out from your lustful list. Will Smith. That man is (To me anyway) the sexiest man alive to date.

Followed closly by a vampire Antonio Bandaras.

Ooh! I just got shivers down my spine!

H.L. Berry said...

Hey! I'm in the UK! And, by an eerie coincidence, I recently posted a blog on myspace which featured a picture of me, wet, and wearing only a pair of speedos and a smile! Here's a link. Mrs Berry says it's much sexier than all the ones you posted. Well, I'm sure she would, if I showed her them.

Do I get a prize?

Huck xx

H.L. Berry said...

Oh poo. You can't see the link. Ah well. Go to and have a look for Berry Happy Holidays Part 2: Guernsey. The pic is at the bottom.

Claire said...

*pant* Soooo much hot eye candy, I think i'm going cross-eyed! Yum, thank you for this great post - and for the chance to win a wicked new toy to add to my collection!! LOL

Christina said...

Loved your blog! Lots to think about (imagine......mmmmmmmmmmmmm)

Lucy Felthouse said...

Bring on the rain!!! Can I have the men instead of the vibrator? ALL OF THEM?! Please? >:->

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa said...

Oh wow, I didn't want to go any further than the first picture as I read down... but I'm soooo glad I did! (my first post needed to be deleted... I couldn't type straight..!)

Anonymous said...

so -- um...i see you're at 92 comments...does anything happen extra special if we get you to 100????

like, i automatically win the pretty rabbit?

doesn't that sound like a stellar idea? it is stellar, right? not steller? ah fuck it. doesn't that sound like a FABULOUS idea????


Tirlan said...

Fab photos - completley agree - particularly wet men with nothing on straight from the sea somewhere hot & sunny & desert island like - tasty !!

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

We seem to be going for some kind of a record here, though for the life of me I can't figure out why wet men would be a more popular topic than spanking.

Jeanette J said...

That's a great bunch of photos you posted. Too many great pics for me to choose only one. Nice prize also

Eloise said...

After Janine nagged me, enter me for the draw too please.

Why no nice pictures of wet women?!

Janine Ashbless said...

Guys - if you're from the UK don't forget you need to make that clear when you post a comment. UK residents are eligible for more prizes!

kristina lloyd said...

Ooooh, we nearly reached a hundred! Thank you everyone. Last time I scored a century I got lowered into a pit of rugby boys. I dunno what happens this time. Kiki, do you have plans for me?

Eloise, sorry! No women because I did the post and I'm straight. I just am. It's hard to say that without sounding defensive or square or unsexy. I like cock. That's it! If you're after wet women pics, there are plenty out there. Sadly, most of them are probably for soap adverts. The world needs fixing. I'm trying. I get most of my pics from gay websites. I think that's fairly telling - once again, the makers, the market are men.

*Steps down from soap box, slightly pissed*

Thank you to everyone who's joined in! You have another 13 hours to go and then I will bring you glorious, buzzy vibe news.

And, yup, echoing Janine. Tell me if you're UK based. If you forgot first time, come again. We like that. It's cool. It's in keeping with the 7 speed rabbit vibe theme.

Just Craig said...

I get comment # 100!

Woo hoo!

kristina lloyd said...

Just Craig ...

What do I get? Have you got any etchings of wet men to show me?

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Kristina's objections notwithstanding, here's:
A token wet woman for Eloise

Just Craig said...

I'm going to have to think on that one, Kristina. I'm pretty sure I'm fresh out of etchings of wet men.

And my rugby days are long behind me, so I don't think I'll be able to muster up a scrum in you honor either.

I feel like such a failure.

Alison Tyler said...

I don't think I'll be able to muster up a scrum

I have no idea what this means, but it sounds so fetchingly filthy that I decided to highlight it in hopes that someone will explain.

Of course, if the true definition turns out to be as boring as "poaching" or "twee," then lie to me. Please.

Just Craig said...

It's when a group of men, preferably wet, maybe even muddy, undress and jostle over a horny woman, their bulging... uh

Sorry, I can't keep up the lie, Alison. Not and maintain the sacred vow of truth I gave while at the alter (nude, mind you).

Scrum is a rugby term, and it does involve a large group of frequently muddy men, but they're competing for what amounts to a larger version of an American football.

Sorry. Boring.

miss trixie said...

Scrums for the puck also happen in ice hockey! Those are fun. Often, in the middle of the scrum, high-sticking or spearing will take place, in which case one or more of the guys involved will have to spend time in the penalty box. (I've never seen anyone get spanked there, but I suppose it could happen.) Then, after the game, all the wet hockey players go take a shower. Together. Damn, I wish hockey season would start already (and that I had that rabbit vibe right now). Owwww!

PS Thank you for the pic of the lovely shower boys, Kristina...I feel so spoiled, it's nice!

kiki said...

oh kristina! you've reached it!

plans? hmmmmm....there are lots of exciting possibilities! one of them involves me getting the pretty rabbit. *blush* i'd use it to, you know, massage my shoulders and perhaps my neck. really!

sorry i was oot and aboot all day. i have company here and am having fun entertaining them.

alison - how is it that you didn't know what a scrum was (wrote scrub first - heh heh)? i liked justcraig's first explanation


kiki said...

ps - 1/2 pitcher's worth of mojitos --- yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!


tomorrow morning will include amazing homemade cinnamon rolls and espresso.

anyone want to join me? there will be plenty.

kristina lloyd said...

I have mustered up a scrum.

Alison Tyler said...

Oh, lovely, Kristina!
That's exactly what I thought a scrum was!

Ta very much,

Just Craig said...

Kristina: I have mustered up a scrum

Umm... o-kay...

That's one heckuva scrum, Kristina.

You muster up some amazing things.

Anonymous said...

A late entry from the UK, I've been too busy looking at the pictures to get round to posting!I'm hoping it's 'last in, first out' for the competition draw!


Anonymous said...

Best damn post I've read here. It would be just as sexy and smile-inducing without the wet men, although of course they are a nice bonus. Thank you.

*Not an entry.

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Scrum also means a bunch of reporters gathering 'round to interview someone, typically in a public venue. Kristina, did you find that "scrum" picture on one of your "gay porn" websites?

kristina lloyd said...

OK, comp's closed! Move along, please. Nothing to see here.

Check out the winners and if you weren't lucky, why not console yourself with a spot of retail therapy? Yes, that spot.

Thanks everyone for joining in and saying such lovely things about me and my boys! We must get together again some time.

And Karl, of course not. It's just the type of rugby matches I go to. Aren't they scrumptious?

(Sorreee - could not resist cheap pun right at the end. Someone sack me now. Damn, and it was all going so well. Swimmingly, in fact.)

Claire said...

*sob* forgot to tell you I was UK based! Am I too late? I' want a widdw wabbit

kristina lloyd said...

Oh noes! Sorry, Claire. I managed to suss out some UKers who'd also forgotten but I missed you.

I'll put you first on stand-by so if we don't hear from all 10 winners, you get a vibe. How's that?