Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Titilating Tuesday - Whatta Man

I admit it, I have a thing for the hyper-masculine man. I like warriors. Hard, big, rough, a bit feral even. I can see the beauty in a man with eyeliner but he does not flip my switch in the same way a man, gleaming with clean sweat, broad shoulders blocking the sun as he towers over me, can do. However, don't worry, I'll be back next time with a tribute to the pretty men who make life better by just existing (mmm, Orlando Bloom)

So today's TT is a tribute to the warrior, the hot, hard manly man. At the end I'll even throw in a brief excerpt from one of my books, Cascadia Wolves: Enforcer - featuring a werewolf Enforcer (a cop of sorts) - Lex is big, bad, rough, hard and well, he's a werewolf so he's got feral down quite nicely.

But first - before brain candy - how about some eye candy?

Copyright 2006, Lauren Dane
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave

She opened the door and they stood, silently staring at each other for a few moments.


She grabbed his hand and pulled him inside the room, shutting and locking the door behind herself, leaning on it for strength as she took him in.

He pulled off his shirt and she greedily drank in the details of his upper body. Strong, thickly muscled, not an ounce wasted. Not too much muscle—what was there wasn’t for show. It was the body of a man who worked out. Not just a body but a tool. Danger poured off him in waves—he was a big, bad man and she wanted an extra helping of it. She wanted to eat him up in great gobbling bites until she was positively stuffed with him. Oh he made her weak in the knees!

She took one step, then another until she was standing very close, then reached out a hand to stroke over his chest. She leaned in and closed her eyes as she took a deep breath and had to reach out to hold on as she nearly fell over with the intensity of her reaction.

Her body tightened up, nipples stabbing the front of her shirt, skin flushed and heated. Her pussy bloomed with desire, her honey making her slick. The world became a pinpoint of focus. Suddenly it was just the two of them, nothing else existed that mattered but having him inside of her body.

Lex gripped her forearm to keep her standing. “I know. It’ll pass in a moment.”

She looked up at him with widened eyes. “You know? What do you mean, you know?”

“I feel it too. The first time is the hardest, but each time I get a deep whiff of you, it nearly knocks me to the ground. I get so frenzied with lust that I have to grind my teeth to not drag you to the nearest horizontal surface and plunge inside of you.”

“What is it?”

He pulled her shirt off and unhooked her bra and they both hissed out when bare skin met bare skin. The feel of those diamond hard nipples—so pretty and delicious—pressing into his body made him delirious with want.


“What?” This was slurred as she became drunk with him. Her eyes slowly slid closed as his hands moved up to cup her breasts, pinching her nipples between clever fingers.

“Chemicals, personal chemicals. Yours call to me, mine call to you.” He leaned down and kissed the spot just below her ear and she moaned.

“I know what pheromones are! But that’s mumbo jumbo. You’re just horny, I’m just horny. It’s not science.” Even as she said it she didn’t believe it. The totality of what she felt for him—the way her body responded when he touched her—it was more than mere horniness.

He made a tsk sound with his lips against her skin. “Liar. You know what I’m talking about and you know it’s the truth.”

“So if we fuck this…intensity will lessen?” She was breathless as she asked.

“It will always be intense, Nina. You’re my woman. Once we’re bound the intensity of our connection will deepen.” He said this in between pressing kisses down the long line of her neck.

She ignored that and arched into the questing hand that reached into her panties. She turned off her brain and just felt. Opened herself up to sensation. It was time that rational, by-the-book Nina went away for a while so Nina who hadn’t been fucked in years could get some.

Her hands slid down his chest and found the waist of his jeans and she yanked them open, satisfied as she heard each pop of the long row of buttons releasing. Suddenly he was there in her hands. Hard, velvety smooth and so hot. She encircled him with her fingers and looked down, smoothing a thumb over the head where a bead of semen pearled. He moaned and watched as she brought her thumb to her mouth.

He was salty, musky, masculine.

She squeaked in surprise as he picked her up and stalked to the bed, tossing her onto the mattress as he shucked his jeans and climbed up, halting on all fours above her, looking down into her face.

“Do you give yourself willingly to me?” he said, his voice low and laced with desire.
She writhed beneath him. The heat from his body blanketed her. She could smell him, the clean salt of his skin, the woodsy scent of his cologne, beneath it, the elemental Lex that she’d come to…oh god. She shoved that thought away quickly with rational Nina.

She nodded. “Yes. Oh god, Lex, please. I need you inside of me right now.” She didn’t even recognize her own voice, it was sultry, smoky.

“All in due time. I need to taste you. All of you.” He started by taking her lips again in a kiss that was designed to melt her, to make her bones jelly, and it was a good thing she was lying down because she didn’t think her legs would have supported her—he was quite successful.

He kissed down the line of her neck and she ran her fingers though his hair like she’d wanted to since she saw him that first night. It was so soft and she could smell his shampoo.

He stopped at her breasts, rolling his eyes up at her and she watched, entranced, as his teeth scraped over her nipple and his tongue swirled around. Over and over until she was nearly panting. Each draw of his mouth shot straight to her clit until her pussy was clenching and unclenching in time with his mouth on her nipple. Oh how she wanted him inside of her!

Stopping and pulling his mouth back, he gave her a grin so sexy and devastatingly naughty that she gasped. She watched down the line of her body as he kissed over her stomach and breathed hotly against her neatly trimmed mound. His big hands slid up from her calves to her inner thighs. His broad shoulders held her thighs apart. With another one of those grins, he moved down a bit and settled between them.


abc said...

Fabulous post! Really lovely writing and beautiful presentation.
I'm gobsmacked by your technical wizardry. Wow! Wow! Wow!

Portia Da Costa said...

Phew, hot excerpt!

I wouldn't say that 'hyper' man is my fave, although I do like them sometimes. I used to like 'eyeliner' man... and still do, a bit. But I'm more a 'quirky weirdo but cute in an off beat sort of way' man fan nowadays...

I think... LOL

Deanna Ashford said...

Just thinking of that hot, hard male body, his golden skin glimmering with a slight sheen of sweat made me come over all weak at the knees!!

Lauren Dane said...

ABC - Thank you very much!

Portia - thanks! Don't worry, eyeliner guy will have his day in Titilating Tuesday too (Megan would kill me if I didn't!)

Deanna - thank you - I do love that imagery myself. When my dude comes in from working in the yard it drives me crazy. I don't think he has any idea how sexy it is.

Joy Roach said...

What alpha male slideshow would be complete without Clive Owen *sigh*

Unfortunately eyeliner guy could never do it for me. I like my guys 100 % alpha like Lex, Cade, Gabe, Nick...seeing a pattern here? :)

Madelynne Ellis said...

Hm, I'm definitely an guys in eyeliner loving girl. Can't wait for eyeliner day.

Lauren Dane said...

Joy - LOL - but it's a pattern I love. No complaints here. Wait til you meet Ash.

Madelynne - next time, I promise!

AuthorM said...

Hey, I can totally appreciate the big burly brutish warriors.

I just happen to like boys with flat ironed hair and eyeliner and emo souls on occasion, too. :)


Red Garnier said...

Loveeeee the alpha man too, and thanks for the eye candy, Lauren!! As for the excerpt, MOREEEE!!! :) Very hot!!

Lauren Dane said...

M- LOL! I'll be sure to consult you when I do the next one. Brandon Routh will definitely be in it.

Red - aw thanks!

TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

Whew, is it hot in here or is it just the writing? And all those hunky men?

I think you've made a great point in underscoring that part of the appeal of the alpha male is the warrior aspect, even in modern dress. For some of us, the dominance is hot as well, but that sense of an older code, fierce and ruthless and yet honorable and protective, is appealing. (Which may explain why hippie-ish me married someone who carries a gun to work every day.)

Daniel Craig as Bond was a great choice for your gallery: He's part warrior, part rogue, hyper-smart AND dangerous, thus hitting all my buttons at once. Mind you, he's also a cold-hearted borderline sociopath and a woman would be well advised to stay clear of him, but who'd be able to be that sensible?

Lauren Dane said...

Teresa - for me, I think that's a huge part of the appeal. That code, the way the warrior type protects AND respects (if not for the respects part, he'd be an ass).

And you're so spot on about Daniel Craig's Bond - mmmm!

Kate Pearce said...

oh...yes...oh yum...oh thank you for a great excerpt! I love the big hunks too, my intergalactic vikings are like that-all hard um everything :)

AuthorM said...

Brandon doesn't flat-iron his hair! BWAHAHA! And indeed, he was Superman, so he could also be the big, brawny warrior man. Just sensitive, that's all.


Lauren Dane said...

They won't all be guyliner guys! I said the pretty men who make life better just by existing. Orlando Bloom is one of them and he's not much for guyliner but even though he's a hot warrior in the LOTR movies, he tends toward pretty rather than hard, big and feral. Same with Brandon. He's pretty and sweet in an "aw shucks ma'am" sort of way. Not that he couldn't use all that height to um, well yeah, you get the picture.

Lauren Dane said...

Thanks, Kate!

limecello said...

Great post- loved the eye candy. Great excerpt too. I love the warrior heroes - kinda like why people love their SEALs/Ranger/Marine heroes - on the off chance technology goes kaput and everything falls apart, you know the guy can handle things. :P
There's also that quiet intensity. Yum.

Olivia Knight said...

Coming late to the party... I vacillate between emo and alpha - or at least, skinnymalinky and alpha, can't be doing with petty emotional emo hassles! But I was on the side of thin-and-sensitive for a long time until Aragorn burst through the doors in The Two Towers. Then it all came rushing back. Oh me. Oh my. There are two thousand of them massing on the plains. They will be here by nightfall. BRING 'EM ON! So, erm, yes, shifting in my seat, in a word, yum. I'm the author of Skinny boys, but it's not the first time I've had to eat my words. As for fresh sweat: pure pheremones. I'll lick him clean.

Lauren Dane said...

LC - Mmm, quiet intensity! yes.

Olivia - I can see the appeal of the skinny boy, although frankly, when they're very young and thin, I feel maternal not lusty!

But yes, Aragorn, whooo! When he's all on the ramparts at Helm's Deep - mmm, taking charge, taking names, kicking ass and saving it all for Evenstar.

Francesca Hawley said...

I love alpha males and my favorite bit of eye candy (Viggo as Aragorn) was included in your manly man montage. The excerpt is smoking hot. Yum! Great post, Lauren!


Lauren Dane said...

Thanks, Francesca! I have to say, I loved The Two Towers most of the three movies because he spends a lot of it sweaty and in charge. I'm so wrong on so many levels.

Greta said...

Lauren, just dropping by to say hi, all though you've probably left. Loved your video.

The black Gentleman in at the front with the silver (looks like chain mail) tank top is looks exactly as I pictured Nate from Thrice United.

I love all of your men. Especially Skye all though I know it will be a while for his story.

Lauren Dane said...

Greta - that's Keith Hamilton Cobb and he was a huge inspiration for Nate!

Pamk said...

this is my favorite book of all your werewolf books. love me some lex.

Lauren Dane said...

Pam, thank you! It's one of my favorites too.

Savanna Kougar said...

Lauren, now that's my kind of man! The warrior can-take-on anything and anyone!
Great sexy-hot excerpt!

Lauren Dane said...

Thank you, Savanna