Sunday, November 2, 2008

Coming attractions

At last I'm dragging my eyes away from this man, to say...

On Monday, I'll be rampaging with my favourite Alpha Females - heroines who are not merely "independent" but kicking ass and ruling the world, often literally.

On Wednesday, Nikki Magennis is crushing musicians - or on musicians - with her new rakes.

Also,Wednesday is the last day to enter our Halloween Giveaway contest. Write a 200 word (maximum) spooky, scary story and win big! Scroll down or click on the link above for all the details.

On Thursday, Lust at First Bite is released...

...and on Friday, Janine Ashbless showcases it in style.

Competition winner! Kammie wins a copy of Simply Sinful - please email Kate at contactme [at] katepearce [dot] com with your snail mail. And if you were hoping to win and didn't - give yourself the prize!

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Thank you so much!