Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lust Bites T-Shirt Tour

A holiday, a holiday:
The first one of the year.
Young Matty Groves went to the Fest
For folk music and beer.

And when the singing it was done,
He cast his eyes about;
And there he spied a Lust Bites shirt
A-passing through the crowd...

(That's enough Folk.)


t'Sade said...

Cool, yet slightly obscure, product placement. :)

Deanna Ashford said...

How about a muscular guy, with our blog address written across his naked butt?

That would be even better product placement.

Any volunteers?

Kate Pearce said...


Jeremy Edwards said...

Any volunteers?

Don't look at me--I've already leased both cheeks to Cute Overload.

Jeremy Edwards said...

I feel foolish about this, too. I knew I should have held out for a better offer.