Monday, December 3, 2007

The Beauty of his Armpits

by Kristina Lloyd
I love men's armpits. I love the look, touch, taste and smell of them. You know when he's undressing and he pulls his top over his head, when he's briefly blinded by fabric? Sometimes, I want to freeze that moment. I want to stay with the whiff of his dark, musky scent and feast my eyes on him when he can't look back. I love how his raised arms pull his torso tight, expand his chest and flatten his belly. I love the flash of underarm hair, the soft hollowing within those delicate bones and the paler skin that rarely sees the sun. And then I love nuzzling up for a noseful and getting that pheremonal hit. It's intoxicating, like breathing in sex itself.

There's a word for armpit lust: maschalophilous. See? This isn't just another Kristina Lloyd gratuitous-pic upload. It's highly educational!

The etymology of maschalophilous is rooted in the Greek - oh, bollocks to it. I'll just keep uploading photos, while making occasional noises like 'meep' and 'oohhh', shall I?

Because I have quite a lot of photos and I think you need to see as many as possible to appreciate the wide variety of armpit poses a guy has. He can be strung up (poor Trent!), showing off (lots of those), lazing around (lots of those too) or casually stroking his head and wishing it were my hand that caressed him. (Oh, David, I'm sorry, I'm busy right now.)

White vests go well with armpits, as demonstrated by Chad White (left) and Carmo della Vecchia up at the top there.

No clothes at all looks very nice too. See, here's proof!
What I love most about a good armpit pose, and the one above is a classic, is it's such a delicious mix of arrogance and vulnerability, of easiness and strength. His body is bold and open, his biceps are tense, and yet we're seeing the tender underside of muscle, the patch of soft hair, the sweep down the sides of his torso, the hint of ribs beneath the skin. It's a position in which he's asking to be licked, sniffed, caressed or, um, blown. Um, or straddled.

Ahem. A recent study by the US Dept of Olfactory Obviousness discovered that women exposed to the concentrated compounds extracted from men's sweaty armpits become horny. I'd have told 'em that for a tenner.

Oh, look! That poor man just fell over on the bus!

Oh, look! That man is wearing see-through swimtrunks but no one will notice because they are dazzled by his armpits!

Oh, look! Man-love!

Oh, look! He is dreaming of having sex with me.

Oh, look! Brad's pits.

I think I should stop there. If I carry on much longer, I'll start doing scandalous things like linking to gay porn sites called or or telling you that 'bagpiping' is the slang term for armpit sex. And then where would we be? Sacked, probably, if you follow those links at work.

So tell me. Do you share my maschalophiliac tendencies? Do you want him soapy-fresh or sweating from a hard day's graft? Do you want him hairy or barely there? When he's flat on his back, hands behind his head, what is it, exactly, that you want to do to him?

Kristina X

Picture credits: Tattoos (3) by Joe Oppedisano; Classic armpit (5) and Sex Dream (10) by Quemas; Man-love by Dylan Rosser


mina murray said...

Oh.My.God.I thought it was just me! I love the Oppedisano and Dylan-Rossi images, although all the pics are so good. Am hyperventilating (though not bagpiping) here.

You know who else would give good armpit? Dave Grohl . And with a little ink to go with it. Ahhh...

Mathilde Madden said...

Oh god yes. How many text messages have I sent to men saying 'Don't wash - don't shave'?

Far too many.

Olivia Knight said...

A fellow maschalophile... I once broached this subject with some girl friends and was met with such a resoundingly girly chorus of "Ewww!" and "That's disgusting!" that I felt like I should return to the mountains to rejoin the other trolls.
But YES. Licking towards an armpit - all the way slowly up the sides, shivery, tantalising - all around the edge of the armpit - the beautiful sexy smell - the gasp and moan when your mouth latches into the sensitive hollow, and then the absolute blast of pheremones... pheremones... mmmm...
The only thing that tastes disgusting is deodorant. It's sort of dry and powdery on one's tongue, slightly bitter. Always disappointing, when you expect a noseful of essential sex and get a mouthful of what basically tastes like talc.

Olivia Knight said...

When he's flat on his back, hands behind his head, what is it, exactly, that you want to do to him?

Lick. Every. Inch.

Following, of course, the National Institute for Seduction's approved guidelines on the ordering of erogenous zones and appropriate routes between them. Everything's an erogenous zone, it's just a question of what you touch first.

So, yes.

Lick. Every. Inch. In order.

Anne Tourney said...

This is a revelation for me. I thought I was going to have to find a support group for armpit lickers! (Although now I do know where to look for one: Maschalophiles Anonymous.)

Glorious photos, and glorious words, Kristina. On a more serious note, it always makes me a bit sad to think of all the ways our culture deliberately masks the more primal elements of sexuality. Who ever came up with the idea of plastering armpits with what basically amounts to scented, allergenic caulk?

My last relationship was a long-distance one, and at the end of one of our visits my lover gave me one of his t-shirts. I took it home and slept with it until the armpit smell had almost faded. After the relationship ended, I stuffed it in a closet and tried to forget about it. I found it again when I moved . . . I thought the scent was gone, but one whiff, and it all came back to me.

I think there's something in us that's not only drawn to a lover's scent, but recalls it at an instinctual level.

Janine Ashbless said...

I'm signing in later than normal because I've been lost for words. Except "meep" and "oohhh!" that is. And a number of other unladylike noises.
As Anne said - Glorious!

The big question of the day is - Hair or No Hair?
I notice that on gay websites there's a tendency to go for the shaved look. But I can't help thinking that even my friend here would look a that little bit better with natural fluffy tufts in his pits.

Janine Ashbless said...

As for Dave Grohl...
He's not that pretty but I do have a bit of a funny turn every time I watch the Pretender video and it gets to the bit where he's splashing about in all the blood/red water...

Anne Tourney said...

I definitely vote for armpit hair, Janine. I especially love blond armpit hair, long and straight and silky. Sometimes it's amazing how fine it can be.

Now it seems my lovers' armpit hair tends to be gray . . . which is kinda like blond.

Olivia Knight said...

I vote hair. Not in excess, but absolutely not shaved or waxed or anything silly like that.

Who ever came up with the idea of plastering armpits with what basically amounts to scented, allergenic caulk? And then decided to add carcinogenic aluminium while they were about it? I agree with it masking primal elements - although, that said, I'm a sucker for men's fragrances. I'm a very olfactory person and one whiff of the right aftershave has me melting in a little puddle of willing lust. Even the terribly powerful ones that are the smell-equivalent of being clubbed on the head caveman style make me weak-kneed and shiny-eyed. I have, on occasion, tracked a delicious aftershave through a crowd, nose quivering like a wolfhound, only to be bitterly disappointed when I traced the wearer.

Without getting positively Proustian and rabbiting on for three hundred pages about the smell of madeleines, smell & memory are hand & glove. I have a catalogue of smells that poleaxe me with memories - certain flowers, particular weather, specific perfumes & aftershaves - but a person's individual smell... that you'll only ever get from them. And it's hypnotic and bypasses all logical thought and just goes straight for the emotional jugular. (I have had smell-dreams about a person, before)

Oh, dear. People are so funny about smell. Even the word is assumed to mean "bad smell". Although as someone with a very keen sense of smell, it's not actually something to be envied - a lot of the world does just smell bad.

Janine Ashbless said...

I was told to make my last Black Lace novel somewhat less smelly.
I like smells.

kristina lloyd said...

I vote for hair as well. It's so nuzzleable!

I feel like we're all coming out of the closet here in declaring our passion for pits. And Janine, that was a nice link back to the post that started it all. And a nice nekkid too. Cheers!

Do BL have a smell policy? Is it in their guidelines?

Madeline Moore said...

Oh Kristina, you slay me. Glorious post! Like Olivia, I have a keen sense of smell, and have been ecstatic and disgusted because of it, many times. So the good strong yummy scent of a man is a real treat.

What is it that I want to do to him?
Drink him in.

Finally, I must say, Kristina, your posts are always more than a plethora of quasi-pornographic man-pics. I'm already planning how and when to drop 'maschalophilous' into my Christmas convos. Something like: Madeline:'Wow, look at the pits on that one!
(titters) Sorry. I'm such a maschalophilous.'
Friend 1: A what?
Friend 2: Oh that Mad. She's always working!'

Alison Tyler said...

Do BL have a smell policy? Is it in their guidelines?
Perhaps they should make one of the novels (Janine's?) a scratch-and-sniff!

I haven't thought much about armpits before, but I treasured a sweatshirt of one of my exes. His smell was on that shirt, and I wore it and wore it until all I could smell was me.


Madelynne Ellis said...

Armpits certainly aren't high on my list of loves, but I certainly prefer a natural smell to that of deodorant. Hmm, and a little bit of light coloured hair over thick black bushes.

Deanna Ashford said...

Yes from a distance they look very sexy to me but nuzzling up close - sorry not so sure about that!

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

It's the pits. Opening our eyes to another erogenous zone are you KL? Well my theory is that when a man exposes his armpits to a woman he's increasing his vulnerability because she just might decide to tickle him there. I'd give your essay an "I" for imagination.

Alison Tyler said...

She didn't take the pictures herself, Karl, so clearly other people find underarms sexy, too. I'll give your comment a P for Pompous.

I'm right, Kristina, aren't I? You didn't take all those pictures yourself... did you? Oh, god, I just had this image of you approaching men on the street and offering to photograph their arms...

Kate Pearce said...

I am totally with you on this one-totally. I love armpits and biceps and the photos and I'm already smiling because this is a post that I'm going to be looking at closely all day...
thank you!

Lillian Feisty said...

I'm not really an armpit girl, although smell doesn't bother me. I guess it's more of a hair thing. I don't like man hair.

I was watching Rock of Love recently (as I have an addiction to bad reality TV) and I noticed Brett was totally smooth Under There. I thought it was hot, yet I was also a bit grossed out. How do you explain that?

Jeremy Edwards said...

Alison said:

I'm right, Kristina, aren't I? You didn't take all those pictures yourself... did you? Oh, god, I just had this image of you approaching men on the street and offering to photograph their arms...

Personally, I doubt that KL stooped so low as to approach men on the street. She probably limited herself to the sidewalk. I know that's where she accosted me, at least. I had to beg off, alas, because I had a previous engagement with a dimple fetishist. (Also, I still had some frosting in my pits from that birthday-cake incident yesterday.)

Anne Tourney said...

Without getting positively Proustian and rabbiting on for three hundred pages about the smell of madeleines, smell & memory are hand & glove.

"Where are the pits of yesteryear?"

I've had smell dreams, too. Though not about pits . . . they are usually about bacon. Which is a totally different fetish.

kristina lloyd said...

I'm awarding myself an S for Services to Womankind because I think it's clear lots of us are loving his armpits. It might look like a minority kink I imagined but that's only because vast swathes of female sexuality aren't represented or catered for.

Although, of course, I did take the pics myself. I hung around my usual back alley, eyeing up strangers - until I saw some friends pass by and then I joined them in attending a dimples and bacon munch. Sorry folks, I promised I'd keep those pictures private. They're quite, um, specialist.

Madeline Moore said...

Oh look - Brad's pits.

You approached Brad and got him to pose with his pits bared? Oh Kristina, you're so - brave and good. Is there nothing you won't do for LB?

Please tell Brad, next time you see him, that I love him very much.
Oh and it's okay that he's with Angelina, as long as Angie is okay that he's with me.


kristina lloyd said...

I know, I know, Madeline. The lengths I go to.

And I'm sure Angie will be fine about Brad being with you. After all, she's cool about him being with me.

Clare said...

'You know when he's undressing and he pulls his top over his head, when he's briefly blinded by fabric? Sometimes, I want to freeze that moment.'

Read my mind. Again!

Suzanne Portnoy said...

Is it the armpit or the hands above the head posture we find desirable? I find a man with his arms over his head desirable, because a well defined, muscular upper arm that then leads to that hollow pit is so classically masculine. Whilst that same strong arm over the head says, 'Take me. I've available.' So, for me, it's that contrast between the implied strength and submission. Now I've got myself all worked up and I have to go to work, where bizarrely I have two pictures of semi-clad, gorgeous men displaying their armpits on my bulletin board. I'll send you one for your collection!

kristina lloyd said...

Thanks Suzanne! I got him and he is added.

TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

I admit to being cool toward armpits except as part of the total package. I'm fond of nibbling, etc., just about any part of a man I love (or am in lust with), but armpit pix, I fear, leave me cold. Some fine looking men here, but not because of their pits.

And ladies, ladies, Angelina is cool with Brad being with you because she's busy with me.

Becky Whee said...

I'm so glad that I am not the only one! The collection of images here are amazing!

primadonna said...

I love the smell as well. I don't get anything from the look but the smell mmmmmmm

JustLikeHeaven said...

The images you have collected are awesome and so sexy too.

Catherine Martinique said...

Wow...reading your post made me wonder...maybe I'm missing something. Then looking at the photos. Suddenly got warm.
Enjoyed reading your post.

Serafina Samadhi said...

This is so cute! and hilarious! You made a ho hum (-for me) topic become alive! Way to go!

Mia said...

It's not a fetish for me personally but you have certainly given a very different and fun perspective.

Love the images but I do love looking at a ripped naked man!!

~Mia~ xx