Sunday, December 2, 2007

Coming Attractions

By Mathilde Madden

Happy Birthday to us. Happy Birthday to us. Happy birthday to u-us! Happy Birthday to us.

It's our birthday. Did you guess from the tuneless singing (a new Lust Bites feature)?

And we're celebrating our one year anniversary by giving you presents! - tune in on Wednesday to find out more. But before that, on Monday, Kristina Lloyd reveals her fetish for men's armpits - be prepared to right-click-save some pretties.

And then on Friday it's me, 'cause apparently I have *another* book about werewolves coming out.


Happy Birthday Erotica said...

Happy Birthday Lust Bites!

We are in synch. I just posted a birthday story on my blog in honor of Sommer and another one of my favorite virtual friends.

I’ll pop a bottle of champagne for you lusties tonight! Congratulations!



Just Craig said...

And a wonderful story it was, Alison. Loved the characters, the tension, and the very "hot" conclusion.

Also in honor of Sommer's birthday and the new musical direction of LB, I repost the birthday song I serenaded her with yesterday. Listen closely for the tuneful barking of my Chocolate Lab dog in the background, which I obtained in honor of my new title, as bestowed by the inimitable Jeremy Edwards, Troubador with a Labrador in a prior LB thread:

You say it's your birthday,
Spend it in your birthday suit yeah!
They say it's your birthday,
Thirty-six spankings to-night
I'm glad it's your birthday
A kinky birthday to you!

As always, apologies to the composers, John and Paul. Additional apologies to Alison for butchering a Beatles song instead of The Stones.

Happy Birthday, Lust Bites!

Janine Ashbless said...
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Janine Ashbless said...

Coincidentally it's my birthday too, today! Birthday wibbling is on my blog.

That makes me exactly 40 years older than Lust Bites, doesn't it? Old enough to take it to a bar, ply it with drinks and have a very unhealthy relationship with it...

Kate Pearce said...

Happy birthday one and all!

Jeremy Edwards said...

[Jumps out of cake.]

Happy Lusty Birthday!

(Did somebody want to lick the frosting?)

Kate Pearce said...

Jeremy-it depends what flavor it is

Smut Girl said...

Happy Birthday, LB! Happy Birthday, Janine! You can ply me with drinks if you like... ;)

Janine Ashbless said...

It'd be my pleasure, Sommer!