Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 7

Faithful readers, you all are used to seeing our Lustie names in Black Lace anthologies—indeed, those anthologies might have been what drew you to our online den of iniquity. So I feel obliged to also point you in the direction of the just-released Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 7, which contains stories by an astonishing number of Lusties past and present as well as many friends of Lust Bites.

In Shanna Germain’s sizzling “Cherry Bottom,” Cate wants anal sex in a bad, bad way, but her long-time lover is nervous about the idea, afraid he might hurt her. They sign up for Miss Suzanne's anal sex class as a last resort...but can Miss Suzanne help Andrew over his fear and give Cate the sexual experience she truly desires?

Miss Suzanne and her heels again, right at our table. "Can I help, Andrew?" she asked. He must have said yes, because then her cool fingers were at my ass cheeks again, spreading them for him. My asshole puckered up against the cold. My tightening nipples crinkled the paper sheet beneath me.

Andrew's fingers left my body, came back oiled and warm.

"It's like playing pool," Miss Suzanne said, her thin fingers still in place. "It's all about speed and angles."

Andrew's finger was back against me, pressing, pressing. I fought the desire to lean back onto the tip of his finger, to force him inside me once and for all. But part of our class promise had been to let our partner do all the work, go at his own pace, let him do only what he was ready for.

He increased the pressure, opening my asshole, careful to use the flat of his fingertip. "Go," Miss Suzanne whispered, and then Andrew pushed his way inside me. Just a little, just the tip so I could barely feel it, but oh Jesus, there he was.

"More," Miss Suzanne said. Andrew pushed his finger farther into my asshole. Farther, until I was sure he had to be at the first joint. Having him in there like that made my pussy ache with that special emptiness that I loved. Andrew entered me to the knuckle. I imagined what he looked like behind me—starting to sweat beneath his glasses out of fear and excitement, his finger disappearing into my asshole.

"All the way in," Miss Suzanne said. And then he pushed and his finger was inside me, tearing through me with that certain pain that is mostly pleasure. I bit down on the pillow, but most of the moan came out anyway.

"See?" Miss Suzanne said. "She likes it. You're doing a great job."

"Jesus," Andrew whispered. "Oh fuck." Awe and arousal deepened his voice to a husky whisper. Hearing that voice—no fear in there—almost made me come.

Miss Suzanne raised her voice. "Okay, class, is everyone in? Foxes all in the holes?" I'm sure the class laughed, but I couldn't even concentrate to hear all the answers. All I could feel was Andrew's finger in my ass, the way he held it there, so still, the way it filled me and at the same time made me ache for something more, something bigger.

Sophie Mouette goes for heat and humor in “All About the Ratings.” Caroline’s top-rated cable-TV cooking show is being gazumped by Drew’s segment on man-food. When the station manager forces them to work as a team for a “Iron Chef”-type cook-off, Caroline uses every ounce of her sexuality to fluster Drew and make him look like a fool. Her plan, of course, completely backfires…in the hottest way possible.

Caroline turned to Drew and smiled. “I know we’d been talking about a…” she paused to give the words extra significance “…peach tart with whipped cream.” She winked at the audience, admitting they were in on the joke. “But it looks like we need to be flexible.” She hoped the word would call to mind her yoga poses. “Do you have any ideas about the best way to handle raspberries?”

“Delicately. Very delicately. More often than not, I like to nibble them plain.” He slurred a bit, so nibble sounded almost like nipple, but not so much so that it would get him in trouble with Lee. “But I bet we could do something with them to give the peaches a lovely rosy color.”

Then he gave her a searing smile. Her nipples felt as red and plump and tender as the berries heaped in a basket on their counter. She didn’t dare to glance down, but she suspected they were popping out through the fabric of her dress, clearly visible to anyone in the studio and probably to the TV audience.

What she wouldn’t give to have Drew’s sensuous mouth closed around one of those ripe peaks now, suckling at her, drawing out her arousal until she was dizzied and begging for more.

Breathe. Remember to breathe—and to make sure Drew, too, was distracted. “Maybe use some of them for a glaze,” she said breathily. “Nothing makes a peach look prettier than a little moist sheen. And for a topping, how about a nice, warm crème anglaise?” She let the words sink in, watched Drew’s eyes widen and darken.

She’d take his “crème anglaise” in her “peach” any day and she could tell he was thinking something similar.

The whir of a food processor brought her back to reality. The Jarvises were already at work, grinding nuts from the sound of it. (A linzertorte variation with fresh fruit? She should have been paying more attention to them, dammit!)

“Flavor it with rosewater,” Drew added. His voice sounded a little shaky. “Sounds good.”
“You start on the peaches and raspberries, Drew. I’ll get to work stirring up the crème. It takes a little time for it to…thicken.”

As she passed him, heading to the refrigerator for cream and eggs, she cupped his ass briefly under the cover of the counter, just long enough to feel it was as firm and delicious as she’d suspected.

His sigh wasn’t loud enough for the microphones to pick up, but she heard it.

He got her back, though, as he started to split the peaches. “This peach is absolutely perfect,” he sighed. “So juicy and succulent, with just the slightest hint of fuzz. I wish I could eat it right now!”

Even if she hadn’t been sensitized already, that remark, in that tone of voice, would have zinged directly between her legs and gotten her speculating. As it was, she almost spilled heavy cream onto the floor, lost in a vision of Drew’s tongue deftly playing over her slick lower lips and swirling in on the throbbing spot where she needed it most.

Is your appetite whetted yet? If so, then think about this veritable feast of authors: Alana Noel Voth, Alison Tyler, Nikki Magennis, Jeremy Edwards, Gwen Masters, Kristina Lloyd, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Donna George Story, Sage Vivant, Ashley Lister, Thomas Roche, and M. Christian—all in one anthology! (And I hope I didn't forget anybody!) Plus a host of other fabulous erotica writers who haven’t (yet) crossed our Lust Bites path.

Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 7. Lust Bites says: Check it out!


Janine Ashbless said...

Congrats everyone in this Mammoth Anthology!

I admit that when I hear the words mammoth erotica I can't help thinking about this - yes, quite possibly the most ludicrous historical film imaginable. Mammoths and pyramids, oh my.

On the other hand the hero looks like this so I will have to watch it anyway.

kristina lloyd said...

Oh, if only Erastes had been in Mammoth and then you could have done some non-gratuitous man-snoggage pics!

Thanks for the shout-out, Dayle. My story in Mammoth is a hot, slightly sinister MFMM ie lots of cock. I was very happy to be in the anthology till I saw that terrible, terrible cover. Heck, when will they stop using women's bodies to market erotica *supposedly* aimed at a het readership of men and women?

When? When? I get so tired of seeing female arses. And legs, tits, lingerie, latex, bleurgh, etc. I want muscle, dammit! I'm sure I'm not alone here.

Jeremy Edwards said...

What a great way to start my day—two absolutely delicious excerpts from stories I haven't worked my way up to yet in my journey through the book; and my name in lights. Thank you, Dayle!

I'm just over the moon* with joy at being in this collection, alongside so many writers I so admire!

I still don't understand how those giant woolly creatures can be part of the moth family.

*You'll find the moon at one of Janine's posts a while back.

Mathilde Madden said...

Talking of moons, I was quite happy when the post first went up without the cover. It's really horrible.

I don't really know what the excuse is for so many generalised erotica books (i.e aimed at men and women and broadly het) to feature women's arses on the covers. Men have arses too.

Sometimes being a straight woman is like being a strange minority sexuality instead of, like, 45% of the population of the world. And it's so fucking ironic that the world of 'literary' erotica who so often consider themselves a cut above the trashier world of erotic romance - are far more reactionary in this respect.

I'd take the lamest Fabio cover over this, yet another headless female body with a bare arse!


(Yes, I am so cross my hair has changed colour)

Elspeth said...

And me! I was very happy "Poppet" was reprinted, as it originally came out from Thunder's Mouth Press, who are now gone [sob].

Victoria Janssen/Elspeth Potter

Janine Ashbless said...

Sorry guys. I like her bottom.

Madeline Moore said...

I don't mind the cover - although I would have her head in shadows as well as the rest of her seems to me that the publishers must know what they're doing?

However, if you're looking for a cover with men on it, you will have one soon - two men with one woman and a taaaaaaall glass of champagne. It's the cover of 'Amanda's Young Men', my next book with Black Lace.
I don't have a release date yet but I have a cover and on it there are, did I mention, 2 men? However, they aren't particularly muscular, poor dears, because they are two young men...yum yum.

Congrats, every one who is in the Mammoth book!

Kate Pearce said...

Sounds like a great read!

Most of the erotic romance covers from Aphrodisia have lovely pictures of half-naked men on them!

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

I'm happy with men or women, clothed or unclothed! I'm very easy to please! Fabio! ::shudder::

Really, the antho is like a who's-who of Lust Bites, and so much fun (and hot!) to read. We are quite incredible!

Nikki Magennis said...

Woohoo! Cheers Dayle, et al. It's lovely to be in the big hairy Mammoth book with you guys! And bloody hell, it's a doorstopper, isn't it? Your arms get tired reading it. Ahem.

Shanna Germain said...

I'm going to take the book on the plane with me...figure when I'm done reading, I'll automatically be invited to join the mile high club. Or something.

It's a beautiful, thick, hard...ah, book, isn't it? I do like the cover quite a bit. I have a thing for globes :)

Best, s.

angell said...

WOOO - that's incredible everyone!! I can't wait to read this one....and to linger over each and every delicious, delectable, divine syllable.

Caffey said...

I love these anthologies! I used to be in a bookclub called Venus and I had started reading the anthologies through there and since. (Bookclub is closed now) but thats too how I got into finding so many great authors to read! And too seeing more new to me authors as well as some favorites! So thanks, can't wait to find it. Congrats on the release!

Ally said...

Way to go Lusty Ladies.
Thankyou for the wonderful glow to start my day.