Sunday, May 6, 2007

Coming Attractions

By Mathilde Madden

First of all, don’t forget the competition. If you haven't already entered yourself, go there now and ask us to enter you. (Sorry, this kind of thing sounds much classier when Kristina Lloyd says it.) And this lovely image I bring you is in response to requests in that comment thread for the Aero Bubble Boy. Here he is – Jason Lewis – when he was in Sex and the City. And you can watch the delicious ad itself here.

Using sexy naked men to sell products to women? Who'd have thought it! (We'd never be so cheap!)

Huge week coming up. Hugest ever. On Monday we are sexing up Romance by the Blog. We started Lust Bites after having a ball in the comments section over there when our editor Adam Nevill guested, so it should be an emotional one. With many a moist eye. Over here on Monday we are all in place to answer the most annoying question erotica writers get asked.

'Have you done everything you've written about?'

Come and find out.

After Erastes guested on Lust Bites a month ago she became Director of the Erotica Authors Association. Okay, there's no direct connection, but I'm sure we helped. She's back on Wednesday talking accuracy in historicals – who knows what'll happen to her after that, she'll probably become Prime Minster.

Friday. Two words: Susie Bright.

Tilly aka Mathilde Madden
Aero Bubble Girl


kristina lloyd said...

Oh my Giddy Aunt. It's all so exciting. It's like Lust Bites is about to come. And Susie Bright's here on Friday. Gosh, what shall I wear? Who's pouring drinks?

And look, a man with a cock made entirely out of vodka. Maybe he could help. I wonder if he's got a brother with a tequila cock. I know it's wrong to mix your drinks but we could just think of it as m/f/m. With ice.

Alison Tyler said...


You did that for me, didn't you? You knew I was drinking vodka and you put him up.


P.S. I've got the olives right here.
(I think that sounds dirty, but I don't know why.)

Nikki H said...

That's the guy! Jason Lewis! Who knew he came naked with both chocolate and alcohol? (Feel free to decide how you wish to interpret the word 'came' in that sentence!)

Sabrina Luna said...

Great pic & great upcoming (take that whatever way) attractions! :)

Nikki Magennis said...

Non stop double entendres with olives and sauce. My god. You ladies kill me.