Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Coming soon: Blog Action Day!

On Monday October 15th, Lust Bites will be participating in Blog Action Day! This means, along with thousands of bloggers around the world, we'll be doing our bit to save the planet. It also means I have a great excuse to post a picture of Chad White in his tiny little pants looking very environmentally sexy. (Trees! No cars! Pretty world! Tiny little pants!)

Bloggers Unite -blog Action Day

Click on the banner to find out more. Spread the word. And join us next week for some hot, green sex!


Alison Tyler said...

Oh, I'm so excited about Eco-Sex. But you know, it's
not easy being green.


Anonymous said...

I'm no expert but I'm sure tiny, tiny pants are more environmentally friendly, because they require less of the planet's resources to produce.

kristina lloyd said...

Puppets, puppets!

Thanks, AT! I love that video. I thought the Jim Henson people had pulled it but it's alive.

I once described Split (out next month in the UK!) as being a cross between Wuthering Heights, The Wicker Man and The Muppets.

I was actually joking. There are no soft puppets in Split. They are all hard.

And yes, good point, Tilly. Tiny, tiny pants would be even greener than tiny pants. And no pants at all (with a natural fibres cardigan in case it gets chilly) is probably the greenest of all.

At last! Gore Vidal is on Lust Bites.

Alison Tyler said...

Oh, my god, The Wicker Man.
The original Wicker Man.
And how about the reference to The Wicker Man in Shallow Grave.

Will have to go watch double-feature...perfect for a misty day.


Jeremy Edwards said...

I note that "Gore Vidal" is, in and of itself, an environmentally friendly phrase, because it's an anagram of Al Gore vid.

Madeline Moore said...

Sexe au naturel? Count me in!

kristina lloyd said...

AT, there's lots of mistiness in Split. I think you took a look inside my head when I was off guard, didn't you?

And Al Gore vid! Thanks Jeremy. I'm glad you spotted I was making a clever political point and not simply posting another gratuitous pic.

And Madeline, you're in. We should start a campaign - 'Save the planet with a shag.' Do you think it'll catch on?