Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Wonderful World of Winners

Kristina Lloyd
We've got results of THREE giveaways to announce! Heck, we're so nice.

1. Wet Men and Love Honey Lovin':

The big buzzy bunny (aka Jessica Rabbit Platinum Vibrator) goes to the first Lisa (sorry second Lisa!), commenting at 12.42 after an excruciating Friday.

The ten G-spot vibes set to turn on the UK go to:
Mad Fairy
Bam Bam
Marshall Banana
Melissa Heywood
HL Berry

2. Madeline Moore's Wild Card goes to Jeremy Edwards

3. Rachel Kramer Bussel's Naughty Spanking Stories 2 go to Just Craig

Congratulations winners! Please send names and postal addresses to lustbitesladies [at] yahoo [dot] com. And please tell me which prize you won or I may get confused and Jeremy could end up reading a rabbit.

Thanks to everyone who joined in and made wet men such fun. I'd give you all a platinum Jessica if I could. Don't forget out fabulous discount deal with Love Honey runs until Friday, so if you want to invest in some Wild Bitch handcuffs, a light-up glass dildo, a stash of condoms or a bundle of amazingly hot, sexy books (yes - ours!) then this is the week to do it. Check out the sidebar and place your order before the weekend using the LUSTBITES voucher. And have fun!

If you're still hungry for more hot men (are you lot never sated?), try the fabulous For Her blog where the hotties keep coming, or lose yourself in pictures at Provocateuse.

And of course, keep loving it the Lust Bites' way!

Kristina Lloyd x

PS Did that last bit sound like a naff advertising slogan or do you think I got away with it?


kiki said...

congratulations to the first lisa.
i'm so happy for you.

t'Sade said...

'gratz to all the winners

And yummy picture!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Wow--the luck of the draw has given me Wild Card! I'm feeling flush indeed. Thank you, queens of smut. 'Tis better than the riches of kings. And I'm sure that reading it will soon have me ja-- Anyway, like I was saying . . . thanks!

Ally said...

Congrats to the winners...

Jeremy... I've read Wild Card and man you will like it. Put yourself in to the Ray character. There were quite a few times I wish I had been born a male... Hot!

Lisa... have fun with your toy. I don't think I could have handled 7 settings, I'm sure I would have fried it out on the first run.

Just Craig said...

Woo hoo! I just finished reading She's on Top so your timing is perfect.

Thank you, kind lusty ladies! It's like a kinky Christmas in August.

Kate Pearce said...

okay-who is that man?
Can i have him?

Melissa Heywood said...

Lisa, enjoy your toy. I'd br lting if I said you won't enjoy it.

Thanks the all the Lusty Ladies for picking my name out of the hat for a runner up. I'm sure I'll put it to great use. Well..A girl can never have enough toys can she?

kristina lloyd said...

Kate, the photographer is Hans Hadorn, the man is Nick Beyeler. He's an athlete of some sort and a model. And no you can't have him. He is mine.

Sorry about the link, by the way. I realise people are trying to write. Oops, sorry again.

Smut Girl said...

Kiki, you made me laugh. I am with you. *sniffle*...*hiccup*. Ah well, congrats to all the winners. I know everyone is supposed to state their prize when they email KL, but I think it would be sort of fun to see Jeremy try to read a rabbit. He's a super smart guy. I bet he'd get the hang of it eventually...