Friday, February 8, 2008

Possession: The Silver Chains

By Mathilde Madden
I really didn’t have time to write a novella for Possession. I had these three other books to write at the time. But the chance to tell even more stories about my werewolf pack was too good to pass up.

And there was one bit of backstory I didn’t quite know where to put in the trilogy.

All the Silver Werewolf novels take place in the UK, but in the first book the hero Alfie has some magical silver chains that he uses so he can have sex without transforming into a wolf and killing his partner. I wanted to explain exactly how he had acquired them.

Hera leaned up over him and pulled down the chains. One cuff already attached to each of the bed posts. She smiled at Alfie as she lifted his right wrist and began to fix it down. 'It's very easy to adjust the spell on them. Just a little elementary magical skill really.' And in the time it took her to say that, she had both Alfie's wrists secure. Utterly secure.

'So they'll change with me? They won’t come off?' Alfie said. He was so overwhelmed. Need. Desire. Pure and brutal. He was still thrumming with it.

'Not a chance, my beautiful wolf. I will be quite safe no matter how hard you fight. And I even have a spelled muzzle that will twist when you do too. Those fangs won’t be coming out tonight. No matter how much I make you scream for me.'

In response to the realisation that he was going to get to have sex, Alfie had groaned so loud and so long that it was only muffled when Hera suddenly stuffed a thick pad of leather into his mouth and started tightening attached straps all around his head.

The leather felt strangely soft and satisfying in his mouth. He bit at it and it tasted hot and salty and flesh like. Hera, on top of him, leaned down, kiss-close.

'The only problem is you don’t get to kiss me,' she said, her mouth floating above his sealed and stoppered lips.

Alfie moaned as she flicked out her tongue and nudged at the edges of the muzzle. Somehow the frustration of it was more erotic that a real kiss. He moaned and strained.

'One thing about this situation,' said Hera, drawing her head back from the tease, 'is that when you come it's all over. You come. You change. No more fun for me, you see. We need to make you wait a long, long time. I need to be sure that I'll fully satisfied before you are.' She reached back and drew her hand along the length of Alfie's aching, waiting cock. 'We need to make this poor thing wait.'

Alfie moaned yet again and Hera dipped her head and ran her tongue over the leather that sealed Alfie's mouth. Over and over.

Alfie rolled and bucked his hips, but somehow he knew she was going to make him wait a long, long time.

Her fingernails grazed his chest, raised angry red lines, little tiny beads of his blood. She pinched her own nipples to hardness with finger tips slicked with his own desperate wetness, his helpless needy precome.

She licked his nose and pulled his hair and then, from somewhere, produced a beautiful blue-glass dildo. She glanced down at Alfie's straining erection. 'This looks pretty close to your size,' she said as she held it on the base of his belly, jutting right above his real cock.

He gasped and thrust his pelvis making his real cock twitch next to the replacement.

'In some ways,' Hera said, 'the glass is better. Cooler in this heat.'

And she slid herself up and mounted the blue dildo, holding it firm against his abdomen with one hand. Alfie felt her moving on it. His erection was tight up against the groove of her arse. As she moved it teased him, but it wasn't enough to make him come. He was already desperate. He could feel the wolf close but not quite able to break through. He rolled and fought his bonds.

Hera came. Quick and sudden she screamed and pushed her free hand into his hair, falling forwards and ending up thrashing against him with her tits covering his face. He screamed into the gag, wanting nothing more than to be able to flick his tongue over her nipples.

And then she lifted her head, smiled, kissed his hot cheek, dropped the dildo on the floor and slid herself back onto his cock.

An hour of teasing, a year without feeling a woman around his cock, Alfie thought like he would die of pleasure. His cock was in fire. Every nerve screamed with heat and need.

This was going to be no great performance of stamina, just a quick bucking fuck. His hips moved, slammed up into her. Over and over and over and down, into the wolf.

Mat x

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jothemama said...

Woo. Pant pant!

Olivia Knight said...

I feel so sorry for Alfie, not being able to kiss... He deserves to kiss, he's a good man. Good wolf? That sounds too close to "Good dog! Good dog!" I think he's one of your sexiest characters, Tilly - he can wag his tail for me anytime...

Janine Ashbless said...

What I want to know is - what are you planning to do next? Apart from take a long cold shower, of course.

Mathilde Madden said...


Well I'm writing a serial for Scarlet that will kick off in the June issue. I am not sure if I am going to do another novel right now. I'm novelled out...

Amy S. said...

Sounds great!

Laura J. said...

VERY HOT! This sounds sooooo good.

Anne Tourney said...

I think I'm going to have to do a quick internet search for a blue glass dildo . . . what a marvelous, hot scene this is, Mat. And it's great that the novella gave you an interlude to expound on the story of the silver charms.

Personally, I think this antho rocks. Not that I'm biased or anything.

Madelynne Ellis said...

It's always nice to get a bit more background on characters.

Madeline Moore said...

This collection sounds spell-binding.
I gotta have it. Thanks for the peek into the back story of your wolfman, Mat.

Kate Pearce said...

Fabulous! Chains and sex and can you go wrong?

danetteb said...

I think I'm going to need a pitcher of ice water to read this book.:)

Little Lamb Lost said...

Oooo boy. Scorcher of an excerpt!

Ally said...

Howwwwwwlllllll! Panting.

Lucy Felthouse said...

Sounds like a damn sexy book!!