Sunday, October 21, 2007

Coming Attractions

by Janine Ashbless

Coming up this week on Lust Bites:

On Monday Olivia Knight will be talking orgasms. Multiple orgasms in fact - How to describe them: the metaphors we use for them when we’ve got ten or twenty to pack into a novel … Expect a lot of crashing waves, exploding volcanoes and steam trains rushing into tunnels… Or is that just me?

On Wednesday it’s my turn and having covered Bestiality and Death I did think it was time to do something sweet, harmless and fluffy. “I know,” I said: “I’ll talk about my crush on goatee Beards. That won’t be dark, disturbing or at all bonkers.”
Hah! How wrong can you be? NSFW folks.

On Friday Kristina Lloyd will be turning the spotlight on her new novel Split, “A gentle tale of tender romance set in the Yorkshire Moors,” it says in my notes. Er … I think I have the wrong notes. Face it: anything set in the Yorkshire Moors is wild and alarming; add Kristina and puppets (Puppets!! With staring eyes!) and you’re in for a hot, scary trip through the darkest reaches of the sexual psyche. She’ll be treating you to an excerpt and more…

Hold on tight -
And just wait till you see what we’ve got lined up for Hallowe’en week…

Janine Ashbless


kristina lloyd said...

Ha, thanks Janine! I scared myself reading about my book then.

I love the pic. Men with their arms stretched back look really sexy. I love armpits, and the paler softer skin on the undersides of beefy arms. Oh, and torsos pulled taut. One day, I'd like to do a Crush Wednesday of pics of men with their arms by their heads, taking off T-shirts etc. But I'm worried you might all think I'm weird. Or have I blown it already?

Anyone else for armpits? Puppet porn? Or am I alone in all this?

Alison Tyler said...

You're all alone.

All by yourself in a room filled with beefy-armed men taking off their shirts. That's what you wanted us to say, isn't it? Greedy little thing.


Mathilde Madden said...

Do I vote here for more arm porn?

kristina lloyd said...

Excellent, I'm all alone in a room full of arm-y boys.

Oh, here's Tilly. Hey, we're friends. I don't mind sharing. Or shall we take it in turns?

Is anyone going to vote for puppet porn? Or shall I go into a private room for that as well?

Jeremy Edwards said...

Am I the only one who's spent the past few minutes trying (unsuccessfully, I'm sorry to add) to find a pic of a puppet's underarm for Kristina? (I turned SafeSearch off . . . not sure what the problem is.)

kristina lloyd said...

I think Jeremy needs an 'all alone' room as well. Even *I* haven't tried that.

But, hey, the night is young. Thanks for the inspiration, J. I may be some time.

Kate Pearce said...

I'm in...for the beefy armed men, not the puppets-I was too scarred by Andy Pandy and Teddy in the basket.

Madeline Moore said...

Bring on the week! I can't comment on puppet underarms...if I do I might expose my fetish for Kermit's soft green pits, and nobody wants me to do that. Right?

Alison Tyler said...

I suppose this is a bit off topic, but when I typed in "puppet sex," I got this groovy article called 2004: The Year of Puppet Sex.

Who knew?

Ally said...

Ooo, those abz are so lickable, but my tongue got a zap when I licked my computer monitor. That was a nasty trick to play.

I am with you KL on the arm pits, I have a big hangup for male pheramones and sweat.

Umm puppet arm pits have a nice Douglas Fir under them and are Pine scented. A tempting treat Yew can't pass up.

Janine Ashbless said...

Arms ... Armpits ... yes, do it!
I think we've raised the bar for weirdness way above armpits, Kristina. Or at least we will have by the end of this week.

The gentleman in the photo is possibly the model Mark Alvisi, btw, according to one suggestion, but I'm not convinced he looks like the other pictures of Mark Alvisi online.

kristina lloyd said...

Oh, I liked the article, AT. Thank you.

And thanks for all the armpit-porn votes! I'm going to mark it on our calendar.