Tuesday, August 7, 2007

You're a Winner!

The winner of a copy of Velvet Heat, edited by Scott McMorrow, is Ally.

The winner of Mandy Roth's PDF download of 'Red Light Specialists' is lover of books.

The winner of Marilyn Jaye Lewis' Engtangled Lives is eile.

And the winners of the A - H books are femmegyrl and Kiki. Please send your mailing address to msalisontyler at yahoo dot com. Also, if you want to be my friend, check out my new MySpace page for the ABC books.


everybody we're moving on up
moving on up
you're a winner
you gotta keep pushing


P.S. Check out the pin above and other delightful accesories at Locher's.
P.P.S. Winners are chosen by the Random Number Generator.
P.P.P.S. Shameless Plug alert! Scott McMorrow is a finalist in the IVEY Awards One-Minute Play Contest. Check him out!


kiki said...


I WON?!?!?! hmmmm - what will i spell with them??

oh! perhaps CAGED? or, B CAGED -- not sure where to put the H there...hmmmm....oh the possibilities!!!

thank you thank you random number generator thingy!!


Alison Tyler said...

Hey Kiki,

In about a year, you'll be able to spell "beam."

I'm wondering if people will send me words they've spelled with their books. I could put them up on the ABC Books My Space Page.


Madeline Moore said...

What a list of winners! I *may* be wrong, but after an exhaustive search of other erotica sites, I have determined, ahem, scientifically, ahem, that LUST BITES gives away MORE books than any other site. So. For free speech, free smut, and free books, stick with Lust Bites.

Just one thing - kiki - yes, you won four ABC books, but - they are addictive! You have been warned.

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Did anybody else notice the tag in the picture "Will Fuck for Shoes". Is that your doing, Alison, or is this just some "objet trouve" from your art collection, you art historian, you curator, you...

Alison Tyler said...

It's simply a pin that I covet, Karl. I put a link to the website in the P.S. There are so many gorgeous items at Locher's. Shirts, jewelry. But this particular one seemed to be made especially for me.

Anonymous said...

Do they do a "Will fuck minotaurs"?

Ally said...

Thankyou Alison Tyler and Scott McMorrow. Lets not forget Lust Bites and the random number generator. I shall send my address in an email post haste. I love having an extra reason to smile, 10 minutes after I wake up.
Ok Coffee!!! Coffee, coffee, coffee.

Anonymous said...

Kiki, if you bought 2 extra copies of Exotic you could write HE BE CAGED.

Works for me! Lumpy grammar and all. Especially if 'he' is a werewolf.

But I just can't think of anything to do with the 'F'

Kate Pearce said...

congrats everyone!-I wish I could win stuff. I just end up spending huge wads of cash.

kristina lloyd said...

Madeline, that's a very excellent scientific survey. Well done.

And if anyone doubts the veracity of your findings, all they need do is turn up tomorrow for our big fat giveaway to mark the release of Love on the Dark Side, aka paranormal porn.

I think that will prove you are 100% right and we are 100% the best.

Smut Girl said...

Congrats to the winners :) Kiki, I think the first thing you must spell is:


Who said paranormal porn? Count me in...

Eile said...

Thank you thank you *jump up and down* thank you!