Saturday, March 31, 2007

Coming Attractions

By Mathilde Madden

Spring. New Life. And what could be newer or springier than ebooks? Kate Pearce will be here on Monday asking publishing revolution or terrifying cover-art repository? Tune in and find out.

Then, on Wednesday we will all be upstanding for Portia da Costa. Black Lace might be making out its new paranormals line is the shiniest thing ever (- it is pretty shiny -) but Portia wrote Gothic Blue way back in the day. This trailblazer is being reprinted and Portia will be here with a juicy excerpt.

At the end of the week we have a small change around. We're here on Saturday not Friday in order to slot into the virtual book tour schedule of Rachel Kramer Bussell. RKB's new books He's on Top and She's on Top - one volume for each flavour of the kink dynamic - feature our own Shanna Germain. Shanna will be chatting to RKB and we'll no doubt all chip in.

And stay tuned. Later this Spring we will bring you romance as we visit our birthplace Romance Buy The Blog, gender bending as we ask whether, when it comes to erotica, do you have to be The Write Sex? and a certain Susie Bright.

Tilly aka Mathilde Madden
Sifting through all the internet's hottest man-candy – so you don’t have to. (Yeah, I've done Naveen before – but I found this and..., well, how could I resist? We put him in the half-naked wing of the Foundation for the Preservation of Dangerously Naked Men.)


Portia Da Costa said...

He's a bit of all right, that Naveen...

Kate Pearce said...

Not a Cowboy in sight, I promise1 How about a nice bisexual Regency lord instead?

Janine Ashbless said...

Aaahhh! Naveen!

Madeline said...

Tilly, you do a great service to the public, and your LB sisters, when you find and post drool-worthy pics like this one. There's no such thing as too much Naveen, I promise. Thank you!