Thursday, June 21, 2007

I Want You

by Alison Tyler

I want heavy petting at the stop light. I want a blow job between the front door and the dining room. I want there to be just enough time for the old “in and out.” And for this Midsummer’s Day contest, I want you. That is, I want you to give me your best 100-word flashers. Like “Madrid” by our own lovely Nikki Magennis:

I wore my red shoes. Your hair was gloss black and tangled, melting into the night, leaving only a glitter of teeth.
You kissed me at dawn, took me to the house where you slept. A cousin’s, you said. ‘Seventh heaven’, you said.
There were no sheets on the mattress. We fought our clothes, came out naked, fell on the floor. The silver crucifix round your neck hit me in the face as we fucked – fast, urgent, silent. Your skin was gold and slippery.
Afterwards we waltzed through empty streets. The world was asleep, and we were dreaming in colour.

And “Flashers” by Stephen D. Rogers:

In the half-light of dusk, they had the park to themselves. They wore matching raincoats and nothing else.
She stepped from behind a tree and flashed him.
He flashed her from behind a trellis.
Their bare skin glowed in short bursts, like two fireflies dancing around each other until darkness fell and the two lovers finally met and joined on a bed of soft grass.
They took turns watching the stars blink to life.

Or Sommer Marsden's "And You":

And you are right there inside me, gripping my hips. Clamping down on the flesh as if your fingers might pass right through me. And you say, "Don't move, baby."
And I don't, except for the ways you move me.
Push me here, pull me there. Keep me full. Thrust and pump.
Use me as I'm meant to be used.
Your teeth on my neck. Just as you come. It‘s my signal to let go.
And I am light and heat, brimming with you.
Perfectly used.

I chose these three because of how wildly different they are. Realistic, romantic, and raw. Look at the power of a paragraph, the seduction of a single sentence, the wonder of 100-words.


I want you.
I want you so bad, babe.
I want you.
I want you so bad, it’s driving me mad.
It’s driving me mad.

—The Beatles

P.S. One lucky winner will receive Down & Dirty (volumes one and two) plus the thrill of seeing your words in print in FlashFucking, my new collection of ultra-short stories (pending approval of Cleis Press). Flashers don't need to be exactly 100 words—but they should not be more than 100 words, including title.


Nikki Magennis said...

Ah, Alison, I want you too xxxx

- I just had a look at Stephen D Roger's site. Shitfuckdamn. I must go and write immediately. Four hundred stories? Makes me feel dizzy.

Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Jeremy Edwards said...

My head was spinning and my face was as red as as the cover of a Danielle Steel paperback. "Right here?" I whispered. "You want me to do it to you right here, in the blog comments?"

Hats off to Nikki, Stephen, and Sommer (and to Alison for providing such stellar examples)!

Here are 100 words of mine:

On Tap

Jane ripped my buttons open with a pop-pop-pop, then pulled my tingling urgency out of my pants. Though she had been clutching herself since we arrived home, she was in one of her playful moods and had ushered me to the bowl, and I knew that she planned to wet herself while watching. There is a kinky je ne sais quoi to pissing in a toilet while a long-haired woman stands just to your left, mouth agape, soaking her jeans and waiting for you to finish so she can take you in hand and bring you to life.

Alison Tyler said...

Hey Jeremy! So very cool of you to be the first one out the gate! I have to say, you reminded me of this time when I was with a boyfriend (years and years ago). We had an illicit relationship, and we often met in parks to make out for hours. And at one point, he needed to go, and we unintentionally recreated that scene from The Crying Game (where Forest Whitaker is holding the girl's hand at the carnival while he takes a piss). It was so strangely sexy. He didn't want to let go of my hand for a moment, even while he was peeing in the bushes.

Hmmm. I think perhaps I've shared too much.

Craig said...

This is my first post to Lust Bites. Please be gentle...

Here is my hundred words:


My hand rested on the overflowing trashcan. One warm juicy rubber crossed flaccid over another, cool but still wet.

He could have emptied the garbage.

His calloused fingers started at my tailbone, teased my anus, dipped from my cunt then coated my clit. How did he know? They traced torturously back. I gasped.

His arm appeared like a crane on the skyline, dipped toward the nightstand and retrieved the ribbon of foil pouches.

I bit my lip.

I heard a rip and unfurling latex.

“Again?” I whispered.


I raised my hips and spread my legs.

Cleanliness is overrated.

Jeremy Edwards said...

My head was spinning and my face was as red as as the cover of a Danielle Steel paperback.

No, I wasn't so excited that I was stammering--that extra "as" was just a mistake. (Ironically, I recently guest-blogged somewhere about the problem of ending up with three legitimate, but collectively tedious, occurrences of the word "as" in a single short erotic sentence.)

Good thing this didn't happen in my actual flash piece, or I'd have hit 101!

Amanda said...

Red Obsession

Every week, she bought red. Scarlet stockings, ruby garter, burgundy knickers and bra.

One day I glimpsed an oxblood leather cuff with dangling chain underneath the sleeve of her poppy cashmere coat.

I had to follow her back to her flat. A crack in the door showed her stripping, a flood of red landing in a pile on the floor. A large hand pushed her up against the door and suspended her arms from those cuffs. A whip lashed her naked ass.

I heard her crimson screams as blood dripped down her leg and stained the floor with indelible red.

Anonymous said...

I hate 'as as' and 'had had'. They make my eyes go funny. I have to rewrite them.

This is not flash fiction, sorry.

Alana said...

If I'd Loved the Grizzly Man
by Alana Noel Voth

If I’d loved the Grizzly Man, I would have loved his blonde hair, shocking in the sunshine and like a nightlight against a dark sky. In the tent after dinner, he would have said, “Shhh, don’t make any sudden moves,” and I would have held still on all fours so he could mount me.

kristina lloyd said...

In Midsummer Night's Dream by Mr William Shakespeare, there's a famous line spoken by Titania: Methought I was enamoured of an as.

Actually, she says 'ass' but I thought it might help explain Jeremy's stutter.

This isn't flash either but I'm very much enjoying being flashed at. Craig, your first time on LB, and so grubby. Excellent work. You'll be a regular before you know it.

Alison Tyler said...

Craig, your first time on LB, and so grubby. Excellent work.

Not only that, Kristina, but I think he came up with another mug-worth slogan:

Cleanliness is overrated

Coming soon to a Lust Bites shop near you!

Madeline Moore said...

Gawd it's kinda early for all this kinky flashy eyes are already wide open and I've yet to finish my coffee. Good work, bloggers! Nice excerpts, Alison. Kudos to the contributors. Okay, I'm gonna do some of this stuff before this day is over. It reminds me of haiku, kinda...brevity and images and often a little punchy surprise at the end. I'll be back...

kristina lloyd said...

Cleanliness is next to blogliness!

Alana said...

Pearl Jam
by Patrick Smith

I’ve never had sex before. But I told her I wasn’t a virgin. She put a band called Pearl Jam on the CD player. I think I like this new sound. She asks, “Are you in it?” I swear to God, trying to fuck her is like throwing a hot dog down a hallway. This waterbed sucks. I’m in now. She has curly red hair. Am I doing it? The girl gasps for breath and now her tits gleam with sweat. Maybe I’m even doing it right. I feel brave now. So this is the power of sex.

Gwen Masters said...

This is so much fun! A full day of good quickies.

-sits back with her caffeine to watch-

R Von said...


It was a hot night in the city. You waited for me by my back steps. The air was thick with humidity as I struggled with the back of your bra. We couldn’t wait to get inside, so you bent over the picnic table and lifted your skirt. My cock was ready to explore your dripping pussy. You cried with pleasure as I rammed home every stroke. Soon your hips pulsated with waves of pleasure as I stood back and watched you rub your clit and climax. You stroked and licked my cock and I splattered your erect nipples.

t'Sade said...

It is hard to post the "best" when you end up writing four of them, but I was inspired and really enjoyed writing them. I hope someone enjoys them as much.

1. Thief

On a moonless night, a thief came to her room. Quiet as a cat (one would say not that quiet), he crept into her poster bed and knelt between her knees. Blindly she reached out for him, heart beating in time with the hands that came down, pulling open her nightgown and settling his hard length between her legs. Treasured moans poured out of her as he stole from her, thrusting quickly into her willing body. His hardness filled her, consumed her, took her. And then, he was gone. Leaving but a wet memory behind of the nameless thief.

2. Intercourse Transformation

Sex, hard and fast and way too strong. She clutched to his sweat-streaked back, pinned up against a tree as he drove into her with the strength of ten men. Above them, the mono howled out for both of them, tugging on the threads of passion. She felt him inside, hard and slick and wet. Then, he was different, muscles flexing as his body and cock swelled, growing with each powerful thrust as the werewolf inside him finally came out. Just as she felt the limits of her body, he came hard and howling and very wet.

3. I Need

“I need,” came her whisper as her fingers danced down between her legs.

“I need,” came the first gasp as she pressed her finger against the tight fold of her pleasure, parting herself as she dreamed her lover would.

“I need,” came the first thrust of her slicked fingers, driving up into her as her dreams of the perfect man finally took her.

“I need,” came as her body shook with her movements.

“I want,” drifted from her lips as her orgasm took her, leaving her shaking and shuddering, desperate for reality to take her finger’s place.

4. She Teased Him

She teased him in the court all summer long. He smiled as he finally reached her bedroom, praying it would not be one more tease as he pushed open the door. On her bed, there was his tease. Gloriously naked and begging for him. A moment later, his clothes remained on the floor and his mouth sealed against the wet lips of her body. The soft moans teased him as she enjoyed his pleasure, his tongue, and his fingers. Then, as he strained to enter her with his aching shaft, she pushed him back. “Later,” she teased.

Anonymous said...

Duke's straight. He likes soft not hard, wet not dry, smooth not rough.

Moments of kneeling on the grass, the dampness seeping through the knees of his jeans, don't count. The musk cloud as the man in front of him unbuttons. The feel of the blunt point of a man against his closed lips. Hands in his hair.

There was only one man who was more than a moment. And that was just a mixture of longing looks and heart-pain and wantwantwant that ended in madness and mutual masturbation, after which neither of them ever spoke again.

Duke's straight.

Smut Girl said...

Oh, Mathilde! Oh, oh, oh. Love it. Lovelovelove. Wow, that woke me up faster than coffee. I've only had a 1/2 a cuppa but that jump started my brain :) Niiiiice. Whew.

p.s. now that am awake will work my way backwards and read all the rest...*grin*

Alana said...

Let It Be
by Alana Noel Voth

We met two guys and gave them fake names. Yoko and Linda. They did too. John and Paul. At the house, we played strip poker. Paul had cigarettes. We all smoked like fiends. When Yoko and I were down to our underwear, John asked us to kiss. Yoko’s tongue was like menthol and ash. “Now you guys,” I told Paul. John had dyed blond hair; Paul had a tattoo on his right wrist. They kissed, soft lips, and Yoko said, “Sexy.”

The four of us swam in and out of positions, turning to one partner then another.

Nikki H said...


"What do I have to do..." he stepped closer, a leather clad hand reaching for my sex, " get inside of you?"

His soft lips found the heated pulse in my neck and he pulled me closer, his cock engorged and pressing against my stomach through his denim.

I smiled knowingly, my hands reaching beneath his clothes. Finding what I wanted. I so wanted to hear him beg for me.

His breathing quickened as my grasp tightened. "Please?"

I pulled back. looked him in the eyes. Teasing. "You're off to a good start..."

Stephen D. Rogers said...


The blindfold was snug, and the tongue on me circuitous.

Nikki Magennis said...

Four hundred and one!

Anonymous said...


“He’s handsome, isn’t he?”
“Yes, of course, Julie. Very handsome.”
“And sexy, so sexy.”
“Nobody would argue with that. Those eyes. That smile. I get wet just staring at him.”
“And he looks fine in those beat-in jeans.”
“Mmm hmmm,” Kristin agreed, watching as Robert bent over to get another beer from the ice-filled cooler.
“Then why can’t I? Why can’t I just go over there and tell him what I want him to do to me. Why can’t I beg him to lift my skirt, to pull down my knickers, to…”
“Because, silly girl. Bob’s your uncle.”

Jude Mason said...

Oh heck, here's my contribution, and it's also my first post here. What fun!

Too Hot
by Jude Mason

The breeze played with the hem of her skimpy cotton dress, offering tantalizing glimpses of naked thighs. Sandra saw him walking by, watching. Wickedly parting her knees, she lifted the hem to show him she was naked underneath.

That stopped Jim, dead in his tracks. Then he smiled and rubbed the front of his tight jeans, his offer as plain as hers.

Nodding, she turned and entered the house, the door left ajar. He followed, leaving a trail of clothing behind. The afternoon heat mounted. Guttural grunts and sobbing cries followed. Their passion soared, the breeze unable to cool them.

Anonymous said...

No Lie

“You’re such a liar,” Cindy said to her boyfriend Jake.

“When did I ever?”—Jake’s voice all innocent indignation.

“Like that time you said you were at the library. Or when you didn’t know what Fluffy had eaten. And now this.”

Jake hung his head.

“Maybe you need some incentive,” Cindy speculated. “Go a week without telling the littlest fib, and I’ll give you the bestest blowjob.”

Jake’s eyes lit up.

A week later Cindy lay over the arm of the sofa, Jake’s balls bumping her plump lips.

“Oh, baby,” he said, “I’m gonna come in your mouth.”

--Mat Twassel
100 words

Kiki Kennedy aka Mary Kennedy Eastham said...

by Kiki Kennedy

'Do I know you?' Charles says playfully. I gently rub his temples with my fingers until he closes his eyes. 'Now kiss me and tell me I'm all you need,' I say straddling him.
I unzip his jeans, let my fingers slip in just slightly. 'Pretend we're together in a car, Charles,' I say, 'and you're maneuvering the curves of Highway 1 near Big Sur. One wrong move, one slight slip of the hand on that wheel and we'll be hurled into oblivion.' I pause, stroking him lightly and slowly, then I go down for one sweet lick.
'How does it feel,' I ask,moving him inside of me, 'to have sex with a girl in your lap driving down that treacherous highway?'

Alison Tyler said...

Oh, I love them... Seriously. But to quote from Billy Idol for just one moment...

"More, more, more!"


t'Sade said...

(Sorry, typo there. Just one more... for now.)


Too many directions, she thought, laid out on the bed and stretched violin tight across the corner of the padded mattress. The hard cock in her mouth felt warm, wet and hard, thrusting with delicious movements that bulged her cheeks and left the taste of man on her tongue. In a different direction, her other lover driving between her legs, plunging his slick pole into the junction of her innermost being, stuffing himself as if the world would end at any second. His fingernails dug in as she balanced on two cocks, unable to decide which direction was best.

Gwen Masters said...

“Because, silly girl. Bob’s your uncle.”

Oh, Gawd!

-laughs so hard she can't breathe-

Ally said...

OOOO these are all so yummy!!!! To hell with lunch!
I wrote one a few days ago for today but I was inspired reading all these yummy words I had to create a new one. I'll use the other short on another day.

A Feast

She’s hot, fingers playing her fiddle. A knock at the door steals her heat. Lowering her skirt she yells “Come in.”

A neighbour never desired before, but now she’s horny and hoping he can smell her lust.

He ask’s “Can I borrow some sugar.”

“Not until you have a taste of my sugar.” she cooed as she settled back lazily in the soft arm chair. She raised her skirt, parted her legs slinging one over the arm rest to show him a wet treat.

He dropped his sugar bowl and hungrily fell to his knees. He eagerly feasted.

t'Sade said...

*pouts* Okay, I was bad and posted more than one. No more. I swear. But, I really loved all of these, they are playful and sexy and teasing all in the right places.

Erastes said...


Two blocks from the pub and he can't--won't wait. Sod the bed, sod the rain. Sod it all. Sod him.

They stumble into the alley, and he devours Andrew's mouth, pulling his lover's cock from his pants. Eyes wide, Watch the lust-laid-bare by the flickering helium. Watch the rain drizzle down his face, taste the want, take the need. Amuse Bouche. Appetiser.

Andrew surges, damp, hard--harder into his squeezing fist; there's a groan, then another, rising, rising. Rhythmic. Regular. Ready. Ready. Steady. COME

His fingers take the bounty, shared between them before the rains steals it away

Smut Girl said...

Hmm. If this comes through twice it is because blogger hates me...

The Return

I can still smell you. On my skin. In my hair. I can taste you on my tongue--salt and heat. Feel your skin on mine. Though I shouldn't. You're not here. Sleep is all I have now. My body still beating with desire and release, I turn over.

I’m nearly lost to oblivion. I hear the door. The key in the lock.

The clock tells me you should be with her. I’m dreaming.

The bed bows. Your hot lips touch my back. Your length presses against me. I part my still sticky thighs.

“I came back,” you whisper.

Alison Tyler said...

Oh, so romantic, Smut Girl, I adore it.
And Erastes, you leave me wanting more.


Erastes said...

Thank you Alison!


Ally said...

I am adding this one, but not to be considered in the flash fiction. I would love to get some feedback. I am hoping to publish a book soon that a pal and I collaborated on. It's all erotic poetry, mostly poems that he started and I finished or vice versa. We created it out of our collections of emails where we decided to communicate only through poetry. What a fun run of words we had. This is the shortest one I will be putting in the book.

To Pal,
Oh you're a devilish delight tonight,
such fuck me not so gently words you’ve spewed,
made me oo’d , ah’d,
I applaud you.
I am so wet,
could almost sweat if it wasn't for the chill in my air.
An hour before, I had fun with my joy-toy,
before your wanton wording and flirting.
Now I wonder should I go take another ride,
slip-slide on my faux boy-toy?
Breathing has left me out of breath,
you steal it from my lungs,
writing of your guns and black hat,
eating me till I scream, dream,
and how I am so fucking fuckable.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Emerald said...


“Come in,” he said, and she entered his office. He indicated the chair across the desk from him.

“Thanks for coming.”

She smiled.

“Did you do what I asked?”

In response she rolled her chair back and raised her legs gracefully, spreading them before resting the heels of her boots gently on the edge of his desk.

His eyes dropped to her naked pussy, and he nodded slowly. “Very good.” He stared for a while; she didn’t move.

“You’ll be rewarded for that,” he said finally as he stood, meeting her eyes as his hand moved to his fly.

Olivia Knight said...

(Third time lucky... in an effort to spell "crisp" correctly!)

The Fall

Late autumn's sunset glowers through mist, abandoning an unlovely world to the dark. Bodies hunch, puddles on the tar spatter ankles, and rain stains buildings. In the corner of an unlit shop's facade, you touch me and I feel a solar flare. My body ripens in your arms; your teeth graze. I turn my head to deflect a kiss, but birdsong deafens me. I whimper. You shine. As my knees buck, you catch my fall with your body. My yielding shudder in your arms, like the sweet spasm of biting a crisp wet apple, is worth it all.

Janine Ashbless said...


Trust me, he says.

I trust you.

You know I love you. With every beat of my heart.


He ties me to the bed and pours kirsch into my navel. Lapping the liqueur, he kisses his way up me. I quiver at each sweet impact. His mouth is like fire. He kisses my nipples and they tingle, burning. Runnels of kirsch trickle down the soft swells to pool on my breastbone. I cry out with need.

He slides his body over mine, mouth cherry-sticky, cherry-red. As his teeth shear into my neck I realise: he has no heartbeat.

Olivia Knight said...

(These things are addictive. They're the pringles of porn.)


Your eyes slid and I watched them settle on my mouth. I crossed my legs, didn’t lick my dry lips, and behaved like a good girl. The hiss of your palm running up my stockings screamed in my ears. We pretended your fingers weren’t drifting up my thigh, as we drank our wine and each other’s dilated eyes. When we left, I ran – I escaped. My body, removed from the magnet heat and strength of yours, could melt safely then.
“My veins run riot,” I typed. Thumbs moving deftly, 160 characters at a time, we began to fuck.

Madeline Moore said...

Good stuff, everyone! Alison, you must be pleased to have all this flash fiction appear when you wave your magic wand. Or is it magic dust, you're not the one with the wand, are you?
I'll be honest, today was one of those days when the wolf howling at the door isn't the cool werewolf I'm scared of but secretly attracted to. So, no flash fiction from me. But I'm a good reader/fan, too, and all writers need that, right? So, well done all!

Smut Girl said...

*(These things are addictive. They're the pringles of porn.)*

Oh, god. Laughing...laughing. That is the perfect way to describe it! :)

Alison Tyler said...

Oh, Janine... you made me laugh! I love it.
And you've got my favorite flavor - cherry red.
Did not see that one coming at all!

Janine Ashbless said...

That's my first ever vampire story. Possibly my last too. ;-)

t'Sade said...

Yeah, these are like the pringles of porn. Or the lays since "you just can't stop at one". :)

Anonymous said...

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?
How did I find myself beneath you on the
brass bed in the French Quarter? Was it the moss
on the trees? The scent of pralines in the air?
You whispering like the pirate you were that I
was your prisoner? Was it jazz on the streets?
The band playing laissez le bon temps roulez?
I still remember.
It was voodoo made me do it.

Sylvie Russell

KenTheGradStudent said...


Profound shyness hid G’s beauty. She was the star grad student yet an idiot about love.

One day in the library our eyes met. After we fucked she asked shyly, “How can I thank you?”

“Let go.”

A week later, she asked me to meet her at a hotel. I passed it daily on my way to the university.

When I arrived, she opened the curtains, stripped, and pressed her breasts against the window. I entered her. Fifty feet away, cars raced by on the freeway. Those glancing up saw everything. If only they could have heard G’s screams.

Jude Mason said...

A Mouthful of Memories
by Jude Mason

"Pull over John, please."

"What, here?"

"Yeah here."

"Okay, now wha…"

"Mm, it's been years since we did this. Hold still; let me get your jeans down."

"Hey, whoa woman, let me get my…"

"Get what?"

"Nu-uthen. God, your mouth feels so hot."


"Oh yeah, just like that. You suck better'n anyone, San. Ah - deeper - yeah like that. Oh please - please."

"You like, baby?"

"You know I do. You got me hornier'n a three peckered toad. More, babe, I'm so close. Ah - yessss!"

"Damn - Cops! Zip up. Wonder if it's the same one?"

Alison Tyler said...

You know, I'm just sitting here reading these as they come in, and I'm so damn impressed. But now I'm jonesing to go to New Orleans. Sylvie you really brought me back!

Now, I have to go put on a bit of Stevie Ray Vaughn and wait for the next few to come pouring in...

Olivia Knight said...

(and... one more. Then I'll stop, really, put the packet away back the cupboard...)

The barbecue’s disintegrated into lazy sprawling on baked grass, idle chat. I’m lightly toasted, dreamy.
Slick with midsummer heat, I stop by his house for – oh, some reason.
“Olivia – more wine?”
Circling his lounge, mocking his books, cheeky, dress clinging.
“Yes, please.”
He seizes me, over his knee to spank me – discovers how my breath shortens at the sting.
Exposing my bum, his own lungs tighten. I feel him nudging against my ribs.
“Gorgeous, isn’t it?”
He realises he has me close to -
“What’re you thinking?”
“Huh? Oh – nothing.”
Where was I? Oh yes. Slick with…

H.L. Berry said...

Rain by H.L. Berry

“Oh, look at the weather! I love thunder and lightning.”

“Come on. Let’s go outside and make love in the rain.”

“Okay. Bloody hell, it’s cold. That might be a problem.”

“Shall we try the shower instead?”

“Mmmm. Sounds good.”

“Close the door.”

“I can’t. There isn’t enough room.”

“Oh, this is ridiculous.”

“Shall we go to bed?”

“But we’re all wet.”

“Sod this. I want you. Right now.”

“On the bathroom floor?”


“Okay. You’re all wet here, too.”

“If you’re trying to dry me off, it’s not working.”

“Good. I feel like I’m back outside, in the rain.”

Kristina Wright said...

Oooohh... what fun!

Here's mine:


The man in my bed is lean and beautiful and reckless. He is a decade younger than me, married to someone his age. He tells me he loves me. Sometimes I believe him.

He touches me silently, awkwardly, like a child seeking a puzzle piece for its shape. Shape found; soft, wet. I sigh. His silence irritates me. Too young, I tell myself.

He slides two fingers inside me and strokes my clit with his thumb. I gasp, fingers digging into the mattress, wetness trickling on the sheets.

Age becomes irrelevant. His fingers, my pussy. Orgasm. Nothing else matters.

Kristina Wright

Kate Pearce said...

Sorry I'm late, Ms Tyler-I have a note, honest!
Here's my scrambled effort.

Slide your heavy thigh over mine, let me feel the rasp of your coarse hair and the solid play of muscle and bone pinning me to the bed.

Slide your tongue into my ear, trace the delicate swirls and curves. Set your teeth on my ear lobe. Bite down until I squirm and arch my back, beg for your touch, urge you onward.

Slide your cock inside me, fill me with your scent and your thick hard presence. Fuck me please. Fuck me blind.

Alison Tyler said...

Oh, hi, Kristina! I'm so glad you stopped by. Delicious tidbit! Your story *Seven Minutes in Heaven* is one of my favorites in G is for Games!

And Kate, we West Coasters have to keep the party going once all the Brits go to sleep. Or pass out. Or what have you. They aren't listening now, are they? It's nearly 1 over there.

Very sexy short, by the way. I'm in awe today.

Madelynne Ellis said...

Joining in late, as usual. I find these little blighters darn tricky. Here goes...

Karl loves sucking cock.

There’s something in the way the thick erection intrudes upon his mouth that makes him weep with joy. The intrusive shove, the vital pulse of energy as he trails his tongue over the tip before sucking his cock deep. He can’t quite ever resist the temptation. He gets off every night this way.

His cock slides between his lips to a jerky crescendo. Splatters his chin with pearlescent spunk.

Delirious with the dirty shame of it, he licks the shiny essence from his lips and chin.

Karl loves the taste of his own come.

Kate Pearce said...

oooh I forgot the title!
It was

yes Alison us West coasties should really stay up and um, party or something zzzzz

kiki said...

oh my DOG!
::wipes eyes::
bob's your uncle?!?!
::giggles hysterically!::

Amanda said...

hi Matilde,

what makes you say that it isn't flash fiction. i posted it on erwa and the flash fiction editor thought it was flash fiction as did all the other writers who reviewed it. also as far as "as" and "had" go, i used each only once and to my mind, i don't see how in this flasher they are overused. i'd be interested in anyone else's comments. i'm enjoying the others!

Anonymous said...

I meant my comment wasn't flash fiction

Anonymous said...

(This one is kind of related to the other one. Is that cheating? It is also 106 words - which must be.)


They don't talk. They barely have time to fuck. It's a risk being together at all. They can't talk and fuck.

Not really talk. Not talk talk. Not talk that goes beyond 'uh' and 'yes' and 'there' and 'suck it' and 'I want you' and 'it feels so good when you touch it like that' and 'harder' and 'more' and 'fuck me' and 'I want to feel you inside me' and 'pleasepleasepleaseplease'.

Not talk talk. Duke wonders if one time he should ask Ash if he'd rather talk than suck dick and fuck for a change.

But he decides not to in case Ash says yes.

Alison Tyler said...

What do you mean your comment wasn't flash fiction, Tilly? I have already sent you a contract for your "as as" "had had" piece. I thought it was like a surreal bit of erotic haiku.

You'll see it on a t-shirt shortly.


Alison Tyler said...

Oh, wait Amanda, I'm thinking Tilly was referring to Jeremy's typo. He used "as" twice.

My head was spinning and my face was as red *as as* the cover of a Danielle Steel paperback.

Sorry to keep pointing that out, Jeremy. My guess is that your face is still as as red as that cover. But I seriously wish you had just fucked us in the blog comments. You're such a "tingling urgency" tease.

Smut Girl said...

* But I seriously wish you had just fucked us in the blog comments. You're such a "tingling urgency" tease. *

Ah hahahaha ha! Sorry...erm...sorry, too much wine. I keep coming back to see if there's any quick dirty smut to be had ;)

the queen of red (wine that is)

Jeremy Edwards said...

My head was spinning and my face was as red as the cover of a Danielle Steel paperback. "Right here?" I whispered. "You want me to do it to you right here, in the blog comments?"

Her only answer was a hand on my zipper. Glancing left and right at the sidebars to make sure none of our blogrolling peers were watching, I reached for the hem of her skirt.

Moments later, we had both forgotten that we were totally exposed, on the longest day of the year, at a site that gets thousands of unique, voyeuristic visits each week.

"Mfxlqz!" she uttered, as--as--as--as my cock stuttered a shower of seed into her.

It was our anti-spam word.

Alison Tyler said...

Oh, Jeremy. You should see the smile on my face. From ear to ear.


P.S. Keep on posting, people. I will announce a winner (But how? They are all so good!) on Sunday in Tilly's coming attractions. That is, if she'll let me.

Cassie said...

(Sorry, I'm late, traffic was horrible)

Pearl Drops

By Cassie

He knows being in the park is a risk.

"I'm yours for tonight. Lie down," a feminine voice commands.

His breath catches. "Goddess."

Her silky robe drops. Nude, except for red silk stockings, garters and heels, she lowers herself onto his face. He tongues her cunt. Her mewing fills his ears. His teeth clamp her clit. She chants, rides the waves, and rises up.

Droplets of cream glisten in the hairs of her swollen lips. He opens his mouth, ready to receive her essence.

kiki said...

"hornier than a three peckered toad"


what fun these are.

i'm impressed w/all y'all!

**trying for the 4th time to pass the spam test!**

Amanda said...

oh ok. duh. i get it. it isn't all about me ;) sorry about that Mathilde. silly me.

Amanda said...


The Garden of Red and White Pleasure

Every morning the maid brought a tea rose to Francesca’s bedroom. One day Francesca noticed a drop of crimson on a white petal. Growing worried, she went to the garden. Terence, the gardener, plucked roses and groaned as the thorns punctured his skin. He turned to her and she saw that he was hard. She knelt and took his cock in her mouth. He continued to prick himself with the roses as he came. White cum and red blood fell to the ground. The next summer the roses thrived even more than usual.

Kristina Wright said...

Thanks, Alison! Looking forward to seeing G... have you put out a call for the next set of alphabet books?

Jeremy, you crack me up!

(I'm starting to think I'm dyslexic because I can't type those stupid letters right the first, or second, time!)

Kristina Wright

Caffey said...

Loved reading that Allison! Good luck authors! (No way for me to win against you all, I'm a reader, plus English is not my first language). But great to read!

Kristina Wright said...

One more, just for fun...

Summer Lust

He pulls me into the men’s dressing room. The door doesn’t lock.

"Not here!"

“No one will hear,” he says.

My panties are already wet, but I don’t let him get that far. There’s no way I could be quiet. I kneel and reach for his belt. He doesn’t protest. He loves my mouth.

His dick, hard and ready, pops out at me like an amorous jack-in-the-box. He guides me by my hair, our rhythm faster than the Muzak.

He comes quick. I grip his thighs and swallow.

I moan louder than he does, even with my mouth full.

Kristina Wright

Sacchi Green said...

What fun! (And discipline!)

We were Dharma Bums,
Hanging with Kerouac and Ginsberg,
Jailbait chicks high on the Road and the Word.
Lip service was all we paid to how they were hung,
Swallowed up, instead, in the urgent mysteries
Of each other.

We played their game of Yab Yum, silent, still,
Close, closer, never touching,
Breast not quite to breast, cunt to cunt, nipples seeking nipples,
Hunger pulsing hot and slick between damp thighs;
We pierced each other with blue-hot sparks of longing
Until need broke down the will, the game well-lost,
And bodies clutched at joy with tooth and claw.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jeremy (as Alison says)

I love it when you talk anti-spam
as only you can.

Colorfulpen said...

Here's my contribution-

Deep End
By Lynn Burton

He was perched high on his lifeguard chair. One tan, muscled arm bent, gripping the pole of the umbrella that shaded the sun.

I sat on the steps at the shallow end of the pool. The water moving me in a rhythmic motion that stirred up images of him inside me. I pretended to fix my bikini bottoms and slipped a finger inside.

I watched him when he walked by later. Golden wavy hair. Rippling muscles. Red trunks hung low on his hips. A tan line that I'd like to explore in depth.

Colorfulpen said...

One more...

Reel Action

We had tickets for some new action/adventure flick. It wasn't my thing, but I like to make my man happy.

"Popcorn or something to drink?" he asked when we got inside.

I wanted something, but that wasn't it. "No, let's just get in the theater."

He gave me a puzzled look, nodded and led the way.

Once inside, I pulled him to seats in the far, back corner. I couldn't wait another minute. My fingers worked his jeans. With his cock in my hand, I knelt in front of him. On sticky knees, I took him in my mouth.

D. L. King said...

Ripe Tomatoes

I heard a muffled sound from next-door, somehow familiar. Once in the garden, I recognized the unmistakable sound of a slow, diligent spanking coming from the old Chinese couple's.

It was deliberate and methodical. No other sounds, only flesh on flesh, hand on bare bottom.

In the heat of the late afternoon garden, the scent of flowers and ripening tomatoes, my thoughts drifted to you.

I've never heard that sound outside before. Do we broadcast our sessions to the neighborhood?

I picked eight ripe cherry tomatoes, the first of the season! Mmmm, just like candy! I wish you were here.

Ally said...

Jeremy that was awesome...
All of them had me cumming back time and again to see what was next.
Another for good luck...only 1 AS.

The Rendevous

The bright moon low on the horizon, perfectly casting light and shadow showing the sinuous lines and bulk of the man she craved.

A rendevous on a hot night under the oak had made her quiver all day in anticipation.

From behind she slithered her hands up his taut back, down and around to his chest to pinch and play with his nipples, feeling them harden.

His neck and arms stimulated, becomes goose flesh, hairs rise, as she runs her tongue up him to taste his sweat, smell his musky odor. A full moon fuck, what a delight.

danetteb said...

I'm not a writer,but I hope this is ok.


“Those bushes are perfect.”
He pushed me on my knees and pulled my panties to the side. I
heard his zipper as he kneeled behind me, right before he thrust
his big shaft into my wetness. Bang, bang, bang.
“Oh that feels good, wipe the juices on my crack.”
I felt him pull out, then rub his head in slow circles, pushing into me from behind. Inch by pleasurable inch, I started to scream, he put his finger in my mouth and I sucked. He came,I came,we fell to the ground in bliss.

Tara Alton said...

Mute Witness

Hello Kitty didn’t have shit on me.

That cartoon tyke couldn’t spill the beans even if she wanted to. Her all seeing eyes watched me screw my sister’s boyfriend on her bed, my mini skirt shoved up past my ass, my boots unzipped but hanging on, my nipples electrical taped into silence.

Grunting and groaning like a cow rubbing her rump on a stump, I came like the whore princess I was, terrifying teddy, separating paint from wall. The bitch who ruined my life since birth would never know my secret.

Who knew that Barbie could sign?

Janine Ashbless said...

Wonderful stuff: so much talent! I'm so proud of this blog today.

Alison Tyler said...

Hello Kitty didn’t have shit on me.

I'm just drinking my coffee and reading backwards through the blog. But damn. That sentence is going to stick with me all day!


P.S. Keep them coming! I won't announce the winner until Sunday...

Smut Girl said...

Oh, look at all the lovely smut.Yay! I'm so impressed. If I were awake, I'd try another. For now I'll have to settle on sipping and reading.

Danetteb: love the fingers in the mouth. Love :)


Amanda said...

oh i loved the kerouac one by sachi green :) yay!

yahnilei said...

100 word story:

Blown Glass

Mardi Gras. Midnight. Swarms of sweat-soaked bodies lined along the streets. I'm pushed into an alleyway, pushed against a rough, stone wall.
Two masks. He was only hazel eyes and a cleft chin. He lifted my skirt, prodded thighs apart, dug three fingers inside me, filling me up like air into newly blown glass.
"People can see us," I said through a sharp gasp.
He placed a long finger to my lips, and slid his shorts down. Japanese lanterns loomed high over our heads, and he fucked me as drunk gagglers peered into shadow and rocking light.

Anonymous said...

You’re so vain

I’ll bet you think this flash is about you.
But it’s about the man next door, the one who waits until your car rounds the corner.
The one who opens the screen door and steps inside. Soft footfalls on our hardwood floors.

You’re so vain,
I’ll bet you think my climax is about you.
But it’s not. It’s about the man next door, the one who comes over after you leave for work. The one who climbs into a bed still warm from your body.
The one who slides into my body, still wet from your come.

Smut Girl said...

Oh, I like that one. Anonymous. Hmm. Too bad you are anonymous. I'm so vain I would have had to sign that...

Jeremy Edwards said...

Just popping in yet again, this time because I simply must say how much I've been enjoying reading my way through this phenomenal marathon! You folks are packing so much erotic zest into so few words.

I've noticed that the phrase "Hump Day" gets tossed around a lot by smut writers on Wednesdays . . . but I think, Alison, you've given it a new resonance. (And it's not even Wednesday anymore!)

Angell said...

Damn - won't be my best. Never have been good at limits. But here are my best 100 words for now.


He backed her up to the wall, unzipping his pants. “No more teasing. You’re mine.” As he pulled his cock out, his other hand probed her bare pussy, but she was already wet, ready. His hands moved her hair from her neck, bending in to give her a possessive bite. She gasped as his teeth and cock sank into her simultaneously, ramming home his lust and months of frustration. She was hot, soaked and tight. He moved within her, cock throbbing, more desperate to cum than ever before. They fucked like mad, like it was always meant to be.

©Miz Angell 2007

Madeline Moore said...

Very late to the party, but here's mine, 100 words including the title.


We fucked in the tub, you on top, and I shared my cigarette, so we were smoking and laughing and horny and wet all at once. We were in your element, mine is fire. Always opposites, you and me, that’s what drove us apart. But that night we were together, me thrusting up and you, pinned between my thighs, humping down. We made waves with our passion and they extinguished my cigarette. It was our last anniversary, we were still lovers, we could still make each other come. We made love. Do you remember? Or have you forgotten me?

Anonymous said...


I‘d do anything for you. Drop to my knees in your dark backyard while your wife and kids sleep. Let you pull my hair as you fuck my mouth. Pain blurs my vision but I’m lost. Your cock in my mouth. The only thing that matters.

I don’t wash my dirty knees or feet when I crawl into bed. Ignore thirst so I can keep the taste of you. Keep the air off because the heat keeps the scent of you intense. I calculate how long before I can take the risk again. Because I’d do for anything you.

Ally said...


I put my feet upon his lap, the movie sux. He massages my foot. “That feels good. Ow careful with my toe.”

“Is this better?” Wrapping his mouth over my big toe sucking it, licking it moving slowly from toe to toe.

I’ve never felt a jolt of pleasure snake up my legs so swiftly, make my clit throbbing and instantaneously flooding my cunt with hot juices.

“That’s fucking amazing! Suck my pussy like that. Please?” Pulling up her skirt raising a leg to show her naked cunt for the taking.

Instead he drove his cock into her fiercely.

Rachel said...

Rachel Kramer Bussel


You tell me you want to pull my hair, and the thought makes me instantly wet. I can’t stop thinking about your meaty hand tangled in my tresses, tugging, making my neck arch, my mouth open. It makes me long to be on my knees before you, but then I want more: your cock in my mouth, your cock in my pussy, your cock everywhere. If you can do that well, there’s no telling how much power you’ll have over me. So for starters, take my hair. It’s yours, all of it. The rest of me will follow easily.

Rachel said...

One more cause I got all inspired - thanks, Alison, these are fun!

Just a Pinch

The recipe calls for a pinch of salt. I read the instructions to you, waiting for you to dip your fingers into the white powder. Instead, you take those same fingers, place them over my nipple. Pinch. I groan, the pancakes forgotten. “That’s it? Just a pinch?” you ask, because you know I want more, in fact, need more. Two pinches, dual attacks that make my nubs hard as pebbles, straining for the sweet pain I crave. You let go, then walk away, back to the salt, calm as can be. I’m left panting, wanting far more than “just” anything.

Megan Murphy said...

By Megan Murphy
100 words (special thanks to WJM)

11:00 a.m.
Appearing nonchalant, they walked toward the storage room.

She knelt, unbuttoning her blouse as he unzipped his pants. When her mouth opened, he plunged, eyes closing with pleasure. Her hands held his balls while he stroked his cock.

When it was time, she pulled back, letting him splash her breasts.

She buttoned her blouse, loving that she would wear him all day. He followed her out of the room, neither one thinking anyone knew about them.

11:20 a.m.
Coworkers looked up, some with looks of annoyance, a few with wistful smiles as they walked back to their desks.

Megan Murphy said...

This is my second post. I'm just in a flasher mood, I guess and very glad for the opportunity to post a couple. *chucklin'* This one isn't a happy one but it feels a lot like real life to me. I know we write most often of fantasies but I hope you enjoy it anyway. *smile*

Bourbon Ought to Do It - 96 words

Should I tell her I know? Would she stay or leave?

Sitting at the kitchen table trying to figure it out, I took a drag off my cigarette.

Another sip of bourbon didn’t make me forget the way she moaned when I stroked her nipples. It didn’t make me forget how my cock felt deep inside with her legs wrapped around my back.


Her throaty bedroom voice always drives me crazy. But another drink didn’t make me forget the other man she was fucking.

What the hell, I thought. Another bourbon ought to do it.

Erin said...

Better late than never:

The Bad Place

He shoves me up against the drain pipe and cuffs my wrists there. My hotpants are yanked down around my ankles, hobbling me and baring my ass to the cool air. He yanks my ponytail and I arch my hips--the better for him to enter. I'm hot and swollen and ripe.

He plugs it in. Hard.

“Wrong hole!” I shout. I squirm, and wriggle--skewered.

“No, it isn't,” he says. “You'll take it and like it...” His voice rumbles in my ear: “...bitch.”

“No.” I whimper, but I do...take it.

And I it.

Alison Tyler said...

Oooh, brilliant displays at the end. Erin and Megan, both, I adore your pieces. So damn sexy!

t'Sade said...

Erin: I really liked that one. Yummy.

kristina lloyd said...

Wow, bad girls finish last. Alison sent me here to check out the latest. Erin, that's so dark and sleazy. Really great.

And I do love Megan's Bourbon as I said elsewhere. It's so gorgeously sombre and understated. Perfect.

Alison Tyler said...

Hey, wait... since I hit 100 comments aren't I supposed to get sex in a handbasket, or something like that?

Erin said...

or sex with a hand. But that's always readily available. :P