Saturday, May 19, 2007

Coming Attractions

Sex, spies and videotape

Mathilde has gone to an international top secret werewolf convention, so today Special Agent Magennis is stepping in to her very kinky shoes to let you know how what the week brings.

Next week is looking rather racy. In fact, it’s rather like the XXX files…

On Monday Alison meets Barry Eisler in a secret location. We’re excited about this for several reasons: An ex CIA covert agent, Barry has travelled the world, mastered martial arts, written many thrillers, and has that whole rugged, stubbly, I-could-kill-you-but-instead-I’m-going-to-seduce-you thing going on. Lustbites donned our leather cat suits to ask him probing questions about his weapon (while giggling nervously from the other side of the Atlantic) and his bestselling ‘John Rain’ thrillers. Miss it at your peril.

If you’ve recovered from the excitement by Wednesday, join Madeline Moore as she interviews the lovely Sage Vivant, owner of Custom Erotica Source, editor of many lush erotica books, and author of ‘Your Erotic Personality.’

On Friday, gird your loins as the ever-generous Alison Tyler returns to offer a peek into her next anthology – ‘Got a minute’: a collection of super-short and super-sexy erotic tales that should set you up nicely for the weekend.

And finally, as a special treat, Murray Suid will be dropping by on Saturday to tell us about his book ‘Words of a Feather’ and the tangled history of language. If you’d like to know more about the connection between ‘bondage’ and ‘husband’, be sure to visit.

So your mission should you choose to accept it, is to join us as we go undercover with the hot spy, work out our erotic personality disorders and sample some sizzling etymologically correct erotica, all in less than sixty seconds. I think…

Giveaways are likely, but I can’t tell you any more or I’d have to kill you.

Agent Magennis
Working undercover for your reading pleasure


Madeline said...

Terrific promo lady! Are you a writer or something?

Alison Tyler said...

She can't tell you, Madeline.
Or she'd have to kill you.

Alana said...

Thanks, Nx.

Smut Girl said...

I have never 'girded' my loins before but I will if it means there'll be talk of "Got a Minute?" I devoured that book. :)

kristina lloyd said...

I might've been skim reading but it's in my mind as: Kristina Lloyd gets to spend 60 minutes with Daniel Craig, a feather and a man called Barry who has a very big gun while Alison Tyler reads sagely to us.

Or am I fantasising again?

Nikki H said...

Oh, I'll accept that mission, even if it explodes in five seconds time. Is it going to go off in my hands?!

Nikki Magennis said...

Nikki h, I know, I know. Once you start with the spy jokes it's very hard to stop. : )