Monday, December 31, 2007

On the Eighth Day of Christmas ...

my true love sent to me:

Eight vamps a-vamping*

Seven Stetsons swinging

Six purring pussies

Five silver rings

Four bloody men

Three hundred Spartans

Two detectives dancing

And a werewolf tied to a tree!


*OK, so strictly speaking I didn't post eight images of pale and fangy vampires but eight images of much sexier, more robust men which I'm trying to pass off as relevant by claiming they're warding off vampires by having some vague crucifix thing going on around them. Um, did I get away with it? (Honestly, Jake Gyllenhaal is relevant. He's wearing a tiny little cross. Look! It's not just a gratuitous chest.)

The real eight vampires are in Lust Bites, the super hot vampire anthology from me, Portia Da Costa and Mathilde Madden, released in the US tomorrow! If my maths is correct, my novella, The Vampire's Heart, has four vampires, Portia's novella has one and Under Her Skin from Mathilde has three. So that's eight lots of sucky, bloody sexiness! Check out Ashley Lister's fabulous review here. Ashley writes: 'For those of you who want to see some of the UK’s greatest erotic authors telling torrid tales of virile vampires, Lust Bites has to be your next purchase.'

Also released tomorrow in the US is my third novel, Split, a darkly sexy tale of submission, bondage and puppetry set in the Yorkshire moors. Pop back this Saturday and I'll tell you a little more about it. I may also offer a prize!

Happy New Year everyone! Have a wonderful evening, and when the clock strikes midnight, please join me in raising a glass to the wonderfulness of sex, lust and dirty books. Wishing you all a happy and horny 2008!

Kristina X


Janine Ashbless said...

Oh Kristina - bigger! Bigger! I want a proper look at the one with the bottom!

Anonymous said...

Really, I like your take on vamps much better than the standard pale and waifish.

And Ashely Lister's review ain't bad, is it? I like this: "Mathilde Madden’s "Under Her Skin" follows the traditional style of a dangerous vampire in a brooding castle with a helpless heroine at his mercy. The story is contemporary—and as typically edgy as a lot of Mathilde’s writing. But it has a wonderful feel of Bram Stoker’s original Dracula with its overwhelming sense of raw and untamed sexuality."

Ta very much!

Anonymous said...

Sorry - that should be Ashley, I think.

kristina lloyd said...

A bigger bottom for Janine!

Sorry - I did a fancy thing to fit the images on and the downside is smaller bottoms, cocks in the distance etc. Photobucket will probably delete that image soon (it's obscene, ya see) so get it while you can! I really like Justin Monroe's work - it's so outlandish and baroque and sexy.

Madeline Moore said...

Congratulations to all. Raw and untamed sexuality. Yum.

Anne Tourney said...

Jake is always relevant, as far as I'm concerned.

It's exciting to see all this fresh, hot vampire smut coming our way. And I've been looking forward to the U.S. release of Split for what seems like forever. Dark, twisted puppet pr0n -- right up my, um, alley ;).

Have a wonderful 2008, everyone.

Kate Pearce said...

Split is WONDERFUL I got the chance to read it early and it is truly amazing!
I'm looking forward to reading Lust Bites too.
Is that David Beckham...again??? I'm starting to get a bit jealous.

kristina lloyd said...

Thank you, Kate!

And Anne, I hope you like Split. It's just started selling on Amazon US in the last few days and my sales ranking is excitingly high! It's also doing really well in the Victorian Erotica charts - which I think is quite an achievement for a contemporary novel!

Ally said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

Here's to bums, chums and anything that cums.


Jeremy Edwards said...

Have an ecstatic, burning-out-from-your-core-and-spreading-all-the-way-to-your-fingertips, making-time-stand-still-and-space-change-its-shape-while-you-lose-your-identity-entirely-to-the-overwhelming-ocean-of-sensation New Year!

Janine Ashbless said...

Thanks Kristina!