Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Got Spanking?

by Alison Tyler

Excuse me if I stumble on my words. Because today's theme tends to leave me speechless. I lower my eyes. I bite my bottom lip. I forget what I'm supposed to do or say. Which makes introducing our guest blogger that much more difficult. So I'll do my best to pull myself together here, and give a hearty welcome to Rachel Kramer Bussel: Spanking Queen.


I've tried to figure out why so many times, but all I can really tell you is that the mere prospect of being spanked makes me wet. Spanking is such a deliberate act; it doesn't "just happen." You have to figure out whether the person you're with would be into it; then someone has to bend over, get in position, get ready. When I'm about to be spanked, that's one of the hottest moments, knowing my spanker is watching me, staring at my ass, maybe touching it. And when, BOOM!, the blow comes slamming down against my skin, whether from a hand or paddle or belt, I just melt. I go limp, the pain and heat blazing through me and making me want more. More more more. More spanking…followed by sex. Because nothing's a bigger tease, if you ask me, than being spanked and spanked alone.

Pretty much every time I've been spanked, it's made me want to get fucked right afterward. Or during. I know that's not the case for everyone; there are spanking groups and clubs, and some people who simply want to spank and/or be spanked, without the sex. For me, they feed on each other; getting fucked makes me want to get spanked, which makes me want to…Spanking just sends my head spinning, and that's what I love about it. For people who love it as much as I do (and I know there are lots of you!), we just can't get enough, which is why I'm so thrilled that I've now edited two volumes of Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z (and am editing Spanked right now for Cleis, so send me your spanking smut!) What impresses me so much about spanking erotica is that even though perhaps the mechanics of it may look the same, the motivations differ. The feelings differ. The physical sensations differ. The context, environment, tone, implements, all set the tone for a spanking. I write in the intro to Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z, volume 2:

Spanking means countless things in this anthology–love, anger, sublimation, awakening, desire, fulfillment, foreplay, fun, prodding, patience, surrender, exhibitionism, demand, pride, want, lust, punishment, reward, humiliation, power, surprise, daring, learning, lessons, teasing, and goodbye. I'm thrilled by the heady mix of emotions I can feel when I take or deliver a firm spanking, and even more thrilled that these powerful, erotic stirrings, the kind that can bring tears to your eyes, a smile to your lips and a prolonged stirring to your nether parts, are so beautifully, touchingly and wonderfully represented here. These teasing troublemakers, vamps and vixens, horny housewives and husbands, mean bosses, powerful masters and mistresses, sassy spankers and adoring ass worshippers get what's coming to them and much, much more. The wilier and sneakier they are in concocting schemes to get spanked, the worse off (or, really, the better) it is when they actually get their much-needed and well-deserved smacks.

Here's a snippet from my story "Queuing Up" in Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z, volume 2. I hope you like it, and you know where to go if you want more!

That first slap always takes me by surprise, even when I'm expecting it. There is such a vast difference between my ass laid bare, exposed to the air, but relatively intact, and the heat that brews along that most sensitive of parts after he has spanked me; from eager to seething in several brutal, beautiful seconds. Craig holds his hand tight against my skin, maintaining the warmth and the pain, making it last those few precious seconds longer. I'm lying naked across his lap, and beneath his tight jeans, his cock presses up against me, hinting, surging, wanting, but my spankings aren't about his cock, as much as I might want them to be, as hot and wet as they might get me. Sometimes I wonder if they're even about me at all; Craig comes to me with a glint in his eye, a severity of purpose and steely resolve to spank me until I flip over some immutable edge that I am in constant awe at how much our urges are in sync.

I squirm beneath him, my clit alive with the sensation of pleasure and heat as I wait for more. He raises his hand and brings it down equally as hard on my other cheek, and I smile to myself, even as my pussy clenches fiercely. His spankings are like a magic key that unlocks the secret of my desire, and even when I'm not totally in the mood, when my pussy seems to be on hiatus, when I want him to fuck me but don't really need it, a few smacks from his strong hand and I'm back on the edge, back to being willing to do absolutely anything for him to fuck me. He knows this too, can sense from the way I breathe, the way I squirm and then stay absolutely still, that I am torn between wanting more spankings and wanting his cock filling me all the way up, though that choice is up to him, as always. His hand rains down, smack after concentrated smack, so perfect in their placement that I almost forget that tonight, as we often do, we have an audience, an eager female face soaking up all that we are doing, so new to her and yet, I sense, already unfurling a special signal inside her, a need that now that she's discovered it must be attended to immediately.


To read more spanking-themed erotica, please check out Rachel's two awesome collections from Pretty Things Press. To buy "Got spanking?" paraphernalia, go here. Plus, one lucky commenter will win a copy of Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z, volume 2!


Emerald said...

You two are so magnificent. ;) Thanks for the marvelous post!

Interestingly (to me anyway), I feel exactly the way you do about spanking, Rachel: I adore it, but for me it really must go with being fucked. "[G]etting fucked makes me want to get spanked, which makes me want to…" -- yeah, that pretty much sums it up!

Hmmm...okay, I'm off to go hunt someone down to take care of that for me now....


danetteb said...

I like to be spanked while going at it doggiestyle and I'm turned on while reading books with erotic spankings. (*g*)

Just Craig said...

I like to be spanked while going at it doggiestyle and I'm turned on while reading books with erotic spankings. (*g*)

And, since doggie style leaves your hands free, you could concievably get spanked doggie style while reading one of Rachel's books.

Talk about multitasking!

Janine Ashbless said...

Spanky bit from a forthcoming novella of mine:

Urd stopped and ran her palm across the curve of my bum, breathing as heavily as I did. It felt like her touch burned even as it soothed and cold shivers crawled down my thighs. My arse was tingling with heat and felt like it was ballooning up. She cupped the gusset of my panties and I realised I was swollen down there too. She rewarded that discovery with a swat on the cotton, considerably gentler than on my padded behind but sharp enough to make me jump and yelp.

‘Scream if you want to, girl,’ she said, and went back to her first targets. If anything she struck harder now, and my sin was alive with armed pain receptors that exploded at such brutal slaps. This time I let the shrieks rip from my throat as my hips danced from side to side and my fattened, quivering arse shook and jounced at each smack. I ground my crotch into the hard wood as if I could burrow into the piano and hide from her.

It didn’t occur to me to stand up and refuse her attentions. I drank in the pain and craved more, even as I dreaded every individual strike.

When my whole world had been reduced to a circle of fire and my tears and spit were running onto the piano, Urd paused for a second time and clasped the cotton pocket beneath my throbbing buttocks. The gusset of my panties was soaked with sweat and other, slipperier juices; so soaked that she could poke the cloth with her finger and sink it right into my slick hole. My pussy was so swollen and puffy that it filled her palm, and when she rubbed expertly over it, round and round in agonising circles, I cried a broken ‘Oh!’ one last time and came on her hand, burning.

Amy S. said...

Great excerpt! This is on my wishlist!

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Thanks Alison, for bringing us the queen of spanking. From hanging around here I get the impression that there is a sexual aspect to spanking is pretty much non-controversial.

But here's my question for RKB and the rest of you: To what degree is the sexual appeal of spanking there only for the spankosexual few who are hardwired that way, or to what degree is it something that just about everybody experiences, but maybe haven't yet admitted to themselves (ie that spanking: (giving, receiving, reading about or watching) is or can be a sexual turn-on?

kristina lloyd said...

Wow, today is painful. Seriously. Blogger needs a damn good spanking. I know a lot of people are struggling to get through.

This comment is a test. Consider it the first spank. Ready?

Take it, blogger!

Janine Ashbless said...

Good question Karl.

Here's another - one I maybe shouldn't be asking but hell, I'm nosy. Have those of us who like being spanked all experinced it as a punishment when children. I hated being slippered when I was a wee tot but now ...

Well, just wondering if there was a psychological connection, or is spanking intrinsically stimulating and pleasurable?

tetewa said...

Enjoyed the excerpt today and makes me want to do something bad to get spanked. lol

Rachel said...

I’ll answer Janine’s question first; I was never spanked as a child and for me adult erotic spanking is purely an adult endeavor. I think I first got spanked when I was maybe 22 or so.

As to why I and others enjoy it…I really don’t know. I know there are spanking clubs and groups all over the country, and that some people are there for the purely physical sensation. It’s not necessarily sexual to them, and doesn’t make them horny in the same way it does me.

I don’t think there’s anything relating to sex that “everybody experiences,” and I think that’s a good thing. Plenty of people can’t stand spanking or being spanked and that’s totally fine. I do think, though, that spanking erotica can appeal to people who aren’t necessarily spankosexuals or spankophiles or whatever we want to call them, just as kinky erotica can appeal to people who are strictly vanilla in their own sex life. That’s why it’s fiction and that’s it’s power. I would never ever ever want it to be thought that I have some vested interest in having people be into spanking. If you are, though (and clearly there are many who are), then I think you’ll find whole communities and bodies of writing and people into the same things you are. I also wrote about spanking in an old Village Voice column last year (though one of the women I profiled, Katie Spades, pretty much turned out to be a fraud).

And thanks, Emerald. I sortof wrote that response pretty quickly and then worried that it was "too much." Then again, this is Lust Bites, right?

kristina lloyd said...

This is Lust Bites, right? Ha, thanks, Rachel. Do we have a policy on ‘too much’? No, thought not.

I’m one of those slightly peculiar people who aren’t really into spanking. And Karl, trust me, it's not that I haven't admitted it to myself. I’ve dug right down into my murky depths and I just couldn't find spanking.

I was wondering if it was so popular because it's a kink most people feel OK about fessing up to. It has an innocence to it and is a bit - dare I say it - silly.

You see, that’s it for me. I find it silly.

Sorry. Please, carry on without me. I’ll watch you all from the serious corner, shall I?

angell said...

SIGH - i could use a spanking after last night....LOL.

But, work calls...again.

Love the post, as always Alison.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Fantastic post--thanks, Alison and Rachel!

Madeline Moore said...

I read this fab post this morning and was guessed it...speechless. I've taken some time to try and put together something coherent to say's all blush and stammer and subspace blank.

I call it play pain. When I'm in real pain I have no interest in play pain. But otherwise...bring it on!

Very simply, a good spanking triggers a release of endorphins in the spankee (and quite possibly, the spanker as well, though I think it's a more controlled sense of power that is the turn on for the spanker.) Endorphins = morphine, essentially.

To try spanking, you have to be willing to get through the first few 'Hey this hurts!' slaps. At least, that's the way it is for me.
It isn't an instant high, it takes a little time, then the high starts, and then I could go on for hours. A safe word isn't much use to me because I never want it to stop. That's where I need a responsible spanker who knows when enough is enough. Luckily, I have one.

There's the after stuff too - I like the cooing and cuddling and 'You were Sooooo brave,' stuff. THEN the sex.

I have a spanking story, Rachel, it's very sucky, which most of my subbie writing is...but I'll send it along to you and see what you think.

Great post, Ms Tyler. As i said, I waited to post in the hopes that I'd have something to say. Hey! I guess I DID have something to say, after all. Yay!

Smut Girl said...

I'm in! I'm in!! I am so excited I forgot what I was about to say. Having no interest in spanking myself...heh heh. Okay, no one is falling for that. Are they? Great post and the comments were just as interesting.

As for Janine's question. One, very mild spanking as a child. Three waps and the spanker cried more than the me. Not very successful (or intimidating) ;)

As for endorphin/morphine/spanking that Madeline broke down. Shh...32. That's is right, 32. BUt I am making up for lost time!

Great post and both of these books are gorgeous. I know because they are on my shelf :)

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

There's social intercourse, and there's sexual intercourse. In my mind, adult spanking lives somewhere in the middle, between those two poles. It's a form of interaction that goes beyond the social (in that it crosses the usual "personal space" boundaries, but it is not, in itself, a sexual intercourse, though some may argue that one.

Brings to mind the expression "He's hitting on me".

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Further to Janine's question, as I understand it from other forum readings, interest in adult spanking is by no means limited to those who experienced spanking as children, although the interest is often well established by the age of 8 or so.

In my own case I was spanked as a child, but didn't find it erotic then, not that I knew what erotic meant, but at the time I did take a special interest in spankings given to my female schoolmates, but still it wasn't til I was much older that I made the connection. At the time it was maybe more like gawking at a traffic accident.

Kate Pearce said...

I admit to having a deep squirmy interest in spanking, I suspect some of this comes from attending a Catholic school where the boys got caned, but we girls didn't.

Can't say I'd like to include it regularly in my own sex life but I like to read it and occasionally write it.

Thanks for a fascinating post!

danetteb said...

Lol husband would get distracted if I was reading too.:D

Madeline Moore said...

Hmm, I did get a lot of nasty spankings as a child. I didn't like it, ever. But it's possible fear and excitement got intermingled in my little girlie brain... I know people use spankings,etc, as a way to reclaim themselves after abuse. ie. Once it was done to me without my consent, now it's done to me with my consent.'

I don't feel like that sort of person. I'll admit I didn't think people really did all the stuff one reads about in books and mags and now, on blogs like this it was a shock to find out that lots of people were playing all kinds of games in the real world.

I can see spanking being playful or, as our own Olivia Knight put it, vanilla. I think serious spankees are folks who hit subspace, which is a delightful experience of muddled mind and craving body...and I think that does have to do with endorphins.

kiss kiss from Madeline. I enjoyed this post, although after yesterday and today I think I've given away more of myself than I'd ever intended.

Portia Da Costa said...

I enjoy writing about spanking... but I don't know why.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Even though, as it happens, I'm not a spanking enthusiast, may I chime in just to express my general enthusiasm for naked, feminine bottoms, conveniently displayed across laps? I mean, I wouldn't want anyone to think that just because I didn't take part in a discussion about spanking, that I was lacking in appreciation for soft, round, womanly arses over laps, arses that might--let's just say, for the sake of argument--be seductively framed by hiked-up miniskirts and lewd little yanked-down panties.

P.S. I think, in my case, this is sexual.

Mandy Leigh B. said...

I loved this post!! Before reading this, I never knew I wanted to be spanked. My husband likes to smack my butt hard enough to leave a handprint- which I hate because he likes to sneak up on me and do it. After reading that though, I know the perfect compromise- bring it in the bedroom!!

Just Craig said...

I think for some, pleasure and pain are linked. To Rachel and Emerald's point, spanking begets fucking begets spanking and so on.

I for one like pleasure and like pain on both giving and recieving ends, but whether I'm "into" the pain depends on my state of mind.

I absolutely love to write about spanking and other pain related topics.

I was raised in a very gentle household, so my enjoyment of pain certainly doesn't tie back to my upbringing. As a matter of fact, I used to dread pain!

Oh, how things change.

Alison Tyler said...

*red-cheeked, yes, but for all the wrong reasons*

I had every intention on being present for an all-day spank fest, but have only just managed to get online for the first time today. And now I’m whipped (pun definitely intended).

For those of you who haven’t seen this yet, Sommer is offering something for every spanko! Check out her smutgirl blog for an awesome contest.


Rachel said...

Jeremy, what a tease! I'm a huge fan of over the knee, both giving and receiving. For me, the visual element is huge and also the overall sensory experience. I think when you combine all that with so many different motivations people have for spanking and getting spanked, it's just so ripe for being written about.

It's funny because for all that I write about spanking, I don't get to engage in it that often, so when I do, it's a real treat. I'm actually writing a story now for my anthology Spanked that's pretty intense emotionally. That's one thing I think is so fabulous about erotic spanking; for some people it's really playful and lighthearted and for others it's as intense as it gets.

This has been really fun and interesting, everyone! (And don't let that stop you from continuing to chime in. I love hearing people's spanking stories.)

For the more visually inclined, some NSFW sites:

a video of me being spanked at my last book party!

Eliza Castle said...

Alison said I had to tag in and say "hi," because I designed the covers for these books. I am just learning how blogger works, so that's all I'll say for now: Hi.

(But eavesdropping on the conversation today was a blast!)


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

While Alison is stuck incommunicado in cyberspace, laid low by a mysterious internetus interruptus, let me put forward a cultural theory of the orgins of the spanking fetish.

Janine pointed in this direction earlier when she wondered whether an interest in spanking arises from having been spanked as a child.

I see this question as drawing a parallel between spanking and what I'll call "the vampire myth", which essentially is that victims of vampires are destined to become vampires themselves. Of course we all know that Anne Rice is author of both the Sleeping Beauty trilogy of punishment erotica AND at least one series of vampire fantasy books.

Now, as I pointed out earlier, the facts don't seem to bear out this theory that spanking interests are made in childhood. Witness the many spanking enthusiasts who were never spanked at children.

But, what if we take a longer view? What if we consider the possibility of re-incarnation?

Corporal punishment was a much more widespread practice in earlier eras of earth life and it wouldn't be much of a stretch to imagine that those souls who were most deeply affected by having suffered or inflicted corporal punishment in past lives would be looking for ways to process those experiences in their present or future lives.

Consider this idea in connection with a more general theory of the evolution of social practices.

Take hunting, for example. Probably it started as a means of survival. Then it became codified as part of the established social order. (We have Jim Morrison singing about aboriginal life, about who will be ready to join "the hunt") and then in the final stage, hunting becomes a purely recreational practice. Think of the British fox hunting, for instance -- a lot of pomp and ceremony -- but really not much in the way of utility.

Did I read this idea somewhere or is it my own invention? Anyway I humbly suggest that this metamorphic procession -- from necessity, to social institution, to recreational pastime, also applies to the history of corporal punishment in general and to spanking in particular.

And for the most part, with spanking, we're now in the recreational stage, in which we act out little psychodramas, some would say, out of nostalgia for the social forms of the past. But I would say it's to forge those swords of social oppression from the past into the ploughshares of sexual ecstasy.

Ally said...

Well shit! I'm late to the party. Alison and Rachel, excellent post. Very interesting and the comments were awesome.

I don't know why I don't like my ass spanked. I always attributed it to the bad memories of my childhood spankings. But now as I debate it I am more inclined to say I think I just have an over sensitive butt. You can tap me or give me just a small flick and I will jump around like a bee stung me. Smack my ass hard and your liable to find yourself on the floor or with a black eye. The pain for me is far too much.

Now tickle my ass or touch it lightly and I'm off to never never land. Very erotic and stimulating.

But the strangest thing I find, is that, all though I cannot stand my ass being spanked, I do enjoy a whip across my back, anywhere above my tail bone will do.

Many years ago I suffered severe back pain, so much so, I can only describe it as exquisite. I was bed-ridden for nearly 3 months. Pain meds did nothing (even morphine) and after giving up on the chemicals I was feeding my body to ease what couldn't be eased, I began to try and mentally "eat" my pain. Ok I know that doesn't make much sense either, but this eating of my exquisite back pain helped me to endure it. Now that I've trained my mind to eat it, I sometimes crave it when it is gone. It puzzles me how I can take the pain from one area and make it mine, but cannot stand the pain from my other area.

Oh, but I do love to read about it. I will also give it gladly. I have yet to write about it, other than using a whip, but never on the ass... hehe. Touchie subject.

I also like being tied, but can't stand acting submissive, I have a control issue. I want all the control, all the time. Ask me and I'll do it. Tell me and you get the complete opposite.

Ah heck, maybe the spanking for me is a loss of control and the whipped back is something I've learned to control.

Who know's ... Isn't human nature interesting?

Janine Ashbless said...

Wow. Some amazing discussion going on here!

(Just to lower the tone, Mr Ashbless and I celebrated *Lust Bites Spanking Day* last night. Hee hee.)

Essin' Em said...

Spanking is something I've just recently discovered that I was into. For a long time, I associated it with daddy-girl play, something that I am distinctly not into.

However, now that I've discovered it, I just can't get enough. Even the prospect of spanking makes me dripping wet, and the first smack on my ass sends almost electrifying pulses to my clit.

I agree, that for me personally, spanking and sex have to go together. By the time I'm done being spanked, I am throbbing and aching, and want nothing more than to have my brains fucked out. My body is full of tension, and I need a release so badly. The spanking itself just builds and builds until I'm about ready to do anything just to come and realize everything pulsing through my body.

I also enjoy adding a more D/S aspect into spankings, with having to count them, and say thank you, etc...again, something I've just recently discovered.

Great article!

-Essin' Em

Alison Tyler said...

KFG says: What if we consider the possibility of re-incarnation?

If people who are into spanking can blame (or thank) reincarnation for their particular fetish, I wonder what happened in a prior life to those of us who are into anal sex, bondage, blow jobs, leather, bubblewrap, latex, gimp masks, garters, wet naked boys standing under hot showers, cigarettes, shrimping, handcuffs, high heels....


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Yes, Alison, the mind boggles at the thought of it all. You see, while you've been away I've been doing my best to subvert the discussion into my own pet memes. Hope you don't mind too much. Hope you'll still post my comments on your blog.

I'm wondering how the proceedings look to Kristina over there in the serious corner. I think she's been in the corner long enough. Shouldn't we let her turn around now?

Alison Tyler said...

I think KL snuck off hours ago to peer through a broken window at the Hollywood Y and watch handsome young men take long, hot showers...

But I could be wrong.

angell said...

Damn - I had to leave my computer early yesterday, and I'm thankful I did.

This was the just the wake up I needed.

SIGH - getting wet just thinking about being spanked....and no volunteers around.

What a disappointment.

Rachel said...

Angell, I'm with you. I certainly don't get to indulge in spanking or getting spanked anywhere near as often as I'd like. The perils of singledom, alas. I actually don't mind as I find it rather challenging to find someone I'm a good fit with spanking-wise and, you know, lifewise, but that's another story.

And just a word of warning to any writers here. Madeline, you should never tell an editor your story is "sucky." Probably one of the first rules of writing, though I know, a tough habit to break. Many of us probably have that urge toward self-deprecation, myself included, but but but but but, I really can't emphasize enough how you have to NOT do that when writing cover letters, etc. I think I only realized it once I started editing anthologies, but the minute people lament how not good their story is to me, I'm inclined to believe them. Fake it til you make it, my dears! Even if you have to develop a new persona when blogging/writing/sending work out, it's so worth it. I don't recommend being boastful, just straightforward. If you don't believe in your work, no one else will. (And trust me, I say that just as much for myself as anyone else here as I face extremely severe writer's block that makes me wonder if I'll ever finish my first novel!)

Madeline Moore said...

Good morning. Thank you for the wise words, Rachel. I wasn't saying my story sucks, though, just saying it was sucky as in 'suckyface', which is to say, it's a bit sweet and adoring for actual publication - it was written purely to entertain my man.

One more thing on spanking, which I've said more than enough about already. One doesn't have to be a brat to earn a spanking. It can be a reward to a subbie who has been particularly good.

This has been a great post, Alison.

kiki said...

late to the party, i am...

fun post.

eliza - so glad you popped by - i was actually going to comment on the covers - especially the cover on naughty spankings vol. 2! i LOVE that one veddy veddy much!

thanks alison


Alison Tyler said...

Oh, Kiki!

I’m so glad you’re back!



kiki said...

oh my!!! oh oh oh oh!!!!!! LOOK AT THAT!!!!

i LOVE LOVE LOVE that!!!

oh thank you thank you thank you!

that link made me verrrrrrry happy!!!! now i just need to get one and filll it up with yummy yummy espresso and perhaps a dollop of honey!!!


rachelr said...

I'm not that into spanking in real life, but I enjoy reading spanking fiction. I think the characters' turn-ons and excitement turn me on! And of course, everything is fuel for an active fantasy life, too. Loved the excerpt!

kristina lloyd said...

Haha! A kinky Kiki mug! How cool.

I am out of my serious corner now. Alison, you were right. I'm dripping wet. Truly, I am. I've been fucking around with wet men. Uh, pass the towel please. I'll be bringing you the evidence in a few hours' time.

I'll also be bringing you our first *ever* sex toy giveaway! Woo-hoo! I've been talking to the very nice people at Love Honey and we've got a discount deal plus eleven waterproof vibes to give away! Yup, eleven! Most of them (sorry Yanks) are for UK entrants, however anyone in the world can win THIS LITTLE BEAUTY!

Actually, can I strike the word 'little' there?

Alison Tyler said...

I can’t believe you got 11!
And I can’t even read the number “eleven” without thinking of this…


kiki said...

oh my goodness! it might be time to upgrade! my rabbit pearl is not NEARLY so pretty as *THAT* is! sooooo pretty!

and yes, 11 takes me there too.

Just Craig said...

And I can’t even read the number “eleven” without thinking of this…

Spinal Tap! I'm disappointed to this day that mine only go to ten.

But I digress.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Rachel,

This is just to tell you I think you did a hell of a job in Spanking Stories I.Reading the stories did leave marks but in my memory. Two of them seemed memorable to me: one is a narrative from ancient times about a tiger-girl with strong hands, the other one is about a 'Lucky' bad girl with a mind set to get what she needed from her tough dad. Remember those? Impeccable!



allison said...

Uh, I shouldn't have read this at work. *meeeeeow*

So incredibly hot. Dang.

Crystal Adkins said...

Hi, I was lucky enough to review for Paige Tyler she is an awesome writer of spanking romances!! I would gladly read more spanking romances ! They're hot!!