Sunday, May 27, 2007

Coming Attractions

This week at Lust Bites we're all feeling a little queer.

We kick off the week with cowboys. Big butch sexy 'Kate Pearce' cowboys. Saying yee-ha and everything. And hot on the heels of those sturdy ranch hands, on Wednesday, is our guest, deliciously dirty gay-romp author James Lear, with Kristina Lloyd acting as his beard.

(I expect they're exchanging rugby players backstage as I write…) Some of you may have already thumbed Mr Lear's Back Passage and perhaps now you'd enjoy giving his Hot Valley a little of your attention. What? It's his new book, okay. God, you people…

At the end of the week our very own grande dame Portia da Costa will be here to give us a tease of her brand new novel, Suite Seventeen – featuring a very naughty and capricious hero.

And, really, no one is happier than me to announce that naked Lionel over there will be gracing our sidebar all week as part of a concerted effort by us to distract you from whatever you are trying to do.

Tilly aka Mathilde Madden
Just enjoying the view…


Alison Tyler said...

All I can say is "Wow."
I mean, "Wow."
Seriously. "Wow."

Alison's reaction to Kristina's "Bite."

kristina lloyd said...

Glad you approve, Alison!

I think it's important for people to know that my Lionel (for he is mine) is the front of the bottom I kindly brought to you all when I announced the competition winners a couple of weeks ago.

And, more kindness, if you click this link - Mmmm, nice arse, mister! - you get a double load of Lionel which you can then stare at for hours and hours. (Sorry, Janine. I know you're trying to work.)

Also, one small point which has no bearing whatsover - no, none at all - on the sheer, knicker-dropping sexiness of this man ... He is French.

Mais oui, c'est vrais! Je suis in love et je voudrai shag him!

Alana said...

Seriously, K, you're having sex with Lionel? And he's French? It's that red hair of yours, isn't it, and your sassiness, and your brains, and how did you pick him up, like suggest him as research for your next book? I hate you. :-)


Hmmm, anyway: Glad everyone's queer around here next week. That should be interesting. Fun. Or something.

Peace, ladies.

Kate Pearce said...

Hmmm...for a moment there I thought you meant that I was big butch and sexy rather than my cowboys
Looks like a great week and thanks for the lovely man Kristina!

Janine Ashbless said...

Ooh la la! J'adore les jouers des rugby. Ils avez les buns comme roc et des abs tres delicieux. J'aime a particulier en cette photographie le vision passagere de cheveux pubic.

Merci bien Kristina! Tu es tres polissonne!

kristina lloyd said...

Damn, Janine's French is better than mine. I bet she's knobbing him.

But, mmm yes, les buns comme roc ... I'm sure that must be universally understood.

Alana, he's teaching me about Rugby positions. We've done scrum-half and hooker and later we'll be doing blindside flanker, whatever that is. It's all for my next book: Rugby Rules.

Madeline said...