Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Halloween Giveaway Prizewinners! or... It Was A Dark and Stormy Night...

This is not my first time as a Juror, but in all honesty it has been my most difficult judging challenge to date. However, with the input of other Lusties, I have made my final decision.

First Prize goes to Udo:

With three delectable entries, the hardest part was picking which of Udo's pieces should receive the loot. This evocative (a word that is mandatory to judge's comments the world over) submission was chosen for the marvellous imagery and emotion packed into a scary, sexy, complete story in 200 words, capped with a glorious final sentence that lingers, not only for its terrible beauty but also as an example of the correct use of the dreaded semi-colon:

“Trick or treat?” He felt foolish, naïve to be at the beck and call so easily of another. A brief message on his phone had been enough to yank the barbed wire chain wrapped round his heart; but the greater wound was in knowing that the bond went only one way. There was no reciprocation, not love, not passion, not tenderness.

The door had been open as he arrived, but that was not unexpected. He’d watched for any sign of curious eyes as the car cooled with metallic hard-edged sighs before leaving the warm confines, stepping naked into the cold and making swiftly for the darkened house.

“Trick or treat?” He said again, unable to pierce the darkness. Had it had all been a cruel game, or worse had he been forgotten when a more appealing offer arose? Light came suddenly and his hands first flew to his eyes, before he felt his nudity – anticipation, still hard, held at bay the shriveling cold – both hands reversed their course.

Did a sigh, potent, brush the air?

“Take his life for mine?” Fear in a voice, submissive and small.

“He will serve.” Sex and darkness, silk and thorns; the bargain was struck.

Second and third prize is a copy of this new release from Black Lace

Second Prize: leatherdykeuk

Is there a judge anywhere who could resist granting a prize to a writer who uses the word hubristic? An evocative, sexy, scary little snippet of story that actually came in, at 195 words, under the maximum word count and ends with a satisfying twist:

Lucy’s flesh tingled where it met the edge of the circle, the hairs on her arm rising as the skin puckered. The air seemed warmer inside, warmed by the sun rather than seared by frosty twilight. She gathered her resolve and sat up. “Who’s there?” she said, her voice hubristic with authority – this was her father’s land, after all.

“‘Who’s there?’ she asks,” echoed a throaty voice, filled with the phlegm and bile of a bitter old man. “She lies in the circle ripe for the taking and asks: ‘who’s there?’”

Lucy felt calloused fingers running from wrist to shoulder, then over her breast to the hollow of her throat. Her nipples hardened.

“A bargain first,” she said, feeling the heat of desire in her voice. “Return my sister and you can take my virtue.” She gasped as an unseen hand pressed down on her groin.

“No need for bargains,” said the voice. “You’ve stepped willingly into our domain. Your virtue, what little you have left, is forfeit.”

Lucy reached across, trailing her fingers across an invisible arm, leg… She grabbed and was awarded with a shriek. “Or,” she said, “we could bargain with yours.”

Third Prize: Marinca

This evocative entry successfully drops two sexy, modern men into a traditional spooky setting, with a final sentence that makes the reader shiver and grin simultaneously. Not easy in 200 words but Marinca pulls it off with aplomb.

Struggling head-on against the wind, keeping close together, they made their way to the back court, where the observatory tower stood. After Andy ushered Jonah inside, he closed the door behind them. They stood listening to the wind howl through the tower as it creaked so hard it seemed to sway.

Jonah’s fingers touched Andy’s face. ‘No light switch?’ Jonah asked. ‘It’s still you, right?’

Andy chuckled. ‘It’s broken. C’mon, scaredy-cat.’ Their kiss was a long, dark tunnel, colours trailing on either side.

Jonah felt Andy’s fingers where his growing erection strained against his jeans. The buttons came undone, a hand reached inside, drew out Jonah’s cock, rubbed slowly.

Jonah gasped, nearly losing his balance. ‘Hold on to me’, Andy said, his breath fast. 'I am,' Jonah whispered, one hand twined in Andy’s hair, the other pushed down the back of his jeans.

‘You’re fine, Jone,’ Andy murmured hot against his throat, his hand speeding up.

‘I’m sorry,’ Jonah breathed, ‘I have to see your face.’

Steadying Jonah before letting go, Andy opened a door, revealing a dimly lit staircase winding down.

‘What is this?’ Jonah asked.

‘Don’t worry’, Andy said. ‘It’s just where the secret laboratories used to be.’

Winners, please email me at: telltale at primus dot ca to claim your prizes.

Notes on the Competition:

Every submission offered something special, without exception. Consider the following:

Seeing the ice bright auras in her mind, outlines of light with nothing inside but cold eyes and colder teeth, Goran shivered. – Marinca

It ignited her blood-amber hair and it bled like the field of the dead around her, the quilt of fetid corpses. – Udo

“Hurry!” Lena groaned as she pulled his cock out, stroking it; she was on fire...

“Ahhhh… that’s it Mary; I’ve missed you so.”
- MB (Leah)

George said, 'I see that the rumors about you dying were false, Sir Silas.' He turned to ogle my companion, who looked absolutely stunning in black.
I replied, 'Hi George! I'd like you to meet my widow.'
– Felix

“Why the hell did I let you talk me into wearing this stupid frilly dress anyway? I hardly have the tits for it!” Alex pouted,

...he didn’t have time to cry out before Raith’s lips descended upon his own, igniting the thought that maybe not all vampires were of the undead variety. - ChrisPristineX

...he sinks his fang filled maw into her throat shredding any hope of seeing the light of another day. - Crystal

I believe him, though, when the moon spills light on the dirty floor, when the sheets are stained crimson from my flesh, torn by the jaws of the wolf. I cannot scream, but even if I could, Handel would mask the sound. – anonymous

The air cools. Her eyes widen as a strange mist appears before them. She feels the rider’s grip tighten as the horse makes a leap.

Her cries are lost in the wind as the mist opens up…

…and swallows them.
– Louisa

The hand it drew across warm flesh was pale as chalk, violet-blue veined and far colder than the pink skinned youth who shuddered beneath the fatal caress. - Udo

The Maw Mini-Controversy

Crystal, a self-avowed non-writer, responded to my request for more scary, more sexy, with a piece (390 words) that included the marvellous word maw. ...he sinks his fang filled maw into her throat...

I praised her for this, afterwhich Udo (whom I strongly suspect is a professional writer) posted a third entry 'for Madeline' which included this striking image: Like a serpent, the dark tongue curled round the hot, wet shaft and solicited more before the dark maw closed over the abused organ...

Hmmm. Crystal would receive points (if a point system had been used in the judging) for her use of the word 'maw'.

At first I thought perhaps Udo, by using 'maw' after I'd praised Crystal for it, might have points deducted for shameless pandering to the judge in his final 200 word entry, but after some reflection I came to the conclusion that he actually would receive points for it. The writer's life is a tricky one.

Thus, since both authors would be granted equal points, the Maw Mini-Controversy is rendered moot.

A final note to all authors: Rule number one in the writer's handbook is this: follow the submission guidelines.

There you have it folks. Thank you to everyone who entered our competition.
If you didn't win, you can still own Lust At First Bite you just have to buy it!

Buy now in the UK: Preorder in the US:

Oops! Almost forgot a gratuitous photo of a naked man, without which no post at Lust Bites can really be considered complete. I think this one meets most of Lust Bites criteria, and perhaps will lure the BICEPS babes over to our site as well, which is always a pleasure.

'Congratulations to all the winners of the Lust Bites Halloween Giveaway,' says Hunky Naked Guy.

Sigh...I'm gonna miss this blog...

xoxo Madeline


Udo Margoyles said...

Exquisite booty, I can't wait to bury myself between the pages!
Thank you Lust Bites for the exceptional prize. (Where do I sign the petition to keep the Lusties alive?)

An aside on controversy:
It was purely the lingering splendor of Crystal's maw - figurative and not literal - that seeped through my consciousness and not a deliberate inclusion. Still, credit to Crystal for making the word pop up on my radar.

Marinca said...

Wow! Thank you so much, it was an absolute pleasure to take part in the competition. Lovely piccy there with my piece as well ...

Congratulations to nos. 1 and 2, and to the other competitors, whose entries made scintillating reading!

Can't wait for the book ... it looks mouthwatering.

Janine Ashbless said...

Awesome! Congrats to the winners and all the entrants. And thanks for taking on the job of judge, jusry and executioner (well, it is Hallowe'en) Madeline!

I admit it was the car cooled with metallic hard-edged sighs that made me go "Aaah!", Udo.

Madelynne Ellis said...

Congrats to the winners!

Ah, guess that means I have to part with the goodies.

Erastes said...

Congratulations to all - I loved reading them all - and I'll miss the blog too.

Madeline Moore said...

Good morning all. It's nice to see that our winners were keen to see if they'd scored. Lust Bites loves keeners.

I hasten to add that there are no losers in this competition and I hope everyone had a good time.

I think I mostly wanted to use 'maw' and 'moot' in the same sentence so it's possible I created the Mini Maw-controversy. Still, Crystal, see how your entry has stimulated other writers? That's power girl, the power of the pen!

Today is one of those days where I have to put on real clothes and go out. I hate it when that happens.
So I won't be around a lot, but don't let that stop the comments from coming in.

Leatherdykeuk said...

How super to place second among such delightful tales!

Thank you!

Crystal Adkins said...

Congrats UDO!! Congrats to all the winners!!

Crystal Adkins said...

LOL Madeline and Udo if you can get inspiration from me, by all means take it lol! I give it freely :) *crowns myself Muse of the day*

Janine Ashbless said...

BTw Madeline, that was a particularly gratuitous photo. Well done!

Deanna said...

Congratulations to the winners. I really enjoyed reading them all.

Kate Pearce said...

I loved reading the entries-congrats to all the winners!

kristina lloyd said...

Haha! Great post, great flashes, great pics - and super-great gratuitousness. As a BICEPS Babe (I think actually we're more likely BICEPS Bitches) I am lured! Thanks, Madeline.

And congrats to all the winners!

Madeline Moore said...

Hey, nice to get back from being 'out there' to find new comments to read. Yes Crystal, you are the Maw Muse of the Day.

Kristina, I thought BICEPS babes was bad enough but if you's true that 'BICEPS Bitches' has a tougher ring to it. Of course if it doesn't have to be alliterative it widens the range. Somehow those of us who belong to Lust Bites became Lusties...but BICEPSIES doesn't work at all...I dunno...but hey!

Thrilling to have *finally* mastered the art of the gratuitous photo. Phew. On my last post...
reminds me of managing to get a paranormal short story written and published in time for BL to move in another direction. Huh? But...but I get it now...I can write vampires...I can pick gratuitous photos...I can post without crying...I am a LUSTIE!

Madeline Moore said...

Forgive the raving please, they've verathaned my floor and I'm succumbing to fumes, plus my cat is stuck fast to the woodwork and, I think, hallucinating although he's Siamese so it's hard to tell...were his eyes always that crossed?

Anyway, I wanted to say, bravo leatherdyke. You wrote the only one of the winning tales that could be considered 'heterosexual'. I find that ironic for some reason...

please send me your address at telltale at primus dot ca (only, you know, put the ampersand and the dot in and take out the spaces...) and we'll send your copy of Lust at First Bite. Thank you for a fine entry.

Thanks once again to everyone who contributed. It was really fun.

Janine Ashbless said...

Somehow those of us who belong to Lust Bites became Lusties

As I remember, an early alternative label was "Adam's Ho's" (!!!) so I'm pretty glad we ended up with "Lusties"!

Olivia Knight said...

There was some talk of "Lustbites Ladies" for a while, which thankfully didn't take hold. And Kristina - I'd recommend sticking with BICEPS bitches - somehow "babes" seems rather to go against your ethos... and BICEPS subjects-of-the-gaze just doesn't quite roll off the tongue.

Udo - there s a page to register your shock and dismay over here - when we get 100 more signatures, we'll register ourselves as a charity, ala The Atheist Bus, and use the proceeds to sponsor ourselves. Well - that was my plan, anyway...

Congrats to the winners, btw!

Janine Ashbless said...

OMG! (sic) I love the Atheist Bus!!

Madeline Moore said...

I spent some time thinking about what to call the dynamic duo at BICEPS and have one more suggestion - BICEPS Sirens.

You know, 'cause it's sounding the alarm on the dearth of guys on erotica for women covers, plus the whole 'come to me mwah ha ha SMASH' thing that Sirens are known for. In that a pretty little book cover gets invited to BICEPS and then OUCH! Get that faceless female OFF that cover! ouch, ooch, and put this hunky GUY on.

Oh, speaking of hunky guys, how about the Monday mancandy on BICEPS. I didn't think I even liked hirsute men until...Monday...

Lil said...

Congrats to the winners. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the entries.

Louisa said...

Well done to the winners & thanks for running the compo Madeline. It was fun! x