Sunday, November 30, 2008

Coming attractions: the final week

beautiful sexy hot man

It's the last Coming Attractions and he is definitely an attraction and he is definitely asking you to come a little closer (and a little closer - and a little harder...) and because this is the last time I get to deluge your screen with gratuitously beautiful men, one just isn't enough.

beautiful sexy hot man
Speaking of deluges, we've long had a thing for wet men. Kristina Lloyd started it and I blame her for my corruption.

On Monday, Kristina Lloyd and Mathilde Madden are back: erstwhile Lusties, and now the Biceps Bitches, to lavish you with man candy and make the (amazingly controversial) case for more of it.

From my relish for skinny boys, Kristina reminded me of the bliss of brawn, and has finally explained to me the appeal of submission. (It's not about the bared arse, it's about the man looming over it.)

So here's an extra brute for her ... and here's an even compromise.

beautiful sexy hot manbeautiful sexy hot man

And here's a little extra for all of us, because four isn't enough - sometimes you need five.

beautiful sexy hot men

beautiful sexy hot manOn Wednesday, Kate Pearce asks the hard questions (like Jeremy Paxman, but with more random gleaming torsos and rippling six-packs) and gets the Lusties low-down on our time here.

And on Friday, it's closing time and Olivia Knight draws the final curtain: we'll be leaving our forwarding addresses, splashing our blogs and websites around, (adding a few more gratuitous naked men no doubt), kissing, wiping away tears, making thank you speeches, and towards the end of the evening and the farewell-champagne getting really honest about our feelings and sobbing "I love you guys, no really, I do - no really, you need to understand this..."

Okay, it's getting sad. Time for another naked man.

beautiful sexy hot man

And in case he's too sensitive for your tastes, here's someone more brutish who definitely doesn't have poetry on his mind.

beautiful sexy hot man
"...the hinted at, the unseen, decaying lilies, seedy alleyways, and the catch in his voice when he says ‘Suck it, bitch.’" - Kristina Lloyd

We've looked at a lot of men over the last two years. We have littered our posts with gratuitous photos. So I leave you with this last plea, from our prisoner in the Lust Bites dungeons, the man himself:

beautiful sexy hot man

I'm trying to... really I am... Damn.

Last competition winners!

For the 101 Sexy Dares launch, Laura Corn's Waaay Too Much Fun Package, goes to Angell for the sexiest-written dare of the lot. As your editor I'm going to request a rewrite making it possible for non-plumber-men, but this was a scorching vision. Send your address to knight [dot] olivia [at] gmail [dot] com for your hamper.

I dare you to leave the briefs at home, along with your sense of propriety. I dare you to go on every call today, with the thought of fucking me in your head. I dare you to smile naughtily at every housewife, every maid, every woman that answers the door, as if you have a secret you'd love to tell her. I dare you to rub yourself discretely to keep yourself hard, and pop your button every time you lie down to fix it. And while lying under those sinks, while snaking their pipes and twisting their nuts, while your hard cock presses against the zipper that's dying to bust open, I dare you to keep control.

And a copy of Pam Rosenthal's book, The Edge of Impropriety, goes to Caffey - send your details to contactme [at] katepearce [dot] com.


Janine Ashbless said...

Oh my good god Olivia - you just set me a new record for pinching your pretty pictures. You've got to tell me who Compromise Man is -he's so beautiful I ... I ... I...

Jeremy Edwards said...

[Sniff] It's only Saturday, and already I'm getting sentimental as we prepare to say obiode* to Lust Bites. Well, you always knew I was the Sensitive Male. (And extra points to anyone who finds the especially sensitive spot.)

*My spamword.

Madeline Moore said...

Killer CA, Olivia. I'm drooling over 'guy who hasn't got poetry on his mind.' He's almost too adorable to be so built...

Maybe it'll be fun, trolling each other's blogs, quoting each other, having each other as guest bloggers...maybe it'll be a lot like Lust Bites only one bite at a time?

Do ya think? 'Cause I love you guys, or, as my Grandmother said when I told her I loved her once too often for her to continue ignoring me and my hippie dippy ways, 'And I love every one of you little buggers, so how about that?'

Yeah! How about that!

Janine Ashbless said...

Maybe it'll be fun, trolling each other's blogs, quoting each other, having each other as guest bloggers

Oh I hope so Madeline! And if you come round my bog for Eyecandy Monday tomorrow, I'll have a celebrity willie picture to show.

My spamword is "patouchi"

Olivia Knight said...

Compromise man is Theo Theodoris. I really should credit my beautiful men, shouldn't I...? So, trying to backtrack a little... the man Not Thinking About Poetry (though doing so rather poetically) is Nicholas Strauder. Erm... didn't keep tabs on the others, I'm afraid. They just flash by... (Although the last, it goes without saying, is David Beckham.) Glad you like them! DO help yourself.

Jeremy: your ribs? Bet you're ticklish. (Then again, I also thought you were a Yorkshireman.)

kristina lloyd said...

Round your what, Janine?

Gorgeous pics, and thank you for my booted brute! So yay, it was all worth it - I corrupted Olivia Knight! Mind you, it didn't take much.

Looking forward to being back tomorrow.

Jeremy Edwards said...

I took "bog" at face value, and I already have my gum boots on.

By gum. ; )

Jeremy Edwards said...

Haha, Mrs. Jeremy just reminded me that bog doesn't mean only "marsh" in the UK. Sorry about the gum boots, Janine. I didn't mean to track mud into your ... you know.

You see how terrible I'd be at being from Yorkshire! Total. Failure.

Janine Ashbless said...

There go my last vestiges of dignity.

Janine Ashbless said...

Although if you go to my BLOG today you will see that gumboots aren't a bad idea if venturing into my kitchen...

Olivia Knight said...

So far we've been promised a celebrity willy and Jeremy in gum boots in Janine's bog. Sounds great!

Clearly it's a dark sofa/computer day for everyone today...

Kristina - is non-poetry-man a sneering fuck-brute or not? I wasn't sure. I'm still learning this... (dear reader, read the discussion in the BICEPS comments if that sentence confuses you)

~shouts~ Hey! Lurkers! I know you're out there, I can see you on the stats! (Blog equivalent of CCTV) Last chance to delurk, this week only!

kristina lloyd said...

I'd say Not Poetry doesn't quite have it. There's something too melancholy and fragile about his face. He looks a little wounded and damaged and his stance is a tad uncertain.

Interestingly, Too Sensitive has a cool sly smirk which makes me think he'd be rather good at grabbing hold of your (OK, *my*) hair and would take great sadistic pleasure in whispering something darkly threatening in my ear and when I suffer and protest, he'd be nothing more than mildly amused.

However, he has girl's hair so we're not going to get along.

Becks does a good line in sneer-bruting. He has such a wonderful hard mean expression and with the shaved head, wow, he really looks like trouble. And, no, I can't look him in the eye either. That's a beautiful pic.

Olivia Knight said...

Bizarrely, both Too Sensitive and Not Poetry were removed by Photobucket, the Mary Whitehouse of the internet. WHAT was offensive about them? Male torsos?

Restored, from the safehouse of my webspace.

kristina lloyd said...

God, Photobucket are insane.

Olivia, while you're in rescuing mode, I have a tattooed thug on ECW comments who could do with a place to hide. Assuming it's not getting too crowded round at yours. I'll come and give you a hand if they're getting a bit unruly.

Thanks ever so!