Sunday, May 13, 2007

Coming Attractions

By Mathilde Madden

If you're reading this in an idle moment can I invite you to hop back a post and read Alison "Randy Little Bitch" Tyler's sensational Susie Bright interview – or take a look at the side bar where we have links to some of our all time favourite Lust Bites nibbles.

And if you're hopping around and haven't entered our competition – go do it! I don’t want to encourage double entry but if that post reaches 150 comments we're going to put Kristina Lloyd in a basket and lower her into a pit of naked rugby players – so you'd be doing everyone a favour.

If you do enter our comp and win you'll be drowning in a sea of dirty books. You gonna need a hand with that? On Monday Olivia Knight asks How Do You Read Yours?

Your pornographic literature that is.

Then, on Wednesday, Olivia will be back - this time with her glamorous assistant Madelynne Ellis - and they'll both be crushing on a whole raft of skinny, dirty androgynous boys. So you'd better wear protective goggles or they might take your eye out with those hip bones.

Friday sees Gwen Masters talking about flawed heroines. As mainstream visual porn presents us with an endless stream of Barbie dolls with ridiculous fingernails, can erotic romance do better? Oh, of course we can.

Tilly aka Mathilde Madden
So, he's Brad Pitt…


Alison Tyler said...

So he's Brad Pitt...
you say.

Is he pulling on those jeans or taking them off?
And what is he going to do with all of those tools?


Erastes said...

I am definitely looking forward to Friday!

*rolls up sleeves*

Alana said...

Hi Tilly,

The rest of the Lusties are right: You write great Coming Attraction! Thank you.

Olivia's post sounds fun. How do the ladies read their porn?

Yup, I'm all about skinny, dirty androgynous boys. I'll be back Wednesday to mention my favorites. Long list.

Last but not least: Gwen's post on flawed heroines. Yes! Yes! As women writers here, we're in a perfect position to explore the allure of our flaws, physical and emotional, especially physical, since as you pointed out Tilly, the Barbie Doll thing is cliche and unhealthy and so far from the truth it ain't even funny.

P.S. Anyone mind lowering me naked into a pit with Eric Bana and Christian Bale? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Form an orderly queue and I will try and get around to lowering everyone into a pit of naked creatures of their choosing.

T x

kristina lloyd said...

Yeah, but I get a 150 rugby boys, don't I? Or did I read it wrong?

Anonymous said...

Yes, 150 naked hancuffed rugby boys... Or are you naked and handcuffed? Or perhaps everyone is.

But - hang on - that might not work.

I have been writing since 7am and may have lost my edge.

Alison Tyler said...


I think you're being selfish. If you have 150, you might as well divvy them amongst us. We'd each get, um, 9.375.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry AT, I'm sure I can find 150 salt-and-pepper-haired English Gentlemen for you

Alison Tyler said...

But I'd trade them all in for just one Jason Isaacs in full Lucius Malfoy drag. With the cane, of course.

Alana said...

Holy carp, Alison. That's priceless!

Alana said...

I mean crap. Unless you prefer carp. Tehehe. Too much coffee.

Madelynne Ellis said...

Alison, if you're hot for Jason Issacs, you need to see The State Within mini series. Have they shown it in the US?

kiki said...

i tried very hard to get kristina to that magic 150...but didn't want to seem like a TOTAL stalker.

kristina lloyd said...

Kiki, you can stalk me all you like.

And thank you. Any spare rugby boys, and I'll send them your way.