Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cowboys anyone?

Yes, I know, here I am again banging on about cowboys when everyone else on this blog gets into far more kinky and interesting stuff-but I can't help myself I love them. I think there are several reasons for this. One, is that most girls go through a pony/horse/unicorn phase in their life, well, I certainly did, and what is more natural than as a big grown up girl, I should lust after the men who can control these noble steeds, the cowboy?

I also think I'm a product of my age. When I was growing up, almost every other show on the telly was an imported American Western. I loved The High Chapparal, Bonanza, and particularly, The Virginian.

Now, I have no idea what the Virginian was actually about, but I fell in love with 'the man who had no name' and his blond buddy Trampas. I agonized over which one I would marry and wondered if I could marry them both-(see the seeds of my kinkiness were there right from the start). I also had some very interesting dreams when I was a teenager about a short-lived show called "The Quest" which featured a very young Kurt Russell as a man who'd been brought up by Native Americans. he wore a lot of leather and fringes and grunted a lot...sigh

Anyway, "Where have all the Cowboys gone?" is out on Tuesday May 29th! I already spotted it at my local Borders, so run like the wind and buy one-you won't regret it! It's about a business-man turned cowboy who's determined not to let what happened in Vegas, stay in Vegas.

And, as a special request from some Lusties and readers, here is a small excerpt from the now notorious scene in the barn:

"The sweet smell of hay washed over her as Grayson halted in front of her. He held out his hand, his gaze commanding. “Take off your boots and jeans.”
Aware of heat and moisture pooling between her legs, Lauren complied. Grayson’s borrowed denim shirt covered her to mid thigh leaving her decently covered. He pointed at it. “Unbutton the shirt.”
Lauren took her time sliding the buttons free, aware of Grayson watching her and the building anticipation of pleasure. He swallowed hard as he took in her tight nipples showing through the sheer silk of her bra. She resisted a brazen urge to touch herself, to bring that wild look into his eyes and make it boil over.
He walked her across to the empty hay manger in the corner of the stall. “Hold onto this and bend forward.” Lauren grasped the wooden structure with both hands, aware of Grayson moving closer. From her position, she had a nice view of his bulging jeans.
“I’m going to cover your eyes, just like the mares.” A folded blue and white bandana appeared briefly in front of her blocking out the light. Lauren could smell a hint of Grayson’s aftershave on the stiff fabric. She drew in a deep breath trying to adjust to her lack of sight, trying to judge exactly where Grayson was.
The silence stretched. A horse neighed somewhere in the distance followed by a man’s faint laughter. Lauren imagined Grayson staring at her half-exposed body and licked her lips as her heart rate increased.
“You’re beautiful, Lauren.”
Gray swept his hand up the inside of Lauren’s shirt caressing her naked spine from bottom to top. She shivered at the faint roughness of his palm and the hint of possessiveness in his voice. The soft hiss of his leather belt being drawn out of his jeans made her listen more intently. She sensed him edge closer and held her breath.
“Do you remember how the stallion sensed the mare?” Grayson inhaled, the sound loud in the sultry silence. “I can smell you, Lauren. I know that when I want to push inside you, you’ll be wet and ready for me.”
Lauren bit her lip and pressed her thighs together. Grayson was right. She was more than ready to take him. He snapped the end of his belt out and grazed her butt. The leather felt warm and supple against her skin. He did it again, surprising her with the small sting and then drew the length of the belt across her back. Her fingers fisted as he wrapped the belt around her wrists and secured her to the hay manger."

Hope you enjoyed that! And please come on over to my website tomorrow for a 'rootin tootin contest!'
Share your feelings here about your favorite cowboy shows and movies and I'll pick one lucky commentator to win a signed copy of the book!


Nikki H said...

I grew up watching the old black and white Lone Ranger shows. I used to love the idea of this mysterious rider, wearing a mask over his face! Which probably also explains my love for Zorro, too! Not strictly cowboys, I know, but men astride horses, masks, mystery, fighting for a good cause...there was nothing else like it and I wanted to be them when I grew up. (Not much cause for a mum to take her kids to school on horseback, though)

Portia Da Costa said...

Yeehaaah! What an excerpt!

Well, Kate, you know my preference in cowboys... it can be summed up in one word.


Nikki Magennis said...

Wooooah! You did the belt thing, Kate!!!! I *love* the belt thing. Gorgeous.

Congrats on the book, it sounds wonderful.

Nikki h - wasn't Zorro the best ever?

kristina lloyd said...

Ohhhhh, it's banging in the barn!

Say, Kate, did I ever mention I'm quite fond of that scene? I also learned some very interesting facts about horses from it. Educational smut - how's that for value for money?

Stacy S said...

It sounds like a great book. Got it on my list for the bookstore tomorrow.

Shanna Germain said...

This is awesome Kate! Very sexy!

I have to say, I have a thing for horse men and women too, although they don't have to be cowboys per se. I didn't watch TV as a kick, but I grew up on a farm, so I got to get all that horse/barn/hay/men in boots stuff first hand. Of course, it wasn't as much fun in reality, but when I remember back, it always seems so sexy for some reason...

:) s.

Madeline said...

Yeee-haw! Surely all the (girlie) world loves a cowboy - hey wait a minute, now that we've all seen Brokeback Mountain, I guess all the whole world round loves cowboys. When I was a girl I'd clean houses for days to earn the money to go for a one hour ride at our local stables. Now that I'm all grown up, riding horses is pretty low on my list of favourite things to do - okay, it's not on the list AT ALL...but then, neither is chugging beer or staying up all night arguing about art. I guess I'm getting on...
My history teacher told me if I missed one more class I was going to fail the year. This, because Bonanza started just as my lunchbreak at home was ending. If I heard the theme song I was powerless to abandon the boys on the Ponderosa for history class...but I did, once the dark eyed teacher laid down the law. Oooh...yee haw!
The latest cowboy show to grab and hold my attention was 'Deadwood'. Granted, not a lot of sexy cowboys present, most of 'em were covered with dirt and swore like - like the Sopranos. Even Calamity Jane was covered in mud, and not in a good way. So, forget tv! Forget the movies! I'm gonna go for THE BOOK. This is me, running like the wind -

Alana said...

Hi Kate,

You're way cool to write this post for us and to share that freaking hot barn banging scene. "Clits up!" as Susie Bright would say. Thank you.

My favorite cowboys are the randy gang from Young Guns. And didn't Brad Pitt play a cowboy in Thelma and Louise? "Ladies and gentleman, this is a stick up." And then he slid a hair dryer down the front of his pants. And fucked Geena Davis within an inch of her life before he stole all her dough.

In my opinion, it'd be worth it.

And Madeline, yeah, I enjoyed the heck out of Jake G and Heath L making out and butt fucking in Broke Back Moutain.

Does anyone recall a series of paperback westerns written by some dude and the pages were filled with kinky filth and cowboys. I ate those books up by the dozens but can't recall the name of the writer right now. Anyone?

BTW: speaking of books, Pam Houston's Cowboys Are My Weakness is an excellent collection. Recommend it.


Alana said...

****rushes back in****

"Shanna wrote a gorgeous m/m cowboy story called "The Gentling."

****rushes back out****

Alana said...

****rushes in one more time****

"I'm not at work today, woo-hoo!"

****rushes out to enjoy the day****

tetewa said...

Congrats on the release! I loved watching Bonanza growing up with the cute Michael Landon before he was on Little House on the Prairie. I also enjoyed Gunsmoke with Festus and Miss Kitty.

Madelynne Ellis said...

Hi Kate,

Lovely excerpt, and congrats on the release. I'm having HUGE email/internet problems today, but I managed to get things to work long enough to read your post :-)

Assuming this actually works!!!

Cherie J said...

For me, I remember growing up watching Big Valley and Bonanza. I also loved watching reruns of The Lone Ranger. Cowboys are so sexy! Sounds like a great book!

Kate Pearce said...

So sorry to turn up so late on my own posting day! (blushes)
Took daughter to see Shrek III so I'm only now sitting down to look at the posts!
Of course, it is a holiday today everywhere, right? So I guess a lot of you are at home doing more interesting stuff rather than reading cowboy smut!

I loved Zorro too...masked and on a horse, what a lethal combination.

I already mentioned to Wendy on another blog that I haven't seen Tombstone but I think I'll have to, especially as Kurt Russell is in it.

And by the way, I can actually ride a horse, both English and Western style (I prefer Western)I even got to herd a few cows a couple of years ago on a working ranch-that was so cool.

Thanks anyone who buys the book-this starving author appreciates it-or if you don't want to buy it, just face it out in the stores and annoy all the Borders/Waldenbooks personnel :)

Mathilde Madden said...

Ooh, cowboys and bondage. What with the lassoos (sp?) and the bandanas and the leather. Whee!

Rope me a steer. Um, or something. Kate, is that right?

TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

Oh my, forgot yesterday was Monday! Sorry, Kate. I was in holiday mode. (Except for the three hours of terribly dull editing.)

You know, I'd never been hot for cowboys...but that excerpt might change my mind.

My favorite "cowboys" are still the space cowboys of Cowboy Bebop and Firefly. Don't know why they appeal more than the old-fashioned kind, except maybe that I'm allergic to horses and hay, so I figure I'd probably be allergic to a real cowboy (or girl.)

(And because Nathan Fillion as Mal is teh hawt, but I've raved about that subject often enough.)

Janine Ashbless said...

Ah, there's a definite cowboys/bondage overlap, isn't there? And of course all that talk of Riding. Hmm!

Thanks for the hot excerpt!

I never found cowboys attractive though, until Young Guns. I think it was because in all the westerns I saw as a kid they seemed to have nothing to do with women at all. If by chance a woman should crop up in a cowboy film the hero would inevitably scorn, avoid and quite possibly slap her. So (although I didn't have the concepts or the vocabulary then) I think I filed cowboys away under "men's men". I still think they're more a gay icon than anything else.

Hooray for Brokeback Mountain, eh?

Kate Pearce said...

Oh ladies (and gents) wait until you read the next one, "Roping the Wind" which has a very strong leather theme running through it...sigh

Don't forget-BIG CONTEST on my blog today! Win stuff, see my dog in a bandanna, mosey on over!

Caffey said...

I'm so looking forward to this one! I love reading the cowboy stories and always looking for those hot romance books! I have TV land here and every Saturday they have a few episodes in a row of Bonanza. I too watch Little House On The Prairie, maybe not as western but there was Michael Landon :) Too any watch Wagon Train? I saw a few episodes once and wished they put them back up on those cable channels.

I'd love to be in the contest too Kate. I hope i"m not too late since I didn't see when the contest ended. But glad to find this blog when visiting BlackLace-books.!!!