Sunday, June 1, 2008

Coming Attractions

Size doesn't matter.

Here's another one:

A dwarf working in a circus as a clairvoyant is believed to have murdered a man and has escaped police custody. Police say there's a small medium at large.

On Monday, Teresa Noelle Roberts considers whether size matters - novels, novellas, short stories - or whether it's what you do with it that counts.

On Wednesday, Erastes opens another medium - the e-book - with the release of her latest novella in Speak its name, an anthology of 3 historical romances. M/M, mmm.

On Friday, we welcome another new member, Tesni Morgan, with over 60 books to her name and still more to come. Stop by to meet and greet our grande dame.

Competition winner! t'Sade's book The Mummy's Girl goes to Ilona - please email contact [at] tsade [dot] com with your details. If you're not Illona, you can still get the book at To see if you won any previous competitions, check the Competition winners list on the right-hand bar.

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