Sunday, June 29, 2008

Coming attractions

Sexy manThe erotic haiku competition inundated us with so many hot little snippets that the winners' announcement has been moved to Tuesday 1 July while the judges pore over your mini masterpieces. In the meantime, you can look at him and savour the week to come...

On Monday, Janine Ashbless does a mega coming attractions of all our publications for the year ahead, a sneak preview of what future smut slots and hot excerpts will hold. (Smut slots, for newcomers, are our last-Friday-of-the-month treat with a satisfying chunk of someone's naughty bits. The right sidebar keeps a roll of honour for you to relish.)

On Tuesday, Olivia Knight announces the winners of the Midsummer Eotic Haiku Competition.

On Wednesday, Lauren Dane does ménages: boy meets girl meets boy and how to manage the multitudes & multiples.

On Friday, Madeline Moore unleashes her inner cougar on the joys of boy toys.

Competition winner!
Madeline Moore's new book (when her author copies arrive) goes to random thinkables- please email telltale [at] primus [dot] ca with your details. To see if you won any previous competitions, check the Competition winners list on the right-hand bar.

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