Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Works in Progress

Collated by Deanna Ashford

Once again prepare to be entertained by another Works in Progress post by two esteemed members of Lust Bites. However, I must say that when I read Kristina’s write up on Saturday my thoughts were slightly diverted from the intended post by her mention of the word whips. Strange erotic thoughts invaded my mind which had nothing to do with the posts in question and led me along another road entirely. Nevertheless, perhaps that post should be saved for another day!!

This month’s offering consists of works in progress by Kate Pearce and Madeline Moore. In order to give you all a little more insight into the writing process Kate and Madeline have also included a couple of paragraphs to give you all some background information into their excerpts.

The first excerpt is from a historical novel by Kate Pearce:-

This is the second of my Regency erotic historicals that my agent sold to Kensington Aphrodisia in only 48 hours. They are probably the darkest and edgiest books I write and my favorites. The two books are linked by the two main characters who survived seven years in a Turkish brothel after their ship was attacked by pirates. I'm writing about them several years later when they've returned to England and how they deal with the sexual and emotional repercussions of those years.

The first book "Simply Sexual" is out at the end of Jan 08, I've no idea when the second, tentatively titled 'Simply Sinful' will be out, but this is an excerpt from it. I had to send my editor four chapters as a proposal, just so that he would know there was actually a woman in it! For an erotic romance novel, it skirts close to the edge of what is acceptable both in terms of sexual content and the ending which is not quite your conventional one! I love this character. I've written about him in three different books now (Antonia's Bargain is the other) and I have total respect for him.

When Peter turned back, Joseph, Helene’s latest conquest was trying to crawl onto the chaise lounge between them. Even the sight of Joseph’s well-muscled buttocks and erect cock failed to arouse Peter’s interest.

“Perhaps I am getting old,” Peter murmured, as Helene ran the tip of her index finger around the crown of Joseph’s erection. Her blonde hair fell in soft ringlets around her face, her gown was so sheer that she looked naked in the candlelight. Her body remained as pert and youthful as ever. Peter had no idea of her true age and he wasn’t fool enough to ask.

Joseph moaned as Helene’s long nails flicked over his engorged flesh.

“You are not old, mon ami.”

“Jaded, then.” Peter drank more champagne. In his thirty five years he’d probably had more sexual partners than anyone at Madame Helene’s. Not all of them by choice. Being enslaved in a Turkish brothel for seven long years had ensured that his sexual expertise was limitless and that he never wanted to be owned or forced by anyone again.

Helene bent her head to lick Joseph’s cock, her small pointed tongue as dainty as a kitten’s. When she straightened, her lips glistened with pre-come. “Jaded, you?” She regarded Peter closely, one hand lazily working Joseph’s cock. “Maybe you just want different things.”

Peter grimaced. “Like a wife and a family? Who would have me? I’m employed in trade and have no aristocratic blood to make me eligible. The only reason I have an entrée into the ton is because of Valentin’s high and mighty connections.”

Lord Valentin Sokorvsky was not only heir to a marquis; he was Peter’s best friend and occasional lover. They had been slaves together until their release at the age of eighteen. Their strong bond had helped Peter survive the brutal sadistic world of the brothel and supported him through the difficult years of his return to the almost forgotten land of his birth.

* * * * *

The second works in progress from Madeline Moore couldn’t be more different:-

Amanda’s Young Men is so new I’m sort of scared to share it with the world. But I support the idea of Lust Bites WIP post, which gives all of us a glimpse into the freshest erotic fiction being produced today – and I mean today.

I’ve been working on the cougar concept (older woman, younger men) for some time, primarily because it interests both me and my editor at Black Lace. The first ten thousand words + synopsis, The Boy Toy Project was, ultimately, rejected. What’s a girl to do? Try again, of course!

This time around, I’ve added intrigue and deleted divorce-triggered depression. Amanda is 35, (yes, I know, a little young for true cougardom but that’s as old as the Boss is willing to go), a high maintenance but happily married women whose only complaint is that she doesn’t get as much sex with her older husband, Roger, as she’d like. She has no complaints about the quality, though, and in this, an excerpt from Chapter One, Roger proves he’s still got what it takes to satisfy his woman:

The plunge seemed to extend from his tip right into the dark pit of her belly.

Amanda’s groan was deep, as if he’d pushed it up from her with the force of his thrust. ‘I love it when you fuck me, Roger. Go slow, please, make it last.’ She shuddered. Her jacket slipped halfway off her shoulders.

Taking the hint, he leaned over her and took her nipple between his lips.

She arched her back. ‘Oh yes, yes. Suck hard, please. Bite me.’ She felt his teeth, gripping hard enough to send electric shocks from her nipple to her clit, gentle enough to do no harm.

His head drew back, elongating her breast, before he released it. Roger’s hands cupped the cheeks of her bottom and lifted. She wrapped her arms around his neck and Roger stood, taking her clear of the table. Her legs folded around his hips. He jerked, throwing her upwards a few inches, and met her descent with a thrust of his hips.

Older man? Yes, he was, but not so old he couldn’t fuck her free-standing.

(After the couple climaxes happily, they tumble together into the pool. Oh happy, carefree, sexually sated Amanda! But wait…)

Ten days later, Amanda got a call from the police. Roger had been found, naked, alone and dead, in a motel that rented by the hour. It looked like a heart attack.

Chapter One ends, and the story of Amanda’s Young Men begins…

Fuck, but it felt good, the bulk of it, the strength, the heat, the flavour. Amanda turned her head, moving his cock’s head into her cheek. Being very careful not to let him feel her teeth, she polished his knob. Her mouth was watering but some of the wet was from him seeping. She straightened again and pushed forward. His helmet slid across her tongue until it butted against the back of her throat.

She released his cock. Rupert sighed. She drew back, very slowly. A long silvery strand of her spit mixed with his precum stretched from his knob to her lower lip. She sucked it in, breaking it, and then spat directly onto his purple dome before lunging, taking him in deep again.

Rupert emitted a strangled gasp, as if he was very close to his climax. Boys of his age could come often, as she remembered. There were all sorts of things she could do to him before he was drained. He really was her toy. She’d take full advantage of that.

* * * * *

Well that is all for now folks but we will be featuring more works in progress from other lusties in the coming months.



Portia Da Costa said...

Wow, hot stuff, guys! I'm really looking forward to these books... :)

Madelynne Ellis said...

Fascinating! Well, I'm nice and awake, ready to do some writing now :-)

Deanna Ashford said...

I like the fact that they both gave us some insight into the excerpts as well.

I don't think some readers realise that you still have to go through a stiff selection process even if you are a published writer.

Editors can be very hard task masters at times!

Olivia Knight said...

And for some reason, they tend not to like synopses like "there's something about a dragon and fire, and I think at some point she floats down a river in a giant lily. Oh, and there's a marsh." I wish ideas came to me as "there's a girl who's in love with a man who turns into a werewolf" rather than, say, "there's a temple and a bird of paradise in it". I have to work long & hard & consume a lot of coffee to turn my arbitrary image into something that'll make sense to a long-suffering editor, and then if he doesn't want the final synopsis, that's weeks worth of creative investment shoved back on the shelf.

How did these two ideas start out their lives?

Madeline Moore said...

Thanks Portia and Madelynne. And Deanna, thanks for cobbling it all together so nicely. Great post! (If I do say so myself.) It's always nice to be in illustrious company, kate, and your book looks to be sumptuous.

Olivia, my book, as I mentioned in the post, grew out of the rejection of a previous proposal about a 'cougar'. That proposal came from some statistic, which came from I remember not where, that said women reading erotica/romance were older than previously supposed - a lot of our readers are in their forties.
I *wondered* what women in their forties might fantasize about and thought it very likely might be younger men. The original proposal had a stronger connection to the habits of the human cougar - traveling in pairs, one woman handing off a boy she's done with to the next, and a more cut-throat attitude about the whole thing. There was also an older male love interest.

'Amanda's Young Men' does have an older man in it but as I mentioned in the post, he dies in the first chapter. Ha! And our lovely Amanda hunts alone.

t'Sade said...

Absolutely lovely little tibits. That should cheer me up for the rest of the day just nicely.

angell said...

They are on my list of TO BUY IMMEDIATELY (well, after the release dates of course LMAO).


Kate Pearce said...

Wow Madeline-can we swop books? I want to write yours :)

And I think you're right on your age demographic-the oldest reader at Ellora's Cave is about 90 and she calls and complains if she doesn't think the books are hot enough!

Olivia I hate writing synopsiiii too-I've got to write one for my next Cheek book and I have no idea what's going to happen, apart from there's a cowboy and this girl...yawn...

Kate Pearce said...

Forgot to answer your question Olivia! how did the idea start out?

I don't know,I really don't-usually I have some vague recollection but this time I don't. Although Peter, who is the bisexual hero in this one, just intrigued me from the moment he turned up in "Antonia's Bargain" and almost stole the show. I really wanted to write a true menage book where everyone gets what they need by the end of the book-and he was the perfect hero to carry that off.

Janine Ashbless said...

Only just got online ... again, thanks to Orange. Hey, after 6 months we've finally got our landline fixed, as of yesterday!

Anyway, lovely excerpts. And yeah, getting stuff past editors is not as easy as we'd like it to be. I mean - Olivia - fucking a tree! I'd like to read that. Hell, I had an idea for a short story along those lines. So there's more than one tree-wierdo out there.

(Olivia always gets to my ideas first. Then she says "I wrote this thing about a priestess of Ishtar..." and I go white and say "What?! But that's what I'm writing!" We must be on the same waveband for whoever it is out there transmitting smutplots to people.)

Olivia Knight said...

Tell you what, Janine, we'll share out the ancient religions and societies between us, Fight Club style. (Er - referring to them divvying up the support groups, rather than us punching each other's lights out) You can have the Aztecs if I can have Egypt...

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Yummy, yummy, yummy! :-)

Janine Ashbless said...

Oh, Olivia ... I'm writing an Aztec-themed novel right now.


Only it's not a smutnovel. And you're not allowed to tell anyone because it's supposed to be secret.
Mind, the last nonsmut adult novel I wrote (2 years, 270,000 words) still hasn't found a taker, so I'm not overly optimistic.

Alison Tyler said...

Oh, I love these little teasers... Thanks for wrangling them, Deanna. Hope the whip came in handy!


t'Sade said...

Janine: I've been trying to get two non-porn novels published for two years now. Going to be adding a third soon. Surprisingly, my porn novel got accepted on the third email attempt.

Now, if the company didn't go out of business a few months later, it would have been *really* great. :)

Ally said...

Oh yeah!!!
Why do we always get called cock teasers? I'd say we are more like cunt teasers. Ok, well, you guys are anyway.

Wonderful excerpts and tidbits ladies... tytyty.