Sunday, December 23, 2007

Coming and Going Attractions

by Kristina Lloyd

Aa-and relax!

The holiday season’s here and tomorrow we’ll be kicking it off in fine style as Mathilde Madden launches our Twelve Days of Christmas. Yup, Lust Bites is bringing you a Christmas Carol! We may be out of tune, out of synch and out of order, but you can bet your last mince pie that every day from now until the 4th of Jan the visuals here will be stunning!

Lust Bites has been going strong for over a year and during that time we’ve published almost 300 posts, have displayed 72 pictures of David Beckham naked and have exchanged 4699 emails behind the scenes. Only one of those stats is a figment of my imagination. It takes a lot of chat, banter, brainstorming, organisation and the occasional, er, rigorous discussion to make this blog work.

Here’s a tiny peek backstage, a random sampling from emails on our private mailing list. Ah, if only you could see the ones we daren’t make public.

I like the scheduling. I really do. I like it the same way the rest of you like an arrogant sneering bastard throwing you up against a wall.

Listen, I have buggered up the sidebar. It was me. I am SO sorry!

Just wanted to say that I have NO idea what's going on. I turned off all my yahoo mail for the week.

He'd probably be very flattered that you think he has a lovely bottom.

Oh dear. Blogger seems to have died. This reminds me, that we should back up the blog somewhere. I saw a button to do this once but I can't find it now.

Is America awake yet?

Now I really feel like a bitch. Ah well.

I'm not going to say this on the public blog but [CENSORED!]

Help, I'm sorry! Can't remember what the special post is on...Can you refresh my memory?

I did write a set of instructions, all on file, about how to change it without doing *any* html. You obviously missed all those e-mails.

I’m not a real practising pagan – I’m just in it for the sex.

The two-timing bastard! Oh the humiliation! How will I look my friends in the eye?

Is PMT like HRT? Would people stop talking in fucking code? I'm always the eejit having to say, WTF is a Wii? BTW, what's HRT? And now, pray tell, what is PMT? Is it our PMS? Now, back to deadlines, before I can RIP as a DOA.

Are you having problems with the sidebar picture? It was supposed to be your turn this Saturday.

Sorry if I went a bit nuts. It's the werewolves fault really. They is making me crazy.

I want to post my boyfriend but he won't let me.

Your guinea-pig was successful, Kristina!

It’s been a wonderful 12 months. We’ve had some fantastic guests, given away dozens of dirty books, offered lots of scorching hot excerpts and started some memorable discussions. Olivia Knight getting Sticky, Janine Ashbless on Bestiality, Alison Tyler's Sexual Soundtrack, Stephen Elliott chatting to Mathilde Madden and Kate Pearce interviewing Molly Weatherfield were among my favourites. My Cunt proved very stimulating too but my number one favourite post of all time has to be the unforgettable Day of the Dick.

We’re grateful to all those who joined us for the ride in 2007, for supporting us and making this such a lively, smart and sexy place to be. We hope you’ll join us for more fun next year.

Don't forget, Madelynne Ellis’s massive scavenger hunt runs till January 5th, so why not check out how to play, pour yourself a glass of something potent, and come and poke around our blogs. We’re all very filthy – I mean, friendly – and there are heaps of amazing prizes up for grabs.

Merry Christmas everybody! Wishing you all a spectacular holiday – and please come and sing along with us if you can! Cheers!



Kate Pearce said...

It has been a fabulous year and I've enjoyed every minute of it. I've got to read some fabulous books from my fellow lusties received some great tips on where to find the 'best' websites and managed not to fuck up the book sidebar with extensive coaching from Olivia Knight and Kristina Lloyd.Thanks everyone!

Janine Ashbless said...

Awesome, Kristina!

And I can promise that for our 300th Post you'll all be getting something you've NEVER seen before.

kristina lloyd said...

Ah yes, Kate. Those 'best' websites. What would we do without 'em, eh?

Janine, I can't wait till your Boxing Day 300th! I'm sure people must think this is for show and that really all the Lusties know what you've got planned. But we don't! It's not fair! You just keep swirling your cape backstage and muttering about stuff that makes no sense. Too cruel, too cruel!

Janine Ashbless said...

Hee hee hee...

(goes off for a drink before she thinks too much and panics)

kristina lloyd said...

Just a little clue! Please!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Is there a prize if we can match up each behind-the-scenes e-mail snippet with the piece of Lust Bites Monster Woman that came from the same source?

Lust Bites Monster Woman said...

Hey, mister! The prize is 40 minutes under the mistletoe with me!

Deanna Ashford said...

Is 300 a clue please say it is!

jothemama said...

Thanks for a year of fun! I offered a friend the loan of an LB book the other day and she said her new boyfriend disapproves of porn, as it's disempowering to women!

I suggested he come here and see how empowered the lustbiters are.

She went on to tell me how he doesn't swear and uttered the words 'Janey Mac, you're smashing' in a bedroom context! "What would you do?

Happy New Year!