Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Birthday Bites

by Madelynne Ellis


Woo hoo! Yes, that's right, we're one whole year old today, which feels like a hell of a long time here in blogland. Above you'll notice our gorgeous birthday cake in all it's chocolatey scrumminess. You may also notice that it is small but perfectly formed. This is because here at Lust Bites we like to give you a nibble then tease you with promises of more... much more!

And here I am about to tease you with more, if you'll only commit to a little blog hopping and visit us all at home. Roll up, roll up now, for the... wait for it...

The Lust Bites 1st Birthday Scavenger Hunt.

You can find all the important details about addresses, questions and prizes by clicking here, or on the banner below, so I'm not going to repeat them here.

But first, let me whet your appetite by telling you there are a whopping sixteen books on offer, including these

as well as an assortment of bookmarks, cover flats, mugs and lingerie. And all you have to do to have a chance of winning some of this loot is answer a few (fifteen) questions. (That's not even one per book!) Then email the answers to before 5th January 2008. Easy. Right?

What are you waiting for? Go... Scoot!

Oh, yeah. I remember. You've figured I'm saving the yummiest morsels for last. Well, I suppose we can share. Here they are, the Lust Bites birthday boys... from top to bottom: Coy, Pits, Yum, Chips, Doodle, Sandy & Chains. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

If I enter this under an assumed name can I have that cake as well as the books?


Chocophile of West Yorks

Janine Ashbless said...

Happy Birthday to LB
Happy Birthday to LB
You're the smutter in the gutter
Happy Birthday to we!

(Look, I haven't had any coffee yet! I'm sure Ally could do better.)

Janine Ashbless said...

Actually I'm sure anyone could do better.

Olivia Knight said...


(Look, on one's first birthday, you should be impressed that one is speaking at all, never mind venturing into puns)

Doesn't this make us somewhat underage though? I don't think I can face all that growing up again... Years 1-4 were a bit of a blur, 5-6 were curious, 6-11 largely spent in the woods, but 12 again? Or - oh goodness - 14... that was dreadful. And 16 was frankly dull, although seventeen - I wouldn't mind seventeen again.

Actually, on second thoughts, no.

Madelynne Ellis said...

Has anyone besides me noticed that with the exception of Coy, all the men in the pictures are copping a feel of their, or somebody elses groins?

It wasn't even deliberate. I swear it.

Madelynne Ellis said...

Chocophile of West Yorks... Can't imagine who that might be! ;-)

Deanna Ashford said...

I'm not going to sing, I can assure you that everyone would run away if I did!

I'll just hum happy birthday under my breath instead.

kristina lloyd said...

Wow, we are amazing! Happy Birthday us!

And three cheers to Madelynne for organising the scavenge and for bringing us cake and cock-fondling lovelies!

Hip, hip ...

Janine Ashbless said...


Yes, thanks Madelynne for organising this!

Hip hip...

Happy Birthday Erotica said...

Happy Birthday, Lusties!


Jeremy Edwards said...

Another cake to jump out of!

This one looks like a tight squeeze . . . but, hey, nothing wrong with a tight squeeze among friends.

Madeline Moore said...

Fun and celebratory post, Madelynne. Thank you. Lust Bites is an important part of my life, and I'm thrilled to be a member. It's the bestest blog ever. And we are heading into our second year.
I'd almost be worried, about what posts we can come up with that we haven't done before, etc. except we're a diverse, talented, imaginative crowd and I know we have lots left to say.

Happy Birthday to us.

And that scavenger hunt. Jeez. You lucky LB readers! Hatsa lotta smut! Good luck to all participants!

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

What's a birthday without a birthday spanking, or as we used to call them, "paddy whacks"? Now, where's Alison when we need her? I can't believe she went on vacation just in time to miss the festivities.

Janine Ashbless said...

We do Bumps on birthdays.

Kate Pearce said...

God, I'd forgotten about the bumps-that's what 10 years of living in California does to you!

Happy birthday us!

I too love this blog-I love the pictures particularly and that I've learned so many new things!

angell said...

Happy Birthday LB!!

I'm gonna have fun with this one (and thanks for the lucious pictures....YUMMY YUMMY DROOL)

Looking forward to another several years of reading (and maybe one day I'll be a lustie too!!)

Madeline Moore said...

Look Lusties! Our fans are praising us. It was a pleasure to bring mine with me to Lust Bites - she's really been a boon to the blog.

Let me do the math. Your ten thousand plus my my one, carry the zero, no don't carry the zero, just add the ones and, no no don't add the ones, put the comma back in, and - gasp!

10,001 fans!

Madeline Moore said...

We must do a giveaway to our one millionth commenter.

Just as soon as we finish this MAJOR CHRISTMAS contest. The Great Lust Bites Scavenger Hunt. Woo hoo!

A plethora of porn will go to one lucky winner.

A cornucopia of cunnilingus and cock.

A buncha bonking books!

Madeline Moore said...

Where IS Ally?

Ally said...

Wow, I don't know what to say other than thanks for making me feel missed. I'm kinda in hibernation mode but I'll pop in to catch up here and there.

Since I missed the armpit blog I just want to add. Yes you know how much I love dirty, SMELLY men and yes arm pits and pheremones can knock me off my chair quite easily.

Now on with todays blog...


Happy birthday to the Lust Bites gals,
Who make us feel like they were pals.

They write their smut and tease us here,
Leave us dangling, wanting , wet, filled with revere.

Their talent and creativity here cannot be dismissed,
They are dilligent, dedicated and never remissed.

Although I've read many of the authors to date,
I plan to read one from each cause they are so great.

They post here in this blog and fill our heads full of smut,
Help us feel comfortable saying cunt, cock and slut.

So here's to you gals, you've all done quite well,
You keep all us fans happy and keep ringing our bell.

Oh I forgot, bend over and show us some ass,
Pull down your panties don't give any sass.

It's time for Birthday spankings for each one of you,
I just wish that Karl, Craig & Jeremy was one of you too!


All my love and continued support and admiration to all of you. You most definately make my days brighter.


(Janine... Because you said I could. Wink... xxx)

Janine Ashbless said...

Yay Ally!

Madeline Moore said...

Awwww Ally, you shouldn't have...but I'm glad you did.

Amanda said...

happy birthday...may you find creative ways to celebrate with candles and wax and perhaps a few icing covered strawberries too. thanks for all you do!

Caffey said...

Happy Birthday!!
They are absolutely yummy. I want to touch past the screen, LOL