Thursday, May 3, 2007

Sex with Strangers: our short story collection

by Kristina Lloyd

"I had been Jonathan’s slave for about a year when he told me he wanted to sell me at an auction. I wasn’t in any condition to respond when he told me this – I was carefully licking his balls, concentrating on doing it the way he liked … "

I know, I know. It’s so damn good, isn’t it? This is the beginning of Carrie’s Story by Molly Weatherfield, a classic of erotic S/M lit. Molly (aka romance writer Pam Rosenthal) was on Lust Bites earlier this week in her first ever interview. Yes: first ever. Last year, put Carrie’s Story at number 12 in their ‘25 Sexiest Novels Ever Written’, sandwiched between Lolita (11) and Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying (13). Yup, it's that hot.

And, oh boy, thanks to Kate Pearce, we popped Molly’s interview cherry! Check it out. It really is a warm, wise, fascinating piece.

Anyway, I’m here to get hot and firsty with you because Sex with Strangers, the latest short story collection from Black Lace is about to be published (10th May, UK; 26 June, US) and it’s the first time a man’s big beefy arm has appeared on a BL anthology cover. Is that right, Lusties? I can’t recall any others. Did Tilly, our resident arm-nut, put our publishers up to it?

Sex with strangers is one of the most popular female fantasies, and is it any wonder? It’s dark, dangerous and risky, and there are no arguments about who has to sleep in the damp patch. Why do we like it so much? Is it the thrill of the unknown? The urge for instant gratification? Is it the edgy appeal of the faceless man in rape fantasy? Or simply the power of an encounter that it is pure basic sex, no sweet-talking lovey-dovey, just rutting for the hell of it?

Delve into Sex with Strangers to find some of our answers. The anthology features stories from top-notch Lust Biters Nikki Magennis, Mathilde Madden, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Olivia Knight, Dayle A Dermatis and me, Kristina Lloyd.

Here’s a taste of some of our stories with their first (and sometimes 2nd and 3rd) lines to tease and please.

'My flatmate couldn’t even imagine the desert that was my sex life.' Nikki Magennis - The Art of Fucking
A brief encounter with a life model reminds an artist just how beautiful life can be. I’m happy to say this is another Nikki M gem: sumptuously written, thoughtful and delicate - which makes the hard, messy sex all the harder and messier when it happens. Delicious. (And she swore in the title!)

'Tuesday nights mean only one thing to Gracie, William, Mark and me: Lust. Oops. Actually, that’s a bit of a Freudian one – not Lust, Lost.' Mathilde Madden - Lust for Glory
A single girl uses her mouth at a big nutso gay orgy. Witty and wonderful, and very, very dirty. Only Tilly could have written a story like this.

'I stopped pacing long enough to glance at the clock. They’d be home soon, my boyfriend Gary and his friend Matt.' Teresa Noelle Roberts - A Stranger, and Yet Not
Karen's loving boyfriend finds a safe way for her to live out a risky fantasy. And I can safely say this story is m/f/m, and that’s hot.

'When she’s on holiday, she play-acts herself (unless, of course, she’s in Spain with other English people around, in which case she pretends to be French).' Olivia Knight - Barely Grasped Pictures
Olivia is a stunningly talented new writer. She crafts sentences that practically wrap you up in silk and dribble honey down your throat – which doesn’t mean she isn’t also completely filthy.

'This was it. Tonight. The biggest job of our short but so far quite illustrious career.' Sophie Mouette - Behind the Masque
Distracting a sexy security guard is just one of the perks of a jewel thief's job … or is it? Hot rocks, hot thieves, and even hotter sex!

'In ten minutes, the office would open. Claire sat ready at her desk, behind the window sprayed with photographs of clouds in blue skies.' Nikki Magennis - A Whole New City
Yes, that’s two stories from Nikki! She’s either a brilliant writer or a mucky little tart who’s had more than her share of casual sex. My money's on both.

'The bus station was lit up with colour, rain falling in yellow and orange drops, headlights fraying into the drizzle. I was trying to act natural, standing in the bus shelter like someone waiting for a bus.' Kristina Lloyd - Wet Walls
A journalist stalks a mysterious graffiti artist in surreal city streets.

I wrote this slightly odd story so I can tell you it was partly inspired by Edwardian supernatural and horror writer, Arthur Machen, partly by contemporary graffiti artist, Banksy. The picture of me here, acting coy against Banksy’s kissing policemen in Brighton, was taken around the time I wrote this story. And then some weird, nasty shit happened to the graffiti which made me very spooked indeed because it was as if the story I’d written had suddenly come true. But not in a good way. Sorry, I can't reveal any more than that because it will spoil the ending. Just read it ... and be afraid. Be very afraid.

I don’t know if this happens to other authors. It seems to keep happening to me. I write it, and it somehow comes true, and I have to ask myself: What am I? A writer or a witch? (Lusties, don’t even think about answering that one.) I really ought to harness this power and write a novel about, say, a woman being pursued by a randy football team, all David Beckham lookalikes. (Apart from the goalie, obviously. Goalies are always odd.) Plot spoiler: the final chapter takes place in the showers.

Of course, if you listen to any other of the Lust Biters, they’ll say I wrote the story because I’m obsessed with sex and seduction up against a wall, and they might have a point. Technically speaking, Wet Walls isn’t a classic of the Up Against The Wall genre (UATW is a genre, right?) but I’ve written others which are. Many, many others if you listen to Madelynne Ellis. (Don’t listen to her. She’s dangerous. She’ll tell you stuff about yourself you hardly knew.)

And if all this strangeness isn’t strange enough, click on this link for a mini excerpt from Portia Da Costa. Portia’s sex with strangers story, Eyes of Desire, will be published by epublishers, Phaze, in July and I’m guessing this is a Phazey first for Portia. No doubt we’ll hear more about it nearer the time. However, because I’m a witch, I can see into the future and read Portia’s first line. Here’s your sneak preview: “Good afternoon,” said the tall, blurred shape.

So, Sex with Strangers? Do you want it? Well, pop back tomorrow when I’ll be here to launch Lust Bites’ third whopping great giveaway contest. We’re giving away several Strangers (the book, silly), a delicious range of Alison Tyler edited smuttery and lots and lots of our hot, sexy novels.

I can hardly wait! But until then, I’d love to know your thoughts. What is it about strangers that makes them so damn appealing? And if you’re not fantasising about a stranger, who are you fantasising about? Your partner of 27 years? Ten Beckhams and a goalie? The guy in accounts? Do tell.

Also, what should I call my football novel?

And am I a witch?


Nikki Magennis said...

I can't believe you called me a mucky little tart. Darling. My reputation!

I sort of feel we should be giving away condoms with the 'Strangers' book...

And okay, for me, SwS - it's that blast of intense complicity when you lock eyes with someone. That moment. A whole world of possibilities unravels in front of you and the world turns electric and exciting and unexpected.

Yes, it's the possibility, isn't it? I mean, everyone starts as a stranger. Any one of them might turn into a bigger adventure.

Speaking of synchronicities, K, isn't it odd that 'The Art of Fucking' was inspired by Michelangelo's David, and your character is called 'Michael Angelo'?

Cue X files music...

kristina lloyd said...

Yes! Michelangelo! I did notice that then I forgot. Maybe you're a witch too (as well as an MLT). Heck, it's a powerful combination.

Portia Da Costa said...

Hey, you can live with someone for thirty years plus and in some ways they can still be a stranger! Unless you're a mind reader, there'll always be some deep, dark, hidden secrets tucked away in the recesses of their mind...

Today, I am mainly fantasising about Vincent... what's new? But a friend has just sent me a Vinster goodie, so plenty of food for the imagination.

Kristina, how about 'The Art of Diving' for your footie book? Or 'Adventures in the Box'? Or 'Pumping the Long Ball'? Yeah, I watch too much Match of the Day...

Anonymous said...


You are not a witch.

But what you are rhymes with witch.

I'm sorry. That was mean, but I couldn't resist. Just pretend I'm David Beckham saying that, okay.

Thank you for being nice about my story. I love that story.

kristina lloyd said...

Oh Tilly, stop it. You know I love it when you talk dirty - especially when you wear the Beckham mask.

Ha, Wendy - great titles. It made me think I could maybe write a vampire football book and call it 'Oooo, Back of the Neck!'

Do you think it'd sell?

Jeremy Edwards said...

Clear playing field at Google for "mucky little tart" meets "Michelangelo"! This sort of surprises me, actually.

Perhaps if we ask Olivia very nicely, she'll tell us where we can find a multi-paragraph excerpt from "Barely Grasped Pictures." I saw it the other day, and it was so erotically exquisite and evocative that SWS immediately went on my "must buy (or must win in a giveaway)" list. The various teasers that appear here today have, of course, further strengthened this resolve, to the point that it's now an absurdly muscle-bound resolve that can hoist a VW Beetle with one hand.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy (and everyone)

Try Olivia's My Space blog

Madelynne Ellis said...

Kristina, I can't imagine what you're suggesting about me. Dangerous! Must have been someone else you were talking to at that party.

As for witchiness... Well, I always preferred the term, evil goth sorceress myself...:-P

Madelynne Ellis said...

Oh, was I supposed to be telling you about fantasies...

Well, there's always Lord Wraxall..

and Gackt...with HYDE.

And then JRM with Jude Law (oops, oh no, that's Vaughan and Lucerne in my current wip isn't it.)

Alison Tyler said...

We have such a delicious assortment of ladies here, don't we? An evil goth sorceress, a mucky little tart, a champagne slattern, a lovely blonde strumpet...

Wait, now, what was the question?

Kinky Little Bitch

Jeremy Edwards said...

I realize that my status as a groupie does not entitle me to a voice in policy decisions . . . but wouldn't it be fun to see those official nicknames listed in the sidebar with your respective links!

Just a thought.

Nikki Magennis said...

- Only if you list 'lustbites groupie' as your nickname, Jeremy. Then you may call us what you please...

; )

Portia Da Costa said...

Please write a vampire football book, Kristina. It'd sell to *me*!

kristina lloyd said...

I quite like Jeremy's idea - but I'm not sure if I'm a champagne slattern or an arthouse slut.

And Alison, I think you were actually christened 'randy little bitch', weren't you? Although kinky isn't exactly a misnomer.

Wendy, you're giving me impure thoughts about the offside rule.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Why force yourself to choose, Kristina? I see no reason why an erotica author can't simply accumulate titles, much like a goddess, empress, or interdisciplinary academic. Why shouldn't the world address you as "Kristina Lloyd, Champagne Slattern, Arthouse Slut, Titillator of Tubers [etc.]"? Eventually, if the string of titles becomes long enough, your publishers won't even need to pester you for a bio.

Alison Tyler said...

I already do that, Jeremy!

I'm a "trollop with a laptop," "curator of smut," "literary siren," and now a "randy little bitch" (you were right, Kristina).

Kate said...

Can I be 'frumpy soccer mom?'

or should that be 'frumpy football mum?"
It kind of fits altho' none of my kids play soccer.

Not feeling glamorous enough today to qualify as a Lustie

Great collection of stories here-can't remember why I didn't submit one but it sounds fab!!

Alana said...

OK, so glad you piped up Kate because the nickname game has me stumped. "Who am I?" Mom who Writes Erotica? Fails in comparison to mucky tart, evil goth sorceress, and trollop with a laptop.

OK, Lusties, so about how we've advertised to the masses on how to win the current give away. "Have sex with a stranger and win a prize." I'm with Nx. Let's send a few condoms with that book. :-)

May I suggest Mr. Happy's Hat?

Anyway, congrats to the Lusties whose stories are featured in the new Black Lace book. Way cool.

Last but not least: Kristina (as I put on Beckham mask) Witch, bitch? Dunno. But you scare me a little.


kristina lloyd said...

See! It's happening again! Already I've got two people in Beckham masks. I just need another 8 and a goalie and I've got a novel proposal. We could go around to Virgin HQ and act it out.

Alana and Nikki - i just added 3 condoms to the comp prize. It's a great idea - thank you. But I think that means Lust Bites now owes me 3 shags.

Portia Da Costa said...

I am pleased to accept the title of 'lovely blonde strumpet'! :)

* Consumer Advisory: this title may contain misleading or artificial elements

Nikki Magennis said...

Ah Kate, that's no use. How about 'Cowboy Upper'? Alana, you've got to slip the Stripper thing in there somewhere...

Kate said...

Well Mr. Kate Pearce calls me the "Hugh Hefner of San Ramon"
and "The Virtual Tart"

Is that better

Nikki Magennis said...

Virtual Tart is perfect. That means I'm not the only tart in here...

Alison Tyler said...

But what type of tart are you, Nikki?
Are you cherry?

Nikki Magennis said...

Yes! Um, that was my granny's name. I've always loved it!

jothemama said...

I just love Kristina's hidden face pictures, they're beautiful. You have sexy hair, Kristina!

kristina lloyd said...

Aw, thanks, Jothemama.