Friday, June 6, 2008

Introducing Tesni Morgan

by Janine Ashbless

Today we officially welcome the newest member of the Lust Bites circle, Tesni Morgan.

Tesni is new to this internet malarky and is dipping her toes for the first time into the blogging world with Lust Bites. Where's she been all these years, you might be asking? - well, she's been writing. Since 1973 in fact. (Blimey, in 1973 all I was writing was "What I Did in My Summer Holidays". In pencil.) She has had an incredible number of books published under many names in the historical, gothic, teenage romance, family saga and romance genres. Just looking at her back-catalogue makes me dizzy with awe at what she has achieved. For a start she's had 31 erotic novels printed (7 of them for Black Lace).
We can only hope to be so prolific!

So anyway, here she is in her own words:

Dear all at Lust Bites.
I’ve been writing for years and have 60 novels in print, plus articles and short stories. I write as Joan Hunter and Jeanne Montague for historical romances, Family Sagas and Gothics. Since 1994, I’ve entered the realms of erotica as Tesni Morgan for Black Lace, Roxane Beaufort for Chimera, Zara Devereux for X-Rated and X-Libris, Rhea Silva for Silver Moon, and one for Ellora’s Cave, USA, as Tesni Morgan.

I was born in Bath (UK). An only child of musical parents who earned their living through this media. I spent my early days reading, writing, painting, making up stories and listening to classical music. I wanted to be an opera singer and had a fine soprano voice but, alas, the Second World War prevented this.

I met my first husband and produced four children, two boys and two girls. I still had this yearning to write a novel and managed to do so, despite my husband’s objections. It was rejected for ages, then finally taken as a serial in a magazine. Robert Hale published it as a hardback and I wrote a second one. I have been published ever since by various Houses. My children were growing up and I finally left my husband, moving back to Bath. Finally, I relocated to Warminster where I met my second husband, Hank. He was 25 years my junior. I have a penchant for young men. It worked wonderfully well and we were married for a further 25 years, until he died of cancer in 2002. I miss him dreadfully.

However, I keep on writing. Since 1994, I have concentrated on erotica, producing 31 paperbacks and now, e-books as well.

My children are all adults and so are most of the grandchildren. There are also two greats and another expected in September. I still live in the rambling 18th century house that I moved to originally. I spend my free time listening to and watching opera and ballet on DVD. I like Gilbert & Sullivan and Shakespeare. Also good plays and programmes on TV. When the sun shines I like to lie in the garden and work up a seamless tan. I don’t keep pets. There is no other man in my life and I would like to meet a new partner. I still mourn Hank, but life has to go on.

Well, that’s me, folks!
Love to all, Tesni.

So hello Tesni - and welcome to Lust Bites!


Olivia Knight said...

Welcome on board, Tesni! That's a fabulous raft of pseudonyms: Joan Hunter, Jeanne Montague, Tesni Morgan, Roxane Beaufort, Zara Devereux, Rhea Silva... whew! So what does your tribe of grandchildren make of the erotica? (I have strict rules against any immediate family members reading my erotica - in-laws and cousins are allowed, but siblings, parents, aunts and uncles - just no. Don't go there.)

Erastes said...

Welcome Tesni

You absolutely rock! Your catalogue is amazing.

Glad to have you on board!


Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Welcome, Tesni! I greatly enjoyed Always a Bridegroom. I'd love to hear more about your experiences with Black Lace over the the guidelines changed, etc. :-)

Madeline Moore said...

Wow. I'm gobsmacked by your many accomplishments. Welcome to Lust Bites, I hope you enjoy our company.

Janine Ashbless said...

Isn't Silver Moon a hardcore non-consensual BDSM imprint, by the way?

Jeremy Edwards said...

I have such admiration for people who follow their dreams despite a lack of support from those around them. How wonderful to hear your story of self-actualization and success!

Olivia Knight said...

Jeremy! We thought you'd died! In fact we've just had a whip round for the funeral flowers... Ah, well, should be enough to get you a pint, at any rate.

Guess we can cancel the ad for a new mascot ;-)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Rumors of my incredible sexual prowess are greatly exaggerated.

Death. I meant death. Crap.

Mine's an Old Peculier.

(My beer, that is.)

abc said...

Tesni! Your book, Private Act, for X-Libris as Zara Devereux was the very first erotic novel I ever read. It was a revelation to me, as I hadn't even realised there was such a genre!

Well, I had led a sheltered life, I guess.

Anyway,I knew then and there that I had found my vocation.Finding your book in a friend's bookcase when I had just got out of a long, controlling relationship seemed a message from the gods.

Congratulations on your work and thank you for your inspiration.
If I ever have even a fraction of your success I will be happy!

Olivia Knight said...

Here you are, Jeremy...

And for the lady of the hour, chin-chin!

ilona said...

Hi Tesni, you sound like wonderful woman who has led a full and happy life. I hope that when I get to be a great-grandmother I am as openminded as you must be to write erotica for Black Lace.

Kate Pearce said...

Wow-what an accomplishment! So glad to have you here!

Deanna Ashford said...

Hi Tensi,

Glad you could join us here on Lust Bites.
What an amazing catalogue of books you have. I obviously need to work much, much harder!!!

Raven said...

Hello, Tesni!

Masque of Passion was my favorite erotic novel for years...

Nice to see you here!


Madame Butterfly said...

Tesni- Wow!!! What a life you've had. You are a woman after my own heart. I love women who go against the grain to live their dreams.

I absolutely must read your books now. :)

barbara huffert said...

Wow, what a life! I bet you have stories. Any chance you'll share some of them here?

limecello said...

Hi Tesni, welcome to the group! Wow - what a backlist. I'm very impressed. You're a new to me author, and I'm going to go exploring now :)

Janine Ashbless said...

Apologies folks - Tesni has read your comments but is having problems with the Blogger interface.

Red Bud said...

What's the untitled book with the White X in the lower right corner?

The always find the most enticing pictures for these books...

abc said...

red bud - That book is Private Act by Zara Devereux from X-Libris. It is a lovely cover, isn't it.

Anonymous said...

June 10th 5,30pm.
Dear All, I hope this gets through. I adore all the pictures of pirates. My first novel was about them, titled COURTNEY'S WENCH by Joan Hunter. Anyone want a copy? Johnny Depp is stunni ng. Have you seen him in THE LIBERTINE and SWEENY TOdd? Will keep this short and trey to get it through, tesni Morgan, Jeanne.