Sunday, June 15, 2008

Coming attractions

Remember the Valentine's Flash and Win competition? Everyone blew us away with their short, sharp, and very hot flash-stories. This week sees another mega-haul of erotic books in first, second, and third prizes to celebrate midsummer! Instead of 100-word stories, though, this time we'll be heaping books on the best erotic haiku. Sharpen your pencils and start counting syllables on your fingers, for Friday's Midsummer Madness Erotic Haiku Competition. Before that, though...

On Monday, Madelynne Ellis opens the lust bites dungeon.

On Tuesday, Lauren Dane hosts another Titillating Tuesday, so swing by to launch yourself into the sujet du jour.

On Wednesday, Madeline Moore continues our bluffer's guides to Black Laces's new lines, chockablock with the beautiful new covers. Last week was Paranormals; this week is Contemporaries.

And on Friday, Olivia Knight lays down the law and flaunts the spectacular uber-prizes for the Midsummer Madness Erotic Haiku competition. Five-seven-five, people, five-seven-five...

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