Saturday, August 4, 2007

H is for Hooray!

Ah, yes, here I am again.
Begging you to lend an ear.
Clearly, I can’t get away from the alphabet.
Darling, you might even say that I am obsessed with learning my letters.
Ever since I started the Naughty Stories from A to Z series, which features 26 stories in alphabetical order, I’ve used the ABCs as a guide.
From Naughty Stories, I moved onto the challenge of editing 26 books, with each story beginning with the appropriate letter of the alphabet.
Good writers rise to any dare.
Hey, they tease me, How are you going to deal with Q?
I don’t know, I stammer, blushing while thinking of a book of stories dedicated to Quarterbacks, or Queen, or, um, Queues.
(Jeremy would have something clever to insert here, I’m sure.)
Kiki and Kristina, stop twittering in the back!
Let me say my piece and get on with it.
Most of the time, the ABCs are my friends.
Now, that I’ve gotten through H and have moved onto IJKL, I’m nearly halfway there.
Oh, but I know you’re wondering what each letter will be.
P is for panties, punishment, paddling, perverts?
Quiet down, there’s no rush.
Right now, we’re focusing on the four just released (E is for Exotic, F is for Fetish, G is for Games, and H is for Hardcore).
So sit back, sip your cider (or something stronger, Sommer) and get ready for a taste.
Tease—I meant a tease.
Unfortunately, as the books are so short, I can’t give you much more than a sliver from each.
Very short, but oh so hot.
What’s that, Mat?
You bet, how could they be anything else when peppered with stories by Lust Biters Dayle Dermatis, Gwen Masters, Kristina Lloyd, Madelynne Ellis, Mathilde Madden, Shanna Germain, and Teresa Noelle Roberts.
Zippers slide down, and hands reach in, and oh, hell… go on, read the next sexy tidbits—you know you want to.

E is for Exotic, Native Tongue by Shanna Germain:

I fold my body down until I can nestle my own tongue against Margret’s bikini bottom. She’s still working her tongue against my clit, but I try to focus. I slide her tiny bikini to the side to allow me access. I tuck my finger inside her. She is wet already, smelling of sea salt and musk.

I slide two fingers inside her, loving the wet clutch of her, the way she moans into me. My thumb rubbing across her clit, I slide a third finger in. I fuck her like that, pushing so hard her tongue slides back and forth across my clit with the movement of her body. Through the wet fabric of her suit, her hard nipples rub my belly with the movement.

Margret arches her back. Her tongue becomes frantic across my clit, and then she gives up and sucks me, hard into her mouth. We don’t come together; she goes first, moaning as I dive into her with my fingers. It is this sound, the meaningless vibrations of her throat as she sucks my clit, that lets me follow her.

The place we bring each other to, there are no words for that.

No words at all.

F is for Fetish, Boot Camp by Kristina Lloyd:

So here I am on my hands and knees, gazing at five pairs of army boots, all in need of some love and attention. I’m so horny I can barely kneel. The detention block’s at the far end of the lawn, and every Tom, Dick and Harry in there has probably got binoculars on my butt. The guys, my guys, sit with their feet planted wide, pants tucked in or hitched up so I can see everything there is to see; every last eyelet and lolling tongue; every stitch, scuff and scratch; every line of dust and each grain of Iraqi sand lodged in the creases that are etched in the leather.

G is for Games, No Limits by Madelynne Ellis:

Colored plastic stuck to our palms, and feet, which squeaked and sighed with our every move. We were the final pair in a Twister death match, and I for one was going for broke.

“No limits, to what exactly?” I asked. How much strain my calf muscles could take in order to make this a victory for the girls?

The naughty look in his shocking blue eyes suggested not. I suspected he had something far more risqué in mind. So, possibly what he meant was that there were no limits to how big a spectacle he was prepared to make of us. Not that I was worried on that score. You don’t play Twister in a short skirt and fishnets without weighing up the consequences first. I knew exactly how much I had on display, and he couldn’t strip me naked with his eyes.

“Left hand, red.”

His palm slithered down my inner thigh, wakening hungry nerve endings, on route to its destination, the colored circle by my foot.

H is for Hardcore, Me, When I’m With You by Mathilde Madden:

“How much longer?”

I don't answer. But I do stop teasing and tell you to stand up. Your cock is so hard and needy. It makes me wince to see you move around with it jutting out in front of you.

Big hard cock, big hard man. You, standing over me as I lie on the bed, would almost make me feel weak and small if I didn't have such an incredible hold over you. If I hadn’t taken you to the edge five times already today. If you didn’t need to come so much right now that it's pulsing off you.

You're naked. You're so pretty when you're naked that all I really need to do is look at you. Strip you and have you stand there while I masturbate to the sight of you. Use you as porn.


So there you have it. Four slippery little excerpts from four sexy little books. And guess what? In honour of our 200th post (which I believe is this weekend) Cleis Press has graciously donated two full sets of the A-H books. So comment today for a chance to win 8 of your own ABC anthologies. And then you can spell cool words on your bookshelf, too.


Ally said...

Yes, Yes, Yes! Yummylicious.
Loved the excerpts. Now I have to go to bed (oh my),it is 3:30 am.

I spell words and sentences on my fridge.

I have a set of Erotic magnetic poetry, with hundreds of words that I can mix up to my hearts desire.

My latest fridge sentence.
"I beg will you please lick my swollen juicy crack and make me convulse and scream with an exquisite orgasm."

Both my sons came to visit for dinner, a movie and a few drinks. I said 'Leave me a fucked up sentance.' My youngest left me a one word sentance. "Drunk"

Then he fell over laughing, he said I'm sorry Mom, you really aren't, your just a lush.

kristina lloyd said...

Well, fuck me filthily, what a fantabulous prize!

Guess what the postman just brought - yup, my author copies of Fetish. So I'm fondling and fiddling (with the *books*, okay) and feeling fairly frilled. Thrilled. They are so gorgeous.

And tomorrow is Lust Bites' Bicentenary - our 200th post! To celebrate, we're bringing you 200 semi-nekkid men! This is not a joke. Tilly and I are currently rounding them up. We had 115 at the last count. Truly, it's the hottest thing. I've never seen so much beautiful man-flesh rubbing up against beautiful man-flesh (except in my dreams).

**Madden and Lloyd: trawling gay porn websites so you don't have to.**

Oh, how we sweat and suffer for Lust Bites.

jothemama said...

What would I spell? Ahab? Cad?Fad? Fade? Chafe? Fed? Beg? Ace?

Alison Tyler said...

Hey Jo,

I know... you really need a few more letters to spell the good words. Right? But there's:


Hmmm. We could really use a K and a U and an N and... I'm off to look in my dirty dictionary.


kiki said...

age aged fag bad dab gab cab egad bad bade bag fab cad gad badge bed bead deb fed fade fad ace

i'm sure it makes more than that too...

what it *almost* makes?


sparkle said...


As one or two your already loyal readers might have already purchased a couple of these treasures for the, uh, bookshelf, the reader might spell "BEGGED".

Yes, that's where they are really - the bookshelf. Not wedged into the opening between the mattress between the headboard and mattress for easy retrieval when a certain reader can't sleep. No, not there, but prettily arranged and in utterly perfect condition on a bookshelf...

(There's also BEACH, FACED, CAGED ... )


Janet said...

I think I need these to shock my "oh so proper" houseguests...LOL. These are conversation starters for sure.

Alison Tyler said...

God, I didn't even think of CAGED. That's awesome, Sparkle. And, you're right, since I do have a few multiples, I could spell BEGGED. Very nice.

I'm guessing which commenters spend some time playing WORD WHOMP. And I'm sorry to say that I missed such a lovely t-shirt slogan from Kristina earlier today:

fuck me filthy


kiki said...

cage!! i missed cage!?!? i also missed head, but happily alison saw it. two good words that really shouldn't be missed.

and of course, you can also do caged.

OOOH! and beach too!

hmmm - i'm thinking that with all the letterness, perhaps Murray would be able to make some words with those letters that i've missed.

::thinks back to so many of the groovy people that have been interviewed on lustbites::

::then groans over how long is taking me to get the HTML right!!!::

Smut Girl said...

Gah! I spell Gah. As in~ "Gah! just survived a sleepover and am half awake despite 2 cups of strong coffee." But look at the lovely little devils and the clever arrangement to spell BAD. One of my all-time favorite words. It's just not any good unless it's bad...
with one eye open...

Anonymous said...

So wonderfully delightful, now I really know my ABCs...

Jeremy Edwards said...

And for those who like a prelude on the organ . . . Bach.

kiki said...

what? word whomp? me?

tee hee hee

the problem with word whomp is that, while it recognizes LUST, it refuses to accept SLUT.

Michelle M Pillow said...

I love the cover spines. :)

Great excerpts!

Smut Girl said...

I love a good prelude on the organ...what? not *that* organ? ;)

Alison Tyler said...

refuses to accept SLUT

I hate when that happens!


KimW said...

I've got an open spot on my bookcase. lol Great excerpts! Perfect stories for summer when your short on time and need a quick read.

Stacy S said...

Great excerpts. Looking forward to the 200 nakid men tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

TAKE ME TO SCHOOL! I can't wait to learn my ABC's again. And again, and again and... This was so hot. I love your post and you got another daily reader. I'm going to cum so hard reading these then fucking my new toys. Ugh you are so my newest erotica stop.

Mouse said...

ooh. books. yes, please.

Q could be for queer...but it seems, so obviously, that it is for quirt.


Sandra said...

The excerts were awesome and very, umm...inspiring :)

And I love the whole alphabet thing. That takes some seriously sizzling creative juices.

Anonymous said...

i am so so very glad that i now know my ABC's!!!
thank you for those sexy snippets!!!
x's (by the way what is "x" going to stand for??)

Alana said...

Big congrats on the alphabet books, A. They're way cool; I love them. Excelelnt excerpts too. Wow! Kx, can't wait to read Bootcamp from start to finish!

Peace all.

Alana said...

P.S. Trust me, Kx. I explore plenty of gay porn sites all on my lonesome. :-)

Madeline Moore said...

Hmmm,I could've sworn I posted a comment here several hours we go again.
What a great way to start up the long weekend, here in Canada. I do so adore these ABC books...they are so purty on the outside and dirty on the inside. I have the first four, will order the second four and have submitted to the third four. Alison, congratulations on a wonderful idea that is evolving into a must-have collection for all serious lovers of erotica. ps - sidebar guy kinda gets my mojo workin'...nice, Kristina.

tetewa said...

These books sound deliciously divine would love to get a set of them!

Anonymous said...

Whoever wins the books must display the
covers on the shelf; what a waste not too.
They're a very important element of
this sooo original series. E is for
exotic has to be the best but perhaps
other readers have favorites among
these delightful pinups.


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Those ABC books would go nicely on my shelf next to the Sleeping Beauty books by Anne Rice. I wonder what juvenile titles can we appropriate next for that added frisson of ambiguity.

And for your next T-shirt, Alison, how about this:

YES and NO

And since I'm not expecting to get something for nothing, I'll share with you my idea for an alphabet series sequel. How about a series of number books:
1. Sex by yourself, 101 ways
2. How to fuck with a sex partner
3. Threesomes
4. Foreplay
and so on

Shanna Germain said...

And my T-shirt shall be:

Never Refuses to Accept Slut

Ooh, I never thought I'd like being 200 this much!

(Now, mmm, just wait for 300). Can you ladies round up 300 of the men from 300 for me? I'd be much obliged!


Kate Pearce said...

I love the look of these books-can't wait for 'L' :)
Fantastic excerpts as usual-we have some amazing writers in here1

Q is for Quidditch? or is that TM? probably-Kate scans horizon for dementors...oh crap I bet that's trademarked too

Kelly said...

I'm already hooked on Alison's blog, and now I'm going to have to add this one to my favourites too!

Fantastic excerpts, and if I don't win the books *crossing fingers* then my Visa will get a workout when I order the set online!


Sue A. said...

If I win I think I'm gonna need to buy some more vowels. These are such are cool set of books to have for any bookshelf.

Alison Tyler said...

Madeline, I will steal your line if you don't mind:

purty on the outside and dirty on the inside

I couldn't have said it better myself. My goal, always, is to put out books you might want to read in public (if you are brave). Books with lovely covers and sexy titles. Cleis came through with bells on for these books. I always envisioned the mini books to have large letters on the covers. Cleis added the inspired pin-up girls. And, please... you can't get sexier than pin-ups, can you?

Thanks to all for the sweet comments... I wish you all could win!


Madeline Moore said...

Take, take, you randy little bitch. Great post!

Eile said...

I just bought some new book shelves! How perfect would it be if all this wonderful smut filled them?

And I CAN NOT WAIT to see all the hot men Ms. Lloyd finds!


Smut Girl said...

I'm with Shanna but not as greedy. ;) Just watched 300. I will settle for 3 of the 300 men. Mmm. Buff men in sandals and diapers and horse helmets. Wohoo!

FAB. I spelled that on my bookshelf with my books...:)

Ally said...

(Now, mmm, just wait for 300). Can you ladies round up 300 of the men from 300 for me? I'd be much obliged!

Ally hops on her trojan horse and weilds her silver lassoo, to grab up some pumped up men with extremely lickable Spartan abs for Shanna.

I guess I'll have to get busy, these buggers are frightfully difficult to catch. (Can she catch 300 before the 300th?)

And, please... you can't get sexier than pin-ups, can you?

Alison, please tell us what you like to pin them up with?

I'm still hooked on the picture of Trent Reznor...

rachel said...

I love this series! I have the A and B books, but there's always room for more. I am so glad there is the potential for a 26 book series.

thelegirl said...

I've been wanting to pick up the first three considering the teasing and steamy exerts I've seen. As always Alison knows exactly what she's doing!

Anonymous said...

may i please please enter again??!! i really really want to win your abc books!!! please please

Anonymous said...

The covers are nipple-hardening, tingling in the good kind of way fun.

Let's hope my bookshelves have the opportunity to take the heat.


Anonymous said...

I have just the perfect spot on my bookshelf for these! (hint hint) ;)


May said...

I may buy extra copies of A to spell out the title of my sole WIP with sex scenes on my shelves. Need the inspiration, you know. LOL.

danetteb said...

Yum...These books would not leave my bedside *g*

Donna said...

Oops--I guess I wasn't the only one to ask what you'd do for "Q"! I'd be curious to find out which letter was the most difficult once the series is complete.... And PLEASE Cleis, issue a poster with all the covers. This collection is SOOO hot, inside and out.

Alison Tyler said...

Hey Donna,

I'm curious to see what the most difficult one will be, too! I imagine K might be a stretch for some writers - I mean to make the first word of the story a convincing K word. Knees. Knives. Kill. Kanga—

Never mind...