Sunday, November 23, 2008

Coming Attractions

On Monday Janine Ashbless will start us off on an extended post of "Things we never got around to." Boo hoo. There'll be snippets of posts never finished from the Lusties and yes, of course, all the hot pictures of guys that Janine, and the rest of us, have been hoarding. Yum.

On Wednesday Jamaica Layne will give us the inside scoop on a new e-publisher called Ravenous Romance. Sweet!

And on Friday we get our last sexy excerpt post courtesy of Portia da Costa. She'll give us a nice dollop of her new novella, her very first Harlequin, a 'Spice Brief' called CHANCE OF A LIFETIME. Slurp.

This coming week - More mouth watering fare from Lust Bites!

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