Sunday, March 4, 2007

COMPETITION: And the winners are ...

It's the moment you've all been waiting for, the answers to our True or False quiz. Oh, okay ... you just want to know if you've won some dirty books or not, don't you?

And so, without further ado, I present you with the four lucky winners of our Valentine's competition: Shon Richards, Johanna, Katie and Bubble (aka Jacqui C). You each win a copy of the very hot and very lovely Sex in Public plus a 3-book selection of our fabulous fiction. And one person also wins a signed copy of Asking for Trouble from our mini-comp and that's Teresa. Congratulations winners! Send your name and address to us at lustbitesblog AT yahoo DOT com and your super-sexy goodies will be in the post.

Sadly, no one got the answers to our True or False quiz correct although there were a few near misses. Cast your eyes over the full revelations below if you want to know who to trust - although my best advice would be to trust none of us.

Massive thanks to everyone who entered the competition. We never know who's out there and it's fantastic when you pop up to say 'hello', 'gimme filth' and other sweet murmurings. Our next big lusty giveaway will be early May to mark the UK release of the Black Lace anthology, Sex with Strangers. In the meantime, there'll be mini-contests strewn fetchingly across the blog plus the usual mix of scintillating chat, steamy snippets and pics of hot hard men whose clothes have accidentally fallen off. And if you haven't already done so, check out Alison Tyler's gorgeous giveaway as she launches her stunning alphabet of smut.

True or false?

  1. Madelynne Ellis (Passion of Isis) has a romantic boyfriend who once sent her a hug in the post by drawing around his hands and arms, and cutting them out of paper. TRUE: awwww!
  2. Suzanne Portnoy (The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker) once held a small select Valentine’s party in her hot tub with 3 other guys. FALSE: although she does have a hot tub and I have it on good authority she's not always alone in it.
  3. Mathilde Madden (Equal Opportunities) had a male escort called Mark Valentine in her novel, Mad About the Boy. TRUE: oh so very true.
  4. Nikki Magennis (Circus Excite) was once picked up by a stranger who gave her a crushed Valentine's rose he found in the street. TRUE: tart.
  5. Kate Pearce (Sex in Public) struggled with long-distance love and, after getting on the wrong coach one Valentine’s Day, ended up four hours late for a date with her boyfriend. That poor, poor boyfriend is now her husband. ALMOST TRUE: Kate was actually 7 hours late and, yeah, he still married her.
  6. Janine Ashbless (Burning Bright) once proposed to all the men she knew on a leap year Valentine’s day. ALMOST TRUE: Janine proposed to all the ones she saw that day.
  7. Sophie Mouette (Cat Scratch Fever) is made up of two people, Teresa Noelle Roberts and Dayle A Dermatis. One of them has single pierced ears and tattoos; the other has multiple piercings but no tattoos. If it’s true, can you guess which one's which? TRUE: Dayle has the tattoos whereas Teresa is tattoo-free but, oh boy and ouch, does she have some piercings.
  8. Alison Tyler (Tiffany Twisted) once broke up with a boy on Valentine's Day. The last she heard, he was still holding a grudge. (Ah, young love. They were 10 at the time.) TRUE: and can you blame the guy? Wouldn't you be hurt if Alison Tyler dumped you when you were expecting extra kisses?
  9. Alana Noel Voth (Best Gay Erotica) has a heart ‘n’ dagger tattoo on her ankle. FALSE: Alana's ankles, though they're not always together, aren't marked with this tattoo.
  10. Portia Da Costa (Gothic Blue) has a double crush: two guys, one name. Valentino is the hero of her forthcoming novel, Suite Seventeen, and is also a character played by Vincent D'Onofrio in a film called 'The Velocity of Gary'. TRUE: of course.
  11. Shanna Germain (Caught Looking) has been proposed to over a dozen times but only once said ‘yes’, to a guy who promptly broke her heart. TRUE: although I forgot to ask Shanna whether the 12 proposals were from one very determined guy or several doe-eyed hopefuls. Shanna?
  12. Kristina Lloyd (Asking for Trouble) dreamed of marrying her first serious boyfriend whose surname was ‘Fullalove’. TRUE: well actually, I don't recall wanting to marry him but I didn't want to say 'the guy who popped my cherry' when all those people were watching. (Please note careful positioning of quote marks there.) It's just you and me here now, right? Competition launch over.
  13. Madeline Moore (Wild Card) once hand made (yes - hand made) a shirt for her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day and he said, ‘Thanks, I didn’t get you anything.’ TRUE: I know, I know, I'm weeping for her as well.

Lusties, I hope I got that right. If I slandered any of you, treat me gently in court, won't you?

Kristina x


May said...

Kristina, you should have written the opposite of all the answers they gave you. *g*

Of course, I'm saying that because I'm not the one who'd get into trouble for it. ;)

Congrats to the winners!

Alison Tyler said...

Can't wait for our next quiz!
I learned so much...

Nikki, you have to write that up that story. It's so fucking romantic...


Nikki Magennis said...

Yeah, and I didn't tell you about his best friend...