Friday, November 21, 2008

101 Sexy Dares

by Olivia Knight

101 Sexy Dares is not a book for reading.

Have a quick flip through, and there's nothing to read at all. Don't gnash your teeth or thrash your heels - reading can be overrated.

Here we are, reading:

Here we are, still reading.

Here we are, still reading.

When we could be doing this:

You can't read 101 Sexy Dares as you flip through, because all the pages are sealed. Here's what you do: tear one of the Dares from this book, read it in private...and then do it with your lover.
Once you've been dared, you have to do it! Remember that?
It's fifty-fifty, his 'n hers, so each of you gets to plan a delicious, erotically charged seduction for the other... and then be seduced yourself, week after week. (50 dares for him, 50 dares for her, 1 for both!)

And next thing you know it's this...

then this...

then this:


This fabulous and naughty book is put together by Laura Corn (insanely famous sex-advice-person and also the author of The Great American Sex Diet, 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex, 101 Nights of Grrreat Romance, 52 Invitations to Grrreat Sex, 101 Grrreat Quickies, and 237 Intimate Questions Every Woman Should Ask a Man) ~ and for the first time ever, she's invited guest authors to contribute celebrity dares, including Lusties and ex-Lusties Alison Tyler, Megan Hart, Olivia Knight, and Shanna Germain.

So today we're daring you, to dare us right back. Laura's offering the Laura Corn Waaay Too Much Fun Package, including 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex, 101 Nights of Grrreat Romance, and 52 Invitations to Grrreat Sex, to the person who writes us the most teasing, tantalising, fun-sounding dare. That's the hamper on the right, and you have today plus the whole weekend to dare us. (As always, multiple entrances are always welcome on Lust Bites - so dare, dare, and dare again.) Your dare should be no more than 100 words ~ but to get you in the mood, here's a taster of the kind of dare you'll get in the book.

Truth or Dare
(for BOTH)

I Dare You … to expose yourself ~ I Dare You … to be curious ~ I Dare You … to ask for it ~ I Dare You … to please each other ~ I Dare You … to smirk ~ I Dare You … to try something new

When you meet someone, they’re an undiscovered continent and every sudden sparkle promises a gold mine. You may think you know every gully now, but who knows what lies in the next valley? Beware: here be dragons. Truth is the most exciting and dangerous game of all. Dares can make you blush, squirm, and cross into uncharted territory. So remember – it’s a game. It’s play time!

The rules
1. Take turns to ask “Truth or dare?”
2. Only ask what you want to know.
3. All dares have to be sexual, lasting five minutes maximum (No daring each other to wash up!)
4. You can’t repeat a question or dare.
5. Agree in advance: if you choose “truth” and don’t want to answer, can you switch to “dare”? If you then don’t like the dare, can you go back to “truth” and answer the question?

What do you wonder, but shy away from asking? Maybe it’s “What’s your favourite fantasy?” or “What do I taste like?” Perhaps “Have you ever thought about trying…” or “How does it feel when I…” – fill in the blank.
What haven’t you asked for a long time, or ever? It could be “What’s your favourite song at the moment?” “Which room in the house do you like best?” or “If you won the lottery, what would you do?” Remember those fascinating conversations at the beginning, learning the shape of someone’s soul, life, tastes, past, dreams, and the odd little thoughts that skip through their head. Think of all the arbitrary things you’d love to know. People change and stay the same: there’s always more to find out.
What do you want each other to do right now? Are you brave enough to ask for it? The fantasy that makes you bite your lip could be a dare away. So could a foot massage. Expect to flush, laugh, splutter, get hoarse, and swop secrets.

Agree an evening and fix a nibbly, low-stress meal – bread and cheeses, a selection of tidbits from the local deli, or whatever is easy and tasty to snack on. Perhaps a bottle of wine will loosen your tongues. Set your feast up on the living room table, settle on the sofa, and ask “Truth or dare?”
Two hours later, your skin is warm from blushing and your stomach fluttering with giggles. You’re sitting bare-breasted, because he dared you to. He’s writhing with embarrassment and delight, demonstrating how to give a proper handjob – after all, he’s the expert. You’ve just discovered that one of you has a secret penchant for dressing up, that the other loves the idea of underwater sex, that your favourite flowers aren’t roses but poppies, that he pretends he’s a spy on the way to work, and that you both fantasise about surviving on a desert island. Your feast is half-demolished, abandoned. You pop an olive in her mouth, staring avidly, enthralled.
“Can I have a go?” you say.
More clothes come off. The sofa squeaks in protest. The game continues, breathless: Truth – what does this feel like? Dare – I dare you to lick my…
Perhaps; perhaps not. This is your game now – you make the rules.

Now over to you - write your 100 word dare for a chance to win 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex, 101 Nights of Grrreat Romance, and 52 Invitations to Grrreat Sex. Then nip over and grab your copy of 101 Sexy Dares for your lover's Christmas present and the only New Year's resolution either of you will need.

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P.S. Don't forget I'm reading in Oxford tomorrow!


Jeremy Edwards said...

[not a dare or contest entry, just a comment]

That's so great that they went to erotica authors for dares!! I've always said that every tete-a-tete can benefit from an erotica author or six making the scene. Congratulations to all of you!

[My spamword is mingst, which describes a curator's anxiety over a priceless vase from ancient China.]

Olivia Knight said...

Tete-a-something, at any rate. But yes, kudos to Laura on that one. We were given some quite clear specifications - mainly about practacability, allowing for things like not sacrificing the mortgage or putting children up for adoption - but mainly the idea was that just reading the ideas should be inspiring.

Love mingst - straight out of the Uxbridge English Dictionary. (Abbreviated version here.) You may not know it, darling, but your spiritual home is Radio 4.

Now: over to the dares! Give us a challenge for the weekend, everyone...

Janine Ashbless said...

"Fake Fur Coat and No Knickers" - a dare for Her

I dare you to put on shoes and a coat that covers you to at least mid-thigh - but nothing else. Then take your partner and the two of you go out for a night walk. Feel the cool air in places never normally exposed. Feel your skin prickle and come alive. Feel the nervousness ... What would the neighbours say if they knew you were naked under that coat? (But they won't know, will they, at least not for sure). Watch your partner's face. He'll be nervous too - and he'll be so aware of your vulnerability. Find out just how tempted he gets to expose you, to push you against a wall and open that coat...

This dare of course is only for people who live in areas where it is actually safe to set foot out of doors at night.
And for the record I did it in a park in Essex. In a thunderstorm!

Janine Ashbless said...

Am I gonna win?
Am I?

Olivia Knight said...

The only thing you're going to get, my girl, is pneumonia!

Janine Ashbless said...


Kate Pearce said...

Janine...which park in Essex?
Being an Essex girl myself...

Angell said...

OOOH what fun!!!

Let's see....hope this works...

I dare you to leave the briefs at home, along with your sense of propriety. I dare you to go on every call today, with the thought of fucking me in your head. I dare you to smile naughtily at every housewife, every maid, every woman that answers the door, as if you have a secret you'd love to tell her. I dare you to rub yourself discretely to keep yourself hard, and pop your button every time you lie down to fix it. And while lying under those sinks, while snaking their pipes and twisting their nuts, while your hard cock presses against the zipper that's dying to bust open, I dare you to keep control.

Madeline Moore said...

Now this is an inter-active book I could really get into. I dare you to send Madeline Moore one American dollar, or one pound, or one of whatever the currency of your country.

No? Not sexy? I dare you to send one of whatever the currency of your country to Madeline Moore - and she promises to seductively lick her lips as she deposits it into her bank account, no matter who the teller is, old young, male, female - one lip lick per dollah!

Madeline Moore said...

OK I'll be good. I dare you to go over to the incredibly sexy Nikki Magennis' blog and read the mini-interview with Madeline Moore and post a complimentary comment (except for Jeremy and Janine, thank you dahlings.)

I dare you to go to a reading in Oxford tomorrow and, whenever you hear the word 'fuck' stand up and lift our skirt, exposing your knickers or bloomers or underpants, and shout 'Yay Olivia!'

Now THAT is sexy!

Jeremy Edwards said...

[still not a dare, etc.]

Tomorrow's event in Oxford is sounding more and more interesting by the moment. Hmm ... do you think I might be able to procure a Rhodes Scholarship in time to attend? It's still pretty early in the day over here.

Janine Ashbless said...

which park in Essex?

A small town called Laindon. Which I hope you don't come from Kate - or at least if you do, congrats on your escape!

Anonymous said...

I dare you to go the weekend without touching, playing, cumming - the only sexiness allowed is talking / thinking, then book Monday evening at home, alone or with someone who likes seeing / making you cum and dedicate several hours to discovering just how intense delayed gratification makes your orgasm.... kirsten x

cc said...

Geez, reality intrudes for a weekend, and .....

I dare you to kiss and tell.

Head home over lunch, grab your favorite vibe, and give him a call. Tell him what you're feeling. Be noisy. Be enthusiastic. And then, just before you cum, stop. You'll both be crazy the rest of the day.

Phone Sex said...

These are so amazing collection in this post in this sex relation ship. This is so better think. That's so great that they went to erotica authors for dares. This dare of course is only for people who live in areas where it is actually safe to set foot out of doors at night. Thanks share this best choice