Friday, June 20, 2008

Midsummer Erotic Haiku Competition

~ Winners announced 1 July 2008, here ~

by Olivia Knight

Heaped erotic books,
Slow days and hot nights: petals
on a firm flesh bough

Prize books on a bench in a midsummer garden

With seventeen beats –
Five-seven-five – you force our
Gasps: come, take your prize.

Multiple offerings:
Brief, fierce, repeated stabs at
Mastering our small form.

Riding generous waves
We offer our gifts to you
Again and again.

pictures of prize books

Or, in plain old prose: look at the lovely books! Dazzle us with your erotic haikus to win them! All of them! You can try as many times as you like! We’re so generous we have three prizes, for first, second and third place!

pictures of prize books

The rules:
• All haikus must have 17 syllables: 5 in the first line, 7 in the second line, 5 in the third line. No breaking words up across lines! That's syllables, not words, mind: erotic has 3 syllables; haiku has 2 syllables; prize has 1 syllable.
• Write as many haikus as you like: the prizes will be for individual haikus.
• Spoof and joke haikus are welcome. They might even win.
• If anyone says “tis” “tween” or other naffisms, I will shoot them. This isn’t a Lust Bites rule, just my own homicidal tendencies.
• The competition will be open until Friday 27 June; winners will be announced in Coming Attractions on Tuesday 1 July.

pictures of prize books

The prizes:

First prize
Magic and Desire by Portia da Costa, Janine Ashbless, and Olivia Knight
Southern Spirits by Edie Bingham
Gothic Heat by Portia da Costa
Phantamagoria by Madelynne Ellis
Chilli Heat by Carrie Williams
Standish by Erastes
Hotbed by Portia da Costa
Amanda’s Young Men by Madeline Moore
Cruel Enchantment by Janine Ashbless

Second prize
Magic and Desire by Portia da Costa, Janine Ashbless, and Olivia Knight
Southern Spirits by Edie Bingham
Gothic Heat by Portia da Costa
Phantamagoria by Madelynne Ellis

Third prize
Magic and Desire by Portia da Costa, Janine Ashbless, and Olivia Knight
Southern Spirits by Edie Bingham

pictures of prize books

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Leatherdykeuk said...

Summer heat bleeds sweat
into those oiled muscles -
salty on warm tongues.

Random Thinkables said...

wearing five red weals
I remember your touch with
a brush of my back

Triste said...

In this place of rest,
He fan’d the flames in my soul.
Death, hasten'd by love

Kammie said...

Summer flesh exposed
Plentiful, available
Lick a little peach

A whisper light touch
Dancing, drifting down my skin
Surrender and weep

triste said...

the office was full.
my heart was beating wildly.
he said one word, "Strip."

Louisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Louisa said...

Breath mists the window -
On a train, two strangers reach,
the end of the line.

Late for interview -
The crotchless panties seem the
perfect solution.

Hooray, my birthday!
Your enticing boxer shorts,
the first thing unwrapped.

Out in the garden,
your butt rising and falling -
I gaze at the stars.

Ashley Lister said...

Seventeen slow beats
Counted by spanking warm flesh
I ooze for haikus

Hi! Your place or mine?
Drink. Kiss. Naked. Foreplay. Sex.
How was it for you?

Marinca said...

Even imagined
Kisses you trail slow and hot
From my shoulders down.


Letting me at last -
Fire you paint red to gold
Voicing your deep trust.


Hiss of breath, take in
Static on the line, your next
Word my craved release.


I say love, but you
Reel – “first time you’ve said my name” -
Knee-buckling moment.

crawling_angel said...

Fluttering eye lids,
Willow leaves whisper our tune
Skin aglow with green

Olivia Knight said...

Oooh, these are lovely! After yesterday's splendid sunshine, gray clouds have drawn across the sky & all the leaves are fluttering in the breeze like they're shivering, so this is just what I need to inject some sunshine!

Hmm. Apparently reading haikus triggers my purple-prose gland; that was dangerously close - mauve, perhaps...

Fabulous, though. Keep 'em coming!

kristina lloyd said...

This isn't a haiku (honestly, it's not) but it just occurred to me that in this context Ezra Pound sounds like a porn star.

Anonymous said...

There once was a young lady from Ealing
Who had a peculiar feeling
She put her hand in her knickers
For a touch of the flickers
And pretty soon she couldn't stop squealing!

Oops, sorry... wrong form. ;)

Ashley Lister said...

Ezra Pound is a porn star? I shall put away my Longfellow and go and check him out.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Ezra Pound is a porn star? I shall put away my Longfellow and go and check him out.

I'm looking for poetry with a ton of sex in it ... so I think I'll try Anne Sexton.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Buttocks on my lap—
Squirming heaven, oven-warm.
My playbill wrinkles.

Lee Rowan said...

The blossom opens
Gold pollen, stamen trembles
Come, bee, my lover!

Why yes, my garden's finally in...

Donna said...

These inspired by my last trip to Japan in April:

Love hotel lobby
The bondage rooms all taken
Sunday in Tokyo

"I'll wash you," he says
Soapy hands between my thighs
Men's bath at midnight

magdalune said...

(This is seriously addictive. Once I started, I couldn't stop.)

Eyelids heavy with bright
Heat and slick sweat, bare skin touch -
Wait until the night.

A feather, perhaps,
Or a blade of grass, tickles
Over clenching legs.

I hit you and you
Hit back. Blindfold me, gag me,
And make me love you.

Slick and hot around
One nipple, fingers dipping
Into heat, summer flesh.

His love - summer rain,
Cool and warm and torrential,
Within which I drown.

I gave you babies,
But that isn't enough. I
Want our hot butler.

There's itchy grass and
Fire ants. We sweat like pigs.
Please, sir, I want more.

A thrush - no, a thrust.
A storm - like on like passion.
A warmth - inside you.

Amanda said...

note to porn actors
take off your socks when fucking
please take off those socks

cool summer relief
a banana cocksicle
cherry cunt ice cream

note to space horn dogs
martians give plutonic head
pick venus instead

Asobime said...


A woman in heat,
Lover's delay makes her burn.
Strong force of nature!


The pale flame flickers,
hooded lust enters the room.
Restrained, she trembles.


Trickle of warm blood
courses slowly down her breast,
the pain yet unfelt.


Soft rains caress earth.
a hand slides up willing thigh.
Cherry blossoms bloom!


Sultry air disturbs
the sleep of husband and wife.
They pant without lust.


Cherry red toenails
peek out from the light blanket.
Cold morn cools ardor.


Willows whip about
her kimono flares open.
Eyes savor plump thighs.


White makeup now drips.
The hard heat and mosquitoes
make maiko languid.

Girls chase butterflies.
Plump thighs give delight to eyes.
Mothers do not smile.

Jane Kohut-Bartels (betsy/Asobime)

venivincere said...

Love makes one of two:
Grinding velvet cock on cock
Melds with searing come.

This is give and take:
Stripping, teasing, rubbing cocks.
Sharing all we need.

Thrusting in and out,
Balanced bouncing, in cut time
Musical delight.

Venivincere at hotmail

Kate Pearce said...

I forgot to come
and play Haiku today as
I watched the football

It also got hot
the temperature so high I wilt
like a flower might

Olivia Knight said...

Don't worry, Kate: you can keep churning them out until the 27th! Not that Lusties can win anything - sometime we must have a competition that includes a little prize for us.

I'm loving all these gorgeous haikus. Keep them coming...

magdalune said...

(I woke up this morning and came up with these while I was still all groggy.)

Girl on my left. Boy
On my right. I love them both.
Is that such a crime?

I love you so much.
My father does not approve.
What he doesn't know...

I want to drown in
Your hair, radiant sunbeam.
Let me stay awhile.

Anonymous said...

memories go fond
my heart seeks not to let go
perhaps this time love

Anonymous said...

My flesh red and raw
My pleasure bound up in pain
Happy is my heart.

magdalune said...

(You've created a monster. I hope you're happy.)

Such lovely cheeks. No -
Not there. Here. And between them.
You writhe in pleasure.

Olivia Knight said...

Anonymous - or anonymi, if there are two of you - add a comment with a call-sign for you, sweetheart, or we might not know what to shout out...

magdalune - yes, they're horribly addictive; before you know it, you're counting the syllables of everything you say. But we like monsters at Lust Bites, as long as they have human heads.

Anonymous said...

Slow, slow I beg you
You never listen, thrusting
Pushed too far, grateful.

durrgrrl said...

I'm an easy brat
Your hands are heavy, they bite
Lovely marks by you

Tumperkin said...

One word: urgent, hissed.
"Slut", a sibilant caress
that makes her open

Mary M. said...

Lol. Too complicated for me. I understand the principle, but it seems I can't count the syllables right so I'm doomed. For me, generous would count as 3 syllables - but of course, I'm thinking in French. Still, I might give it a try if I find spare time this week. Great offerings from the posters :). Good luck everyone!

Olivia Knight said...

Mary M. - you're not doomed at all - and you're counting just fine! Allowances are made for different dialects!

The way I speak, "generous" "offerings" and "mastering" are each 2 syllables, but lots of people would say them as three. British English swallows syllables, American English pronounces them, and Oxford English rhymes "Magdalene" with "maudlin". And if you want to give us a French haiku, go for it...

tls said...

Under him, I watch
you fuck someone else. I want
you. Not this strange cock.

How do I want you?
In the bed, on the floor, in
the car, on the train…

Your cock is a thing
of beauty. The one reason
I’ll get on my knees.

Now, you demand. I
obey. Hurrying, I strip.
Someone’s coming. Fuck.

Discreet. No one sees
your hand under the table
stroke my thigh, my clit

Are you all right, your
friend across the table asks.
We’re caught. Move your hand.

Are you jealous? Why?
It’s what you said you wanted.
Me with other men.

Legs splayed, hand bound, I’m
on display for your friends. You
tell them to fuck me.

Traffic. Red lights. Why
is everything conspiring
to keep me from you?

Your cock in my cunt.
I’m dreaming. You’re far away.
I touch myself, come.

You’re gone. I’m horny.
I watch a movie naked
vibrator at hand

Strangers on a train.
We meet. My scream at coming
swallowed in his kiss.

Olivia Knight said...

Les jours, je dope mes
Pensees; les nuits, son langeur
Penetre ma chair

Jeremy Edwards said...

Maître corbeau, sur un arbre perché ...

Sorry! Reflex, you know. Let me try again:

Vos fesses douces, madame,
Me font suggérer que nous
Nous tutuyions.

[I probably screwed something up somewhere in there, but I'm hoping all that reflexive-verb and conditional razzle dazzle will distract Olive and Mary M. from noticing.]

Jeremy Edwards said...

Ahem Olivia, not "Olive." I must have had Provence on my mind. Sorry!

Olivia Knight said...

I was just about to sleep with you for using the subjunctive when you called me Olive.


Jeremy Edwards said...

I was just about to sleep with you for using the subjunctive when you called me Olive.

It was just my way of saying that you'd look delicious with something stuffed inside you.

Olivia Knight said...

I do go very well with red wine and cheese, or lathered with thick oil... Err - sorry -

I do go very
Well with red wine and cheese, or
Lathered in thick oil

magdalune said...

On my own, thinking
Of you with dildos and plugs
And good vibrations.

Wrapped legs around waists -
Midsummer night's love
With intimate friends.

Breathe in sweet smoke and
Growing addicted to your
Breath, eyes, hazy skin.

Louisa said...

The movie is slow,
but your hand in my panties
moves faster. Oh yes!

Planned night of passion;
kids in bed, dog fed, oh no -
cat on the pillow.

Eden Hail said...

You arch at my touch
My tease, beg me - plea for more
Let me hear you scream


Maryanne Stahl said...

Crisp white linen sheets
Your lips, neck, shoulders, open thighs
You taste of warm salt

Rain in pine forest
We fall to the sodden ground
Dripping everywhere

Eden Hail said...

Oh, my. I do enjoy this! Poetry isn't my cup of tea, usually.

My wicked girl smiles
As I take another woman
She touches herself

Hot oil slides over me
Strong hands follow the path down
And find my centre

Your body behind
Pushes me onto cool tiles
Echoes grow louder

“Let me,” breathless plea.
“Not yet,” firm command. “Not yet.
Endure.” Play resumes.

Paint stuck in her hair
Charcoal smudged on her fair cheek
Sated nude model

He sees her first, knelt
Giving head like a porn star
He wants her mouth too

Two men smirk at me
Distracting and attracting
They whisper “All night”

Eden Hail said...

A few more...

The wet kiss of lips
Eager mouth, slick on my thigh
Grinding as we dance

Skirts pulled above the waist
We sit close, rub, kiss and frot
Our tender flesh meets

Your flower descends
I feed, your dark butterfly
Tasting your nectar

KM said...

Crushed red velvet dress
Rose red sugar coated clit
Grinding a lap dance

KM said...

One more for good measure :)

Black winged bird of prey
slip into my pearly light
your lust my command

magdalune said...

How about a glass
Of wine, some strawberries, and
A bit of leather?

Playing with foreskin,
Making him beg - his neck arched
In exquisite pain.

sultrysoliloquy said...

You strike the anvil,
A warm breeze flows from my hips
…sweet shafts of sunlight.

sultrysoliloquy said...

Between warm thighs, I
Tie a dove to your moist tongue.
Fingers for feathers.