Sunday, March 25, 2007

Coming Attractions

by Mathilde Madden

Welcome to Lust Bites, where fashion is passion and passion is the fashion... or something.

That might have worked better in my head.

But, no matter, passion and fashion collide this week starting on Monday when the wonderfully funny and sexy Julie Cohen will be here to explain why category romance is more passion packed than you think. Could erotica fans be missing out of some really dirty fiction that is nestling between pink covers?

On Wednesday it's time for another chat with Alison Tyler. Now, practically a Lust Bites institution. After enticing us with tales of Sex and Movies and Sex and Music Alison will be here to talk about Sex and Fashion. So make a note to be there – and dress to impress.

The themes of passion and fashion climax on Friday when we enter the deviant mind of Madelynne Ellis. Madelynne takes over the monthly smut slot with an extract from her delicious novel Dark Designs – winner of the Scarlet award for best male/male sex scene – which features a Gothic wedding, yaoi overtones and one of her trademark boys you love to hate. Don't miss it.

Finally huge congratulations to Teresa/tetewa winner of Erastes' Standish competition. Please drop a line to erastesdotcom (at) googlemail (dot) com including who you would like the book signed to and a note of where to send it.

Until next week I remain your most passionate, fashionate servant
Tilly aka Mathilde Madden


Nikki H said...

Love the sexy pic of David Tennant! And next week sounds great. Can't wait.

Madelynne Ellis said...

one of her trademark boys you love to hate.

One! Which one would that be, then?

Julie Cohen said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for David Tennant.

Alison Tyler said...

But who is David Tennant?
Oh, my god... I am so out of the loop!

Julie Cohen said...

He is Dr Who. And Casanova. And the hero of my current book.

And MINE. ;-)