Sunday, October 7, 2007

Coming Attractions

Kristina Lloyd
I spy with my porno eye, something beginning with ... A! No, not arse. Alison Tyler! Alison will be here on Monday to take a look at looking. Does our favourite kink-fiend like to watch or be watched? Pull up a chair tomorrow, stare at the screen and you'll find out.

Wednesday sees Portia Da Costa bringing us an array of men in dresses, and on Friday our forces are joined further as we invite you to hop on board for some group sex. Well, it's strictly literary. One of us will start telling a story, someone else will add to it, then so will someone else and so on. You're invited to join in and make muckiness with Lust Bites' authors. I'm predicting chaos, confusion, laughter and some wild filthy surprises. Just like group sex, in fact.

Ouch! Careful with your elbow, AT. Oh, Shanna! I had no idea.

Kristina X

Image by Justin Monroe

The lucky winners of Mathilde Madden's wolfishness are:
First prize (Peep Show, Mad About the Boy, Equal Opportunities and The Silver Collar): amy s
Runners up (The Silver Collar): sairy and qb

Congrats guys! Send your postal addresses to lustbitesladies at yahoo dot com


Anonymous said...

Oh my god!

It's Mr Squirrel Pants!

He's back!

Alison Tyler said...

If you could see my smile right now...
Oh, god, can you? Can you see me?
There's this little camera icon on the top of my computer, and I'm getting a little freaked.

I'd best go brush my hair.

Amy S. said...

Thank you!!!!! Congrats sairy and qb!

Shanna Germain said...

Wait, what? I did something that shocked another Lust Biter?!?! I find that incredibly hard to believe.

What I really want to know is where-oh-where does one (ok, well me...where does me...) find photos like this? I love the boy gaggles. I can't get enough of them!

Bring it on, Ms. Alison! Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

I think KL takes those photos herself.

That's her living room. I recognise it

Sacchi Green said...

Really? Small world. I have a shirt that matches that wallpaper.

(I really do, almost, but actually I'm just testing to see if I can get my Google account to work, in preparation for tomorrow. I forgot my password and had to start a new one.)

QB said...

SQUEEEE!!!!!! God, I'm such a werewolf ho that my slutty heart is all a twitter. Thank you, thank you! I've been keeping an eye on The Silver Collar's release date and now I'll get it before the rest of the USA--- BWHAHAHAHA

Kate Pearce said...

I love that photo-is that pesto sauce on the man on the right's 'appendage' or am I imagining things?

Jeremy Edwards said...

Now you know why they call him "Basil."

Ally said...

WTG to the winners.

I am so excited about this week, ok it may also have something to do with the 3000 words of hot sex I just wrote tonight. But I still can't wait. I am quivering with anticipation and arousal. OOOOOOOOoooooo.

Shanna, for you...
Boy gaggles and more

OK OK... you can share.

Kate Pearce said...

Now you know why they call him "Basil."


"Baseel, Baseel..."
"He is not a rat he is a siberian hhamsterrr."