Sunday, December 9, 2007

Coming Attractions

by Kristina Lloyd
As erotica authors, we’re always telling tales of cock but tomorrow we’re shaking it about about a bit and bringing you cocktails instead! Anne Tourney, your hostess with the mostest, will be swizzling the sticks as lots of Lusties turn up to say hello, drunkenly introduce themselves and have sex on top of the photocopier - just like people with proper jobs do at office Christmas parties.

On Wednesday, Dayle A. Dermatis and Teresa Noelle Roberts do a double act and explore the merry world of sex and humour.

Then it’s double, triple, quadruple and beyond as Olivia Knight sets the ball rolling on Friday for our irregular group sex slot. (Yes, as in 'highly irregular'.) Watch a sexy story unfold before your eyes as writers and bloggers build on each other’s words to create who knows what? Tales of cock, no doubt. Why don't you fix yourself a drink and join us?

Winner of Kate Pearce's Roping the Wind is Ana Aragon. Please send your postal address to us at lustbitesladies at yahoo dot com

Pic is Brandon Mills by Joe Oppedisano. Yum.


Jeremy Edwards said...

Fun! Do we bring our own lampshades? Caps and bells? Typewriters?

Madelynne Ellis said...

You did remember to send Brandon an invite to this cocktail party didn't you, Kristina?

kristina lloyd said...

Damn! I forgot Brandon. Thanks, Madelynne. Maybe I'll pop over to his place right now and, um, hand deliver it.

Jeremy, bring everything! What would a cocktail party be like without typewriters? Or group sex without lampshades?